Bitter Paul Ziert . “New Rhonda Faehn named tomorrow” UPDATED: Tom Forster

My only memory of Tom is yelling at one of his gymnasts in 1996 and whining about Miller and Moceanu being named to the team without competing.

96 American cup fluff piece

Would be nice if the man is given a fair chance at this job instead of all the bitter hate we will hear from now on in.

96 fluff piece

Well that contradicts my above post.:) Don’t worry the ass kissing has already began. All the coaches love the selection. So do the ex gymnasts who coach and why not, you want your kid on the team…

Who thinks the alleged team will be decided by the results will actually happen now that we have the 4 team members? What if that means we have 4 vaulters that are really bad at UB?

The Kerri quote lol…

I can’t find the Doni Thompson video where Forster said something to her ( I think it was her)

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.03.38 PM

This guy really needs to get over 1996. I would hope Shannon Miller would be smart enough to stay away from this job. Not surprised the others want it.

Thanks to Gigi for this info…

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I always suspected Ziert hated Nunno and Miller and now we have some proof. This guy is one bitter piece of shit.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.12.56 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.13.16 PM

Moceanu’s husband liked the comment making fun of Miller and Nunno. We all know his dumbass wife wants this job.

In that same comment section someone said Mihai’s time in Australia is up but I don’t know how true that is.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.22.24 PM

According to Mary Lee Tracy the position being named tomorrow is for Likun’s position not Rhonda’s which means Ziert should just shut up and let the adults talk.. He’s too bitter to get a say.

Someone did Peggy Liddick wrong?


Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.25.43 PM

I love you Gigi 🙂

The new committee as of June 21st.

Chow officially named head of Chinese team

55 Responses to “Bitter Paul Ziert . “New Rhonda Faehn named tomorrow” UPDATED: Tom Forster”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    What did Rhonda do again for usag?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Funny you should ask because I got some more screen caps to add from Gigi:)

      Rhonda was in charge of the program.
      Liukin and Marta ran the gymnastics decision making,

      • Gymbot Says:

        Rhonda ran the camps? Or ran them while Valeri and Kayroli watched?

        I went through some of your baked hyperlinks and got lost in USAG flow charts for selection process of these boards. Where did they al come from? Who vetted them and voted to put them in a job?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Liukin ran the camps. Rhonda was in charge of running Marta yet she had no control on picking the teams. She is like the brains behind the scenes. She does go to camps though

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You got lost in the flow charts because you were meant to get lost in them. USAG thinks if they confuse people they won’t know when people are being screwed.

        I also got some screen caps from someone else that says the new board was picked by the old board, secretly. These screen caps are from someone who used to run USAG but I didn’t post them because I wasn’t sure what they really meant.

      • Gymbot Says:

        I don’t even know why my phone add baked. And al is all

  2. gymnerd Says:

    Getting out the popcorn. This is gonna be good. (And I want to add Paul Z. on Facebook. He seems very entertaining.)

  3. HartofDixie Says:

    Isn’t Mihai in Australia? Why is Teton one of the names rumored to be in the running? I have a feeling it will be Kelli Hill.

  4. Lucia Says:

    This list was pulled out of Paul Ziert’s , Derriere . Kelli Hill was asked to step down from the board. If she is chosen for this position it would be a bad decision.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Hill is a fraud. People think because Dawes liked her that she was some amazing coach but fact is she pretty much treated everyone that wasn’t an elite like they didn’t exist. Her gymnasts all choked when it mattered.

  5. HartofDixie Says:

    What happened to Colorado Aerials after 1996? I remembered he had a few of his gymnasts on the 95 World team and him being angry that Kerri went back to Bela. Is he really our best option?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I think they had to get away from people who were involved before the proverbial, you know what hit the fan. From what I have been told by those who are facebook friendly, people seem okay with this pick yet I have to wonder how much of the support is because he’s now in charge or because these people have gymnasts in the running for teams.

      I also got an e-mail from someone who said Kelly Garrison Steves ( that was her gym name I think she divorced that guy and now has a new last name like Funderspunk(sp) has been bad mouthing the athletes rep left and right. No names were used but it was implied something about her being a tattle tale. I never thought it was a good idea for the athletes rep to have a say in picking the team anyway. That never made sense.

      • Ss Says:

        She made a comment on fb about possibly writing a book about the horrors of the ‘88 Olympics. Other teammates implied she was the most aware of everything going on since she was an actual adult…that would definitely be an interesting read.

      • HartofDixie Says:

        I would love for her to write a book. The 85-88 group was an interesting time for USA in that they thought they would go to Seoul and become famous like Mary Lou. Everyone forgets the main reason we all those medals was due to the boycott. I read Jennifer Sey’s book and I wonder how Parkettes is still open.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        What did she say?

      • HartofDixie Says:

        I can’t remember the specifics of Sey’s book but the Parkettes had their own doctor who allowed them to return to training after a week or two, I think they were weighed once or twice a day, she lived with a family and the mother was bulimic? Lots of mind games – one example was getting a couple of the girls to lose weight before the 85 Worlds or they would be kicked off the team.

      • Says:

        There is a lot of 88 drama in LGIPB

    • Says:

      they had one more nat team member in 2001. then It was mostly high level 10,s. He hasd been real big doing camps /lecturs on bars. Most gyms have at lease 1 Forster bar.

  6. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Russian Cup AA final results: 1.-Melnikova, 2.-Iliankova, 3.-Komova (overscored as hell). 4.-Simakova. 5.-NABIEVA. 6.-Elizarova. The stream only showed the top 7, so I didn’t get to see how Spiri or Akhaimova did. The stars of the show were Nabieva and Melnikova’s newfound consistency, as she hit everything in both competitions after hitting mostly everything in the Russian championships as well. Her newfound security is great and I hope she can mantain it in international competitions. I am only worried about her health, as both her knees were heavily tapped in floor, so I hope an injury don’t stop her. And Nabieva ended up in fifth and should have ended up even higher, when Komova had problems in bars (no inbars for her, but her great form is back), had a lot of wobbles and a fall on beam and had a fall in floor, too. But this place should allow her to at least enter in the national team, if Valentina knows what is good for her team. The top 7 had a lot of falls in Day 2, the one I was allowed to see and leaves a lot of doubts. For example, in beam, in her subdivision, only Melna (out of their top seven girls) didn’t have any falls, so I can see Valentina trembling from here.

    Melnikova has her spot for sure and the rest are up for grabs. I would take to the Europeans Melna, Iliankova and Sikamova to fight for the AA and Nabs and Elizarova as specialists (I am not sure if they can take four or five, so I will put five). I would leave Komova at home, but I am sure that if she is somewhat healthy they are going to take her for sure. She seems very fragile, she doesn’t have her full difficulty back and she seems to take her time to master completely her new routines. She had several falls on beam in both days, falls on floor and doesn’t have her inbars. Also, she had to use an extra mat on floor in one of her diagonals and I have read she had a neumonia recently and don’t have her stamina back. She shows promise, as her floor looks really good and her form on beam and specially bars is great, but I think she needs some extra time. I would give her some more time and leave her at home for the Europeans and see how she is for Worlds.

    Regarding Nabieva and Elizarova or Akhaimova (whoever had the highest floor score, because I only got that information from the cyrilic final score and I am not sure who has the highest score), I would just take them because they bring power to events in which Russia is severely lacking. As a team, Russia would benefit from a good vaulter (Nabieva ended up the highest in vault and has two for a possible vault final) and desperately need a good floor worker that inflate their score there, as their top gymnasts doesn’t usually reach 13.000. Elizarova or Akhiamova are not a super powerful floor workers, but out of their AAers, are the best they have. Russia doesn’t need another specialist in UB; they already have them in their AAers. They need to up their game in vault and floor, so they need to see who are better there. In any case, I will wait for this weekend’s event finals, but I would take the aforementioned three, plus Nabieva for vault (and knowing she could do a good work in any apparatus in case someone gets injuried, something you should always keep in mind with Russia) and their best floor worker.

    With Paseka, Eremina and Aliya out of contention for Europeans (and probably for Worlds, too) this is one of the best opportunities this girls have to make it to the big international competition. But I suspect Valentina will take Komova at whatever form she can get her and she doesnt’ particularly likes Nabieva, who has been in gymsberia for a long time, so I won’t get my hopes up. But it would great to see Nabs at an Europeans after so long.

    I would try to get some videos.

    Sorry for the rant. GTT, feel free to tell me to shut the F up. I tend to talk a lot and my writing in no better in that sense.

    • Danielle Says:

      Apparently Melnikova was originally only planning on doing bars because of her knee issues but decided to to aa once she got there. And Komova recently had bronchitis or pneumonia or something which is why she had no stamina on floor. I’m super impressed with Nabs and really hope she makes some teams in the future. She’s always been a secret favorite of mine!

      • Danielle Says:

        Just got around to watching some more videos – stuck dty from Komova!

      • imperatorcarolus Says:

        Yes, I read that too, but she apparently decided she could do everything. And she did really good, no major mistakes for her and I think she did full difficulty or near it. I hear that Komova was very sick and she did good for the time she has been out of the competition, her injuries and the difficulty she wants to pack her exercises with. But she still seems to be struggling with a lot of her exercises and seems really fragile. Maybe with some extra time, she could be better prepared for future competitions, but Valentina has never be one to let the gymnasts rest, so…

        Nabs has a great deal of fans. I love her too. She seems to be very active in social media, too and posts a lot of videos. Those who can understand russian says she is very funny and fiery. A lot of people wants her on at least the national team, so she can be sent to major meetings, even if they are not Europeans or Worlds. I do think, like them, that she deserves it with her being top five and leading vault final.

      • Cupquaked Says:

        Honestly, I think people are bypassing the pneumonia part and unfairly criticizing her performance.

        Pneumonia kills people and for those that it doesn’t, it takes months to fully recover. She’s still decided to compete and still stuck her vault and her bar routine was impressive. Also with a stuck dismount. She had stamina issues on floor (no surprise) and fell off beam a million times (also no surprise).

        We can cut her a little slack and leave the judgement for when she finally competes at full health.

      • imperatorcarolus Says:

        No judgement intended here, cupquaked. She has a lot of merit. In fact, with the injuries she sustained in the past, I wasn’t sure she was going to want to come back at all and she must be in a lot of pain sometimes. That takes a lot of balls. But I stood in my belief that she needs time. Why rush her and risk to damage her health and get an injury again? We have discussed here a lot of time how Russia sometimes push the girls way too hard until they break, until it was clear they needed a break. We recently talked about it with Melna, Paseka and Eremina. Also, she has recently come out of retirement and has new routines that she hasn’t mastered and she has no need to rush it and risk further problems or injury. I do think that she should skip Europeans and see how is she for Worlds, especially if she wants to keep herself healthy for Tokyo. And to be overscored (and she was) is not her problem. It is the judges’ fault.

        Again, I think she did well given the circumnstances. I especially liked her new floor, despite the fall. But I do think she still isn’t in her best shape and she needs time to heal, to keep herself safe and to master her new routines, and she should have that time. I also think that Valentina will take her to Europeans in whatever shape she can have her, which I don’t find reasonable either. In any case, it is going to be a safe Europeans for Russia to try new things. With Great Britain with virtually all their top gymnasts injuried and Romania in shambles, nobody will dispute them the gold. Maybe Germany, but Russia will have a clear lead.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Rant away. All gymnastics opinions are allowed.

    • Cupquaked Says:

      Sorry, imperatorcarolus, I reread my comment and realized it was a little harsh. I’ve read about 4 or 5 posts on other blogs of people complaining about her lack of prep and bad performance. You weren’t like that and I should have been nicer!

      I think she’s wholly unprepared for competition. She showed progress on some apparatuses (apparatusi? apparatus’s?) but overall she seemed weaker, less energized. Which can be atrributed to being really sick for a long time. Honestly, she’s one of those athletes that Valentina would take to international comps even without having her compete here. So I’m not sure why she thought it was necessary to compete knowing she didn’t have the stamina.

      • imperatorcarolus Says:

        No harm done, Cupquaked. I understand. I have read some harsh things online, too. I think that people are still expecting to see 2011-2012 Komova in every competition she has done after her comeback and doesn’t realize that she is not at the top form yet and had had such devastating injuries that other gymnasts in her place might have leave the sport althogether. People seem to unreasonably think that Komova should perform as well as before her injuries every time we see her, which is impossible. I think that, given the circumnstances, she did really good. It was obvious she had health issues. I do think, like you, that she should have skipped this competition, because she is not well, both because of her recent illness and her injuries. I would have had her skip the Russian Cup altogether, but if not, at least the event finals. But she didn’t skip anything. She did 8 AA routines plus 3 event finals at the frail state she is now. I admire her resistance, because she did reasonably well (she got two medals, one AA with scores of two different days and the others on UB) but I think it was foolish. If she was a newcomer who thinks that she has something to prove, I wouldn’t support it for the same reasons, but I would understand. But Komova has nothing to prove anymore. My only guess is that after a problematic performance at Russian Championships as well, the higher ups could be having doubts about her actual capacity to regain her former level after her injuries and she feared that could give her problems in the future. It is a wild guess, but Russia has been known to disregard gymnasts after serious injuries when they couldn’t regain the level or consistency fast enough for their liking. We all remember what Valentina said about Musty after her 2011 injury and was a little what happened with Alla after 2014, so it isn’t so farfetched to think that Valentina and the others have had some doubts regarding Komova after so many injuries and comebacks. But that is just a guess. If they had doubts, I think this competition has dispelled them, because even sick and with a lot of falls, she showed better possibilities that many of the others A members of the Russian team, even with the overscoring (that is another conversation: how far screwed is Russia right now or how they could go to be a great team with several medal possibilities to go back home without any single one, except for Melna, in just one beam rotation?). But it is still one wild guess. I do think that Valentina will take her in any way she can have her and to as many international competitions as she can. If she doesn’t have any further injury, I think she is safe for the Europeans. But I think she should rest until Worlds and skip the Europeans. There is no need and they need to keep her healthy, because she seems to be one bad move away from another serious injury. There is no threat for Russia this Euros. The most competitive gymnastics teams aside from Russia out there are from outside Europe and aren’r going to compete in Europeans. Russia could fall several times and they would still win team final. It is a good opportunity for Russia to take some new gymnasts who need experience or ones that maybe doesn’t have the highest difficulty but have improved and earned to go to assignments that they won’t have any chance of going once Eremina, Paseka and other gymnasts who are injuried right now are healthy again. But they should leave Komova at home, let her recover in peace and do everything in their power to have her healthy again, because she has the potential to be great again if she doesn’t have another relapse. Which she will have in they keep pushing her.

  7. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Melnikova’s full AA final routines (in the first two, the quality is not very good, but it gets better).

  8. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Sikamova’s full routines from AA final:

  9. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Full competition here:

  10. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Komova’s full routines:

  11. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Today event finals results from Russia Cup:

    Nabs won vault gold and ended up fourth on bars. Spiri was second on bars, but one of her elements got disqualified and ended up out of the podium. Melna only competed on bars and she got gold there, followed by Komova. In beam, everybody fell except for the winner, who was Daria Elizarova and and Volodina, a new senior, who won silver. Melnikova, who didn’t compete today on beam, complained in social media that the new beam was way too soft and that it was hard to stay on it. The number of falls on the three days of competition was indeed very high, even for Russia, so she might be right. In floor, Sikamova got gold with a very good routine and Akhaimova got silver, but with a downgraded routine because of her injury. Komova had a very difficult routine and a nasty fall on floor, but I like her routine. She really need time to heal.

    The Russian Federation announced that they will release a nominative team for Euros next week, but still subject to change depending of how the girls do at Camp.

  12. imperatorcarolus Says:

  13. Sainabou Nyang Says:

    Back from posting hiatus lol. I dont know much about this Tom Forster guy but was there really no one else to chosed from? Oh well this should be interesting going into Doha this fall for worlds. Those poor kids O honestly think some of them should graduate HS early and head to NCAA. He’ll thats more exciting than elite right now.

  14. IzzyB Says:

    Did you see this, GTT? Takahashi is making a comeback.

    I sent you an e-mail too.

  15. imperatorcarolus Says:

    What the hell is with this list?

    • imperatorcarolus Says:

      I think this has to be an old list or, given that Europeans is only several weeks away, they had to have submitted the papers already if everything was going to be done on time. It can’t be the updated one, no way. Mostly because Perebinosova is injuried; she didn’t compete at Russian Championships and she won’t be ready in time for Euros, so she needs a replacement. Supossedly, Iliankova should replace her. And after her performance in both Russian Championships and Russian Cup, I would be very surprised Valentina would take Kharenkova. I am sure she will be replaced as well, most likely by one specialist. If the take Iliankova instead of Perebinosova, the only true specialist left to take is Nabs for vault, as the top medalists in all their other events are the AA they are already sending there.

      • Gymbot Says:

        I only recognized Anna Maria Ocolisan from Romania’s team and really know nothing of their preparation. Do you think Spain will make he team final?

      • imperatorcarolus Says:

        From Romanian team, the new “star” is Denisa Gólgota, one of their best of the junior team. She is good, but the scores of the team as a whole are so low compared with which they enjoyed in the past that she doesn’t have too many chances to compete in the big leagues. Carmen is also a newcomer with good references, but again inside a team that is very weak as a whole. In any case, it will be good to see them compete in one of the big competition and see if the Romanian team has improved, even a little, from the big messes of the last few years.

        About the Spanish team…I am not very optimistic. I have seen them compete in the Mediterranean games and even competing with B or C teams with their best gymnasts the team only reached the bronze, so we have little opportunities with the big names. I have no news regarding Roxana Popa, and after so long I am worried she won’t come back at all. Cintia Rodriguez’s floor is very artistic and Ana Perez is very consistent, but for the rest of the team, their D scores are way too low to be considered as a serious treat in the big competitions. Maybe they could classify in last place…Rusia, Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland will clasify for sure, so there is no place left. Even Romania can be out of the finals if their girls have a bad day in quals, which will be the final nail in their coffin. So it isn’t looking good for Spain right now. Maybe they get a place in an individual final, especially on floor, but I don’t think so. In any case, Spain and Portugal can get a chance if the weaker teams have a bad day.

  16. imperatorcarolus Says:

    It is noteworthy to point out that this could be the first Europeans ever without the Romanian team in the final. Not the first without Romania in the medals, the first years they can’t classify for the final at all, in a competition they were still winning in 2014.

  17. gymtruthteller Says:

    Someone remind me who was in charge during Grace’s time in College?

    She seems to have had a lot of health issues and Florida as a College sounds like a lot of fun, not.

    You know the old saying about the truth ( Yous, mine and the truth) so I’m sure there is more to this than Grace’s side but the concussion story is horrifying. It makes it sound like her coach let a concussed gymnast walk out of a gym after banging her head.

    • HartofDixie Says:

      Looks like Rhonda was still there at least in her freshman year but didn’t a couple of girls leave after Rhonda left? Didn’t they try to get Peyton to retire and she transferred to Bama?

      Think Rhonda will eventually head back to NCAA?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t know. NCAA is a pathetic joke and UCLA winning the title this year is all the proof I need to stay away for good.

        Is Peyton still at Alabama? Wasn’t she hurt again?

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