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Buzz, Buzz, Buzz and other things

June 20, 2012

Jonathon Horton likes honey Does Haley know?

The FIG is worried about gymnastics losing it’s artisty? I don’t know how we can trust them I mean come on, they called what Nastia did artistic.

Nellie Kim openly cheated in 1992 when she was a judge and now she is in charge of the sport (Hello a 10 for Bogi on bars. On what planet?)

Bruno has some competition but is the alternative any better? Adrian Stoica or a Russian (Vassily Titov ) is hardly an improvement. Russia in charge of anything will only make the sport more fixed then it already is.

To hell with these choices. I say we put Michelle Kwan in charge of the sport.

2010 Nationals. Mens night one

August 12, 2010

I am sure you watched it so I won’t bore you with the routines.

I did a lot of people watching and saw some fun stuff.

Bridget Sloan and Chellsie Memmel spent the start of Nationals sitting together on the floor. Running around the XL Center also were Mattie Larson, Mackenzie Caquatto, Kytra Hunter and Aly Raisman. I might have seen Bridgette Caquatto also but I am not sure. Several of the juniors ran through the stands but I am not sure who they were.

Bridget spent a lot of time kidding around with Chris Brooks . At one point they even hugged. It wasn’t a boyfriend/girl friend kind of hug. They were going to high five and then decided to hug instead. They were kidding around and sitting and talking for quite a bit before Chris’s first event.

Hollie Vise and Susan Jackson handed out IG camp advertisements after the meet.

Speaking of Chris the boy is insane. I think he smoked some wacky tabackey before he competed. He was seriously high on something and I don’t think it was life. He was in such a good mood before he fell of PH twice.

I saw several people congratulate Kristin Maloney for her medal. She said thank you but didn’t even look up to acknowledge the congratulations. It was kind of rude.

The 2000 team got their medals. Elise Ray looked like she was crying at one point and Tasha Scwkiert was 100% ignored by her teammates on the stage. They even seemed to push her to the end. I didn’t see anyone talk to her and it semmed like they were giving her the cold shoulder. I read on GGMB that someone talked to Tasha at Classics and that Tasha at that point had not talked to one of her teammates. It is pretty ridiculous that 10 years after the fact Jamie Dantzscher, Elise Ray and Kristin Maloney have still not grown up at all. Then again Jamie Dantzscher is well known for blaming everyone else for her problems. This just makes me even more annoyed that these spoiled brats won a medal.Amy Chow has horrible taste in

Dominique Dawes ran and gave her medal to her coach. It was pretty much how Dominique always is Phony. Everything she says and does is for show.

Kristen and Tasha separately ran around the crowd with their medals on. For gymnasts that did nothing but whine about getting their medals they sure kept them on long enough. This was an hour after they received them.

I had read that Alyssa Beckerman was going to sing the national anthem but she wasn’t there.

I filmed one video of Chris Brooks while Steve Lengedre was on floor (sp and it is to late to look up the spelling) I really think the kid needs I am uploading it now. Sorry the pictures just didn’t come out.

Ask me anything- Update

April 20, 2010

I spammed myself and the questions took an hour to be put up. I am still not getting any questions though my friend asked a few they just have not gone through. Looks like this is happening to everyone.

Keep trying maybe they will fix it. Thanks

Aunt Joyce made one of these and while I don’t have his following I thought I would create one of these and see what I get.

So ask away. I might not be online a lot the next 3 days so be patient if I don’t get back to you quickly.

Live Winter Cup Challenge results

February 5, 2010

Here is the link

Why would usa-gymnastics have their event in Vegas is beyond Everyone will be drunk before it starts.

Session 1 results

Session 2 results

American Cup Foreign participants announced

February 4, 2010



Yep the Scam cup is changing it’s name to the American “B” Cup because forgive me for saying this NO ONE of name is going to be competing for the women. The men have a great line up but the women might as well not even bother having a competition. This thing is set up for Rebecca Bross to win.

I will hold out hope for Kyla Ross as the second gymnast but because of the camp scores rumors have it being Aly Raisman. Alicia Sacramone’s mini me. Great on vault and floor, can’t do uneven bars.
So disappointing. I want my money back. No offense to Aly because she is obviously being primed to be the Vault-Floor specialist to the Nastia bars and beam specialist Marta wants to send in 4 years to the Olympics but I was hoping for some real gymnasts at this competition.
Ariella Kaeslin is a very good gymnast but she isn’t Ana Porgras or Viktoria Komova

Canada, Dominique Pegg
Germany, Elisabeth Seitz
Japan, Yuko Shintake
Mexico, Elsa Garcia
Romania, Claudia Voicu
Switzerland, Ariella Kaeslin
United States, Rebecca Bross
United States, TBD

Colombia, Jorge Hugo Giraldo Lopez
France, Benoit Caranobe
Germany, Fabian Hambuechen
Great Britain, Daniel Keatings
Japan, Koji Yamamuro
Romania, Flavius Koczi
Russia, Maxim Devyatovskiy
United States, Jonathan Horton
United States, Tim McNeill

Bekah throws a temper tantrum and the idiots follow along

December 27, 2009

This is exactly why I make fun of the IG forum and don’t post there.

Here is the gist. Bekah took it upon herself to harass and stalk gymnasts in the name of the IG Message board. Even creating a twitter account for the forum. Now she is complaining because a few people posted in a thread (almost all but one being very respectful) that the Questions she asks the gymnasts are some what stupid and childish (Oh I never said I was Okay they never used the words I just did but lets face it the questions are pretty easy and straight forward .

NO ONE said a thing about Bekah and nothing was directed at her but she made it all about her. The members vote on the top 5 questions so blaming Bekah for the stupidity of them when it is really a democratic process would be ridiculous. Yet somehow Bekah has made another thing all about her.

I have a friend who is friends with a lot of gymnasts on facebook and I can attest to Bekah and her ass kissing. Same with Martina the mod. They spend more time telling the gymnasts how wonderful they are then living in any reality world with real live people they might know.

At one point in a different thread Bekah talks about several gymnasts refusing to answer questions because they don’t want any negative answers and apparently Chellsie Memmel wasn’t to thrilled about a question about her eating habits (or lack there of. Chellsie made a comment on an HBO special about only eating chicken and fruit and one of the 5 q’s with her asked if that was true. )

The internet has gone insane. There are to many Bekah’s in the world that think because they are “friended” by a gymnast on facebook that they are real friends. This whole 5 Questions in the name of IG Magazine has gone to Bekah’s head where she now thinks she has the right to tell everyone what they can and cannot say or think and it is starting to piss off some of the senior members of the board. The girls and guy that think they run that board have been pretty quiet through this all which makes me wonder if they are just bidding their time til Bekah removes herself from the board because it is obvious that a lot of people can’t stand the girl. Bekah even accused one member of trying to steal her thunder because she interviewed a few gymnasts for her blog.

Kind of makes me laugh when Bekah claim’s she does these 5 questions for the members of the board because it is painfully obvious that Bekah is in this for Bekah.

I love the IG Message board. It really makes me laugh. Some of these people take themselves way to seriously. In order to be biased you have to have some kind of unhealthy attachment to a certain person or thing and how can anyone be attached to what this code has put out the last 3 or so years? The reason I love that board is because of people like Bekah. They make it amusing to read. Kind of like a Shawn fans vs the Nastia fanatic debates that have happened over the last year and a half.

American Cup Sleep competition

December 12, 2009


I hope some of the foreign gymnasts competing are exciting because the same old boring is heading to the American Cup.

Bross is the reigning silver medalist from the AA. Z zZzZzZzZZZZZzzzz.
Wake me up when she gets better form.

John Horton. Isn’t he ready to retire yet? (Just kidding Horton. I love you but I have seen you. It’s time for someone new)

Is it wrong of me to hope that the American Cup has the 4 or 5 best junior gymnasts compete then any seniors?

These are the Countries “sending” gymnasts.
(Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Romania and Russia )

God I hope it includes Viktoria Komova, Diana Bulimar, Mai Murakami, Kyla Ross or Jordyn Wieber. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Ana Porgras or Koko Tsurumi either. I almost said OO when I saw Great Britain hoping it would be Beth Tweddle but then I remembered she doesn’t do the AA anymore.


Sloan taking a small break

Smart idea for her. Pace yourself Bridget.

Worlds wrap up

October 19, 2009

So here we go…. (be prepared. Honest me is honest again)

The Good

The entire book of scoring online. Tomorrow I will be downloading this:)

Nastia Liukin NOT being allowed on the floor. She was seen throwing a hissy fit and crying when she couldn’t try and steal the girl’s attention away in the AA. Gotta love it.

Marian Dragulescu won two event finals Gold medals. His two best events (vault and floor) and I was thrilled to see him come back. Last years Olympics must have sucked for him (with the injury) so it was nice to see him not only back but back and even better then before. I do question the execution scores he got on vault though:)

The Chinese. I am going to lump them all together because even though they aren’t perfect they do have some beautiful gymnastics is some area’s and it was nice to see them clean up like they did a year ago (The men)

: He Kexin She rocks. She is the only BIG reason I am not calling these Worlds a total waste of time.
: Deng Li Lin, After a really rough meet in the AA she hit beam to win in a very weak final but you can only beat who competes so congrats to her
:Yang Yilin It wasn’t her best meet. It wasn’t even a good meet but it was clear she was competing injured. She looks like a different gymnast this year (she grew quite a bit) so in the future I expect her to come back and be the gymnast she is capable of being. I even think she was underscored with all her mistakes here and she and He Kexin are the only gymnasts I will say that about.

Beth Tweddle After falling on her best event in prelims (UB) she was heart broken but she made up for it in the Floor final. No one will ever accuse Beth of being artistic but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something appealing about her routine. So congrats to Beth for over coming the disappointment and winning her first Floor World title.


Lauren Mitchell She was so happy with the two silver medals she won. They weren’t gold and she even could have a case for the Gold medal on beam over Lilin Deng but she didn’t whine. She didn’t cry age discrimination and she was the first gymnast up to hug and congratulate anyone around. It was nice to see that genuine smile on someones face and not the camera hogging phony smile that some of the American girls in the past 8 years have done.


Koko Tsurumi AA Bronze medal (under scored on floor) and a UB silver is nothing to scoff at when you are from a Country that doesn’t really get much credit. That means you won these medals on your merit

Kohei Uchimura Everything he does


The Women’s AA winning without a fall. Great job Bridget Sloan!!!!

Marta Karolyi
not injuring the whole team before they got to compete

The Judges and the execution scores for bad gymnastics. MUCH better then usual.


The Unfair…

Koko Tsurumi falling in beam finals. IMO the best routine of the competition if she had not fallen on beam.

Rebecca Bross in the AA. I am not a fan but she was more impressive at Worlds then she was at Nationals and falling and losing that way must suck even if winning an AA medal with a fall is a joke.

The 2009 UB final missing Yang Yilin and Beth Tweddle.

Bridget Sloan not making Floor finals. Her AA performance would have won silver or bronze.


The Bad…..


Jonathon Horton He should have known better then to come to Worlds not giving 110% in practice. He just didn’t have enough training to compete with the best in the World. Next time he will realize this and come prepared with enough training. I expect this to leave a bad taste in his mouth and he will do really well next year.

Ksnia Smenova’s entire Worlds.

Double backs in TUCK position in floor routines in 2009. They weren’t good enough in 1992 to make floor finals. While you are at it the double pike’s are just as bad.

PINK leotards on AMERICAN gymnasts?


The Ugly….

Ivana Hong beating Kim Un Hyang in the beam final for the bronze medal. Both had questionable form. Both had a lot of bobbles and both started with 6.000 difficulty score but only one gymnast had a real skill in her routine and it wasn’t Ivana. I have given Ivana a lot of credit on this blog one of the few gymnasts I have given credit but this routine was not worthy of a medal.

China Not sending Jiang Yuayuan to Worlds. She couldn’t be any more injured then Yang Yilin was. Maybe if you had rested her a little this year she would have been fine for Worlds.

That annoying screeching sound they used to let the gymnasts know they had only a few second to get off the apparatus. OMG it nearly knocked me off my chair at my computer. It must have been horrible at the arena.


The sad….


Ana Porgras is a lovely gymnast and yes she has more style then a lot of gymnasts competing at Worlds this year but if this is what passes for “elegant” and “beautiful” then the sport is in trouble (which it is) I am not taking away ANY credit from her because she is pretty good gymnast and very young but come on people lets not overreact here. Oh and could she smile a little? This is as close as we got to a smile this week.

Jessica Gil Ortiz Falling on her head in floor finals and what a good start to her routine.


Results for the women day 2

October 13 18,
London (GBR)

1 36 DENG Linlin CHN 6.400 8.600 15.000
2 17 MITCHELL Lauren AUS 6.300 8.575 14.875
3 152 HONG Ivana USA 6.000 8.550 14.550
4 120 KIM Un Hyang PRK 6.000 8.450 14.450
5 91 PREZIOSA Elisabetta ITA 5.800 8.400 14.200
6 94 TSURUMI Koko JPN 5.700 8.500 0.1 14.100
7 127 PORGRAS Ana ROU 6.400 7.025 13.425
8 37 YANG Yilin CHN 5.600 7.525 13.125


October 13 18,
London (GBR)

1 67 TWEDDLE Elizabeth GBR 6.100 8.550 14.650
2 17 MITCHELL Lauren AUS 5.800 8.750 14.550
3 38 SUI Lu CHN 5.700 8.600 14.300
4 134 MYZDRIKOVA Anna RUS 5.900 8.375 14.275
5 153 BROSS Rebecca USA 5.700 8.425 14.125
5 127 PORGRAS Ana ROU 5.500 8.625 14.125
7 36 DENG Linlin CHN 5.400 8.475 13.875
8 39 GIL ORTIZ Jessica COL 0.900 2.075 2.975

Couch gymnast hears the gossip

October 17, 2009

This is a must read. Couch gymnast has a blog and she was sitting neat Marta during the World Championships. Read what she over heard.

Couch Gymnast

Or about Peggy Liddick and Lauren Mitchell’s beam routine. She kind of scoffed at the 6.5 difficulty, and then said ” 6.5? I vould not expect a 6.5 from Peggy”

Anyone else find it hilarious that Marta is mocking Peggy Liddick for difficulty on beam? An obvious dig at Shannon Miller I find it ironic that the women that created Kim Zmeskal’s 1992 routines has the gaul to question anyone’s difficulty on any event. Karolyi gymnasts are known for noo difficulty.

To be honest, though, I really got the feeling that Marta was totally gunning for Bross to win over Sloan. Or perhaps it was that she expected, after Sloan’s not great qualifications. When Sloan performed bars and vault she was kind of quiet, or just nodded and yelled no support, and then before beam, when Bridget didn’t get right up on the podium the minute before the girl before her climbed off, she was bitching at Sloan and Sharps, “Vot the hell are zey dooing?” Whenever Bross was up, she yelled and cheered, and called out reassuring “Eeet’s alright Rebecca!” as the little girl waited her turn. It wasn’t until the tide turned, and Bridget hit beam, that Marta started cheering and yelling for her too. It was weird.

Yep this was obvious from the start and I didn’t have to sit next to Marta to know that Bross is getting the “Nastia” special treatment. She can fall. She can tank and she is still treated like the Queen.

Read the blog it has a lot of insight in to just how ridiculous it is to have Marta in charge of USA- Gymnastics.

Day 2 event finals

October 17, 2009

Couch gymnast gossip. A great read about why Marta is a biatch It also says a lot about how Marta is not checking out the competition. I knew about Lauren’s beam and she didn’t? plus her bitter comments about Peggy show she is still bitter about the past and her gymnasts being owned by Miller.

I am not even commentating on day one. Besides He Kexin and Koko Tsurumi the two women’s events were a joke. A piked vault getting credit for a layout an being awarded a Gold medal is a joke. The bad form or Pogras who is actually a joy to watch on beam and maybe floor getting a bronze medal on bars is just something I want to forget happened.

By the way I finally saw Beth Tweddle’s UB in prelims and besides falling she also hit her feet on the floor and did not repeat the move she fell on which is why her score was so low.

This is the official list for the event finals on day two and it should be noted that earlier the list had Ivana Hong out of Beam finals and Bross in her place. All I have to say to that is this isn’t fucking Russia Valeri Liukin. It’s the United States of America and Ivana earned her spot she better well get to compete in it.

LOL they just forgot Bross on the Podium. She just sat there with a dirty

First time I wasn’t impressed with Bridget Sloan. She look dis-interested in bar finals. If she had done her AA routine she could have won a medal but she just acted like she was bored to be there. Champions want to win Bridget.

Link to Finals list

Men’s Vault
584 BOUHAIL Thomas FRA
599 FAHRIG Matthias GER
670 WAMMES Jeffrey NED
700 KOCZI Flavius ROU
689 RI Se Gwang PRK

Women’s beam
37 YANG Yilin CHN
91 PREZIOSA Elisabetta ITA
36 DENG Linlin CHN
120 KIM Un Hyang PRK
152 HONG Ivana USA

Parallel Bars
550 WANG Guanyin CHN
656 YOO Won Chul KOR
549 FENG Zhe CHN
606 TSOLAKIDIS Vasileios GRE
640 TANAKA Kazuhito JPN


67 TWEDDLE Elizabeth GBR
39 GIL ORTIZ Jessica COL
153 BROSS Rebecca USA
36 DENG Linlin CHN


High Bar

527 TSAREVICH Aliaksandr BLR
738 LEYVA Danell USA
545 ZOU Kai CHN
733 HORTON Jonathan USA
718 PEGAN Aljaz SLO


Day one scores with E and D

October 13 18,
London (GBR)
SAT 17 OCT 2009 15:

1 35 HE Kexin CHN 7.100 8.900 16.000
2 94 TSURUMI Koko JPN 6.200 8.675 14.875
3 127 PORGRAS Ana ROU 6.300 8.375 14.675
3 153 BROSS Rebecca USA 6.200 8.475 14.675
5 122 CHA Yong Hwa PRK 6.300 8.350 14.650
6 151 SLOAN Bridget USA 5.900 8.700 14.600
7 16 MILLER Larrissa AUS 5.900 8.675 14.575
8 93 LICCHETTA Serena ITA 5.100 6.850 11.950

October 13 18,

Vault Total

1 154 WILLIAMS Kayla USA 1 6.300 8.900 15.200 15.087
2 5.800 9.175 14.975
2 138 KAESLIN Ariella SUI 1 6.300 8.775 15.075 14.525
2 5.300 8.775 0.1 13.975
3 63 DUFOURNET Youna FRA 1 5.300 8.975 14.275 14.450
2 5.600 9.025 14.625
4 133 KURBATOVA Ekaterina RUS 1 5.800 8.925 14.725 14.337
2 5.600 8.450 0.1 13.950
5 121 HONG Un Jong PRK 1 6.500 8.025 0.1 14.425 14.262
2 6.500 7.700 0.1 14.100
6 134 MYZDRIKOVA Anna RUS 1 5.600 8.775 0.1 14.275 14.225
2 5.800 8.475 0.1 14.175
7 34 ROGERS Brittany CAN 1 5.800 8.625 14.425 14.200
2 5.600 8.475 0.1 13.975
8 104 GARCIA RODRIGUEZ BL. MEX 1 5.300 8.800 0.1 14.000 13.287
2 5.200 7.475 0.1 12.575