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Sloan, Raisman and Maloney oh my! UPDATED AGAIN

July 31, 2014

HELL NO. I say no. I don’t want Alicia around. Go back to wherever you are Mrs Quinn.

Beam and Floor Results for Comm games.

Its a good thing I don’t sell advertising on this blog like certain others or I would be failing miserably lately. Yep blame the RED SOX

Not in the mood to blog so……………..

Nationals for Brazil

Vault and UB results from Comm games.

Now back to mourning my baseball season.

5 Stages of grief

Denial WTF are you talking about
Bargaining WTF, Okay you can have Gomes but we keep Lester and Cepedes.
DepressionBut Yooou can’t take Jonny,Jon and John Waaaah
Acceptance- Not today ( See you in October)


Tonight I was at Fenway. Turns out Bridget Sloan was also at Fenway. We were in the same section and I had no clue. My seats were better than her but it makes me laugh to know she was literally 10 feet away and I had no clue. SMALLEST world EVER. Glad to know I didn’t have to suffer alone.

Bridget wants to know how the game is played and LOL had the best comment to that. Yep well the players on the field have no clue how to play either. WHATEVER RedSox. Is that a beer Bridget?

Look at Aly go.

Mckayla Maroney is out this year. Probably a good thing.


Beth Tweddle, Dancing on ice 4 and 5

February 5, 2013

I think we have seen four overall at these blogs but I believe they are on week 5 which means we are missing one. According to Catherine the first two weeks were cut in half so Beth did not perform. These judges are assholes. There are ways to say things without being idiots even if I did agree with them. The rodeo cowboy was Terror Lipinksi-esque




Aly’s show number 2.

I want to give this little girl some props. Her name is Shayla Scott and while this was not perfect (she got a ten) I actually enjoyed watching her dance. Her tumbling was weak but I think she has great potential to do really well in College down the line. Not saying she can’t be elite , hell only I can make positive comments sound

Just watch her.

Mack Brannon also got a ten. Piked hips and messy form side this was a pretty nice vault, just not a ten

Another ten from Mackenzie Wofford.

That bitch stole my Olympics

November 4, 2012


Alicia Sacramone went into the 2008 Olympics with a chance at winning gold on vault and floor and a small chance winning a beam medal. She left as the choke artist that cost the US team the Gold medal. (Fair or not that is her legacy)

Aly Raisman went into the 2012 Olympics with a shot at floor gold she left the most decorated US gymnast of the 2012 games. If not for the “tie” rule she would have tied Aliya Mustafina for the most medals of any female gymnast at the games and that would include an AA medal.

Can you just imagine how badly this must annoy Alicia? Alicia can tumble almost as well as Aly and she can dance. She has better form and technique is in reality is ten times the gymnast at her peak that Aly was at hers but in ten years Aly’s name will be remembered and Alicia will be that girl that fell twice and cost the US team the gold medal.

They technically did not compete at the same Olympics but Alicia could have taken Aly’s spot on the 2012 team if the stars had aligned. Even competing at different Olympics they both would have been in competition for the same endorsements

Aly had the kind of Olympics Alicia could have had. I can only imagine how that must boil.

Aly takes over Massachusetts

August 27, 2012

Skip to 220 for the second of Aly. Sorry I can’t get youtube videos to imbed anymore.

I am really pissed I can’t find the first pitch from the Sox game.

Aly on the news. 7000 people came out to see her give a speech somewhere in Needham. That’s a lot of people. There were only like 6000 people a few years ago at Nationals.

As much as it annoys me to mention the letters WEEI on my bloh here is Aly on the radio during the red sox game.

Sorry it’s all Aly here but what can I say? She lives in the same state so information is easy to come by.

Video of her talking with Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo during another Red Sox tank job.

Hanging out with injured AGAIN, David Ortiz AKA “Big Papi”

Her parade was today.

Article one and two

53 Pictures from different events.

7 pictures from todays parade

Mckayla Maroney, Aly Raisman and Nationals in Connecticut, wooooo

August 21, 2012

Lets start with Nationals being in Hartford, Conn in 2013. I think I might go. I have also decided to go to the American Cup in March and it better feature Kyla Ross because that is why I am going.

Aly Raisman the new Queen of New England has signed a deal with local water company, Poland Springs. Okay peeps, who has Poland Springs in their state?

Aly likes cupcakes and partying with her friends. I don’t see this kid continuing even though I do think it is interesting that New England is the place for gym meets in 2013.

A video of Aly where her voice sounds normal Message to Aly, your friend Talia should be able to get you Bruins


Last but certainly not least lets discuss Mckayla Maroney’s mother
. The women has hired security for her daughter because she is being hounded by crazy people. As the parent of a child (not really) I find Mckayla Maroney’s mother way out of touch with reality. She needs to parent her child and regulate her internet access if she is going to keep posting pictures of herself like this. Us normal people are not what Mckayla has to worry about it is perverts that see this picture and think disgusting things.

If my daughter posted this picture she wouldn’t have internet. Just saying.

More Mckayla and an 800 dollar purse? beats my 10 dollar back pack:)

Cold war

August 17, 2012

Larissa Latynina is such a actually the writer of the article is just funny but I love a good conspiracy theory:)

Then again, one of the leaked ad photos was with former Russian gymnast Larisa Latynina, the woman whose record for most Olympic medals Phelps broke in London. If we were still in Cold War mode, it’d be a legitimate possibility that she leaked them as part of a wide-ranging conspiracy to get back her record.


Aly has good taste. Tyler is cute.

Back to life, Back to reality

August 17, 2012

Back to life, The MMC version

My tax dollars hard at work

Oh Massachusetts. The T cost an arm and a leg but the state has money to drive Aly Raisman to her gym to celebrate her gold medals (no one celebrates the bronzes) Yep, Tax-achusetts.

Here is a blog from someone who went. To be honest I thought about going. It isn’t that far from my house but I had to work so I chose money over Aly. I know, where are my priorities:)

Article 1


Just Jared Jr Aly
Video 2 (hopefully different. I did not watch)

More Aly and even more, more Aly.

More Aly. Living in Boston has its perks:)


The only info I can find about Kyla’s Ross home coming.

Jordyn will be home tonight and this network is covering it.

Mckayala and just jared jr


I have been thinking. I have discovered why Gabby is the face of this Olympics. I know she “won” the AA but the media puts her every move up but you know who the people keep searching for on yahoo? Mckayla Maroney. NOT Gabby.


Mckayla Home coming

Ha, LOVE this:)


This is just weird. I hope no one has a cold.


I am thinking of changing the Shut Up Shannon blog to shut up Gabby. Does she not know how obnoxious she sounds when she says things like,

“Rio 2016 is in the back of my mind and if all goes well, then I think you will be seeing more of me,” Douglas told Reuters.

Welcome to the Tabloids girls. Aly Goes clubbing:)

August 9, 2012

I love when gymnasts and their coaches tweet shit and the media saves it.

Girl you are in London. The Tabloids were perfected there. Welcome to a new

You can read what Aly tweeted here.

“Okay I have no idea were going with the guy gymnasts to some club I’ll find out for you were so nervous. Omg”

Bela saves the day. Dawes is an idiot

August 8, 2012

Aly Raisman has a beam bronze medal because Bela screamed from the sidelines to protest the score.

Here is a video of it that I got off facebook and I guess IG 2 reported this about Bela. Nice to know he is not 100% inept and explain to me why Mihai was clueless?

37 seconds into the video you see Mihai yelling for what back at someone in the crowd. Wait til the media gets ahold of this. The Legend grows and in the end the US gymnastics program and Dominique Moceanu stand to lose:)


I finally got to see Sandra win the vault gold medal.
This place has other videos too. The announcer


Did I miss Aly Raisman winning floor last year at worlds? oh and the comments Dawes makes about Jordyn are classic Fox. They are now painting Gabby as the saint and Jordyn as the failure. Dawes shakes her head in agreement at these comments

Jordyn Wiever “enters these Olympics as the face of USA gymnastics and leaves as it’s greatest disappointment.”

Funny Dawes but Jordyn still has the same gold you do and an AA title. I guess you don’t remember choking 3 times. I don’t know you would think being in Jordyn’s situation minus the injury would lead you to have some sympathy.

The most obnoxious part of this video is the idea that Jordyn should come back and Marta would love her to come back. Of course Marta wants her back now that Gabby has her gold medal there is very little doubt she won’t be back. Marta needs Jordyn. I hope Jordyn tells her to ******** off.

Thanks to Biyatch for the link


Jordyn on

and Beam and floor.

Day 3 finals

August 6, 2012

I think I speak for everyone when I say, THANK GOD THIS OLYMPICS IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and one more thing, I can’t find a picture of the gold medalists on floor from the podium. Can anyone help?

Sui Lu looks so sad. She has been so underscored all Olympics. This sucks. I am happy for Deng and Aly and it sucks for Ponor and it sucks for the judges because THEY CAN’T DO THEIR JOB. How do you miss start value when that is your ONLY JOB?

I didn’t watch, I was asleep and now I have to watch NBC tonight. I hope this doesn’t cost Aly the floor gold medal because judges can be pissy.

Deng and Sui look miserable.


FABIAN, I am so glad he won a medal again. The guy from the Netherlands is cute but his form is atrocious. I really feel the first Chinese guy was robbed. His execution was so much better and his start value was a 7.7. I get adding difficulty but if you can’t perform it cleanly it should not be rewarded.


Yay Aly but seriously the medal winners have some of the ugliest triple fulls ever seen.

Izbasa seems fine with her fall I am sure she knew her best chance was for second and Mustafina wins third with a stupid tie breaking rule that makes no sense. I get tie breaking rules, even get why they are used but they make little sense.

I feel really bad for Jordyn. From star to only team gold medal pretty much sucks but how about my home girl Aly Raisman with the most medals of anyone from the US in gymnastics. The girl is set in Boston. Big sports town.

I am scared to watch the news tonight. Aly will own channel seven. I can watch her family and summer home neighbors react to her gold AGAIN:)

Do you realize minus the tie rule Aly would have 4 MEDALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how Alicia feels with Aly having the Olympics she wishes she had?

Aly was overscored but come on, so was Ponor. In event finals all that matters to me is placement and the placements were right. I see people debating the bronze for Mustafina but when not nit picking every little thing I have no problem with it. Ferrari was low on her double double landing and Mustafina took small steps on two passes.

I wonder if Yahoo will take the 3 pictures they have of Gabby off their front page now. The lead headline from yahoo was, Did Gabby take gold again for bars finals. The news people are such idiots in this but anything for clicks.

Gabby making excuses for her mistakes. It might be hard to get your shit together but if you had no thought of giving it your all than you should have given Kyla the chance at a beam medal.


Cutest thing you will ever see. Now this is cute. Rest of you need eyes.

I read somewhere that floor finals had their own day but now I have read that all the events left will be tomorrow. No clue which is true.

Here is your start lists via I forget. I just stole them from somewhere:)

1. Sui Lu
2. Catalina Ponor
3. Deng Linlin
4. Diana Builimar
5. Ksenia Afanasyeva
6. Gabby Douglas
7. Viktoria Komova
8. Aly Raisman

1. Ksenia Afanasyeva
2. Jordyn Wieber
3. Aly Raisman
4. Catalina Ponor
5. Lauren Mitchell
6. Vanessa Ferrari
7. Aliya Mustafina
8. Sandra Izbasa


lets give some street credit to my city Boston for being a real sports town. Not sure how long this will be up but a picture of our UB medalists minus an American is the cover page on the internet sports page of one of our newspapers.

That is right, Bean town is a real sports town and don’t you forget it. Just forget the basketball trolls exist.

Beth is not retiring yet , yay

Women’s bar finals article where Gabby starts the excuses for not hitting. Nastia number 2.


Geddert posted this than deleted it. I got it off facebook. The only whining here is you Geddert. His hatred of Komova is kind of creepy


I hate you Belu. Diana Builimar is not your damn puppet. Stop screwing her over for your pet.