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Ask me anything- Update

April 20, 2010

I spammed myself and the questions took an hour to be put up. I am still not getting any questions though my friend asked a few they just have not gone through. Looks like this is happening to everyone.

Keep trying maybe they will fix it. Thanks

Aunt Joyce made one of these and while I don’t have his following I thought I would create one of these and see what I get.

So ask away. I might not be online a lot the next 3 days so be patient if I don’t get back to you quickly.


Couch gymnast hears the gossip

October 17, 2009

This is a must read. Couch gymnast has a blog and she was sitting neat Marta during the World Championships. Read what she over heard.

Couch Gymnast

Or about Peggy Liddick and Lauren Mitchell’s beam routine. She kind of scoffed at the 6.5 difficulty, and then said ” 6.5? I vould not expect a 6.5 from Peggy”

Anyone else find it hilarious that Marta is mocking Peggy Liddick for difficulty on beam? An obvious dig at Shannon Miller I find it ironic that the women that created Kim Zmeskal’s 1992 routines has the gaul to question anyone’s difficulty on any event. Karolyi gymnasts are known for noo difficulty.

To be honest, though, I really got the feeling that Marta was totally gunning for Bross to win over Sloan. Or perhaps it was that she expected, after Sloan’s not great qualifications. When Sloan performed bars and vault she was kind of quiet, or just nodded and yelled no support, and then before beam, when Bridget didn’t get right up on the podium the minute before the girl before her climbed off, she was bitching at Sloan and Sharps, “Vot the hell are zey dooing?” Whenever Bross was up, she yelled and cheered, and called out reassuring “Eeet’s alright Rebecca!” as the little girl waited her turn. It wasn’t until the tide turned, and Bridget hit beam, that Marta started cheering and yelling for her too. It was weird.

Yep this was obvious from the start and I didn’t have to sit next to Marta to know that Bross is getting the “Nastia” special treatment. She can fall. She can tank and she is still treated like the Queen.

Read the blog it has a lot of insight in to just how ridiculous it is to have Marta in charge of USA- Gymnastics.

Kyla Ross takes junior National title. Men World team named

August 15, 2009

US National Junior results

Results with B score

Not bad for a 12 year old. There are no reports on what happened but it looks like Kyla fell off bars (12.700) Over a full point off her first day score (13.750) but she nailed her vault to take over the lead from Bridgette Caquatto who was on beam. Bridgey must have fall off beam (scored a 13.500 on day two and a 14.400 on day one)
Third place went to Alexandra Raisman from Alicia Sacramone’s old gym. Someone needs to get this kid an UB coach. Alicia could have used one also.

Sabrina Vega moved up to forth place after hitting her floor set. More details as they become available.


Mens team named

The US named their men’s world team. David Sender was named just because they knew he wouldn’t except the invite and he didn’t. An alternate will be picked soon. Probably some pommel horse help.

Your team is

Jonathan Horton
Dannell Leyva
Sasha Artemev
Steven Legendre
Tim NcNeill
David Sender (Declined)


Jake Dalton
Daniel Riberio
Wes Haagensen

IMO Wes deserves the AA spot over Leyva and he earned it at Nationals. Read the IG article for reasoning behind this team.

My opinion on Senior Nationals. Day One

August 14, 2009

Hello all. Below I started a blog during Nationals and got bored so I ended it. The feed was driving me nuts anyway. Anyone that wants to watch less bumpy video watch’s feed. It is smaller so it works better.

I left my comments up below from the first two rotations but here is my more thought out opinion.

Nastia Liukin. She did not look good. Her beam was not improved from Classics. She ended with a double twist (step) and had quite a few bobbles though-out the routine as well as a missed connection on her front aerial , back handspring back layout. Tim Dagget pointed out that her Sheep jump should not have gotten credit and I agree 100%. She warmed up bars and looks the same on that event but did not compete. (Her giants look worse then ever. Valeri has passed this horrible trait onto Bross also)

I am so glad to hear Valeri say if she isn’t ready she won’t go to worlds but last time I checked isn’t there a camp to decide who goes? Nastia getting a free pass based on last years results is ridiculous. Not un-expected but ridiculous the same. Plus it’s pretty ignorant that Valeri feels she is on the team already.

Bridget Sloan fell on beam. Rebecca Bross fell on her beam dismount but still got a 14.7. Biggest gift of the night on any discipline.

Ivana Hong hit all 4 events but found herself in second place thanks to Bross’s higher A scores. Both do DTY’s but Bross has 5 tenths over Ivana on bars. 1 tenth on beam and 2 tenths on Floor.

Chellsie Memmel competed on beam and got a deduction of 5 tenths for something. Maybe because her dad stayed on the podium. Way to treat your former World Champ USA-Gymnastics. I would be fine with this deduction if I thought for a second that Nastia or Ivana would have gotten the same deduction.

Bridget Sloan looked nervous and after she fell off beam she pretty much stopped trying.

Please explain to me the hype about Rebecca Bross? Her form is bad (last pass on floor was a twisting mess) she is sloppy on beam and her dancing is not fun to watch. She just doesn’t stand out on any event and I can’t see what people love about her gymnastics? She isn’t as camera happy as the other gymnasts (you know how that annoys so I should love her but I just can’t even watch her sometimes.

This is Nationals so I guess I shouldn’t expect truth in judging. Olympics had that same problem last year. Maybe I should just grasp the facts that the sport just isn’t the same any more.

Right now here are your event final leaders.


1- Bross (15.05)
2- Whitcomb (14.8)
3-Sloan (14.55)
4- Caquotto (14.450)
5- Bieger (14.350)
6- Dabritz (14.050)

1- Hong (15.150)
2- Peszek (15.000)
3- Bross (14.7 with fall)
4- Clark (14.500)
5- Liukin (14.450)
6- Sloan (13.950)

1- Hunter (14.400)
2- Bross (14.350)
3- Hong ( 14.300)
5- Williams (14.250)
6- Peszek (14.200)

Vault is to crazy to figure out right now.



Quickhits USA-Gym



It’s a good thing I stopped blogging when I did. This has to be the biggest joke of a Nationals ever. Nastia connects nothing and gets a score in the 14’s. (Tim actually mentioned how Nastia’s sheep jump was a mess and should have lost the credit it was done so poorly)
Bross falls on beam and gets a 14.7? NOT a possible score.


Quick hits are over. It’s getting too choppy. Sorry. Off to eat something.

Memmel beam – Small bobble on full turn.
Rebecca Clark- Floor – Clean DP, Step OB Last pass
Bridget bars- A little sloppy. Does a weird bend at the hips in her handstands. Better then Bross’s
Scrunchie talk OMG
Looks like Chellsie and Nastia are only doing beam
Missed some of Hong but when I checked her feet were together
Bross UB- Sloppy routine by Bross. To high on the pak, legs seperated. Just very messy. Ridiculous score

This is worse then NBC. All standing around and Nastia walking. Very little gymnastics.

Rotation 1

Caquatto (sp) Fell on beam. I missed most of the routine.
More Nastia standing around and babble from Tim and Elfi
Bridget Sloan- DTY, Small step. Decent vault. Better then Peszek, Hong. Crossed feet, leg’s not together (14.9)
More Nastia standing ZzZzZzZzzzzzzz Bashing old gymnasts
Peszek DTY. Very messy, step. Worst I have seen in a long time from her 14.55 (Kyla Ross had a 15.050)
Nastia standing. Nastia breathing. Who needs gymnastics? Urgh
Bieger Vault- Sat down 1.5 Short
Whitcomb bars- Nice set. Some leg separations
Hong- DTY. Blah, step. Better form then Bross but not great. 14.600
Bross vault. Out of line. Short of rotation. Step to the side. Legs a part throughout. 14.45 (way over scored)
Why do we get stuck with Tim and Elfi online? They are annoying! 20 minutes so far and NO gym. At least the sound and picture are on. They weren’t 20 minutes ago.)

Is Alicia Sacramone really needed anymore?

August 7, 2009

Alicia has decided to come out of retirement and train again starting in the fall. She will focus on Vault and Beam only. The Question I ask is she really needed at this point? There is no denying what a great a vaulter she is but with her decision to not train floor I don’t think she is needed.

Would Marta take Alicia to Worlds for her one event? The US has plenty of decent beam workers that especially after last years Olympics will make Alicia irrelevant on that event which then leaves just her vaulting ability. With the US also weak compared to the Chinese on bars I find it hard to believe that Marta would take two gymnasts for only one event each like they used Chellsie Memmel for bars last year.

Then there is Alicia’s bad attitude. Sure her mini gang members love her and follow her around like a puppy (Nastia, Sam and Shayla) but the truth is Alicia was the ring leader when it came to the way Sam, Shayla and Nastia treated Shawn and as far as I am concerned Marta should have delt with this in 05 when Nastia treated Chellsie Memmel like crap because she beat her before it escalated in 07 and beyond.
Nastia might be the Queen bee but Alicia was the ring leader and IMO the US would be better without her tainting the next generation.

Who will win US Nationals in 09?

August 6, 2009

Here is the link to who is competing at Nationals this year. Right now we will concentrate on just the women.

At the bottom of this blog will be a complete list of competing seniors. I can’t remember a weaker field in 20 years. With Nastia Liukin and Chellsie Memmel only doing two events. Sam Peszek only doing 3 and Mattie Larson and Sam Shapiro out of the competition altogether this list is pretty thin. Even before all these injuries and adding in the listed AA Olympic Champion this list is nothing to write home about. Then that is more the sports problem then the gymnasts. Also not competing is Olympic alternate Corrie Lothrop. Alaina Johnson is rumored to have given up the sport.

If you made a list and linked these girls into groups based on past success the following would be

The “A” Listers with a shot at the Gold medal

Bridget Sloan (best US gymnast in AA this year)
Jana Bieger (former World AA silver medalist)
Ivana Hong ( 4th at Nationals in 07)
Rebecca Bross (potential and 2007 U.S. junior champion)
I would add Olivia Courtney here also but we all know Marta will never let that happen

The B listers with a shot at an AA medal.

Olivia Courtney (US Classic Champion, Olympic Trials competitor)
Kaitlyn Clark (US classic medalist)
Cassandra Whitcomb (potential)
Mackenzie Caquatto (former Olympic Trials competitor currently competing injured)

The rest are…
Rheagan Courville
Kytra Hunter (vt and floor specialist)
Georgia Dabritz
Rebecca Clark
Kimberly Jacob
Annette Miele (trained by Natalia Yurchenko)
Morgan Steigerwalt (clean for a Parkette)
Brooke Parker
Kayla Williams (vt and floor specialist)

Now there are always some surprises in these events. If you watched Kristen Maloney in 1996 there is no way you would have pegged her as the bronze medalist at Nationals in 97. Let alone a future Olympian.

Jaycie Phelps was a horrible junior before she shined late in her senior career.

That is why we actually have a competition.

If I was a betting girl I would bet the house on Bridget Sloan. If she stands up all 4 events I don’t see her being beat by any gymnast doing AA at this event.

Until next time….


Kaitlyn Clark, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., Precision Gymnastics
Mattie Larson, Los Angeles, All-Olympia
Samantha Shapiro, Los Angeles, All-Olympia
Jana Bieger, Coconut Creek, Fla., Bieger International Gymnastics
Olivia Courtney, Orlando, Fla., Orlando Metro Gymnastics
Mackenzie Caquatto, Naperville, Ill., Naperville Gymnastics Club
Samantha Peszek, Indianapolis, Ind., Sharp’s Gymnastics
Bridget Sloan, Pittsboro, Ind., Sharp’s Gymnastics
Rheagan Courville, Baton Rouge, La., Elite Gymnastics
Kytra Hunter, Frederick, Md., Hill’s Gymnastics
Georgia Dabritz, Rowley, Mass., Ace Gymnastics Inc.
Rebecca Clark, Blue Springs, Mo., Great American Gymnastics Express
Kimberly Jacob, Raleigh, N.C., Superior Gymnastics
Cassandra Whitcomb, Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincinnati Gymnastics
Annette Miele, Easton, Pa., Parkettes National Gymnastics Center
Morgan Steigerwalt, Jim Thorpe, Pa., Parkettes National Gymnastics Center
Rebecca Bross, Plano, Texas, WOGA, senior
Ivana Hong, Lovejoy, Texas, WOGA, senior
Alaina Johnson, Tyler, Texas, Texas East Gymnastics
Nastia Liukin, Parker, Texas, WOGA, senior
Brooke Parker, Lorton, Va., Capital Gymnastics National Center
Kayla Williams, Nitro, W.V., Gym Nest Inc.
Chellsie Memmel, West Allis, Wis., M&M Gymnastics