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Allison Taylor’s Scholarship and lack of competing. Is it fair? Romanian World teams named

September 6, 2009

A few months ago I was reading the College gymnastics Message board. There was a very interesting discussion going on that
centered around UCLA Bruin Allison Taylor.

The gist of the discussion centered on Allison receiving a full scholarship but not competing in many competitions. The rumor was that the only reason Allison was given the scholarship was to help raise the teams GPA. (grade point average) Many people found this unfair and the discussion got so heated Allison’s mother felt the need to come defend her daughters honor. Apparently Mrs Taylor doesn’t believe in free speech because she told everyone they aren’t allowed to have an opinion and told them to take this discussion to Private Messages. You can read her comments here. She posts under the name ATsMom

The full discussion can be read at the College gymnastics message board in parts. The original discussion was started here or maybe here at this point I can’t really tell.

There were points on both sides of the issue I found interesting. One person said Allison earns her free ride because she show’s up to practice every day and does what the coach tells her to do. Another person said that having someone on scholarship that you have no plan on using is a waste of a spot. It could be used on a better gymnast that actually has the right to be there. Both opinions have merit. Now for my opinion:)

I am not a big fan of Allison Taylor the gymnast. IMO her gymnastics isn’t very good and certainly was never good enough to be getting a free ride to UCLA. You can’t fault Allison for excepting this scholarship but I can fault the school for being allowed to do this. Do you have any idea how much money it costs to send a child to UCLA? Do you have any idea how many students can’t afford to send their kids to College at all? It just isn’t fair that the regular people are paying for Allison’s free ride?

UCLA has not been the power house it used to be the last few years. Coach Val hasn’t had a real standout recruit since Tasha Schwikert. Maybe she should focus on giving scholarships out to gymnasts that deserve it instead of trying to raise the teams GPA.


Romania has named it’s world team. Headliners include the Floor Olympic Champion Sandra Izbasa and the ever adorable man with an ego Marian Dragalescu

Women’s team:

Sandra Izbasa, 2008 European floor medalist Anamaria Tamarjan and new seniors Diana Chelaru and Ana Porgras.
Gabriela Dragoi was named team alternate.

MENS team:

Marian Dragulescu, Flavius Koczi, Berbecar Marius, Daniel Popescu, Cosmin Popescu and Robert Stanescu. Alternates are Alin Jivan and Ovidiu Buidoso.