JO Nationals, Gabryel Wilson, Twitter and more

ALL JO Routines AKA future College gymnasts of America…


I kind of like this routine. A shout out to my second hometown favorite band, Bel, Biv, Devoe ( Sorry BBD but I’m am Aerosmith girl at heart but you and New Edition are a close second) though I’m not sure, ” But I know she’s a loser (How do you know?) Me and the crew used to do her and Keepin one eye open, still clockin’ the hoes is appropriate music for a floor routine.

Okay I decided to start a new twitter just for this blog. It will again be private. Just send me an e-mail if you want to follow it You can find it here This e-mail is for twitter only. The other email is for anything else (

New Camp info

I’ve gotten multiple complaints about not being able to discuss Nassar and his victims so I’m giving you one place to discuss ANYTHING related to it. So here you go, The Larry Nassar Situation. You have to be approved already to post and I won’t be reading so keep it civil….

Now back to, When I dial my babies number I get a click every time, MR Telephone man…….

29 Responses to “JO Nationals, Gabryel Wilson, Twitter and more”

  1. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Russia said that Musty is going to compete AA at Osijek.

  2. Case Says:

    Mr Telephone man is one of my favorite songs ever! Just when I think I’m done with gymnastics and this blog you throw in something that ropes me back in!

  3. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Fuck, Mustafina has injuried her meniscus and won’t be in Osijek.

  4. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Japan announced their team for worlds after NHK Cup this weekend:Murakami, Teramoto, Hatakeda, Sugihara, Kajita and Miyakawa.

    • Lucia Says:

      Seems early to name a team.

      • imperatorcarolus Says:

        I know, but they have already celebrated those competitions that they use to name a team, so there is no point for them to wait if the decision has already been made. But I am sure they reserve themselves the right to make substitutions if necessary.

      • Gymbot Says:

        Every year the top two combined from all Japan and NHK champs get berths to the world team and the rest of the team is made around their scores.

  5. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Maria Kharenkova is very likely banished to Gymsberia after it was confirmed she wasn’t with the rest of the A and B teams in Mallorca.

  6. imperatorcarolus Says:

    This weekend was Diyatin Cup. Nabieva won AA, followed by Polina Fedorova and Varvara Batalova, who tied for silver.

  7. imperatorcarolus Says:

    • HartofDixie Says:

      We lost a good one. Who’s running Chows?

      • imperatorcarolus Says:

        No idea. We knew he was in China, but as far as I knew he was a consultor or he had other non-permanent post. This seem more definitive, although he can always come back after a while. In any case, I don’t know who is running Chow’s now. Or Mihai’s gym, for that matter.

  8. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Remember that Australian Championships, Canadian Championships and Osijek Cup (sadly, without Aliya, but Chuso is there) are this week Thrusday-Sunday.

    • imperatorcarolus Says:

      In Canadian Championships, Ellie Black leads quals with 55.409, followed by Jade Chrobok 52.467 and Brooklyn Moors,52.226

    • imperatorcarolus Says:

      Romanian representatives are out of beam finals at Osijek and I don’t know very much about Iacob, but Ocoolisan is a possible World team’s member.

      • HartofDixie Says:

        Anyone know if Larissa will be recovered in time to go to Worlds?

      • imperatorcarolus Says:

        No idea. I haven’t heard anything regarding to her in a very long time. I think she is going to try, but that she wasn’t sure she will be able to compete at all in 2018. Had surgery in her Achilles earlier this year and I don’t think she can regain her former level with such an injury in less than a year, so I don’t think she can come back this season.

  9. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Belgium Championships were also this weekend. No surprises, Nina Derwael won by far.

  10. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Aleexeva is officially in the national Russian team. rooster. She was included, according to gymnovosti, in the main national rooster in Kapitonova’s place, who was demoted to the secondary team. Kapitonova took Shelgunova’s place in the secondary national team rooster, as she is injuried and they don’t know if she will be able to compete in the rest of the season.

  11. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Osijek results: Chuso won vault gold and Diana Varinska won gold in UB, FX and beam. You can see full results here:

  12. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Korper Cup begins this Thursday with Denisa Gólgota, Giulia Steingruber y Noemi Makra in the rooster.

  13. Danielle Says:

    Kyla working on a vault upgrade!

  14. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Nina Darwael’s UB at Belgium Championships:

  15. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Seems like Aliya won’t be able to compete at the Russian Cup, although she is still hoping for Euros:

  16. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Koper Cup results:

    Giulia Steingruber won vault with an average of 14.500,followed by Denisa Golgota with 14.025 and Tjasa Kysselef with 13.750.

    Barbora Mokosova won UB gold with 13.450, followed by Cecile Van Gerner with 13.400 and Dorina Boczogo with 12.750.

    Celine van Gerner won beam gold with 13.500, followed by Giulia Steingruber with 13.450 and Denisa Gólgota with 13.250

    Giulia Steingruber won floor gold with 13.150, followed by Denisa Golgota with 12.900 and Barbora Mokosova with 12.650.

    Got the results from the great blog dobleenplancha.

    Giulia isn’t at her best after her surgery , but she has her Rudi back and it is great to see her on and about.

    This is Cecile Van Gerner’s beam:

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