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The Crawfords

May 22, 2012

Jalynne Dantzscher is becoming quite the little baseball wife.

While Hubby is coming up big and getting pied in the face by his his teammate Janelle who is pregnant (yea, more “Dantzschers” technically Crawfords to talk about) Jalynne is doing face time with the local stations.

Diamond Girls must be the TV Show for baseball wives in San Fransisco.

Brandon is a hometown kid (state anyway) and super cute so he is getting a lot of attention in San Fran (Jacoby, this could have been you)

After you watch the video you can laugh with me how creepy it is that Brandon didn’t care which Twin he dated.LMAO

You suck Kevin Gregg. 🙂


Famous Boyfriends

April 23, 2012

Jalynne Dantzscher is married to San Fransisco Giants short stop Brandon Crawford. (I won’t show you his stats this year) Alicia Sacramone dates back up QB Brady Quinn.(He has no stats he is a back ups back up) Natasha Kelley is engaged to Tyler Evans who plays for Oklahoma (and has a chance at being drafted to the NFL) and today I learned that gymnast Nicole Pechanec who competes for Stanford is dating future number one pick of the no longer relevant Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck. He is also a good boyfriend declining to discuss the draft because he was there to support his girlfriend, aww.

Why is does this current blog exist? filler:)

Edited to add that Brady Quinn is no longer the back up for Denver. He is the back up for the KC Chiefs. That is kind of like going from backing up the California Angels to backing up the Pirates. Ha

Jalynne and Brandon Wedding

December 17, 2011

happy couple

Jalynne and Brandon got married a few weeks ago and this beauty popped up on my news feed. Must be nice to be rich. The wedding was in Hawaii and was beautiful.

The sisters and her cousins were her bridesmaids and the brothers were part of the grooms party.

Here are some pictures.

My favorite picture is this one. That is Janelle’s boyfriend being propped up to catch the garter. I wonder if there was a set up for that garter:)


This guy has baseball star written all over him. He has the looks to bring in the girls and the swing to bring in the hits. He just needs some consistent at bats in the big leagues.

OC, How could you.

July 31, 2011

Oh you people have no clue who O.C. is. Heck you might read this article and wonder still who the hell he is. So for the sake of my non baseball fans I will spell it out for you in this way,

OC was traded to the Giants which means Mr Dantzscher has been optioned to Triple-A

Looks like in 4 months when Jalynne marries the boy she will be marrying a minor leaguer NOT a big leaguer.

Mr Jalynne Dantzscher is at it again

June 1, 2011


Jalynne’s future husband has been called up to the big leagues. He is currently playing for the SF Giants. He pulled a Daniel Nava the other night and hit a grand slam in his very first at bat in the majors.

You can see his grandslam RIGHT HERE at this link.

Read about Brandon’s feat here

This is a better article on Brandon He makes a funny at the end. So true Brandon. So True.

If you are reading this right now you can also watch Brandon live on ESPN as the Giants play the St Louis Cardinals.