It’s a Wonderful Life: Simone Biles. Part 3 : The Olympic Year

(Part 1) ( Part 2)

Simone didn’t compete at Jesolo or the American Cup. She won the 2016 Pan Am‘s but was taken out of the Event Finals. ( Without Simone, Aly wins, Laurie Hernandez is second and Brenna Dowell moves into 3rd) Simone only competed, bars and beam at Classics placing 5th and 1st ( Without her competing, Alyssa Baumann takes first, Aly Second and Ashton Locklear into 3rd  (beam)

2016 US Nationals: Let the Marta Games begin

Simone wins Nationals by almost 4 points. It’s pretty boring in general and more remembered for who didn’t compete or show up then who did. Ragan Smith fell apart and finished 8th. Maggie Nichols was injured and only competed bars and beam. Nia Dennis only did bars. Madison Kocian had her DTY back and was told not to compete it or she would have placed 4th. Bailie Key was out with injury. Mad props to my girl , Amelia Hundley for going 8 for 8 and finishing 6th.

***** Without Simone the only option for a Vault/Floor specialist was once again Mykayla Skinner. I still feel like Mykayla Skinner would have been less nit-picked if she was the only option for a Vault medal.

All Around: Simone Biles.. Aly Raisman 2nd- Laurie Hernandez 3rd- Gabby Douglas

Vault: 1st: Simone Biles Mykayla Skinner

Bars: ( No change) Simone finished 4th behind, Ashton, Madison and Laurie. Gabby finished 5th . Rachel Gowey would have moved up to 4th…

Beam: 1st- Simone Biles Aly Raisman 2nd- Laurie Hernandez 3rd- Alyssa Baumann

Floor- 1st- Simone Biles Aly Raisman 2nd- Laurie Hernandez and Mykayla Skinner

****** Aly would have been all Around, beam and Floor National Champion.

The 2016 Olympic Trials: The injured make comebacks…

In the past hitting when it matters has always been huge in Marta’s eyes that’s what makes watching this meet so frustrating. Everyone did their job. Everyone showed up especially on day 2 when the pressure was the hardest. Well almost everyone. I tried not to make the 2015 Worlds all about Gabby but that’s what it turned into and I don’t want to start this 2016 blog the same way so I’m just gonna say no matter what Gabby did at this competition there was no way she wasn’t making this team unless she fell off bars, twice. In 2016, she won Jesolo. She won the American Cup. In the end it doesn’t matter if Marta perfectly planned her “year 2016” keeping her away from Simone Biles and forcing Maggie not to do her Amanar at the Scam Cup. It is what it is….

Without Simone, Laurie Hernandez wins the 2016 Olympics Trials. She had some scores the announcers were concerned about and probably would have been a lot higher if she and Aly were the two fighting for best gymnast in 2016..

2016 Olympic Trials :

1st- Simone Biles Laurie Hernandez 2nd- Aly Raisman 3rd- Mykayla Skinner- 4th- Ragan Smith 5th- Maggie Nichols 6th- Gabby Douglas 7th- Madison Kocian 8th- Amelia Hundley

2016 Olympic Games:

Qualifications: (Scroll down)

Vault, Simone would have been replaced with, Brittany Rogers… On bars, no change. Simone qualified 14th with the best routine I have ever seen her do. She was lowballed here then overscored from here on out oh, and, FAN YILIN WAS ROBBED…. On beam, Simone would be replaced by, Gabby or Aly. Both had the same start value and same deductions. I always thought execution was the deciding factor back in the day so I’m not sure who would have replaced, Simone and on Floor, Simone would have been replaced with, Laurie Hernandez. It should also be noted without Simone, IMO, Mykayla Skinner would have been on this team and would have made finals on this event. Same with Vault.

The All Around: ” We all have to deal with disappointment”

1st- Simone Biles Aly Raisman 2nd- Aliya Mustafina 3rd- Shang Chunsong

******* Laurie Hernandez or Gabby could have made the medals without Simone existing.

Aly would have qualified first into the AA with Gabby in second BUT without Simone, Laurie Hernandez would be competing in this AA and easily would have beaten, Gabby to be the second All Around gymnast. All she needed was a , 14,756. Aly received a , 14.733 ( I rest my case) Also remember, someone like Skinner or Smith also could have competed. OR even Ashton who would have kicked Gabby out of the bar final….

2016 Olympic Games : Event Finals

Vault : 1st- Simone Biles Maria Paeska 2nd- Giulia Steingruber 3rd- Dipa Karmakar

**** Hong never would have tried the triple Amanar and could have won the Gold medal.

Uneven Bars: No change

Beam: 1st- Sanne Weevers 2nd- Laurie Hernandez 3rd- Simone Biles Marine Boyer

Floor: 1st- Simone Biles Aly Raisman 2nd- Amy Tinkler 3rd- Vanessa Ferrari

*** Laurie Hernandez would have placed second.


It’s hard to say who would have replaced Simone Biles on this team. She was the best chance at a Vault medal.She was an All Arounder even if everyone kept calling her bars her weakest event. She could have won beam and floor. Fact is, NO ONE could have replaced her but someone had too.

Of the alternates we have Mykayla Skinner and Ragan Smith who are both AA gymnasts. Then we have Ashton Locklear. Simone wasn’t known for bars but she was certainly a back up if needed but I don’t see Marta replacing her existence with someone who only existed for one event. So I crossed her out. We should also maybe add Maggie Nichols back into the mix. She decided not to go to camp and play Marta’s games but I think she would have if Simone didn’t exist. I also think the terrible trio wouldn’t have downplayed every single performance she had at Trials if Simone did not exist. Guess we will never know:)

Overall: I am SO glad Simone existed in 2016. With Gabby as the ” World Champion” from Worlds the year before, God only knows what would have happened with the media train coming at the preschool Queen…

2017: Simone didn’t exist. Not in Gymnastics, anyway….

2018 Haters gonna hate

This year will easily be remembered for the twitter/ fake instagram ” Finstagram” fight between Simone and Morgan. though I personally am gonna remember it for Simone falling twice at Worlds and still winning by nearly 2 points. ( Rumor has it that the powers that be want to fix it so that this never happens again and IMO, That would be 2 points for any fall. Hell make it 3. )

Simone won the GK, US Classic with Riley in second, Morgan Hurd in third and Shilese Jones in 4th…. There was no Jesolo and Simone didn’t compete in the American Cup or pac Rim Championships….

At Nationals Simone won every event.. This is what it would have looked like if she never existed… ( P.S.- Am I the only one who feels like the US gymn heads want to erase every single US record from the record books and replace them with Simone’s name?…..)

All Around: 1- Simone Biles Morgan Hurd 2nd- Riley McCusker 3rd- Grace McCallum

Event Finals:

Vault: 1st- Simone Biles Jordan Chiles 2nd Jade Crey

Bars: 1st- Simone Biles – Riley McCusker 2nd- Morgan Hurd 3- Trinity Thomas

Beam: 1st- Simone Biles Kara Eaker 2nd- Riley McCusker 3rd- Morgan Hurd

Floor: 1st- Simone Biles Jade Carey 2nd- Morgan Hurd 3rd- Grace McCallum

2018 World Championships: Falling for medals

World Selection Camp Results : 1st: Simone Biles RileyMcCusker 2nd- McCallum 3rd-Hurd 4th- Ragan Smith 5th- Kara Eaker

The team was named, Biles, Hurd, McCallum, McCusker, Kara Eaker and Ragan Smith. The alternate would be chosen at worlds. Ragan Smith was eventually named the alternate.

***** Without Simones Biles on this team Ragan Smith would have competed. No mention of who the non traveling alternate was…

Qualifications: Kidney Stones, nervous Riley….

The line ups were set, with Simone and Morgan making the AA after a nervous Riley had multiple mistakes…

****** Ragan Smith or Grace McCallum would have been doing AA without Simone existing. With McCallum being so consistent I could see them using her for AA and Ragan for vault, bars and floor or just using Ragan and keeping McCallum off beam for Eaker… it’s hard to say with them all being a bit inconsistent at times…

******* With Ragan allowed to compete we never know what she would have pulled out. I could see her making floor and beam finals or falling all over the place…

It was a strange year but Simone won her 4th AA title.. Khorkina still calling her that American gymnast after beating her record for World Titles was amusing enough to be happy that Simone, the gymnast , still exists 🙂

All Around: 1st Simone Biles Mai Murakami 2nd- Morgan Hurd 3rd- Nina Derwael 4th- Angelina Melnikova

**** I was surprised they didn’t give Morgan the floor score she needed for second and without Simone existing I think they probably would have moved her into first. I would have been pissed as hell too because if anyone deserved to win that All Around gold medal it was the 4 performances put up by Mai Murakami in this AA…

Event Finals:

******* Without Simone, McCallum was second reserve in vault finals with Liliia Akhaimova ahead of her…. On bars, Tingting Liu takes her place with Riley’s mistakes putting her in 13th ( she would have moved up to 3rd alternate)… On beam, Marine Boyer would have replaced her with Morgan and Hua-Tien Ting tied for second reserve and on Floor she would have been replaced by Tisha Volleman. Riley was 14th but would have been third reserve without Simone….

Vault: 1st- Simone Biles Shallan Olsen 2nd- Alexa Moreno 3rd- Oksana Chusovitina 4th- Seojeong Yeo

Bars : 1st- Nina Derwael 2nd- Simone Biles Elizabeth Sietz 3rd- Huan Luo 4th- Mustafina 5th- Hurd

Beam: 1st- Tingting Liu 2nd- Anne-Marie Padurariu 3rd- Simone Biles Nina Derwael

Floor: 1st- Simone Biles Morgan Hurd 2nd- Mai Murakami 3rd- Angelina Melnikova 4th- Flavia Saraiva

So overall…… The best part of 2018 was the fight between Morgan and Simone. It spiced up what was sure to be the most boring year in Gymnastics history with Simone coming back to win all the medals… I personally would love to have seen the , World All Around Champion title attached to Mai Murakami’s shoulders which “would” have happened if Simone never existed. It’s kind of ironic we might have had the same debate about winning with falls even if Simone didn’t exist. I personally feel like these judges would have given the World title to Morgan even with a fall if Simone never existed.

32 Responses to “It’s a Wonderful Life: Simone Biles. Part 3 : The Olympic Year”

  1. gymtruthteller Says:

    John Coughlin killed himself after being suspended from Skating by safe sport.

    It’s highly suspicious he would kill himself a few days after being suspended. Hope the entire story comes out before the world convicts him for a crime he may not have been guilty of.

    • HartofDixie Says:

      A sad day. I hope this gets cleared up and if USFS will say anything during Nationals. Twitter has been brutal with people blaming Christine Brennan.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Why is Brennan being blamed? I am not a big fan of hers since the two of them ganged up on a teenage Michelle Kwan at a press conference because they thought the results should be different

      • HartofDixie Says:

        No one really knew John was on the Safe Sport list until Christine wrote the first article a couple of weeks ago. She wrote a story on Thursday once he moved up to suspension and couldn’t work at Nationals.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    Khorkina turned 40. I’m officially old.

    Her arrogance is amusing.

    • Cupquaked Says:

      Still expecting her to make a comeback so she can try to beat Simone’s world medal count. Lol

    • Gymbee Says:

      In that Buzzfeed article about Trump that has been discredited, they mention “Ivanka Trump was slated to manage a spa at the tower and personally recommended an architect. She also instructed Cohen to speak with a Russian athlete who offered “synergy on a government level” to get the Moscow project off the ground”

      Immediately made me think of Khorkina or Kabaeva haha. Don’t know if it’s them but they’re both in politics right?

  3. Cupquaked Says:

    An awesome set of posts, GTT. I really appreciate the detail and thorough analyzation you put into it.

    I think, had Simone not existed, Jordyn Wieber would have tried for a comeback. She was training major upgrades all the way up until 2015, when she retired.

    Had Simone not existed, competition wold have been so much closer/uncertain and I think Jordyn would have fit in with the top girls in 15/16 had she kept training. Which honestly would have made for much better media in 2016 with her v Gabby, rather than Gabby v Simone which was just a made up rivalry.

    But maybe I’m just dreaming. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      thank you for noticing the work. These blogs took me weeks. It’s crazy how much time this took. The sport as a whole would have been a lot more fun without Simone but she brought a lot to the sport too. I don’t know I am torn on if she was good for the sport or not.

      • Gymbot Says:

        I think she was good for the sport overall. Gymnasts have been upping their programs to stay in the mix, especially American gymnasts, because instead of three or four girls aiming for 2 AA spots, they were aiming for only AA spot left. Aly Raisman was better because of Simone and Maggie Nichols made steady improvements (better bars, top difficulty floor and an amanar). Even Skinner worked to get the Amanar. Without Biles, she had no domestic competition and probably would have just done her cheng and DTY

  4. Gymbot Says:

    Regarding Gabby or Aly for beam finals, it might actually be both.

    You’re right: Art In the technical regulations says that a tie is broken first be E score and then by D score. This rule was applied to MyKayla Maroney for floor finals in 2013, where Kyla Ross got the slot to compete.

    The technical committee says nothing about needing to break ties to enforce the two per country rule. You found a major glitch in the matrix and you should get Nellie Kim on the phone, right away.

  5. gymtruthteller Says:

    Simone is going to the Stuttgart World Cup.

    • JAS4 Says:

      I am kind of surprised to see her going. I wonder if she is testing some new upgrades or getting her consistency back after world’s. Or she may be working on getting her upgrades from last year like her vault consistent and cleaning up her bars.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She’s doing some show around the same time so maybe she figured she would compete while she’s there.

      • JAS4 Says:

        It’s probably a good chance to earn some extra cash as well although she probably has plenty of that but it may be good for her publicity.

    • Gymbee Says:

      So how does that work re qualifying – can she win a non-nominative spot for USA?

  6. gymtruthteller Says:

    I just realized why this blog is so quiet lately. Where is Rocio reporting the gym news? Guess he found a new place to play.

    • Cupquaked Says:

      Wait, I thought Rocio was a girl? We all kind of freaked out when we found out. 😂😅🤷🏼‍♀️

      So many people are missing. I wonder if it was just the craziness of the holiday season or that there’s just not a lot of gym news lately.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Yes haha, Rocio is a girl! It blew my mind as well lol!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Rocio is a girl. I miss-typed. She’s still missing. Maybe she has quit the blog. It happens. We are the rebel blog and other bloggers hate us ( me really) especially if they want to be friends with the gymnast plus I used to call people out when they were hypocrites. You don’t gain friends that

    • Rocío Martínez López Says:

      Ey, guys! Thank you for the concern! I am not gone, just a crazy couple of weeks. I finally submitted my Ph. D. and I am free, again! I didn’t have a lot to post. It is Katelyn Ohashi everywhere, but I read your posts religiously. But I have something for you today! Roxana Popa announced her comeback in the Spanish Liga Iberdrola next month! Let’s hope she remains healthy for a bit.

      Also, Melna is being coached on floor by Afanasyeva. They seem to have a very good relationship. Seda post some of her training too, but she is still in gymsberia.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I am glad Roxana is coming back! It seems like she has been out forever!

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        A lot of time, yes. I am not sure I am glad she is back, mostly because there had been several interviews with her in sport newspapers in Spain and she is always saying that she is in a lot of pain, but trying to push forward to come back. I really feel sorry for the kid. If she was my daughter, I am sure I would try for her to drop it. I wouldn’t want for my kid to life so many years in pain, especially to compete for a weak federation that won’t give her any chances to get a medal and that can’t assure her future even if she is successful.

  7. Danielle Says:

    Thank you for this blog post and the time put into it! I’m torn between being happy Simone is back and bored over it, especially during competitions like the 2018 world aa.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Thank you for the thank you:)

      Simone really is amazing even if she isn’t my type of gymnast. The gym world is better off with her ,in theory . The sport itself is boring knowing her falling twice means she still wins. I just hope they make the deduction for falling bigger than a point so it makes it competitive again. I also think the deduction for bouncing 3 feet out of your tumbling passes needed a bigger deduction. End the stupid bonus for connecting anything but another skill out of a tumbling pass and make sticks count. Simone’s tumbling is other-wordly but if she’s allowed to fly out of her passes and only gets 3 tenths it limits what the judges can deduct because lets face it with her power her tumbling is the most impressive thing about her.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I was on Twitter and I saw that apparently Ashton did an interview saying that she plans on competing floor when she comes back.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        she will be injured by august

      • JAS4 Says:

        I wonder if she will try to do one of the floor routines with only two (maybe 3) passes and fill the rest with dance.

      • HartofDixie Says:

        Is Ashton planning to have a vault to contend for an AA team spot next year?

      • Danielle Says:

        I agree GTT. I’m always so impressed by Simone’s tumbling, but it’s a weird feeling seeing her win by such an insane margin with her usual landings. That plus the peppy cheerleading music just doesn’t make for the best viewing experience. It’s hard not to let my personal style preference keep me from appreciating her insane talent.

        And honestly, I can’t see Ashton ever being relevant again. At her peak her bars were behind many other top bar workers, and the field is so deep lately. Her body almost looks too fragile to compete beam, much less floor.

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