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A tribute to Jiang Yuyuan

September 9, 2013

There are very few gymnasts in the last fifteen years I can actually call myself a fan of. The power gymnasts don’t have enough artistry. The Artistic gymnasts couldn’t sniff the real artistry we had back in the 80’s and 90’s and gymnastics as a sport doesn’t hold a candle to what made me a fan back in the day that is why it is so rare for me to actually call myself a fan of a specific gymnast.

That is why Jiang Yuyuan is the only gymnast who has competed in the last fifteen years I am proud to call myself a fan of.

Powerful enough to do an Amanar. Clean enough to swing the Uneven Bars with precision and good form and artistic enough to make ME (yes me) love a happy go lucky gymnast that smiles for the camera even if she doesn’t hit her best routine.

So thanks Yuyuan for your contribution to the sport. You literally made my Century in gymnastics and I will go to my grave convinced you should have won the bronze medal on floor at the 2008 Olympic Games.

Have fun at University:)


Some of my favorite Jiang Yuyuan moments

Winning the Silver medal in the AA at the 2010 World Championships. Of course you can’t watch NBC and get this kind of coverage. Thank you Telemundo:) She tears up when she see’s her score. Aww

CCTV interview after her win

The 2008 Olympic Event Finals Floor. She was robbed in favor of Nelli Kim’s favorite little Russian bitch. Shame on the politics of the Olympic Games. Sadly the only version I could find was NBC. The comments section is full of people thinking she was robbed and the worlds resident stalker fanatic defending the Russian bitch’s win. Color me shocked:)

China wins team Gold. Parts ten and Eleven. Jiang’s floor is in part ten and the celebration is in part 11


Chinese Nationals AA (f*** Yes)

May 11, 2012

WAG AA results:
1) DLL
2) JYY
3) SCS and TSX tied.

Watch it here.

JYY might just make the Olympic team yet and that is where the, F*** Yes, came from.

More info from someone at IG’s math

DLL 14.1 13.95 14.35 14.15 56.55
JYY 13.8 14.7 13.85 13.75 56.1
TSX 13.45 14.4 14.45 13.3 55.6
SCS 13.4 14.35 14 13.85 55.6
HQS 14.5 12.9 13.65 14 55.05

More videos

Podium Picture

Bulls in a China Shop

May 10, 2012

That is what we are now calling the Chinese Nationals. I guess it is better to fall all over the place now instead of in July but a lot of these falls seem more in the head related than gymnastics related. Looks like some gymnasts do not have their heads in the game.

AA results:

Tan Sixin: 56.600
Shang Chunsong: 55.400
Deng Linlin: 55.300
Huang Qiushuang: 54.550

Jiang Yuyuan on bars

The rest of this mess you can sort through. Come on Yuyuan Jiang. I want you on this Olympic team. Get your head in the game.

Someone on that message board watched and put the info up. So this info is random.

UB Finalists:

1. Huang Huidan 14.700
2. Tan Sixin 14.450
3. Wu Liufang 14.400
4. He Kexin 14.400 (lower E-score than WLF)
5. Shang Chunsong 14.100
6. Jiang Yuyuan 13.850
7. Sui Lu 13.550
8. Luo Peiru 13.500

He on bars

Cut and Paste



Jiang on beam

Doha World Cup prelims

March 29, 2012


Easily my favorite Romanian. Even if she is a head case most of the time.

Steingruber – 13,600
Becket (RSA) – 13,575
Jarosch – 13,450
Belak – 13,400
Antipenko (Kaz) – 13,200
Mutlu (Tur) – 12,850
Manassova (Kaz) – 12,800
Frandofert (Pol) – 12,700

Tweddle – 15,800
Jiang – 14,900
Hill – 14,550
Bulimar – 14,500
Iordache – 14,400
Pihan – 14,150
Jarosch – 13,500
Steingruber – 13,450

Ponor- 15,250
Monckton – 14,350
Whelan – 14,050
López – 13,900
Pihan – 13,700
Steingruber – 13,650
Malaussena – 13,550
Hill – 13,400

Bulimar – 14,950
Ponor – 14.450
Jiang – 14,050
Pihan – 13.800
Sabatou (Fra) – 13,550
Sajn – 13,250
Brennan – 13,050
Hill – 12,850

Chinese Nationals

May 11, 2011

IG stole the info from someone and used it as their own with no credit did a write up

It’s so sad to see the gymnasts you loved fall a part and new ones take over. Then you end up loving the new ones almost as much.

Other Videos

Women’s All-Around Final Total
1. Tan Sixin Shanghai 58.000
2. Yao Jinnan Fujian 57.100
3. Zeng Siqi Hunan 56.000
4. Sui Lu Shanghai 55.650
5. Jiang Yuyuan Zhejiang 54.650
6. Huang Huidan Zhejiang 54.400
7. Deng Linlin Anhui 53.650
8. Yang Yilin Guangdong 53.250
9. Zhang Yelinzi Hubei 52.650
10. Zheng Wen Shandong 52.600

Men’s All-Around Final Total
1. Teng Haibin Beijing 89.250
1. Guo Weiyang Liaoning 89.250
3. Lu Bo Jiangsu 88.750
4. Zhang Chenglong Shandong 88.650
5. Liu Rongbing Guizhou 88.550
6. Huang Yuguo Shandong 88.050
7. Yang Shengchao Guizhou 87.850
8. Liao Qiuhua Guangdong 87.500
8. Tong Yingjie Jiangsu 87.500
10. Zhou Shixiong Guangdong 86.300


This child is as cute as can be. US gym fans will have her winning the Olympics in no time. She really is adorable.

Medal ceremony

My thoughts on 2010 and wishes for 2011

December 30, 2010

Part one……..


Romania- Thoughts:

Maybe its the lack of coverage in the US. Maybe its my tendency to get bored with the sport of gymnastics to the point when watching a routine I some times daze out and forget I was in the middle of watching a video at all but do all the Romanian women gymnasts blend together for you like they do for me? I honestly do not know one from the other except for Ana Porgras.

Now I know I have watched some Romanian routines this year. I remember Chelaru’s overscored floor routine that won a medal at worlds but I couldn’t pick her out of a line up if she was the only person in it.

I have watched some of their juniors and was even impressed with one of them. I then forgot her name So my…

Wishes for Romania are as followed. A Real vault for Ana Porgras so she can stand a chance at winning an AA medal. Her bars, beam and floor are great. It makes no sense for her to be doing a full twisting yurchenko in 2010. My other wish is for the Romanians to find some way to help me remember gymnast :A from gymnast :ZBZ. Gina, Milo, Bontas and company might have been alike but they had some individual qualities that made them stand out from each other. Your current group not so much. Oh and an UB coach might be a good idea:)



Russia- Thoughts:

You had a great year. One of your best years in a very long time. You won your first team world Gold medal ever thanks to Aliya Mustafina. You had some of the most difficult routines of all time. Your gymnasts have personality (maybe even a little too much sometimes) and un like Romania I can tell your gymnasts a part even your lesser known ones like Anna Dementyeva or Yekaterina Kurbatova (even though I did have to look up how to spell their names) but my

wishes for you are as followed, A: I want you to keep Viktoria Komova in one piece. She doesn’t need to compete 10 times a year. She needs to stay healthy because in 2012 she is the only one I want to see on the top of the Olympic podium. She also needs to improve her form. My other wish is for you to take Aliya and Tatiana and teach them the word technique. Those Amanar’s are atrocious. As much as I LOVE Tatiana’s unique personality and skill set her form is a travesty. Your the Soviet union for Christ’s sake. Act like it.



China- Thoughts:

I still love you. Of all the Countries out there your team is still the only team that makes me smile. Sure your starting to forget that choreography matters but if I am going to watch anyone do trick after trick after trick I would rather be watching you over anyone else.

My thoughts on your 2010 is of happiness and disappointment all in one. Jiang Yuayuan getting her act together and winning the AA silver medal at Worlds was the highlight of 2010 for me. Watching her improve beam her worst event would bring me to tears if I actually cried over a sport that isn’t baseball. That being said your team bronze medal was a disappointment. You were capable of so much more. Your team imploded at the most inopportune moment and you allowed the US an opportunity to win the team gold medal and that would have been disheartening to every gym fan not from the US. Not because they wouldn’t have earned it but that they would have earned it by default, the worst way. Mackenzie and Mattie as world champions would have boggled the mind. So my

Wish for you China is to get more consistent. That is it. Oh and please re-consider having Huang Qiushuang on your team next year. Her bars are overrated and frankly, she scares me.


U.S.A- Thoughts:

If you had told me 3 months ago that the US would take Aly Raisman, Mackenzie Caquatto, Mattie Larson and an injured Rebecca Bross to worlds and come with in a front layout of a Gold medal in the team competition I would have sent you a straight jacket. Yet that is what happened. Macko never fell. Alicia stayed on beam and Becca only fell once the entire competition and the US nearly took advantage of Russia and China’s inconsistency to win the team competition. This would have been a huge WTF moment in gymnastics history if they had actually pulled it off. So my

wish for you is as followed. Find someone. ANYONE that isn’t Nastia Liukin to be your UB specialist. There has to be some hidden gem you have in your closet to save me from another year of Nastia freaking Liukin.


Tomorrow will be award season

What I missed

August 30, 2010

Alicia Sacramone got a twitter account. Her first gripping update was about her mom, awwwww

You can vote Rebecca Bross for Sportswomen of the year. I really wanted to write something obnoxious here but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. While I won’t be voting for her ( I voted for Yuna Kim) Rebecca Bross has had a pretty decent year so far so if you enjoy bad form and bitch dirty looks that kill go ahead and vote for Becca:)

Just because it wouldn’t be an update if I didn’t steal some information off IG Magazine according to Gym-Style.Com the USA team at the 2010 Pan American Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico will be Kyla Ross, Sabrina Vega, Sarah Finnegan, McKayla Maroney, Brenna Dowell and Gabrielle Douglas. I heard there was an age limit which is why the Woga girls were left off the team.

Kristen Maloney starts work today as the assistant coach for the university of New Hamshire. Kristen is an interesting case. She spent 4 years at UCLA only to return home to go back to school to become a teacher. Then she followed her boyfriend to NY and sold out her home baseball team the Phillies to become a bandwagon Yankee fan. Now she is in New Hamshire teaching them how to dress like baked potatoes.

These are the results for the event Finals at Chinese Nationals. LOVE seeing Jiang Yuyuan second on beam. She is much improved on that event.

Women’s Vault
1. Zhou Qiaohong (Fujian) 14.237
2. Huang Qiushuang (Guangdong) 13.925
3. Yang Pei (Shaanxi) 13.900

Uneven Bars
1. Huang Qiushuang (Guangdong) 15.550
2. Wu Liufang (Guangdong) 14.675
3. Huang Huidan (Zhejiang) 14.500

Balance Beam
1. Sui Lu (Shanghai) 15.550
2. Jiang Yuyuan (Zhejiang) 14.450
3. Wu Liufang (Guangdong) 14.325

Women’s Floor Exercise
1. Sui Lu (Shanghai) 14.550
2. Huang Qiushuang (Guangdong) 13.825
3. Jiang Yuyuan (Zhejiang) 13.700

I don’t subscibe to IG but they are at it again with their newest cover. Kyla Ross won the National title and while her picture is bigger then Ohashi it is obvious who they want featured on the cover. I guess it could be worse they could have put Nastia on the cover. Instead they will just bore you with an interview where she can once again tell us how she is the AA Olympic Champion. She should change her name to Kaylie Cruz.

Jiang Yuyuan leads Chinese Nationals

August 28, 2010

In perhaps the best news I have heard in a long time concerning gymnastics Juang Yuyuan is leading Chinese Nationals.

I meant to post about this earlier in the week when I saw a video of her practicing and hitting beam. She actually looked better on beam then bars in the practice videos.

Here is a link to more videos. I am off to watch the videos and will post a few in a few:)

Triple Flip Wild Rose Invitational

April 5, 2010

Gymnastics Issues had a report on the meet.

Some videos
can be found here

Full Results are here.

Here are the individual results for the seniors including the Chinese team.

Jiang has her usual beam routine plus some more mistakes or she would have won the AA.

Chinese Nationals. The All Around

September 19, 2009

Chinese Nationals

Here is the direct link to the channel and some of the parts.

part 1 (No gymnastics. Introductions and warm up)

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

The AA results are as followed. He Kexin finished 4th. Nice to see her doing the AA. Jiang YuYuan had a rough competition and finished 6th.
Should have been Olympic Gold medalist on the Uneven Bars ,Yang Yilin finished 2nd in the AA ahead of Olympic teammate Deng Linlin

Cheng Fie is now injured and won’t be an alternate for Worlds.

1st Deng Linlin
2nd Yang Yilin
3rd Sui Lu
4th He Kexin
5th Huang Qiushuang
6th Jiang YuYuan
7th Xiao Sha
8th Hu Yuhong
9th Li Lijun
10th Tan Sixin

Romanian Nationals is happening for the men right now and the women in a few days.