Abusive Daddy Liukin pushed his own daughter, Nastia? Drama


I wonder if she will sell out dear old dad? It sucks growing up in an abusive family but the best part of surviving something like that is remembering where you were and what you did the very first time you decided to stand up for yourself. It will be interesting to see if she says it never happened or uses it so people will stop calling her out for the way she still treats people. Then again, no one ever calls her out but me.

Valeri would not get away with this if hired by USAG. It was easy for him to hide it at his gym but there is no way this man should ever be hired if even half of this stuff is true. Wofford defending herself here is very impressive. Good for her. I wonder if her mother has learned about IP addresses yet:)

And the reason this is now an issue is rumor has it (Not my rumor. Someone else’s. Two someone else’s, actually) that they were considering hiring Valeri again as little as a month ago.

39 Responses to “Abusive Daddy Liukin pushed his own daughter, Nastia? Drama”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    I can’t say I am entirely surprised given the other accusations against him by other gymnast. It’s possible he was just as harsh if not even worse to her since not only did she train with him, but had to live with him as well. Maybe he made sure she was a Marta favorite and seemed to spoil her in order to cover up the truth. I don’t know if either of them will ever speak out about it though except maybe Valeri to deny it.

    • Emma Says:

      Valeri wanted success for his daughter. He went on vacations with Nelli Kim to assure them she would be favorably judged. So all his gymnasts would be favorably judged. He knew what he was doing. Marta knew too.

      He didn’t need to hide his abuse from Martha. She condoned that type of behavior. Nastia was a favorite of, USAG from the second she started competing. What you’re saying doesn’t even make sense (Sorry to sound rude,) but it just doesn’t.

      Nastia was allowed to skip camps to do personal appearances. She was put on World teams when she couldn’t walk just to do one event. She was given so much special treatment, as a gymnast, I am surprised it took until 2012 for Alicia to start being a bitch about it.

  2. Ota Says:

    If she ever says something, it would be probably something like ‘my dad pushed me to be the best I can be, to achive my dreams’. Nothing more. Then it’s reading between the lines… But peoplee can eat her alive for that. Oh, I already see Lynn Raisman making comments about that.

  3. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Minaeva’s gold floor at Doha:

  4. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Vlada’s floor at Doha (new elements for her, and she seems taller too):

  5. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Vlada’s beam at Doha:

  6. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Listy’s UB at Doha:

  7. lillybaker8 Says:


    Embarrassing behaviour from this gymnast

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Liberal crazy situation discussions belong anywhere but here. Russia says the Z is for victory. (Who speaks Russian?) The US media, who is always!!!! so honest and truth telling says it means they like war. I don’t know about you people but I lived through the real cold war. I feel like I am living through a fake media version of the 21st century.

      I have learned over the last few years that “judges control the Presidency” and socialism is the way to go (Woo! Go Democrats. #ElizabethWarrenIsANut / #MittRomneyIsACommunist/IAmMoreImporatntSoIcanRuinThePlanetAndTakePrivatePlanesToTalkAboutClimateChange ) and now, Russia wants to take over the world ? #Again?

      Boginskaya was told all the time that the Americans hated her and Russia and she said she was surprised when she was cheered when she came here.

      Anyone get where I am going with this?

      Probably not. Sarcasm is lost on the youth.

      By the way we don’t talk about covid anymore(#MaskVaccineMandatesAreGone) We don’t talk about Biden leaving billions of equipment in Afghanistan and abandoning Americans citizens in the process) and countless other fucked up things that have happened over the year (5 dollar a gallon gas anyone?) but hey, it’s time for a new “Cold war”

      And guess what else we don’t talk about now? Biden being in Ukraine’s pocket (Hunters laptop) but we do have a way to filter millions of dollars into a Country now without anyone checking on where the money is going. Kind of like that lady that ran Black Lives matters, spent millions on 5 mansions for her and her family, and then quit

      I hope I don’t get Julia Robert’ed after posting this. I think I might need Denzel Washington to help me out.

      Nope, not crazy. I have just learned over the last 5 years that if you don’t question a Government you truly deserve what you get.

      Now the real question we all need to know??? How do we find a way to blame this all on Trump?

      Carry on. 🙂

      • lillybaker8 Says:

        I don’t know much about what you’ve said or about US politics because I am not from the US. It was a bit insensitive for a Russian gymnast who is in the Russian army to wear the symbol of war whilst standing shoulder to shoulder with a gymnast who’s home is being bombed and has nowhere to go back to after that competition because of the invasion. You said the gymnasts were being unfairly punished by being removed from competition because they don’t play a role in the war, which I initially agreed with, but this act shows otherwise.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Just last year gym fans were trying to talk Simone Biles into kneeling on the podium. (Not directly per say but online) I liken what this guy did to that. It needs to stay out of sports and was actually against the rules at the Olympics. (Though I believe they changed it) but the same people who wanted Simone to kneel are the people are horrified by this kid wearing the letter. It’s the hypocrisy that makes me roll my eyes.

      • lillybaker8 Says:

        However, I do get your point that western media is obviously very biased against Russia and we can’t believe everything we hear in the news.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I was creatively making fun of some things the media did here in the US over the last few years but it was mostly me being, well it’s not really sarcasm. It’s kind of me mocking some things that went on but anyway, I don’t just think it’s the US being biased. Russia is being the same way back. (That is what I meant with Bogi who was told the US hated her but they didn’t)

        It’s almost like they are trying to create the cold war again.

        It’s just very interesting to me how something big always happens when the US media needs to hide something.

      • aarfverizonnet Says:

        Very well said

      • Gymnerd Says:

        GTT, I had no idea you were on “our” side. I couldn’t have written that any better myself. Thank you.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am totally on your side.

        I can’t believe people are actually mad that Russians (gymnasts) are defending their President. What do people expect? I am one of those people who researches the facts to death and gets every side. Some people blindly follow their government and believe what they are told. The people who are hating on Russian gymnasts are the same people who watch CNN and believe every word they tell them.

        Guess what people, you don’t get to be mad at the Russian gymnasts because they believe what they are being fed when you buy the same bull shit about Biden. Just look in the mirror. You will be staring back at yourselves.

        These comments have nothing to do with anyone specifically from this blog. This is a general statement of what I see on a daily basis.

        I am an independent. I think we should abolish republicans and Democrat and vote on the issues.

  8. HartofDixie Says:

    Nastia will not go against her dad.

  9. david0688 Says:

    Dang. Will Nastia testify against her dad or speak in his defense or remain silent? Time will tell. In other news, it seems that Suni’s not talking to her family except her sis. I wonder if there’s a rift between Suni and her family.

    • lillybaker8 Says:

      Yes I saw this! Poor girl. There seems to be some suggestion it might be because they were not supportive of her boyfriend (she has now deleted the picture of them together). I am glad she seems to be enjoying her time at auburn at least.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      There might be a reason Suni’s family doesn’t like this kid. Remember, there is two sides to every story. (Actually 3:)

      • david0688 Says:

        I wonder what that is other than his race.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I never said there was other things. I said there are two sides to every story. Also people need to stop assuming it’s about race. There are multiple reasons parents don’t like their daughters boyfriends and people shouldn’t be pulling out of their ass’s that they are racist.

      • david0688 Says:

        Not saying they are. True, we don’t know the reason why she’s not speaking to her family but it’s thing in the long list of things she’s experiencing since she won AA.

      • Gymnerd Says:

        Yep! We’re really on the same page tonight.

      • imperatorcarolus Says:

        I don’t know a thing about what is going on with Suni, but I have to agree with GTT here. There are way too many reasons to dislike members of your political family (someone that other person you love have the right to choose, but that you have to endure for the rest of your life without having any say in the matter, which is truly awful sometimes), so unless someone has said something that indicates that it was explicitly because of his race, there are no way we can know that is the reason. For example, I had very, very good reasons to dislike my ex-brother in law and we were of the same race and social status and mostly age (I was three years younger than him). Current brother in law is perfectly fine. Ex-brother in law was, simply, an stupid jackass.

      • Aki Says:

        Didn’t Suni say herself that they didn’t like him for his race?


        I know it’s teen vogue. It could be stretched a bit. I know she didn’t say “her family” but I think she hinted at that when she said Hmong Community was supportive when it benefited them. Not calling them out directly to save them from public harassment. Just a theory.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Hmong Community doesn’t automatically mean her family. That’s a stretch. I honestly don’t care either way. It’s none of my business.

      • imperatorcarolus Says:

        I just read it, and I think she only talks about hate “in general”, especially on social media. It could be true what you say, that she doesn’t mention family to save face, but I do think we lack of information and families are tremendously complicated. It can be for something else.

  10. Aki Says:

    I don’t think Nastia will ever comment. If I’m wrong she certainly won’t sell out her dad. It doesn’t make sense. I know social media hides a lot what goes on behind closed doors but, it does seems she genuinely has a good relationship with both parents. She grew up and was bread in this type of environment. She was homeschooled so her not realizing this is abuse wouldn’t surprise me. It’s probably her mindset which is why she is a mean girl. The Russians have never been known for being soft kind hearted. She won’t sell out daddy. She probably will take over WOGA once he retires and she can bank off that without having to work.

  11. Aki Says:

    Sorry to comment 2x but didn’t Nastia kind of already make a statement (in defense of her dad) when Mattie Larson accused Valeri of this in 2018ish?!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      This id different. She was named as being abused.

      • Aki Says:

        That’s true I didn’t think that. I feel in these situations it’s always going to be the argument of:
        “You’re abusive”
        “You aren’t strong enough”

  12. imperatorcarolus Says:

  13. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Giorgia Villa UB:

  14. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Becky Downie’s new floor:

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