Alysa Liu is your, 2019, US National Figure Skating Champion

Watch before they take it down.

SP Detailed Results
LP Detailed Results

( NO WAY so called legit judges could see a triple axel so differently. GOE’s from plus 1 to plus 4. These judges weren’t even trying to be legit)

Yes she’s adorable. Yes she can do the “Triple Axel” Yes, she is your 2019 National Champion, cute as a button and to boot, a Michelle Kwan fan but she’s also too young to compete at Worlds. That’s Junior worlds too. She also cheated a couple of jumps but you know the judges, they love their , “Baby Ballerina’s” so they chose to ignore the under-rotations.

I will give the judges some credit here because they were willing to give the title to Mariah but she fell and that fall literally cost her the title.

Rocker Skating has the top skaters LP but they won’t be up for log so go watch now. I look forward to seeing Alysa in 3 years when she can compete as a senior.

This is a great resource for who won what. Bradie won skating Skills. Alysa was 6th. In fact, Alysa was only top 4 in one catagory, transitions. Interesting thing is ting Cui was 3rd in everything.

( go to Rockers twitter for press conference tweets but do it quickly or he will move on to the men’s and you will have to search)

Alysa quotes:

” Liu: When my score came up, I still thought it wasn’t over because there was one more skater. I was just very happy with my score and that I did a clean long program. ”

” Liu: I did want to win, and so did everyone else at this competition. I don’t really listen to the media when I focus on the competition. I just wanted to do my best after I got here.”

1. Alysa Liu – 217.51 (143.62)
2. Bradie Tennell – 213.59 (68.61, 69.38, -1.00, 136.99)
3. Mariah Bell – 212.40 (73.11, 69.99, -1.00, 142.10)
4. Hanna Harrell – 203.11 (75.71, 59.24, 134.94)
5. Ting Cui – 194.30 (77.11, 62.55, 139.66)
6. Megan Wessenberg – 182.55 (122.18)
7. Amber Glenn – 180.73 (51.92, 59.95, 110.87)
8. Starr Andrews – 175.70 (60.30, 56.74, 117.04)
9. Emmy Ma – 174.82 (52.59, 58.10, 109.69)
10. Akari Nakahara – 166.76 (109.04)
11. Brynne McIsaac – 157.34 (47.98, 53.90, 100.88)
12. Sierra Venetta – 152.93 (53.60, 51.56, 105.16)
13. Rena Ikenishi – 152.70 (52.95, 48.74, 101.69)
14. Heidi Munger – 151.85 (52.35, 48.13, 99.48)
15. Hannah Miller – 148.38 (43.88, 51.75, 95.63)
16. Courtney Hicks – 145.95 (44.13, 49.78, 92.91)
17. Julia Biechler – 133.88 (36.98, 49.92, -4.00, 82.90)

Now I am going to do what I always do after watching a Nationals. Go watch the Kween to remember when I loved skating. Tho this Nationals was better than past ones. Alysa is beautiful to watch. I think Ting was my favorite. Mariah has improved soo much.

15 Responses to “Alysa Liu is your, 2019, US National Figure Skating Champion”

  1. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    Javi won the Europeans! I am too happy about it to be mad. And my mom is going to buy me tickets to see him in Madrid when I come back, as he is going to do a before-retairing-for-good tour in Spain after Worlds. If there is new that some cuckoo girl got detained by the police for trying to get near him, that will probably be me.

  2. Cupquaked Says:

    I know next to nothing about figure skating. Is anyone allowed to compete at Nationals? Why isn’t there an age requirement like in gymnastics?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I know in the past you could take the test to be a senior because that is what Kwan did but I have no clue now. I’m guessing it’s the same…….

    • HartofDixie Says:

      I think they allow you to compete as a senior Nationally but she isn’t old enough for juniors. At least Tara is no longer the youngest!

  3. Rocío Martínez López Says:

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    Nathan Chen just got higher component scores then Jason Brown and that ends my watching Nationals. Skating never changes.

  5. Rocío Martínez López Says:

  6. Gymbot Says:

    Saw online Krystal Uzelac had a problem with her beam, she missed her qualifying scores. Don’t know anything omg more, wondering if anyone here heard how it went.

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