Nellie Kim and her BFF, Valeri Liukin #ForReals… Camp Videos

You need any MORE proof she had a reason to cheat for Nastia? Read this interview where she admits she hangs out, socially with Valeri Liukin.


It’s NOT a conflict of interest to hang out with a gymnasts father? It’s NOT a conflict of interest to run down to the judges table DURING the Olympics when you “go fishing” with the guy who coaches and fathered a gymnast, in the sport YOU’RE IN CHARGE OF?

“The elite coaches – Valery Liukin, Evgeny Marchenko, Artur Akopyan – compete with each other, but they still go to hunt and fish together. I joined them a few times when I was the head of the WAG technical committee, and they kept criticizing the code, saying what needs to be changed. These people love their job.”


Not only does she hang out with that man but he casually whines about what he wants in the sport THAT SHE WAS IN CHARGE OF AT THAT TIME.

I just can’t. I literally just can’


Tomorrow night they announce the world team and I’ll make a blog but this shit CAN’T BE MADE UP.


And while we are at it, lets BRAG about our gymnasts and their under age drinking. Oh Miss Val….

I have this hate/hate thing with Miss Val.

I have no respect for someone who bribes the trolls of the worlds with good seats to Nationals so their message board won’t call her out for anything related to the negative part of her “Gymnastics empire” yet I respect her for making sure the gymnasts on her team are protected , at any cost.

If you watched that Jump, Jive and thrive video I posted a few weeks ago it’s easy to figure out why everyone seems to like her. Miss Val feeds their ego’s with a healthy dose of ass kissing that anyone with narcissistic tendencies would easily devour (why do you think she gets along with Nastia and Alicia so well?) It just rubs me the wrong way. It’s also phony.

Just some highlights but wait….

(anyone else think maybe they cut out the falls and that is why these aren’t full routines???)

Camp Picture

From now on, Jordan Chiles picks Team USA’s leo.

No upgrades shown from Ashton Kutcher on bars but they didn’t show her full routine (weird to cut it off there)..

Morgan Hurd was the bounciest of any video I have seen so far..

Trinity Thomas did a 1.5 Yurchenko. Did she do that at Nationals???? They also cut quite a bit of her routines out

Ragan being Ragan (Not Manny. That would be bad well not always bad…)

22 Responses to “Nellie Kim and her BFF, Valeri Liukin #ForReals… Camp Videos”

  1. Brainy Says:

    SMFH….And you can bet there were bribes.

    Makes Chellsie’s and Shawn’s accomplishments and wins even more deserved.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Explain to me how THE HEAD OF GYMNASTICS is HANGING OUT with the coach of a gymnast she is in control of and why , no one finds anything wrong with this? I just can’t. I literally just CANNOT… and she thinks there is nothing wrong with

  2. dianajc99 Says:

    Also we find out it WAS the parents of the fake belorussians who went to her.
    If Dicksons Great Grandfather was from the old country she should have shouted that from the rooftops.

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    Nastia’s current job is dressing up in fancy prom dresses, putting on a pound of makeup, and publishing a selfie on Twitter. While not eating food.
    I bet I’m going to get yelled at for body shaming.

  4. Mim Says:

    I totally respect your opinion re Miss Val but I really get the impression UCLA would be a fairly emotionally healthy and supportive environment for a college gymnast especially compared to some other programs. Don’t get me started on their constant injuries and shitty vaults but I like their team vibe. I can’t blame Katelyn for getting wasted at college after having Valeri as her coach, ha.

    Last night I had a dream the worlds team was Ragan, Jade, Ashton and Jordan Chiles with Morgan as alternate.

    Nellie is dodgy AF.

  5. imperatorcarolus Says:

    GB confirms team for worlds: Fragapane, Tinkler, Georgia Mae-Fenton and Alice Kinsella. Fragapane has options for a floor medal if she hits, as this year there are not so many specialists in this event.

  6. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Italy confirms team for Worlds: Mori, Ferrari, Carofligio and Berardinelli.

  7. dianajc99 Says:

    WOW usag posts camp routine video’s
    Still no Patterson from Reagan.

  8. Cupquaked Says:

    As a teacher, the presentation thing is really important. People can make fun of Miss Val for putting so much effort into her appearance, but I can tell you from experience; the days I come to school dressed nicely with my hair and make up done, my students pay attention and give me the respect and authority I deserve as their teacher. The days I come to school with 3 day old hair and leggings, I may as well have sat at home because those kids won’t take me seriously.

    Kids (even the college ones), listen when you appear authoritative. Adults too.

  9. greytealbluemom Says:

    Hurd Carey smith locklear. Liukin hates chiles

  10. dianajc99 Says:

    The U.S. Women’s World Team is Jade Carey, Morgan Hurd, Ashton Locklear and Ragan Smith. The non-traveling alternate is Jordan Chiles.

  11. Mim Says:

    Thrilled for Morgan (she must have looked great at camp, hopefully recovered from her injury), not at all surprised about Ashton. Expected Ragan and Jade. There’s a lot of Valeri hate making the rounds about Ashton making the team.

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