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IG Forum bans God

October 25, 2010

Look there Sarah I capitalized God for YOU:)

God was banned from the IG message board and our buddy we haven’t seen in awhile Sarah has written a blog about it. Here is the link

I would so start a message board if I thought anyone would post at it. It would be just like GGMB before Abomb took over only without the swearing so kids could enjoy the board too. They could also learn what the world of gymnastics used to be like when free speech existed and you could think Nastia Liukin was a rude little twit without fear of Nastia fans crusifying you at the stake. Oh well maybe this board wouldn’t be for children:)

Aly Raisman was robbed. Event Finals

October 25, 2010

One of my fondest memories from last years worlds was Lauren Mitchell sitting, looking around just happy as a clam because she just competed two really amazing routines. This was even before she won silver medals on beam and floor so I just can’t complain about her winning the floor Gold medal. I am happy for her. She was a bit overscored due to the landings on her second and last pass but I just can’t bring myself to say she didn’t deserve the Gold medal. I could make a case against her but it was close.

Aliya has been amazing at this years worlds. Winning the AA and team Gold and medals on floor, bars and vault is an amazing accomplishemnt. I thought her floor routine was pretty good in the event finals minus the landing on one of her passes. Her double turn looked short but she still got credit for it.

That brings us to the bronze medal where I am calling BULLSHIT. I am sorry but there is no way in hell Aly Raisman didn’t deserve this medal. You could even make a case for Vanessa Ferrari ( a case against is her lower difficultyby 4 tenths) who nailed 3 of her 4 passes but it will be a cold day in hell you will ever be able to make a case for Diana Chelaru. I guess you could even make a case for both of Vanessa and Aly being on the podium since Aliya’s double turn wasn’t complete but Diana had a huge step on her triple twist and was sloppy overall. Aly’s only real mistake was a step on her double pike. This just isn’t fair. They will over score Rebecca Bross till the cows come home because of Valeri but when someone nails a routine like Aly did they screw her.

Congrats to Peggy Liddick for her second World Champion


1 508 MITCHELL Lauren AUS 5.900 8.933 14.833
2 690 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 5.800 8.966 14.766
2 679 CHELARU Diana Maria ROU 5.900 8.866 14.766
4 720 RAISMAN Alexandra USA 5.700 9.016 14.716
5 543 SUI Lu CHN 5.700 8.966 14.666
6 627 FERRARI Vanessa ITA 5.500 9.100 14.600
7 677 IZBASA Sandra Raluca ROU 5.900 8.883 0.8 13.983
8 689 AFANASYEVA Ksenia RUS 5.800 6.900 12.700


Beam Finals: What can you say. Ana Porgras hit a good routine with a few bobbles. Rebecca Bross had a few bobbles a small step on her dismount to take silver and Deng was way overscored on a routine full of huge bobbles to take Bronze. Alicia fell short on her 9th world medal finishing 5th due to her weak difficulty score.

1 678 PORGRAS Ana ROU 6.500 8.866 15.366
2 716 BROSS Rebecca USA 6.500 8.733 15.233
2 545 DENG Linlin CHN 6.600 8.633 15.233
4 508 MITCHELL Lauren AUS 6.600 8.600 15.200
5 721 SACRAMONE Alicia USA 6.100 8.966 15.066
6 751 DEMENTYEVA Anna RUS 6.200 7.766 13.966
7 690 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 5.900 7.866 13.766
8 710 DEMYANCHUK Yana UKR 6.200 7.533 13.733


The last man standing or should I say women standing was how the bars were won. Beth was first with her usual great routine. Aliya was second and had a good routine until her dismount and Rebecca Bross again benefitted from everyone falling to win the bronze medal. Bridget Sloan finished 4th. He was pretty upset crying after her routine was over. It’s a shame she fell. I think she will be better for it in the future. Everyone has to learn to lose sometime but she is still amazing.

1 586 TWEDDLE Elizabeth GBR 6.800 8.933 15.733
2 690 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 6.800 8.800 15.600
3 716 BROSS Rebecca USA 6.200 8.866 15.066
4 718 SLOAN Bridget USA 6.000 8.666 14.666
5 678 PORGRAS Ana ROU 6.200 8.400 14.600
6 544 HUANG Qiushuang CHN 7.000 7.400 14.400
7 542 HE Kexin CHN 6.300 7.666 13.966
8 593 SEITZ Elisabeth GER 4.200 6.266 10.466

Vault: Alicia hit her two vaults to finish 4th. Aliya had her Pod vault devalued after hitting an amazing Amanar to finish second and Jade Barbosa finished third. The rest of the results are below. Aliya protested her scores (well her coaches did) to no avail and poor Alicia had to sit there for a half an hour and wait. Come on judges get it right from the start.

1 721 SACRAMONE Alicia USA 1 6.300 9.100 15.400 15.200
2 5.800 9.200 15.000
2 690 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 1 6.500 9.233 15.733 15.066
2 5.700 8.800 0.1 14.400
3 529 FERNANDES BARBOSA J. BRA 1 5.800 9.133 14.933 14.799
2 5.600 9.066 14.666
4 702 KAESLIN Ariella SUI 1 6.300 8.866 15.166 14.783
2 5.800 8.700 0.1 14.400
5 691 NABIEVA Tatiana RUS 1 5.800 8.933 14.733 14.599
2 5.700 8.866 0.1 14.466
6 635 JO Hyunjoo KOR 1 5.600 8.700 14.300 14.483
2 5.800 8.866 14.666
7 679 CHELARU Diana Maria ROU 1 5.800 8.900 14.700 14.066
2 4.800 8.633 13.433
8 745 CAIRNS Imogen GBR 1 5.300 9.133 14.433 13.999
2 4.800 8.766 13.566

Extra tenth being a Liukin student. AA Opinion.

October 23, 2010

First congrats to my girll JYY for winning the silver AA medal. What a performance for her. Well deserved. Congrats also to Aliya for nailing her events again and taking the AA with a ridiculous score over 61 but as usual I have to talk about the freaking judges over scoring a Woga student instead of what went on in the AA.

Truth is I didn’t want Bross on the podium but I knew she would be there. Falling off beam and messing her dismount stll got her a score over 14 which is just plain ridiculous with her pitaful form and crappy execution. That being said this isn’t even my biggest complaint with her scores. Lets talk about floor. She added a few tenths on her D score but did her usual void of artistry floor routine and was rewarded the highest floor score of the AA, A 15. 2 something. Sorry not possible. Her floor scores went from low 14’s to 15 plus with nothing added in but a freaking dance element for an added two or so tenths. How is that possible? The next time some Nastia fanatic whines that she beat Shawn because she was so artistic even tries to defend the Rebecca Bross overscoring I am throwing a gymnastics code at them. Hypocrites. At least Nastia hit some pretty positions between her horrible overrated form. Rebecca doesn’t even have that going for her.

I should so be done with this sport. Nastia’s entire career benefitted by being Russian living under the United states flag and now Rebecca is getting that same benefit because of Valeri. Notice the judges didn’t give her that benefit on bars. It wasn’t until floor that the judges totally just ignored her issues because they knew Aliya had it in the bag.

Ten little Indians

October 22, 2010

exgymgurl got me thinking in the above link.

She made a comment on my blog about the other coaches talking Marta into using Mattie Larson in team finals.

See and now Marta has a reason to keep Mattie Larson off the 2012 team… Mission accomplished “other coaches” looking out for their gymnasts to be one of the six.

What a great conspiracy idea I should have thought of. What if all these coaches talking Marta into using Mattie for team finals did it because they new she would choke (Hell I knew she would choke. Didn’t you?) Whomever these “coaches” were they have now made sure Mattie Larson will never make another world or Olympic team. Mission accomplished. One down. So many to go…….

(Wink wink)

The real question is who is next:):):):)

Who wins the AA?

October 22, 2010

The men and women’s AA both happen tomorrow (10 am eastern time for the men and 1.30 for the women I think) and while I don’t do predicitions it is pretty safe to assume that if Aliya Mustafina doesn’t fall she wins this thing hands down. She probably has a one fall cushion over Rebecca Bross.

Others in the running are JYY, Aly Raisman, Lauren Mitchell from Austrailia, Ana Porgras from Romania and Qiushuang Huang, Tatiana Nabieva has an outside shot if everyone falls. Same with the other Romanian whoese name escapes me at the moment.

I would personally like to see Mustafina win not because I don’t see her bad form and horrible pre flight on her Amanar but because she has been a rock so far at Worlds. It would totally suck for anyone to own worlds and not come out on top in the big AA event.

Rebecca Bross has been great so far competing with an injury but I personally don’t want her to win another AA medal. Frankly her gymnasts makes me cry inside.

So If I could chose an AA I would like it would be as follows

1st Aliya Mustafina
2- JYY
3- Aly Raisman

but I really see Rebecca Bross taking second.

Sloans wants to to tell you all something: evil wink

October 17, 2010

Nah Bridget is to nice to say FU for thinking I should be replaced by Chelsea “Only on the team because Kim Zmeskal was coached by Marta ” Davis but I am not:)

Bridget Sloan hit both her events (had a little trouble on floor) but still would have out scored anything Davis put on the floor and Aly Raisman sits in third overall in the AA on day two of qualifications. I know Im know I should start with Mustafina owning the world and making all four events finals (something we never see anymore) or Bross over coming her injury to hit all four events but Bridget and Aly made all the haters shut the hell up and that is more newsworthy to me.

Ali hit an amazing beam with improved leaps. Bridget nailed bars for a 14.700 and I would love to show you the videos but usa-gymnastics took them down. They also forced others to take them down.

They really are stupid that organization.

Lets see Mattie tanked floor like I knew she would. Bross nailed beam. Macko actually stayed on beam. Alicia hit her vaults but was out scored by the messy Mustafina thanks to her amazing difficulty and that’sd about it American wise.

Results for event finals according to IG

VT EF (scores were already averaged):
1. Aliya Mustafina (Russia) – 15.283
2. Alicia Sacramone (USA) – 15.266
3-4. Jade Barbosa (Brazil) – 14.633
Ekaterina Kurbatova (Russia) – 14.633
5. Ariella Kaeslin (SUI) – 14.603
6. Jo Hyunjoo (KOR) – 14.250
7. Imogen Cairns (GBR) – 14.195
8. Diana Chelaru (Romania) – 14.016
Huang Qiushuang (China) – 14.016 – not qualified because of lower execution

1. He Kexin – 16.066
2. Huang Qiushuang – 15.666
3. Elizabeth Tweddle – 15.600
4. Aliya Mustafina – 15.300
5. Elisabeth Seitz – 14.966
6. Rebecca Bross – 14.933
7. Ana Porgras – 14.733
8. Bridget Sloan – 14.700
Tatiana Nabieva – 14.700 – not qualified because of lower execution

1-2. Ana Porgras – 15.266
Rebecca Bross – 15.266
3. Anna Dementieva – 15.133
4. Deng Linlin – 15.100
5. Lauren Mitchell – 14.966
6. Aliya Mustafina – 14.933
7. Alicia Sacramone – 14.866
8. Yana Demyanchuk – 14.533
9. Elisabetta Preziosa – 14.525 –
1. Aliya Mustafina – 14.833
2-3. Ksenia Afanasyeva – 14.766
Sandra Izbasa – 14.766
4. Sui Lu – 14.633
5-6. Lauren Mitchell – 14.466
Diana Chelaru – 14.466
7. Vanessa Ferrari – 14.458
8. Alexandra Raisman – 14.383

Still bitter after all these years

October 15, 2010

Will Dominique Moceanu ever grow up?

This was sent to me a few hours ago from someone who saw it on a World team members facebook. She is doing her usual ass kissng at worlds time ZzZzZzZzzzzzzzzz.

GET OVER IT. You didn’t deserve to go to Nationals.

Dominique Moceanu LOL…Stay healthy out there in Rotterdam. I know what can happen when Marta gets a hold of you guys…Chin up! You’re gonna do great!

Worlds Coverage

October 13, 2010

Seems like every time gymnastics is on TV my world gets hectic. Which leaves me little or no time for this blog.

Anywhoo USA-Gymnastics is covering some of Worlds at youtube which is amazing for them.

You can find that here

IG’s forum has semi stopped the bickering for a few minutes (except the Nastia fanatics have now turned into Bross fanatics)and someone there is covering Podium Training. You can find that here

I will be online Monday and Wednesday next week but honestly I don’t even know the schedule for this thing. I hope those are good days.

Here is a Bridget Interview where she seems like she is already making excuses for her podium mistakes. TECHINCALLY she is right this is podium training so mistakes should happen here but it almost seems like she is making it known to Marta she deserves the spot on this team right now and I personally agree with her. She deserves the right to defend her title. It’s prelims not finals.


Gabrille Dougles stolen from her gym

September 20, 2010

That’s right you heard it here second(I stole it from Aunt Joyce:) According to Aunt Joyce Gabrielle left her gym because Kelli Hill stole her away. No wonder Skating people hide their SP and LP’s. Kelli Hill is the scum of the earth and I told you before her nice act was just that, an act. If this actually happens we will see.

gabby douglas left excaliber and is looking for other gyms. Where do you think she will go…… or how many days will it be before she ends up being coached by Kellli Hill?

She will go to Kelli. I think they have to wait to announce things but Kelli was VERY interested in her at Nationals. My friend (a gymnast’s mom from region 7) was watching Kelli because she has a ton of respect for her. She noticed that Kelli was watching Gabrielle Douglas like a hawk. This is a smart move as Excalibur is good for getting someone an NCAA scholarship, but they have no clue about the form, technique and refinement it takes to make an Olympic Team. Gabrielle has similar physical attributes to a young Dominique Dawes. She is light, quick, dynamic, quick twitch muscle fibers, powerful and she has the added advantage of being stylish with good toe point. Kelli can’t give up the sport just yet and she has another two years in her.

The journey begins

September 16, 2010

Shawn Johnson has posted videos of her training on her website and I thought I would retrun the favor to and link his blog for once.

You can also find the direct link to Shawn’s website here

She looks in better shape them she has but she still has a long way to go. She has her double pike back on floor (with to much power) but the look on her face as she landed her full twist on a hard surfice says a lot.

I hope her coach has fixed the leap issues because that was pretty much Shawns one big problem as a gymnast. Her leap’s were horrible and not even close to the correct angle. I hope dancing with the stars helps her artistry which IMO was never as bad as the Nastia fanatics made it out to be but never as good as Shawns fan base insisted.