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LMAO This explains everything

March 15, 2011

Evan wins Sullivan award after being inspired by the second biggest joke of a Gold medalist next to Satan herself.

This really made me laugh. So what, once you become an Olympic Gold medalist in Figure Skating you go blond? No Evan did not go blond he just went stupid.

Is it to late to go back and give Evgeny Plushenko the Gold medal?

Evan would be a non issue by now.


Secret Facebooks

January 5, 2011


My friend Riley is a big celebrity facebook ” follower”. She often jokes she should start posting at IG forum under the name NastiaFan1million7 and see how many times she can update the world what Nastia has said on her latest twitter so when she told me about her latest find I had to tell you guys about it.

Every Elite gymnast has a facebook these days. Some of pretty private like Eilse Ray but the one name missing has always been Jamie Dantzscher. That is until now. Apparently Riley has discovered that Jamie has pulled a Shawn Johnson and changed her name so that no one can find her and bother her.

I get wanting to be private but changing your name? Seems a little bit extreme to me. What is going on in your life that is so impressive or important that you feel the need to keep your entire fan base in the dark about what you are up to these days?

Jamie deserves her private life so I won’t send a link to her facebook. If she chooses to live as a hermit because she is too good to be involved in her fans lives then betcha by golly Jamie can stay stuck up and private but it all seems a we bit much for me.

Then again I am writing a blog about the subject so maybe Jamie’s idea makes sense.

Shawn Johnson used a shortened version of her name so she wouldn’t be bothered. Nastia Liukin has a special thing because she is a “celebrity” where no one is allowed to “friend” her at all (way to appreciate those fans girls) but there gymnastics careers are front and center I get the privacy thing. Jamie girl. Lighten up.


In non related news and a total shock NOT to anyone that follows skating Evan Lysacek will not be competing at Nationals.

Gym/Skate Craptacular

October 9, 2010

I am pretty sure I owe the headline of this blog to GGMB but I am not sure but boy does the name fit the so called Gym / Skate event recently filmed somewhere.

Any whoo they should not even call this a gym show. Nastia and a bunch of retired College gymnasts does not a Gym show make. Old Olympains of not these girls are not the stars. The skating line up is a bit better with Evan and his gold but if I was Nastia I would be embarassed to put my name on this crap.

One back handspring doesn’t a beam routine make. Does she have it in her contract that no real gymnasts are allowed to show up to out shine her? because it looks like they are afraid to add some real elites with real gymnastics in fear of making Nastia look bad. Hate to break it to them but she is going to look bad no matter what they put on the floor with her.

Nastia looks in better shape but she isn’t. Her stomach can be seen in some of the pictures especially the one with her and Evan (she is wearing black( If she wants to compete again she better start working at it now.

Some pix from facebook

Some videos from Aunt Joyce

2010 ESPY Awards

July 15, 2010

Evan Lysacek is at the ESPY awards. Nastia is hanging out in LA yet she isn’t at the award show with Evan?

Very interesting. Very weird that she is in LA yet couldn’t take an hour to try and steal Evans spotlight attend the award ceremony?

Can’t wait for the “I had a meeting” excuse intead of the Evan didn’t invite me reality.

I can’t find it online but if you have a chance check out Evan’s ESPY commercial. It is hilarious.

Ask me anything- Update

April 20, 2010

I spammed myself and the questions took an hour to be put up. I am still not getting any questions though my friend asked a few they just have not gone through. Looks like this is happening to everyone.

Keep trying maybe they will fix it. Thanks

Aunt Joyce made one of these and while I don’t have his following I thought I would create one of these and see what I get.

So ask away. I might not be online a lot the next 3 days so be patient if I don’t get back to you quickly.

Plushenko was robbed

February 22, 2010

Evil Nastia Liukin plots to take over the universe

February 21, 2010


Yes I know I had that headline before but you know what I might just have been wrong about Evan. Maybe it is Nastia using Evan. Maybe all these lovey dovey twitter comments about Evan are Nastia using Evan more then Evan using Nastia? Maybe Nastia knows exactly what she is doing.

I was all ready to praise Nastia for letting Evan have his Olympic moment. I even almost started a blog about it but since that time I have read two articles with Nastia commenting on Evan and him winning and her agent even arrived in Vancouver just in time to rope Access Hollywood into doing a story about Nastia.

I apologize Evan. You aren’t the evil man making the poor little princess believe you are straight. It’s the other way around. Nastia knows you are gay and she has warmed her way into your heart to steal the worlds attention. Those silly kids.

More whiny Russians Oh it happened. You lost and the fact that you act like Irina Slutskaya (waiting until she got home to whine to the Russian media) makes me laugh. You can’t even be man about it 30 years later? Pathetic.

IOC Pres makes excuses for Plushenko. Hersch calls him on it. Gotta love Phil Hersch when you agree with

Don’t forget to follow the banner to my photobucket for more pictures of Nastia stealing Evan’s spotlight.

Grow up Plushenko.

February 20, 2010


I am sick of this. I am no big fan of Evan (read my blog) but this is getting ridiculous. Evan has to go on every show there is and defend a medal he earned? The Prime Minister of Russia doesn’t have better things to do then make stupid comments about a skating event? No wonder this world is so screwed up.

I saw Michelle Kwan get screwed out of two medals and not complain once and she had a huge reason to complain both times. Plushenko doesn’t even have a case. He doesn’t have an ounce of a case but he won’t shut up.

Americans get slammed all the time but Russians can act like spoiled brats everytime they lose and no one calls them on it well I am calling them on it.

Shut up Plushenko. You lost because you did nothing but jump. The last minute of your Long Program was a disgrace to the sport. You have been over scored your entire career and held up by the judges (2003 LP anyone? 2006 Olympics ANYONE?) and it’s about time you just grow up and grasp the concept YOU LOST and tell your Prime Minister to do the same.

If Plushenko had once ounce of truth on his side I wouldn’t be telling him to shut up. I would be agreeing with him. I would be on his side and writing blogs defending his right to state the obvious but the fact is he has NO CASE at all. He just sounds like an idiot running his mouth.
This is almost as bad as Irina Slutskaya running her mouth in 2002. Both of them should be ashamed of themselves for even trying to sell an argument that they were robbed.

Evan has been acting like a pro through all of this. He hasn’t said a word that isn’t professional and all this Plushenko whining is doing is getting Evan more time on my television. (That is probably what is pissing me off most of

Evan’s reaction to winning is what changed my mind about him. Not a lot just a little. The first thing he did was hug his coaches arms. As if to say WE did it. You finally get your Gold medal. That was a spare of the moment reaction that could not have have been rehearsed.

Evan wins Olympic gold

February 19, 2010

Article by a hole E.M SWift

Plushenko whining

Elvis whining

Sasha Cohen open foot insert mouth

Golden Skates analysis

So I said last night I didn’t care who won as long as it was fair but the articles above make me maaad. I wanted to start this blog off so differently but I had to come here and defend Evan’s win. That makes me mad, grr

Elvis Stojko: Skating is not a jump contest. It is a Skating contest. I know the concept of choreography and Presentation are lost on you but fact is skating is not just about throwing quad jumps. You have to have choreography, transitions, Interpretation etc.. I know this because IT’S IN THE RULES.

Sasha Cohen: It seriously makes me LOL that Sasha Cohen is talking about how Plushenko should have won because he can jump. From a girl that built her entire “career” on lifting her leg over her fat head to even imply Plushenko should have won is ridiculous.

Does it kill me that because Daisuke Takahashi tried a quad and fell he lost any chance at the Gold medal because he fell yes it does but he went for it and did not complete the jump. Not that for a second do I think they would have given it to Daisuke even if he had not fallen. He had one scratchy landing on a triple triple and the rest of it was beautiful

Johnny Weir was NOT robbed of second place. God his fans have issues. Johnny did a great job last night but Daisuke had an 8 point lead over Johnny going into the LP and one fall combined with 8 triples and amazing footwork trumps Johnny hand down.

LAST but not least Plushy. Oh Plushy. You are a great jumper but last night was not your crowning moment. You landed your jumps but you landed them with badly edged bobbles. How you can think you deserved to win with that performance is sad.


Kwan Boy from the MKForum explains why below that Evan deserved to win and even though he is one of my least favorite people over at that Forum he got it right here.

The reasons why Evan won the TES over Plushenko…

1-Evan had 4 triples (including a 3axel/2toe and 3flip/2toe/2loop combination) and 4 doubles (including a double axel) after the halfway mark which, obviously, increase the jumps by 10%. His BASE mark for TES was 0.10 lower than Plushenko’s due to program construction and putting difficult jumps near the end of his program. Plushenko only had 4 total, 2 triples and 2 doubles, the 3lutz/2toe, 3sal and the 2axel. In other words, no stamina!

2-Grade of Execution matters! Evan had SIX elements that scored a 1.00 or more in GOE. Plushenko only had three. Just doing an element and completing it is not enough. You have to do it well!

3-Spins also matter. Even though they both did level 4 spins, Plushenko still did one spin that was level 3. All of Evan’s spins were level 4. Plus Plushenko’s lowest amount of GOE on a spin was 0.14. Evan’s lowest was a 0.50. Plushenko’s highest was a 0.80 while Evan’s was a 1.00.

4-I’ll say it again… LEVEL 4 FOOTWORK! Evan’s circular footwork was deemed level 4 because he used his upper body a lot while doing the steps which makes it A LOT harder. And since he got level 4, in addition to his 0.60 more for the base mark, he also accrued 1.20 in GOE, 0.20 higher than Plushenko’s 1.00 for his straight line, which had more higher GOE’s than Evan, because getting level 4 is NOT easy!

5-Points add up. Everything Evan did he did VERY well, getting a positive GOE on everything but 2 jumps. And even those 2 jumps had very small negative GOE’s on them (less than a point). His average GOE for all his positive elements was 0.96. This is a contrast to Plushenko, got an average of 0.67 (including his 0.00 GOE on a combination). It also helps that his base mark was so close to Plushenko’s, who had a quad (which is 9.80 points more base value), because of the well constructed program, leaving hard jumps for the end of the program, all level 4 spins and level 4 footwork.

Having said all that I still want to know in WHAT UNIVERSE that Plushenko has better Interpretation and Performance/Execution than Lysacek??? Plushenko rightfully won the Skating Skills mark. But based on what I witnessed last night, it is a travesty that the judges would give such a “Oksana” like performance (posing, preening, shaking his bootie) higher marks than Evan, especially since Evan was WAY cleaner!!! And his transitions mark went up from the short program. Sad.

Men’s Olympic team named and yes I stayed awake

January 18, 2010

CUTE little boy

First thing I have to say is the highlight for me the last few days has been reading Jenny Kirk’s facebook updates/ She roots for Johnny. She roots for Jeremy but she never roots for her ex

Men’s Olympic team named

Jeremy Abbott, Evan and Johnny Weir. I had to get up during the competition and put the remote across the room just to finish watching . I was so bored I wanted to change the channel but then how could I write this blog:)

Usually the men do not bore me but tonight the last flight was just focused to make the Olympic team and not a single person shined. Sure Jeremy won a great jumping contest but he has as much artistry as a wet cat stuck in a bag.

Johnny usually is a very good artist but tonight he just looked like he didn’t want to be there and Evan well he falls somewhere in the middle of these two but after the quad mishap he seem disinterested too.

Made me wonder if NBC taking away the women’s competition that maybe the men felt no motivation to kick ass.

There is nothing sweet of endearing about Ryan Bradley either. He is embarrassing to watch. Playing to the audience does not make up for bad skating skills.

The only good thing about tonight was some of the men landed some beautiful jumps. Evan may be an idiot and have bad taste in women but when he hits his jumps they are beautiful. Same with Johnny. Adam Rippon also had some beautiful jumps.