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2014 Worlds Events Finals. Day 1 and 2

October 11, 2014


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Start Lists
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Pushy bitch

December 3, 2012

I found this on tumblr. This girl is one pushy bitch. Do you have any idea how pushy you have to be for me to think you are pushy.LMAO

Watch this video, all of it if you have time. It’s really funny.

I can’t believe this girl had the audacity to ask Aly if she knew about the Aly, Aliya shipper on tumblr. Isn’t that some kind of lesbian

This is Classic stuff here people.

Day 3 finals

August 6, 2012

I think I speak for everyone when I say, THANK GOD THIS OLYMPICS IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and one more thing, I can’t find a picture of the gold medalists on floor from the podium. Can anyone help?

Sui Lu looks so sad. She has been so underscored all Olympics. This sucks. I am happy for Deng and Aly and it sucks for Ponor and it sucks for the judges because THEY CAN’T DO THEIR JOB. How do you miss start value when that is your ONLY JOB?

I didn’t watch, I was asleep and now I have to watch NBC tonight. I hope this doesn’t cost Aly the floor gold medal because judges can be pissy.

Deng and Sui look miserable.


FABIAN, I am so glad he won a medal again. The guy from the Netherlands is cute but his form is atrocious. I really feel the first Chinese guy was robbed. His execution was so much better and his start value was a 7.7. I get adding difficulty but if you can’t perform it cleanly it should not be rewarded.


Yay Aly but seriously the medal winners have some of the ugliest triple fulls ever seen.

Izbasa seems fine with her fall I am sure she knew her best chance was for second and Mustafina wins third with a stupid tie breaking rule that makes no sense. I get tie breaking rules, even get why they are used but they make little sense.

I feel really bad for Jordyn. From star to only team gold medal pretty much sucks but how about my home girl Aly Raisman with the most medals of anyone from the US in gymnastics. The girl is set in Boston. Big sports town.

I am scared to watch the news tonight. Aly will own channel seven. I can watch her family and summer home neighbors react to her gold AGAIN:)

Do you realize minus the tie rule Aly would have 4 MEDALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how Alicia feels with Aly having the Olympics she wishes she had?

Aly was overscored but come on, so was Ponor. In event finals all that matters to me is placement and the placements were right. I see people debating the bronze for Mustafina but when not nit picking every little thing I have no problem with it. Ferrari was low on her double double landing and Mustafina took small steps on two passes.

I wonder if Yahoo will take the 3 pictures they have of Gabby off their front page now. The lead headline from yahoo was, Did Gabby take gold again for bars finals. The news people are such idiots in this but anything for clicks.

Gabby making excuses for her mistakes. It might be hard to get your shit together but if you had no thought of giving it your all than you should have given Kyla the chance at a beam medal.


Cutest thing you will ever see. Now this is cute. Rest of you need eyes.

I read somewhere that floor finals had their own day but now I have read that all the events left will be tomorrow. No clue which is true.

Here is your start lists via I forget. I just stole them from somewhere:)

1. Sui Lu
2. Catalina Ponor
3. Deng Linlin
4. Diana Builimar
5. Ksenia Afanasyeva
6. Gabby Douglas
7. Viktoria Komova
8. Aly Raisman

1. Ksenia Afanasyeva
2. Jordyn Wieber
3. Aly Raisman
4. Catalina Ponor
5. Lauren Mitchell
6. Vanessa Ferrari
7. Aliya Mustafina
8. Sandra Izbasa


lets give some street credit to my city Boston for being a real sports town. Not sure how long this will be up but a picture of our UB medalists minus an American is the cover page on the internet sports page of one of our newspapers.

That is right, Bean town is a real sports town and don’t you forget it. Just forget the basketball trolls exist.

Beth is not retiring yet , yay

Women’s bar finals article where Gabby starts the excuses for not hitting. Nastia number 2.


Geddert posted this than deleted it. I got it off facebook. The only whining here is you Geddert. His hatred of Komova is kind of creepy


I hate you Belu. Diana Builimar is not your damn puppet. Stop screwing her over for your pet.

AA Live blogging

August 1, 2012

Congrats to Gabby war winning the Olympic AA. I am not watching this. Live blogging is ova!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see the fix has started. These vault judges are seriously blind. How does Gabby take two steps to the side get a score like that? Within 2 tenths of the perfect Mckayla vault. Komova just blew her chance on vault.

I could not tell if Gabby stepped out because the video made sure to not show us.

Gabby needs to fall twice to lose. It ain’t happening. This fix is in. Sigh. If she had been scored correctly on vault she would not be in first right now. That was 4 tenths too high at the very least.

At about 3.18 you can hear who Shannon Miller is looking forward to doing well at the Olympics. I could not agree more. For those that don’t want to watch, It’s Beth Tweddle)

Kohei quote. Love him

“I’m flattered,” he said, insisting that he would be back in four years. “I don’t want to take that as pressure. I want to make artistic gymnastics more artistic, to lift the sport.”

I have an un-easy feeling Gabby is going to get her gifts and be overscored so I think I might not even watch. Oh hell, I’ll be up but I might not be here to post.

I will be checking in to see what you guys have to say so please post whatever you want. If you could keep up the scores that would be great because if I do decide to post and we all know I will (so damn undecisive am

Now for those looking for me to post the troll stuff tomorrow when Gabby wins I sure expect to get lots of it and I will be posting it.

I don’t make predictions and like I said I have this sick feeling the new Nastia will be well, the new Nastia so if that happens I probably will wait a day to post. Once I comeback all Gabby love is to ENDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:)

I did the math and I think Mustafina might have a shot at an AA medal. She needs to do the Amanar where she can get an extra 3 tenths to her score (she will lose the other tenths in execution deductions) and hit beam. I just hope they don’t lowball her in favor of Komova,

I am afraid unless someone falls Aly has no chance.

The real question is, Will the floor judges score Komova as tough as they did in qualifying? If they do she might be out of the medals. How FLOOR JUDGES can take the only artistry in the floor competition of medalists with chances for the AA out of the competition makes no sense.

Night all. Off to watch Kohei win

P.S.- Any one else thing the Chinese will sub Jao Jinnan in for one of the otehr Chinese gymnasts? I kind of do.

Top 100 Olympic Moments

June 14, 2012

We were wrong. The June 18th was the womens soccer team not the Mag 7. That was a picture of the Mag I don’t care what they say. I should not be shocked. You didn’t expect ESPN to give credit to the whole team did you?

Like ESPN’s stupid list this one has some doozies.

Look here for the list

They have little pictures of the remaining moments and June 18th is the Mag 7. So who is that in the faded picture on July 12th? First I thought it was Dawes. Then Moceanu and then Miller and explain to me why the 1984 team is ahead of the 96 womens win when the freaking women beat real teams?

Help me out on that July picture. It is most likely Kerri and the vault getting their own credit and someone decided the whole team deserved some props?

Don’t look later in the pix. They have annoying people.

You tell me? July 12th


Mustfina leads Russian cup.
The Finals will get its own blog.Komova fell and has a new 7.0 start value on bars. Damn you Komova, That is Beth Tweddles bars gold biatch:)

Romania wins European team title

May 13, 2012

The All Around forum on facebook

Why does no one in Europe care about form? Some of these scores are ridiculous.

After Irodache’s routine watch Romania hug their child abuser. This is kind of insane that the abuser gets hugged.

Interview with Russia’s head coach

April 2, 2012

Jas came up with this article in the comment’s section so I thought it was about time we discuss some other Countries and what their Olympic teams might look like.

Mustafina, Komova and Grishina are most likely their “locks” which means their bars are set. Heck even their floor and beam may be set if these 3 gymnasts are “locks” That means they need some big time vaults to fill out this Olympic team.

I also think they might need a third beam worker since Grishina is always falling on something. When she hits she looks very good. Anna Dementyeva scores well on beam when she hits. I am seeing a pattern here.

Then lets discuss the interview. Gotta “love” the insults thrown at the USA during this interview but in Aleksandrov’s defense he wasn’t very positive for his own gymnasts in this interview.

Kseniya Afanasyeva also promised to fight for the all-around. What chance does she have?

Kseniya has a very good floor routine, but everything depends on vault. All the American girls fighting for the all-around will have Amanars. They have problems on the other events, but none serious enough to be called holes.

Not really an insult but keep reading

Speaking of problems, do you mean less-than-ideal execution on bars?

They do have weaker bar routines and their execution is weaker, too. Their bar routines are more stable, but compared to our girls, they are behind.

Keep reading…..

Are they not light enough?

You know, everyone has their own system of preparation. The Americans have more strength and they are bigger. We have choreographers in our gyms for example working with girls. In American they choose stronger girls and they don’t have choreographers working with them except on the higher levels. So our gymnasts have more of the winning look. Everyone has their aces and we need to keep up. We beat them two years ago, and now we have had a dip that we have to fill as quick as we can.

Got it. Your gymnasts look like winners but they aren’t ?” (:)

What he said isn’t “wrong” per say but it just sounds like sour grapes. Then again is it really an insult if he is right? Except the whole execution thing.

Women Event Finals day 1. Mustafina update

April 9, 2011

Torn ACL according to the Russians. She will be out of worlds. Thank God for Komova being age eligible.

Tweddle won bars. Izbasa won vault.

Women’s Vault

1 573 IZBASA Sandra Raluca ROU 1 5.800 8.900 14.700 14.675
2 5.600 9.050 14.650
2 534 CHUSOVITINA Oksana GER 1 6.300 8.500 14.800 14.537
2 5.500 8.775 14.275
3 584 KAESLIN Ariella SUI 1 6.300 8.650 14.950 14.475
2 5.800 8.200 14.000
4 577 NABIEVA Tatiana RUS 1 5.800 8.700 14.500 14.287
2 5.200 8.875 14.075
5 536 SEITZ Elisabeth GER 1 5.800 8.875 14.675 14.187
2 5.000 8.700 13.700
6 585 STEINGRUBER Giulia SUI 1 6.300 7.600 13.900 14.000
2 5.200 8.900 14.100
7 575 RACEA Elena Amelia ROU 1 5.800 8.200 14.000 13.725
2 4.800 8.650 13.450
8 507 MARACHKOUSKAYA N. BLR 1 5.000 8.825 13.825 13.062
2 4.600 7.700 12.300

Women’s Bars

1 531 TWEDDLE Elizabeth GBR 6.700 8.400 15.100
2 577 NABIEVA Tatiana RUS 6.300 8.775 15.075
3 533 BUI Kim GER 6.200 8.475 14.675
4 578 DEMENTYEVA Anna RUS 5.800 8.675 14.475
5 536 SEITZ Elisabeth GER 6.400 7.775 14.175
6 503 VANWALLEGHEM Aagje BEL 6.000 8.075 14.075
7 563 VAN GERNER Celine NED 5.800 8.175 13.975
8 553 FERRARI Vanessa ITA 5.800 7.050 12.850

Mustafina injured Dementeyva takes title

April 8, 2011

Mustafina tore her meniscus and left in a wheel chair so her teammate Anna Dementyeva took the AA title.

All these titles except bars will have an asterisk next to the winner since Aliya got injured but besides Aliya this whole meet has an asterisk with no one from China or the US.

It’s Opening day so my thoughts have been in other places so I am off to see what has gone on in the lost day

Giving some props to Nabieva

April 7, 2011

I am not imagining the execution improvement here am I? Because this looked a lot better then the crap she did at Worlds last year.

Maybe I am just in denial because Mustafina looks like she has been working on form too??? At least on bars.