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Hambuchen out plus Podium training

October 12, 2009

Fabian has withdrawn from Worlds. The competition just lost a huge threat. It’s to bad he can’t even compete just high bar

Here is what went down at Podium training today at Worlds. The below links are the places I got the info from plus there are some highlights I have provided below from these links.

The All Around forum or what I like to call Nastia fans only

Gymnast Twitter

Sometime today or tomorrow check out for a preview of the women’s AA. Right now it has a preview of the men’s AA

Bridget Sloan will not be in the 5th rotation and IMO Martha dropped the ball on this. Bridget is the NATIONAL CHAMPION and there is no debate that she has earned the right to compete in the last subdivision. All she has done all year long is win every AA she has entered and Marta not giving her this spot is a slap in the face.

Maybe Marta should take over Woga because it is pretty obvious she only cares about them right now. Rebecca Bross can be the nicest kid in the world but she did NOTHING to merit the last sub division of competing.

Now here is some highlights of the above pages.

Yang Yilin

: had a clean floor routine but struggled on VT- landed her DTY to her knees.

:struggled with her full in dismount off bars and needed help from her coach on the last giant.

:The rest of the routine was clean, but not as fluid as last year. She kept falling on the dismount in her three attempts.

YYL- sheep jump, onodi to flic – back tuck, switch leap – wolf jump, rulfova, turn with leg at horizontal, free aerial, side somi, switch ring leap, nice ro – 2 ½.
:Gabriela Dragoi

:on beam performed a front somi, free aerial – flic – layout, turn with leg at horizontal, side aerial, side somi, double turn, ff – ff – 2 ½ off.



: handspring front tuck. And straddled DTY, low landings.

She tumbled a full in tucked, 3/1 (crossed legs), clean triple turn, double back, double pike off. She warmed up a double layout.


Ivana Hong

: on bars, problems on the overshoot, low Tkatchev, double layout (tucked down). As first contact with the apparatus. Not a full set from her yet.

: on beam, onodi – sheep jump, ff – ff – double pike off. Troubles on the turn in the second beam set of the rotation, falling out of it. Clean gymnastics. Last beam routine, press mount, aerial – flic – layout, turn with leg at horizontal (big wobble), switch leap – back tuck, onodi – sheep jump, free cartwheel, switch ring leap, side somi (wobble), Martha claps…, split jump – wolf jump, ff – ff – double pike off (low chest).


Kayla Williams

: warming up some underrotated triple twists.
:double layout, 1 ½ through double pike (fall backwards), 3/1 (a bit underrotated), piked full in.

:on vault did a piked Rudi. It’s not layout, the second attempt looks the same but with a big step back. Huge DTY. She vaults a piked Rudi again.


Bridget SLoan

:started on beam, front tuck – flic – layout, turn with leg at horizontal. Free aerial – free cartwheel (wobbly), switch leap – back tuck, sheep jump, ro – double pike off. In her last routine, 1/1 split jump, split jump – wolf jump, front tuck – flic – layout, turn with leg at horizontal, free aerial – free cartwheel, switch leap – back tuck, sheep jump, ro – layout off.

:started floor with a 1 ½ through 3/1 (short and low), piked full in (stumble forward), front – front layout, double pike.

: timers are FTY. Good DTY, without effort.

:problems on toe-on 1/1 on HB. Full twisting double layout, a bit piked down but good. The second one was not that good though.

Deng Lilin

: timing layout Yurchenko several times. Fall on three DTYs attempted. Changes to a 1 ½ Yurchenko, but she falls

:talder to overshoot, endo, endo ½, – Tkatchev, giant 1/1 (bad and lose rhythm), Pak, full twisting double layout (piked down). Not good. Second attempt, labored kip to HS, problems on pirouettes to Jaeger, and piked down again full twisting double layout.

:front pike, flic – ff – layout two feet, free aerial – back tuck – sheep jump, slow on connections, switch leap to Rueda, split jump – wolf jump, side somi, ff – ff – double pike off. A bit wobbly today.


Kensia Semyonova

: on beam had a big wobble on the onodi – flic combo.

:on beam. Roll mount, switch leap, free aerial – flic – whip, side somi, free cartwheel, turn in attitude, sheep jump, onodi – flic (problems again), onodi – flic – layout, ro – double pike off to crash. Semyonova up one last time since she’s had problems with beam. On her last dismount, she slipped the foot off and landed to her back the double pike off.

:on floor, full in (oob), 2 ½ punch front, 1 ½ punch front, double pike off.

:Yurchenko 1 ½ tucked down at the end to land it.


Beth Tweddle

Here is also an article about Beth

:on floor, 1 ½ thourgh double Arabian (stuck), double Arabian piked (big stumble forward), had problems on it in practice too, 2 ½ -1/1.

: on bars fall on Shaposhnikova ½. Piked Ray. Also struggling with the Bi, had to stop the routine twice.

Other rumor that I read somewhere else is that Beth peeled off bars pretty badly.


He Kexin

:on bars, her usual routine with legs apart on the Pak and a bit struggle on the dismount. Her second routine much better with only a slight problem on dismount.


Sui Lui

:had solid routines on beam, only some minor wobbles on a wolf jump. Front pike to flic – layout, turn with leg at horizontal to full turn, switch ring leap, side somi, free aerial, ro – double pike off. A bit slow at connections.

:on floor, whip – 3/1 (short), 2 ½, triple turn, 1 ½ -1/1, double turn with leg at horizontal, low double pike to finish. Sui Lui warming up 2 ½ punch 1/1 after her routine. At her last attempt, she full rotates the whip 3/1.


Ana Porgaras

: free aerial – flic – layout, switch leap, ff – ff – layout to 2 feet, free cartwheel, switch leap – back tuck, ff – ff – double pike off (low landing and low chest). The layout to 2 feet is rather inconsistent.


Yana Demyanchuk

:on bars toe – on 1/1 – Tkatchev – Pak. Full in dismount.


Hong Un Jong

:on vault did a DTY. Tried the amanar but fell, pretty good on the air though. The second one was a bit better. The third attempt also resulted in a fall. The fourth try was higher but slower. Attempts the Cheng but it’s too piked and falls.


Vasiliki Millousi from Greece

: on beam, a solid performance without hesitations; double pike off. Switch leap – back tuck – sheep jump, turn with leg at horizontal to full spin.


Rebecca Bross

: toe on 1/1 straddled overshoot, stalder 1/1 – Tkatchev, stalder ½ – Jaeger, endo 1/1 to Pak (fall), to simple dismount. Second set hit, with full in dismount. Another hit routine for Bross. (umm you fall that is not a

:on beam, Arabian, free aerial – flic – layout, switch leap – back tuck, sheep jump, side somi, front tuck, ro – double Arabian (fall). So far, she is the gymnast looking more consistent and ready. In her last routine, she only had a small hesitation on the side somi.

: on floor, front handspring – front layout – double front, 2 ½ – barani.

Anamaria Tamirjan

: piked full in, tucked full in, 1 ½ – 1/1, double pike. Uncontrolled landings.

:giant 1/1 – Jaeger, Tkatchev, undershoot, overshoot, double layout.

:vaulted a DTY straddled.


Lauren Mitchell

:stalder ½ – Jaeger, toe on – ½ – double front off.

:on beam, her best event, flic – flic – layout to 2 feet, back pike, problems on split ½ leap, attempt of Humphrey, free aerial – front tuck. Swdouble turn in attitude, switch ring leap – back tuck, ff – ff – double pike off low,

:on floor, double Arabian to stag jump, piked full in (a bit low), double pike.

:DTY (crossed legs) and big steps to the sides.

Elsa Garcia

:on beam, recovered from injuries, side aerial, side somi, free aerial – sheep jump, flic – whip, switch ring leap, turn with leg at horizontal, ro – double back,

:stuck double Arabian, triple pirouette, 2 ½ punch front (low), double pike.

:1 ½ Yurchenko (bent knees). Podkopayeva.


Becky Downie

:on beam, front tuck, free aerial – flic, full turn with leg at horizontal, switch leap – wolf jump, free cartwheel, side somi, switch ring leap, ro – double pike off.

: DTY, a bit low. Yurchenko ½ on – pike off.

:bars, toe on shaposhnikova, giant 1/1 – piked Ray, stalder 1/1 – Ricna, toe on ½ – endo, undershoot, full in.


Anja Brinker,

:toe on shaposhnikova – stalder 1/1, struggling a lot with the routine. She hasn’t managed to finish a single routine.


2009 World Championships: Uneven Bars

October 7, 2009


If they hit the only 3 gymnasts with a real chance at winning the Uneven Bar Gold medals are the best gymnasts on the event but when does every hit?

The rest of the field is wide open but no one has a shot unless one of these fall and even then I am not sure they have much of a shot thanks to the code .

Beth Tweddle (6.7 D score)
He Kexin
Yang Yilin.

My personal pick if they all hit is Beth Tweddle but you cannot over look the amazing routine of He Kexin. Last year Yang Yilin was the winner in my eyes but the judges at that Olympics were too far up Nastia’s ass to even notice notice anything else. Yang was injured this year and took a step back but she is still an amazing UB worker.

Other chances for making the event final are:

Ksenia Semenova (6.5 D score)
Anja Brinker (6.0 D score)
Koko Tsurumi
Anastasia Koval (6.0 D score)
Youna Dufournet (6.1 D score)
Ksenia Afanasyeva (4th place at Europeans. 6.1 D score)
Rebecca Downie (made event finals at Europeans with a 6.2 D score)
Kim Bui

Random North Koreans you expect nothing out of because you barely have ever seen them

Yong Hwa Cha and the other girl

If I add them then Bridget Sloan and Rebecca Bross can make finals. IMO Ivana Hong has no shot at making finals on bars. I don’t see a medal for any of the 3 above

Chinese Nationals. The All Around

September 19, 2009

Chinese Nationals

Here is the direct link to the channel and some of the parts.

part 1 (No gymnastics. Introductions and warm up)

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

The AA results are as followed. He Kexin finished 4th. Nice to see her doing the AA. Jiang YuYuan had a rough competition and finished 6th.
Should have been Olympic Gold medalist on the Uneven Bars ,Yang Yilin finished 2nd in the AA ahead of Olympic teammate Deng Linlin

Cheng Fie is now injured and won’t be an alternate for Worlds.

1st Deng Linlin
2nd Yang Yilin
3rd Sui Lu
4th He Kexin
5th Huang Qiushuang
6th Jiang YuYuan
7th Xiao Sha
8th Hu Yuhong
9th Li Lijun
10th Tan Sixin

Romanian Nationals is happening for the men right now and the women in a few days.

Searching for me

September 2, 2009

I am starting a new thing here at the Gym Truth Teller’s blog called, What people searched for that brought them to my blog. So here we go. Here is what brought most of you here. (Should be noted the names are not capitalized because that is the way it was presented. I know that names should start with capital letters but who has the time to fix all of these:)

nastia “kayla williams” I am assuming that this person wants to know if Kayla has a shot now that Nastia is out? Or maybe they wanna know if they are the same person in disguise? To answer question one yes, Kayla has a shot at the vault/floor specialist role but only if Marta decides to go that way. IMO NO WAY I send Kayla. No offense but her leaps on floor are worse then Shawn Johnson’s. As for question 2? You never know.

kaitlyn clark gymnastics Here you go. This is Kaitlyn’s official site and it tells you what she competes and what she is training

rheagan courville changed gyms Love her unique first name but last time I checked she is still at Elite Gymnastics. I have no clue if she has switched gym’s or not

miele gymnast Again I am just assuming you want to know about Annette. Here is the only thing I could dig up about her. Enjoy!

rheagan courville weight Yes she does have weight on her body. Are you asking if she has gained weight? My guess is yes. All of us do.

where does alicia sacramone train Alicia train’s at Brestyan’s American Gymnastics in Massachusetts. She will be back there training as soon as she stop’s running around California

kyla ross Kyla is your junior National Champion. A lot of people would love to know about her but she is one of the few gymnasts that hasn’t pimped herself out into the world of official sites.
Kyla is a strong vaulter with a beautiful DTY . She is only 12 so I won’t pick on her form issues but with the right coaches this kid could be your future AA Olympic Champion.

gymtruthteller That’s me!:)

rheagan courville Look above

bridget sloan 2009 nationals Yes she won Nationals. Youtube has all her routines.

Day 1 vault

Day 1 bars

Day 1 beam

Day 1 floor

Day two. All 4 events

morgan steigerwalt Here you go. Learn about her here. I actually liked her floor at Classic’s. Parkette and all

mackenzie caquatto A Gymnast. Do you want my opinion on her or to know about her? I like Mackenzie fine. I like her name more then her gymnastics but you know…

beth tweddle Beth is amazing when you consider she train’s in Great Britain. Let’s see. I thought she should have won a medal at the Olympics behind Yilin and then He. She is your 2006 World Champion on bars. She won a medal at the 03 worlds on bars. Her beam is messy (easily her worst event) She can’t really dance but is a great at throwing out those tricks. Right now she is competing only bars and floor (and interesting combination) and she has a great shot at winning Gold at this year’s Worlds in her Country. I will find it interesting in the WHO THE HELL ARE THESE JUDGES type of way if she once again wins a World medal after getting screwed at an Olympics. In 04 at the Olympics Beth was nit picked, hacked and over nit picked on her routine and didn’t make finals only to win a medal at the next Worlds. Last years Olympics you can (and I will ) say the EXACT same thing. If she was from the US she would have been on that podium.

Until next time…….

Nastia, twitter and training or lack there of

August 28, 2009

Nastia Liukin in the last week and a half since Nationals has once again posted she is on her way to the airport. I feel like Inside Gymnastics magazine tweeting her every word but my point for posting this is quite simple. Nastia does not have her head in the game of gymnastics.
Maybe if she was actually fighting for a spot on the team instead of being handed one by Marta she would be at home training full time but as it stands now this is Nastia’s second trip out of the state of Texas for one reason or another since she finished 4th at Nationals on beam. Nationals was only a week and a half ago.

The training camp is September 8th and Nastia is not even training full time? What kind of work ethic does this set for the Jordyn Wieber or Kyla Ross’s of the world that the Olympic Champ isn’t earning her spot on the World Team?

Nastia deserves to enjoy her Olympic medals just as much as anyone else does but after the 96 Olympics Dominique Moceanu had to go to Nationals (in 97)and earn her way onto the world team. She was not handed a free pass.

Everyone defends the gymnastics shape Nastia is in but saying she looks great for someone that has only been training for 9 months. I don’t see what that has to do with her attending Worlds. She finished 4th at Nationals on the one event she competed in. Only two women can qualify for an event final at Worlds on each event. That in itself should have left Nastia out of the running for a sport on the world team.

Then we have bars. A pretty weak event for the US team. That is the event most people think Nastia will compete on at Worlds. Well at Nationals she couldn’t even compete on the event because she was having a hard time putting together a full routine. An extra month and a half of training at half staff is not going to help Nastia beat Beth Tweddle or He Kexin on bars at Worlds in a month and a half and if it does then the judges at Worlds should all be fired.

Examples: One month ago




Here Is a link to an article about the Russian cup. The leader of the prelim competition (Aliya Mustafina) Took the gold for the women.

Some videos from the event

Women’s All-Around Final
1. Aliya Mustafina (Moscow) 59.434
2. Ksenia Afanasyeva (Tula) 57.034
3. Anna Dementyeva (Samara) 55.133
4. Svetlana Klyukina (Severodvinsk) 54.166
5. Ramila Musina (Surgut) 54.067
6. Kristina Goryunova (Veliky Novgorod) 53.533
7. Valeria Sviridova (Novosibirsk) 52.700
8. Kristina Pravdina (Voronezh) 51.300
9. Alexandra Telitsyna (Yoshkar-Ola) 47.000
10. Zhanna Toporova (Obninsk) 45.334