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2010 Pan American Gymnastics Championships. UPDATE: Live scoring link

September 2, 2010

Going on right now.


The mens prelims has already taken place. US is in first but you can watch the women live tomorrow.

Watch live here

Official site Results

Women Results

Al Fong video blog has some videos up of the girls eating very little and other fun stuff.

Videos are up at this account

I love the Internet:)


Ex Gage Gym mom answer’s questions at IG

November 11, 2009

5 Questions with an ex Gage Gymnasts mother

There is a girl that posts at IG Magazine named Bekah that apparently has control issues. To make a long story short she went around asking every Elite gymnast she could find to answer 5 questions. Some gymnasts replied and were pretty honest while according to Bekah other gymnasts refused to participate because they were afraid of what people might say about their answer’s.

Bekah also asked an ex GAGE gymnasts mother to answer 5 questions anonymously of course and she did. For those who don’t know GAGE is the gym Ivana Hong trained at before Woga and also the place where 2004 Olympians Terin Humprhey and Courtney Mccool trained. While Ivana had issue’s with their owner Al Fong (she blamed them for her not making the team) Terin has never bashed the gym (of course Terin succeeded while Ivana failed miserably)

Well Bekah posted the questions and informed everyone they are only allowed to ass kiss the ex gymnasts mother. NO ONE is allowed to ask the women why she allowed her teenage daughter to decide what is best for herself while she was being abused. Good thing I don’t post at IG because this is exactly what I would do. Below is what Bekah dictated to the clones at IG and so far every single poster has followed her rules to the letter. This must be how brain washing work’s.

-Due to the nature of these questions, please do not post these questions on any other forum, blog or website without PMing me to get the consent of the original author.
-Please do not turn this thread into a guessing game about the author; that’s not why this is here.
-If you do not feel that you can politely and appropriately respond to these questions, please refrain from commenting.


While it was nice of the mother to answer the questions she should remember she lives in the United States of America and not Russia during the cold war. If you speak out against something and chose to do that anonymously then people are allowed to question your comments.

Bekah asked that people not post the answers to any blogs and for now I will not do that but if you read the answers this mother clearly knew her daughter was being abused mentally by Al Fong and she chose to do nothing about it. She let her teenage daughter decide it was ok for this kind of behavior to exist. I am sorry but I do have a problem with this and so should everyone else. NO parent should let their child have the say in a situation like this and this mother should squarely take any blame for any problems this child may have later in life.

If the mother was afraid of backlash she never should have answered the questions. I question why she answered these questions at all.

I also don’t think this mother should have mentioned Rebecca Clark. Good bad or indifferent opinions this adult bringing another child’s name into the situation is wrong for any reason