Who Makes the US World Team?



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21 Responses to “Who Makes the US World Team?”

  1. Gymbot Says:

    Don’t want to be super mean, but who out there is voting for Emily Gaskins and Marz Frazier? Yes they are talented, but really the plane carrying he worlds team and the alternates would have to disappear in the Bermuda Triangle for them to be sent, this year at least.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I thought the same thing with Gaskin lol but FraZier ohas a slight chance if everyone tanks

    • Danielle Says:

      I didn’t vote for Marz but I guess the prospect of her elusive amanar could help her chances a bit? She would still be well behind the other contenders I would think. I’m hoping either Trinity or Morgan will be on the team but it probably won’t happen sigh

    • Gymbot Says:

      Could be! parkettes gymnasts tend to have control on the gymnastics they compete, maybe with the amanar

  2. Sainabou Nyang Says:

    Chiles needs to up her mental game but if Valeri is taking two AA , UB/BB, and vault specialist and if Morgan does not hit but Jordyn does shes going. Even if Trinity hits, Chiles has an Amanar she can land.

    I agree with GTT about Trinity. Shes solid on all 4 events but she needs to upgrade. The height she gers on vault, I wonder if she can do an Amanar. Her bar routine, I feel like it needs something to bring up her D score. Im ok with her floor routine. She can score even better if she controls her landings. She has so much power.

    • greytealbluemom Says:

      I’m dying to see a wolfkino at worlds.

    • Danielle Says:

      Did I read somewhere that Trinity had a double yurchenko and she just downgraded to a full because of injury? A harder vault would make her more competitive even if her other start values are a tad lower.

    • Gym Obsessed Says:

      Does anyone else think it’s weird how harsh the judges are on morgan’s execution? That happened at the cup events she went to last summer too. I just wonder if they don’t like her for some reason.

  3. Gymbot Says:

    Hey fragapane improved on beam, like a lot. She’s way more fluid

    • imperatorcarolus Says:

      And on floor, because in Europeans she had lots of problems with her new routine. In Paris she was way better. Good for the UK, because they risk to have a bad Worlds this year with the Downie’s down (no pun intended) and Tinkler and Mae’s inconsistencies.

  4. dianajc99 Says:

    so she who shall not be named is for some reason at the Emmys trying the J.Lo like dress look

  5. Cupquaked Says:

    Quick question…do we not send anyone to the Universiade because w aren’t invited or because we don’t consider it a “worthy” competition. Just saw that Canada was there and I can’t for the life of me figure out why we wouldn’t be if Canada was.

    Also btw. The European and Asian countries have so many more competitions that the US each year. Why is that??

  6. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Lari got a 15.000 on beam in international competition this weekend on the French World Cup quals. Here is the routine in the final (I don’t know the score, but she got gold ahead of Sanne):

    • Gym Obsessed Says:

      I was surprised by all her scores – she also got a 14.2 in the beam final after touching the beam to stop a fall. Her beam scores were great then but her bar and floor scores were low with hits mid to high 13’s on both. It will be interesting to see what she scores at worlds.

      • imperatorcarolus Says:

        In theory, her scores are very high, because her routines are packed with difficulty, but also a risk, precisely for the same reason. If she hits everything, she can obtain a 15.000 plus in beam and mid 14.000’s on floor easily, with a DTY and an UB routine difficult enough (6.2-6.4) that would compensate her execution problems in this apparatus. The problem is that with all the connections and difficulties, is very easy for her to loose connections credit or even to fall. If everything gets credited, even with a fall, she can score on the 14.000 on beam because of difficulty, but on floor, with how strict the judges are being, any problem lowers her score a lot. So it will depend of the day she has.

  7. imperatorcarolus Says:

    And Vanessa Ferrari’s return on Serie A. She looks sharp for being her first meeting after her surgery and as far as I know she hasn’t been training that long. She is probably going to Worlds, because Italy’s team is not very strong right now and Vanessa’s scores in this competition are competitive in comparision to the rest of Italy’s contenders. Also, there is something weird going on with Ferlito that I don’t understand very well, so she will probably go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L41_6ZaX2V4

    • Cupquaked Says:

      I thought Ferlito was out? Didn’t they already release their nominative list?

      • imperatorcarolus Says:

        Italy released a nominative list a couple of weeks ago, but they also said that only Lara Mori is absolutely confirmed and that the spots given to Carofligio, Linari and Berardinelli are still provisional, so Ferrari can be named. They said that the gimnasts who will finally go had to prove their “readiness” in last weekend’s Serie A in Eboli. Carofligio, Linari and Beardinelli’s scores are weak, so it will be no surprise to Ferrari to sneak her way there.

        The problem with Ferlitto is that she wasn’t allowed to compete in Eboli last weekend and there hasn’t been an official reason why. Most people say it is because bureocratic reasons and that she didn’t compete in the first three meets in the Serie A, so either the federation or her club didn’t allowed her to compete now, but I know she competed in Perugia a couple of weeks ago, so I don’t really know what is going on with her and if she is in the rooster for worlds or not. She didn’t had a good competition in Perugia, with falls on beam but a good floor and Italy doesn’t have a good team right now, but the problem to compete in the last Serie A is weird. In any case, I think Ferrari will sneak her way in the team. About Felitto, no idea. I would like to see Meneghini there, though. She was very promising as a junior.

  8. gymnerd Says:

    I am not feeling the Jade love. Her neck and posture make me think “linebacker.”

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