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That bitch stole my Olympics

November 4, 2012


Alicia Sacramone went into the 2008 Olympics with a chance at winning gold on vault and floor and a small chance winning a beam medal. She left as the choke artist that cost the US team the Gold medal. (Fair or not that is her legacy)

Aly Raisman went into the 2012 Olympics with a shot at floor gold she left the most decorated US gymnast of the 2012 games. If not for the “tie” rule she would have tied Aliya Mustafina for the most medals of any female gymnast at the games and that would include an AA medal.

Can you just imagine how badly this must annoy Alicia? Alicia can tumble almost as well as Aly and she can dance. She has better form and technique is in reality is ten times the gymnast at her peak that Aly was at hers but in ten years Aly’s name will be remembered and Alicia will be that girl that fell twice and cost the US team the gold medal.

They technically did not compete at the same Olympics but Alicia could have taken Aly’s spot on the 2012 team if the stars had aligned. Even competing at different Olympics they both would have been in competition for the same endorsements

Aly had the kind of Olympics Alicia could have had. I can only imagine how that must boil.


Day 3 finals

August 6, 2012

I think I speak for everyone when I say, THANK GOD THIS OLYMPICS IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and one more thing, I can’t find a picture of the gold medalists on floor from the podium. Can anyone help?

Sui Lu looks so sad. She has been so underscored all Olympics. This sucks. I am happy for Deng and Aly and it sucks for Ponor and it sucks for the judges because THEY CAN’T DO THEIR JOB. How do you miss start value when that is your ONLY JOB?

I didn’t watch, I was asleep and now I have to watch NBC tonight. I hope this doesn’t cost Aly the floor gold medal because judges can be pissy.

Deng and Sui look miserable.


FABIAN, I am so glad he won a medal again. The guy from the Netherlands is cute but his form is atrocious. I really feel the first Chinese guy was robbed. His execution was so much better and his start value was a 7.7. I get adding difficulty but if you can’t perform it cleanly it should not be rewarded.


Yay Aly but seriously the medal winners have some of the ugliest triple fulls ever seen.

Izbasa seems fine with her fall I am sure she knew her best chance was for second and Mustafina wins third with a stupid tie breaking rule that makes no sense. I get tie breaking rules, even get why they are used but they make little sense.

I feel really bad for Jordyn. From star to only team gold medal pretty much sucks but how about my home girl Aly Raisman with the most medals of anyone from the US in gymnastics. The girl is set in Boston. Big sports town.

I am scared to watch the news tonight. Aly will own channel seven. I can watch her family and summer home neighbors react to her gold AGAIN:)

Do you realize minus the tie rule Aly would have 4 MEDALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how Alicia feels with Aly having the Olympics she wishes she had?

Aly was overscored but come on, so was Ponor. In event finals all that matters to me is placement and the placements were right. I see people debating the bronze for Mustafina but when not nit picking every little thing I have no problem with it. Ferrari was low on her double double landing and Mustafina took small steps on two passes.

I wonder if Yahoo will take the 3 pictures they have of Gabby off their front page now. The lead headline from yahoo was, Did Gabby take gold again for bars finals. The news people are such idiots in this but anything for clicks.

Gabby making excuses for her mistakes. It might be hard to get your shit together but if you had no thought of giving it your all than you should have given Kyla the chance at a beam medal.


Cutest thing you will ever see. Now this is cute. Rest of you need eyes.

I read somewhere that floor finals had their own day but now I have read that all the events left will be tomorrow. No clue which is true.

Here is your start lists via I forget. I just stole them from somewhere:)

1. Sui Lu
2. Catalina Ponor
3. Deng Linlin
4. Diana Builimar
5. Ksenia Afanasyeva
6. Gabby Douglas
7. Viktoria Komova
8. Aly Raisman

1. Ksenia Afanasyeva
2. Jordyn Wieber
3. Aly Raisman
4. Catalina Ponor
5. Lauren Mitchell
6. Vanessa Ferrari
7. Aliya Mustafina
8. Sandra Izbasa


lets give some street credit to my city Boston for being a real sports town. Not sure how long this will be up but a picture of our UB medalists minus an American is the cover page on the internet sports page of one of our newspapers.

That is right, Bean town is a real sports town and don’t you forget it. Just forget the basketball trolls exist.

Beth is not retiring yet , yay

Women’s bar finals article where Gabby starts the excuses for not hitting. Nastia number 2.


Geddert posted this than deleted it. I got it off facebook. The only whining here is you Geddert. His hatred of Komova is kind of creepy


I hate you Belu. Diana Builimar is not your damn puppet. Stop screwing her over for your pet.

US National team needs a stylist

April 25, 2012

Hear me Marta? Hire someone to dress these girls because every single one of them looks like they got dressed in the dark.

Sabrina dear, Why are you dressing like your grandmother? Is Nastia giving you advice on what to wear?

Mckayla Dear, Not sure what that outfit is or that attitude. Watch the video about who is the best dressed. Listen to her answer. Listen to everyone laugh and then watch the look on her face. She was serious and she didn’t understand why anyone was laughing. HI-LAAAARious.

VIDEO is here

There are others if you look around the site but they were boring. Guess which video I didn’t watch:)

I think I might like Anna Li. Don’t wait to read that comment because I will probably change my mind if you do:) She seems sweet but this does NOT change my opinion on her gymnastics.

Here is Shawn talking about her beam routine.
Watch Nastia in the background with the bitch face on, crossing her

Do I even need to comment on her dress?

Babies Galore,

AWW, Baby Kyla

Look even baby Rebecca was cute and we almost made it through all the pictures without having to look at Nastia.

Baby Aly

Baby Gabby

Baby Mckayla

Podium Training

October 2, 2011

Now that baseball is dead and buried thanks to a murderer with a hatchet and a cheater and people with no integrity I now get to focus on gymnastics:) Aren’t you lucky.

Interesting tibits from Podium training.

Best news yet is Anna Li did not train. I hope she is named alternate. I can’t stand Gabby but one event gymnasts make me boil. Anna Li seems like a nice kid and she is probably someone I would like in real life but she is a ONE EVENT GYMNAST and they have no place on a World team. Unless their name is He Kexin. I even understand Nastia being named in 07.

The US looks strong a week before competition. Yep peaking a week early.

Jordyn’s coach says she is finally used to the time change and had her best training at the right time, in front of the camera’s.

Russia is having some issues but better now than in a week.

Beth Tweddle just threw up her bar routine today. Go Beth. Every video I have seen of He Kexin so far this year she looks labored and tired. Would love to see Beth win the Olympics next year.

Off to look for more info. Make sure you read the Gymnastike stuff above she has links to some videos. After you watch a video check the left. More videos are there.

Alicia Sacrmaone on beam She looks rock solid in the video. Jordyn can be seen in the same video. Both had one wobble but nice routines overall. It’s weird watching them at the same time. Alicia looks so much more polished next to Jordyn even though Jordyn’s routine has a lot more to it than the code whoring Alicia does.

Viktoria Komova on beam. She nailed her arabian but fell on a full turn. She does look tired.

The whole US Team on beam. Some sloppy work but no falls. It seems so stupid to me to count practice in any shape or form. Certain gymnasts just don;t do well in practice. Gabby Douglas looked aggressive and stayed on but will you really expect that in competition because it happened in training? Most likely, no.

Mckayla Maroney and Sabrina Vega on beam Sabrina looks better on beam than Mckayla does. Something was really weird about the way this team was picked. The alternate cannot replace anyone on bars. Maybe Marta planned on using the alternate to replace Mckayla Maroney.

Aly, Gabby and Jordyn on beam Gabby has a really ugly look on beam but she was solid. This was Aly’s best beam I have seen so far and Jordyn looked better here too.

Beth Tweddle on bars looking awesome. She might be in some of these AA with a decent beam routine because her DTY was better than Romania’s but Beth and beam were always a disaster.

Tatiana Nabieva on bars. Why can’t she keep her feet together like this in competition? She isn’t perfect here but this is a hell of a lot better than during competition. Unlike Ksenia Afanasyeva, who looked like shit in this video.

Sabrina Vega training bars She is not a good bar worker but I do find it VERY interesting she is training on bars but Anna Li is not. Anna has something on her wrist but maybe Marta thinks she needs a solid floor worker for team finals over an UB specialist she can’t use anywhere else. Sabrina paused twice in this video but she stayed on.

Jordyn on vault Her Amanar looked kind of sloppy here but it’s early.

Mckayla Maroney on vault I have never seen her Amanar look this bad. She bent her knee’s and looked like she was having issues getting it around. I really want to see her nail her best one sometime during this worlds (preferably prelims) because I want to see how it scores when she is on. It really is a beautiful vault when she hits it.

Gabriella Douglas and Aly Raisman on bars-The coaches seem impressed with Gabby sticking her dismount but she looked labored during this routine. She also had a few leg separations. No one spotting Aly is not a good idea IMO. Chow looked like he was watching her then he walked away. Aly kept her legs together during that routine. It’s too bad she never will when the competition starts.

Aly Raisman on floor. She nailed her second pass like Gina Gogean but this is the first time I actually get why people think her floor routine has no artistry. No is not an exactly the right turn she is ten steps ahead of the crap Carly Patterson called a floor routine but Aly has like no fluidity in her movements on floor. I did watch without sound so that could be why I actually see why people complained about her. That being said Lauren Mitchell and Cheleru are just as bad if not worse and there is no way in hell they should have beaten Aly last year.

Part one and part two of Anna Dementyeva, stripper floor routine. The first part is watchable. The second part is not. She put her hands down on her second pass. If you are bored skip this routine. I love Anna but I wish I

Alicia Sacramone on floor She looks to be in great shape but she has trouble getting through this routine. She is very winded at the end. I liked this routine at Nationals. I don’t like it here. Maybe if she spent more time training instead of flying off to Denver to watch her boyfriend sit on his ass she would be better able to handle her training. I know she is old and needs less training than most but even though she hit her tumbling this routine is lackluster and frankly not worthy of even being used. Not compared to her teammates.

Gabrielle Douglas on floor. I take it back. Alicia at least has presentation. Old recycled presentation but presentation none the less. This routine has ugly tumbling, horrible incomplete jumps and the ugliest presentation I have ever seen. The music is even horrible. If Aly loses presentation and artistry points this thing should too. What the hell is the dance after the second pass?
She didn’t dance through this routine, she walked through it with no fluidity at all. She makes Aly look like a ballerina. And she ends with a double tuck. 1999 and yes I know it’s a d. I am sorry but that was horrible. What the hell anyone was clapping for is beyond me.

Ksenia-Afanaseva on floor. Ksenia nails her double layout then skips her second pass and runs across the floor. Then she skips another pass.

Mckayla Maroney on floor. Looks like I may have been right. Sabrina is here as a replacement for Mckayla. She hit her 3.5 with a bouncy landing, fell on her second pass and had bumpy landing on everything else. Spotted on her last two passes. Should be interesting to see what happened. John Geddert is clapping and motivating everyone like a good head coach should do. Not like Marta who ignored everyone she didn’t train in 1996.

Jordyn Wieber on floor She is having a few issues on floor with her landings but I think this is a good thing. She needs to peak in a week not now.

Yulia Belokobyskaya on bars. This was just messy. She had two people spotting her. Over spotting her. It looked like they were afraid she would fall and land on her head.

I am bored of watching videos. I am surprised I got through this many. If you have any opinions, share them. I want to hear what you think.

Afanaseva and Ishina Russia is in big trouble on bars without Mustafina. These two girls as well as Demy look horrible on bars.

Viktoria Komova part 1 and part 2 on bars. She looks horrible here again. Form issues galore, mistakes, falls. I hope it is not the pressure getting to her.

Beth Tweddle on floor. She tried to kill herself on floor and thought it was funny. I love Beth Tweddle:) messy routine or not.

Youna Dufornet on bars She hit her def but did have enough momentum to continue on to her next skill. She hit the def heavy and the bar kind of swung down and up but she had her feet together. Yay feet together on her def. This must be a first.

Lauren Mitchell on beam I never would have known it was her if the video didn’t tell me. She looks different. She was her usual sell on beam. She has a lot of difficulty with even more bobbles.

You know what this worlds needs? Anastasia Grishina and Kyla Ross.

Who will make the US World team?

August 31, 2011

We have the locks,

:Jordyn Wieber
:Aly Raisman
:Alicia Sacramone

Then we have the most likely,

: Mckayla Maroney.

I know Mckayla beat Aly at Nationals but that whole competition was a question mark after Rebecca’s injury.

I could see Aly having a melt down at the camps and still being named to the team but I wouldn’t say Mckayla has that same free pass for a melt down. For arguments sake I will call her a lock for the sake of this blog.

So with those 4 locks we pretty much have Vault: covered. Any 4 of the named gymnasts could vault. Aly has a beautiful DTY. Mckayla and Jordyn have the Amanar’s and Alicia is , well Alicia.

BEAM: This group of gymnasts has Beam pretty much covered too. Poor Jordyn at this rate will be doing the AA in team finals. Alicia has a lower start value but she is pretty clean. Jordyn is great. Aly is solid. Mckayla is messy to me but if we had to use those 3 it would be plausible.

Floor: needs a bit of work. Again we have Jordyn. Aly’s routine scored well last year until they blatantly cheated her from a floor medal in the event finals. (If Aly deserved a deduction for artistry why the hell didn’t Chelaru and Mitchell get one? They are worse then Aly “allegedly” is.

I don’t know why Alicia is training floor at all. I don’t see her ever being relevant on this event again with her cheap tumbling but we all know the judges love to prove me wrong so she will probably be world champ in 2011.

Team Final,

Bold are definite. No need at all for a discussion.

Vault is covered







So we need two bar workers. A beam worker and a floor worker and we only have two places left. The beam worker is not as important as the floor worker. Alicia scores well at worlds. I honestly can’t see us using Mckayla or Alicia on floor.

SOOOOO….. Who has a really strong bar and floor routine???? Hey you know who fits this bill? Cassie Whitcomb. Too bad Marta screwed her out of too many teams she chose to go to school instead of compete elite. I know, you are saying she wasn’t really strong on those two events but I remember her winning floor and placing second on bars at one of last years camps. Sounds like a fit to me.

The only answer we have for this position is to take a chance with Chellsie Memmel. If she upgrades her floor the girl is a rock on this event and she is a former world champ on bars.

So an update,

If we add an updated, upgraded Chellsie Memmel we have a second bar worker and another beam worker. Also another floor worker but this is all IF, she upgrades.

So if we add Chellsie into the group
VT, Beam and Floor are covered and so is 2 of our 3 bar workers which leaves us with only one person left for our team and that person has to be a bar worker.

your choices are..
Anna Li
Gabriela Douglas.

Gabby was horrible at Nationals and I honestly wouldn’t take her on any team I picked. That is why she has a line through her name.

Anna Li is a one event gymnast. If she hits her bars great but she hasn’t hit her 6.7 routine yet because she hasn’t competed it. She was out scored by Macko on night one.

Anna is a one event gymnast that can’t even hit her one event. If Chellsie is on this team and she gets hurt Anna can’t replace her on a single event. That is why I just went and put a line through her name above.

If we take Chellsie the only option for the sixth team member is Mackenzie Caquatto. She fell on beam at Nationals on night one but she hit night two. Her start values are not as high as they could be but Gabby Douglas being the only other option Macko is pretty much the only option.

So my team with a healthy, upgraded Chellsie Memmel is

Jordyn Wieber
Aly Wieber
Mckalya Maroney
Alicia Sacramone
Chellsie Memmel
Mackenzie Caquatto


But……. What do we do if Memmel is a no go?

Part 2, tomorrow.

US vs Russia

August 27, 2011

GymNICEtics has done some nice blogs on the US vs Russia Gymnastics style.

I must admit I didn’t read all of them but she is usually pretty on the ball so I will trust her judgment until I have time to read it all.

US vs Russia


Uneven Bars

Balance Beam


Who will win Nationals??

August 13, 2011

My money is on Jordyn Wieber. Unless she falls off beam 3 times in her first rotation and pulls out of the competition like she did last year.

Rebecca Bross will medal and I will take Aly Raisman for third.

Who do you think will win?

I totally forgot about Nationals being next week until I got a phone call from the missing in action. We will call her Riley. You guys remember me mentioning Riley before before right? Well she is dating a hockey player from a surrounding state so she is kind of hard to get a hold of lately. Meet one hot hockey player with missing teeth and ignore your friends for a month. THEN call them up out of the blue.

I have company again tomorrow and work until Tuesday then I am on vacation for almost two weeks.

Junior Pan Am’s start next week

October 28, 2009


Here is a list someone sent me that they got from a message board. Pick your team. IMO this is who the team will be if everyone is healthy.

Only 4 members allowed, These are my picks:

Jordyn Weiber
Kyla Ross
Bridgette Caquatto
Sabrina Vega


Morgan Smith, Brandy Johnson’s
Alexandra Raisman, Brestyan’s
Alexis Priesman, Cincinnati
Amanda Jetter, Cincinnati
Sabrina Vega, Dynamic
Gabriella Douglas, Excalibur
Jordyn Weiber ,Geddert’s
Kamerin Moore, Geddert’s
Kyla Ross, Gym Max
Bridgette Caquatto, Naperville
Sophina DeJesus, SCEGA
McKenzie Wofford, Stars Houston
Kennedy Baker, Texas Dreams
Napualani Hall, Texas Dreams
Hallie Mossett, West Coast Elite
Briley Casanova, WOGA
Grace McLaughlin,WOGA
Katelyn Ohashi, WOGA
Lizzy LeDuc, WOGA
Madison Kocian, WOGA
Sophia Lee, WOGA