21 years ago today ( IN 39 minutes:)

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This must be old but I have never seen Gotta love some of these comments

I got 100 on the quiz (haha)

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Just for the record, the Mag 7 were the original group huggers. Everyone else copies them.

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26 Responses to “21 years ago today ( IN 39 minutes:)”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Imo the best team that won the Olympic gold…they had fierce competition and I’ll always be a fan of 6 up 5 count…at least I think that’s what it was…

    • gymtruthteller Says:


    • dianajc99 Says:


    • Akshay Says:

      I wasn’t old enough to watch the 96 Olympics live, but I can see why you feel that way. The 2012 team has always felt overrated to me, and both they and the 2016 team benefited from a sharp decline in competition. I sometimes feel the 2008 team, at full strength, was more talented than the 2012 team.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I Love you. Why don’t you come around more? Not that I agree about the 08 team I never liked them but you, you I like plus I want to rant about the ******* Red Sox so badly and no one but you and Case ever read that stuff.

      • Akshay Says:

        I sincerely hope you don’t take it personally! In all honesty, the reason I’ve stopped coming around is that I’ve lost most of my interest in Gymnastics. It just really isn’t exciting or engaging for me — at least not like it once was.

        I feel like between the drama with Trials, the lack of any real competition at Rio, the Nassar stuff, and now Valeri taking over (ensuring the political games won’t stop)… gymnastics just seems more stressful and depressing than it’s worth, lol.

        With that being said, I will make an effort to show up here more regularly!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I never take anything personally. Come around anyway. We can talk and bitch about other things and I agree with you about gymnastics. Why do you think I did a Mag 7 blog? I have no motivation to actually talk about the sport itself.

  2. gymnerd Says:

    That was the last “real” Olympics for me. Don’t ask me why, but it never felt quite the same after that.

  3. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Ok, more on Alla Sosnitskaya. It seems that the news of her competing for Georgia broke when she competed for this country in the Sikharulidze Cup. She is not the only Russian in Georgia right now. Anna Subbotina and Polina Borzykh are also competing for Georgia. http://eng.gymnovosti.com/sosnitskaya-competed-for-georgia-at-the-sikharulidze-cup/

    • Cupquaked Says:

      I thought that she hadn’t been granted her new FIG license? How was she able to compete?

      • imperatorcarolus Says:

        You are right, In the article says that she hasn’t been given the FIG license to compete for Georgia, but they seems to make allowances in certain or small competitions if they are in the process of getting it. Alla certainly could compete and had been other cases (I remember Ishina and Pavlova competing for Azerbaiyan a little while before obtaining their FIG license). In any case, it seems that Alla will going to Georgia for sure and that Russia considers her as uneligible for their teams, so they are going to let her go.

  4. LOL Says:

    I rooted against this team 20 years ago. I couldn’t stand half this team. Now I am glad they won but back in the day I considered them, meh.

  5. LOL Says:


    I made a comment about JBJ’s wife on twitter and she responded. What do you think about this entire Eck thing?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      What do you think it is I want to rant about.lol

      I hate this team. They are lazy. They quit. They don’t run out their hits. Their outfielder is a douche bag ( yeah I am looking at you JBJ) They follow David Price around by the balls.

      I actually want to see them lose so Price will opt out. JBJ and Xander will go be miserable fucks in some other state and I can get back to caring about this team because right now I really do not want to even turn on the television. The 2012 team was more likable and do not get me started on what both of these ignorant fucks did to Eckersley. The audacity of Jackie Bradley Junior as a rookie to try and manipulate a Hall of famer over stating the facts? To actually lie to the media guy to get a picture of Eck for the sole purpose of embarrassing him on twitter? Who has the nerve to do that their first few years in the league?

      I wanna know which team members clapped when Price was a dick and I want to see them all traded out of town.

  6. Sainabou Nyang Says:

    Sooo we excited for Classics this weekend? Lol

    • G Says:

      I’m looking forward to seeing who he major players will be this year/quad. But I’m going to a concert that night so I won’t be able to watch live. Boo

      • JAS4 Says:

        I agree it will be interesting to see who could be possibilities for Worlds this year

      • Sainabou Nyang Says:

        Same here. The only good thing about this quad is that there are no guaranteed winners. At least until simone comes back if she does.

    • gymnerd Says:

      I suppose it will be nice to see some new faces and actually not know in advance who’s going to win. I really have no idea who any of these new girls are. I have learned not to get too attached to anyone early in the quad. (Anyone remember Abigail Milliet?) It will be nice to have some new gymnastics to watch instead of having to rehash old competitions.

      • G Says:

        Yes! I remember her, I liked her a lot. I agree with what everyone is saying, it’s going to be really refreshing to actually have the competition so wide open. I want to see people really fight it out for the podium again.

      • tulip Says:

        Agreed…. I loved Norah Flatley. especially on beam and thought for sure she’d be going far

    • imperatorcarolus Says:

      I just know Reagan this year… Any of you are going to watch it live? I can’t watch it this year, but it will be great if any of you can publish live updates. Please, please!

  7. imperatorcarolus Says:

    Romania is in ever worse shape than I thought. The team competition of the EYOF just finished and Romania ended up tenth. Tenth in European competition! That is a fucking disaster. Romania is going to be in limbo for years after Larissa and Cata retire for good.

    • tulip Says:

      I am flabbergasted by this! I am just sorry to see such a powerhouse fall but at the same time, the dumb B&B people are the reason and there’s that sense of them getting what they earned. Just sorry it’s at the expense of the athletes

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