2018 Junior Pan Am Results


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Thanks to Danielle for the video link

Bowers won the AA but am I the only one that thinks of all the girls she is the least watchable?

All Around

1. Jordan Bowers – VT- 14.650 UB- 13.700 BB- 13.200 FL- 13.200 – 54.750
2. Zoe Allaire-Bourgie VT- 13.600 UB- 13.600 BB- 13.150 FL- 13.100- 53.450
3. Leanne Wong – VT- 14.700 UB- 13.100 BB- 13.700 FL- 11.400 – 52.950
4. Tori Tatum – VT- 14.800 UB- 12.700 BB- 12.300 FL- 12.800- 52.600

**** Jafree Scott UB- 12.800 BB- 12.550.

Event Finals

70 Responses to “2018 Junior Pan Am Results”

  1. Cupquaked Says:

    Is Scott not an AAer? I thought she verified AA at a previous camp?

  2. gymnerd Says:

    That’s, um, quite the venue for an international event. Our level 4 state meet was bigger!!

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    • Gymbot Says:

      I debate if this is a destructive phenomena or not. I wonder when we’ll start sending girls to Romania

      • Danielle Says:

        At least her mom is from there so she has connections I guess. She would have to improve a ton to be competitive on anything though.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Or maybe not fall off beam 4 times. Mom or not she’s an American and I HATE switching countries because you’re not good enough to compete in your own.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Anyone that can do bars would be wanted

      • Cupquaked Says:

        At least she has a legit connection. There are a half dozen others that I can’t name specifically but I vaguely remember choose to compete elsewhere. Danusia Francis (is that her name?), the girl who just switched to the Russian…maybe team?

        Both of those girls have connections either through their own birth or their parents to those countries.

        The US used to be so deep that I didn’t blame girls for switching. If your birthright gives you the option of competing in a less stacked country then I think it’s understandable. Not my favorite thing but, especially when Marta was around, we all know some girls were passed over simply because they or their coached pissed off someone in management.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Danusia is now with Jamaica but she might be part Jamacian.

    • HartofDixie Says:

      Her mom is Bulgarian so close enough. At least it’s not Belarus.

  4. imperatorcarolus Says:

    News on Riley:

    • Cupquaked Says:

      That makes me really nervous. Maggie Haney is coach, correct? I’m not sure she’s got the handle on how to pace/progress athletes on the elite track.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The decisions should be made by her and her coach tho it seems crazy to me. This year is not a priority for anyone. It really is the lost year when it comes to making the Olympic teams . It’s when gymnasts like Peyton Ersnt and Kytra Hunter and Mackenzie Caquatto are given false hope that because they are given international assignments where they might even medal and maybe even a bit piece on a world team that they actually have a shot at the Olympic team when they really don’t. Even world champions have good years like Bridget Sloan and Bross yet 2 years later they are broken.

  5. gymtruthteller Says:

    Someone help me out here and tell me why a month and a half before Nationals they still don’t have individual tickets on sale yet? No one is buying their all session are not selling. Boston is a great city for sport but there is no way this place is going to be near full at these prices.

    What are they trying to do?

    • Gymbot Says:

      If you scroll to the bottom past parking and multisession, you can buy tickets to women’s quals or finals.


      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I saw that but the seats suck. I am not paying that much to sit 21 rows up.

      • HartofDixie Says:

        Are the prices higher this year due to the loss of sponsors? Seems way too pricey!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The first set of prices is to make money. The second set (400 range) is what I would usually pay for 1st row. This is all about making money to pay off the future lawsuits.

    • Danielle Says:

      Wow $50 just for parking and $150 for day 1 tickets.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I would take the “T” MBTA and it takes me right there. Parking is crazy in Boston especially for sporting events.

      • Danielle Says:

        I’m actually kind of close enough to drive this year for once but idk if I can justify spending that much on tickets plus a hotel stay 🙁

      • Danielle Says:

        Plus I have a toddler that has more energy than 5 of me and can’t sit still.

    • Dianajc99@gmail.com Says:

      stub hub them

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        At this point I’m not going. I am not wasting this much money for seats in Foxboro ( That means far away) Kind of wachadoodle to think people will pay this. I finally found second row but they want 725… bucks. Not gonna get my money to pay off their 255 victims they wouldn’t have, if they had done their job.

        Stub hub seats are 375 bucks? yeah, no.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Those prices are ridiculous! Like more than my car payment kind of ridiculous! Lol

  6. Danielle Says:

    Looks like Laurie Hernandez may be training at Gym Max now with Kyla’s coaches. I really think she already hit her peak and a growth spurt would make it super difficult for her to come back. But I am so excited to possibly see Jenny around again! Her and Howie are like rays of sunshine lol

    • JAS4 Says:

      I think they are a good coaching mach for Laurie. If she can get back to her 2016 level I think Howie and Jenny could really help her make her bars and beam even better.

  7. imperatorcarolus Says:


  8. Gymbee Says:

    Saw on twitter that Alex Naddour has been added to that “USAG Safe Sport” suspended members list. Isn’t he still an athlete?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Being accused of something isn’t guilt. I wish people would remember that. ( Not you) That being said I am not sure if maybe this should go in the Nassar thread because you know what the discussion will turn into a discussion of. I hope for Hollie and her two babies sake, this isn’t true.

    • Cupquaked Says:

      What is he accused of?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        There are no details given just by which by-law he falls under . 9.3 which is sexual misconduct.

      • Cate Chandler Says:

        It was just released he was inappropriate with a female gymnast. I suspected something was up with Alex and An eLite gymnast over these past two years bASed on Him being frequently in her SnapChats.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That’s a lot of speculation Cate, based on a snap chat.

        This is my biggest thing with all of this. Flirting with someone can get you in as much trouble and touching these days and so much speculation can ruin a person’s career, even if not deserved. The witch hunt is in full blast. Right now Naddaur is guilty.Period. He is never going to be able to clear his name, even if he is innocent because people have already convicted him.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        And Hollie just literally pooped out baby number two 😦

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Pooped ? Lets use popped

  9. Cate Chandler Says:


    • Cate Chandler Says:

      And a side note… OLY after your name is only an accepted title in Great Britain. Everyone else just looks foolish

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Why is that?

      • Gymbot Says:

        They look stupid after British names as well.

        I believe most CVs, resumes or twitter handles will mention something about the Olympics, if they competed as an Olympian.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        They have a right to be proud they are Olympians. I don’t see the big deal.

      • Gymbot Says:

        So why not say “Olympian?”

        Michael Phelps OLY

        Olympian Michael Phelps

        Simone Biles OLY and Alexandra Raisman OLY attended the national Gala of shiny clothes.

        Olympians Biles and Raisman received sportsmanship award for being role models.

        Seems a little pointless. Almost like a participation trophy, maybe the most difficult participation trophy to get – but that’s what it is. They have become “Olympians” by competing at an Olympics, what do post nominal letters tell you?

        In the arguments for the OLY, they say that it will help society recognize the work, effort, etc put into it. “Olympian” does the same thing. They also compare it to a PhD in the amount of time and perseverance required.

        However professional degrees also indicate specialization or field. You’re a doctor with a PhD, MD, DO, DMD, DVM, DDS and so on, but people with these titles have different roles in society – despite being called doctor.

        OLY doesn’t separate athlete from other athletes in a magical way that “Olympian” does not do already, so again it’s pretty stupid.

        Definitely be proud if you’re an Olympian, but the OLY is redundant. Call yourselves Olympians! And I hope you didn’t pay for your OLY registration….

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I think it probably is only those letters because twitter only gives you so many characters to use in your name.

    • HartofDixie Says:

      Did he go on the 2012 & 2016 tours? If anything did happen the tour seems the most likely time.

  10. HartofDixie Says:


  11. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Mediterranean Games have begun, with the Artistic Gymnastics under its way (this year, they are in my country and I didn’t realize. There is almost nobody in the stands. Everyone is watching the Football World Cup). These are the team result for the first subdivision:

  12. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Brazilian Championships this weekend, too. I don’t have too much information about it, I am afraid. I think these are the AA standings. It is said in the comments that Flavia fell twice in UB, so didn’t reach the podium and Rebeca Andrade didn’t compete, but I need confirmation and, in case it is true, why she didn’t.

  13. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Russian Cup information. It begins next week and it seems it will be fully streamed via Internet for free.


  14. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Alexeeva out of Russia Cup due to a knee injury. It is worth remembering that the winner of the AA will have an automatic spot for European championships, just as the AA winner of the Russian Champìonships (who was Melnikova). In the case both competitions end up having the same winner (highly likely) the second higher score adding up both competitions would be granted the spot.

    • Danielle Says:

      Such a bummer, I was really looking forward to seeing her compete. I’m hoping Simakova wins and gets a Euros spot! She’s young, fresh, and has pretty good difficulty. It would be nice if she got experience for the future too.

  15. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Nothing worth commeting of Mediterranean Games in Tarragona. We Spaniards are winning things (team final, AA bronze, UB silver), so that should tell you something about the level. Who the hell decided it would be a good idea to schedule these Games in the same week of up to eleven national championships and only days away from other very important competitions such as the Russian Cup? Nobody came. The only name I recognized (besides the Spanish team, of course) is Lara Mori from Italy and she is coming back from injury. France and Italy sent their C teams.

    • imperatorcarolus Says:

      Um, it seems that Vasiliki Milousi and Marine Boyer came today for the beam final (they wasn’t in the team final and, as far as I know, neither in the vault or floor finals, were neither of them were in the podium). I’ll see if I can take a look.

  16. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Mediterranean games quals Day 1.

  17. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Mediterranean games quals. Subdivision 1. Day 2

  18. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Mediterranean games Women AA:

  19. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Russian Cup Quals AA:

    1 Angelina Melnikova 54.765
    2 Anastasia Iliankova 54.698
    3 Angelina Simakova 53.532
    4 Viktoria Komova 52.998
    5 Tatiana Nabieva 52.865
    6 Daria Elizarova 52.099
    7 Lilia Akhaimova 52.065
    8 Varvara Zubova 51.832

    Nabieva is in 5th! And only because they gave Komova some gifts. If they hadn’t, she would be at least in fourth. It seems that Komova had a rough few rotations and beam was especially hellish, but I’ll try to find some videos.

    • imperatorcarolus Says:

      Kharenkova was there, too, but only did floor and beam. Spiri was there, too, but I don’t have her scores yet. Aliya and Alexeeva missed the meet, and other Gymsberia residents such as Seda are nowhere to be found. Not sure if they are there or not to be honest.

    • imperatorcarolus Says:

  20. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Best summary of the competition:

  21. imperatorcarolus Says:

    France has named its team for Euros:

    Juliette Bossu
    Marine Boyer
    Lorette Charpy
    Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos
    Coline Devillard

    The alternate is Louise Vanhille.

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