Where have all the gymnastics competitions gone?


Remember when the American Cup had a mixed event?  When Romania came for tri meets? When the Hilton Challenge existed? When junior Nationals was shown on National Television. The Goodwill Games , The Visa Challenge etc…  Heck we even had events like the Reeses International which was basically a fluff competition but where gymnasts did real skills like full in’s on floor.


It’s a shame that USA-Gymnastics fixed so many non World/Olympic competitions for the US (Remember when Kristen Maloney and Atler won all the event finals at the GWG? or when the US beat Romania at one of those international cups) that now these meets have disappeared from Television completely.



58 Responses to “Where have all the gymnastics competitions gone?”

  1. Gymbee Says:

    I remember the mixed ones, they were amazing! I remember seeing one I think Zamolodchikova and Nemov or Bondarenko were on a team together, with some rhythmic gymnast.

    I read an article about Gabby today where she basically said the final five aren’t friends, they were just selected to do a job together and that was it. I don’t know why she’s so desperate to distance herself from them? I get that they’re not necessarily BFF’s and that they have to play the party line to the camera, but I feel like she’s low-key shading them, hinting that she was a victim of their bullying.

  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    Nastia and her condescending voice commentated Utah OSU and she said oh there’s that U…. again…. like it was the dumbest thing ever. Shannon did the UWashington meet…

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Nastia sucks at commentating. I didn’t know Miller was doing College gym. UCLA’s scoring was hilarious today.

  3. G Says:

    Was this title paying homage to that one dance on Dance Moms, Where Have All the Children Gone? If not, please exuse my love of reality TV lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      No it wasn’t. Though a lot of my titles reference stuff no one understands this isn’t one of them.lol

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I was thinking of that song where have all the cowboys gone…released in the 90s and played over, and over, and over on the radio…

  4. G Says:

    Laney Madsen qualified for the secret classic. I’m excited to finally watch her compete elite

  5. Guest Says:

    What the hell is Gabby wearing in the recent events? She is thinking she can draw attention doing the sh*t like that?

  6. Gymnast41 Says:

    Chris Brooks and Jordyn wieber are a thing now….for some reason I’m thinking he’s so much older than her, but I think it’s because he’s been competing so long lol

  7. Guest Says:

    Anyone saw SI swimsuit issue?
    I think some of the Aly’s shoot is not so appropriate (especially the poses), though I found her naked shoot in ESPN body issue is more decent.

    • byrdisthewyrd Says:

      The Body Issue is different because it’s really meant to showcase the athlete’s body, all different kinds of bodies doing their different sports. I think people are confusing that with the SI Swimsuit Issue. It is not to showcase an athletic body so much as to showcase models in skimpy suits to cater to the sexual desires of the targeted audience- men. That’s why the poses are so different. Like there’s literally a pose where Aly is on the ground on her knees with her butt in the air. That is to showcase nothing but a butt so men can get their rocks off. I’m not saying I’m against it, they’re adult women and can do what they want although I wonder if they thought they were doing something like the Body Issue and didn’t really get it. For instance the pics where Aly is topless……yeah that’s not for the purpose of showing off her athletic body.

      • Guest Says:

        Because many little girls doing gymnastics should look up to them, I don’t think it is good example to those girls that Aly showed up some “inappropriate” poses which are targeting to adult men.

        Simone showed up her all athletic style in swimsuit issue so I have no opinion on her.

  8. byrdisthewyrd Says:

    Yeah, I totally get that. Also gymnastics is already such a sexualized sport. Some of the comments I read on gymnastics youtube videos are just horrific. They’re mostly contained to NCAA videos but still…. Plus with the Dr. Nassar issues and all the other creepy coaching perverts out there I can see where it can be seen in poor taste.

    • Cee Says:

      I follow Mack’s FB page and *every* *single* *time* she posts, 95% or more of the comments are sketchy creepy dudes saying things like “so sexxy.” So GROSS.

  9. gymtruthteller Says:

    I don’t have a problem with what Aly is wearing. She’s an adult. She can do what she wants but I don’t find any of those pictures appealing. The poses aren’t sexy to me they are awkward. I don’t find any of them sexy. I have a huge issue with woman thinking appearing naked is some how empowering. I never get why woman insist on wanting to be taken seriously then they strip and don’t understand how this sets them back. If you want to be given credit for your mind then don’t do shit like this. You have no reason to complain about not being taken seriously if this is something you want the attention for.

  10. gymtruthteller Says:

    Someone sent me an e-mail that said Natasha Kelley got a divorce. she no longer has any of her husbands pictures on her facebook page and now goes by just Natasha Kelley. Anyone hear anything about this? Did I even know she was married? I remember she dated that football player from Oklahoma but that’s about it.

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      Her husband (not sure if he is an ex) was a student-athlete. They dated through most of college so a while. They got married right after graduation. I don’t know about divorce but I def knew they were married.

      • Aerial Says:

        I didn’t hear a divorce was finalized but they were definitely separated. They had lots of press over their engagement and wedding as an OU super athlete couple… though I don’t recall anything about her gymnastics career there (never cared for her in elite) and don’t know anything about her husbands accomplishments. I remember all the cheesy gymnast + football player photos and articles around their campus, and I also remember a wedding photo where she was wearing a typical white dress and he had on Dad jeans, a massive belt and boots. Why I recall this so vividly but not their athletics whatsoever I dont know. Maybe just the intensity of the fashion crime.

    • Aerial Says:

      And very coincidentally today she just tweeted for the first time in a long time, about having a boyfriend. So there u go.

  11. dianajc99 Says:

    Love how USA gyms statement basically dug them into a bigger hole.
    Need to look up what “Immediately” in the dictionary.

  12. gymtruthteller Says:

    The initial diagnosis for Sam Mikulak is that he suffered an Achilles tendon injury #WinterCup

    3 replies 22 retweets 32 likes

    People like that he’s injured?? Tough luck for him but the meet will be a lot less noisy.

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      Can someone tell me why there is a meet with full routines in a middle of the year? And one where people have a history of getting injured.

      And this year, they changed the rules so that being on worlds/Olympic team doesn’t automatically qualify you to a national team. Only top 10 at this ridiculous meet does.

  13. gymtruthteller Says:


  14. Ilanchik20 Says:

    So I saw some rants about some tweet Simone supposedly posted that excluded Gabby. Anyone know what’s all the drama is about? I was staying off twitter lol.

  15. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Not to be rude but what in the world is Aly’s boyfriend wearing? lol

  16. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Anyone watch 60 minutes and then the statement usag released? What is wrong with Tasha? Why would she let usag to use her name for pr. She is a freaking lawyer, yet so clueless. Ugh.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Nothing is wrong with Tasha. Who even knows when she made that statement. Lets remember Tasha’s dealt with a lot of abuse from Jamie and Jeanette so maybe she has a reason to doubt them. No one should be throwing stones at other gymnasts. Jeanette and Jamie didn’t even know they were molested til last year. That seems crazy.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Oh and this situation has its own blog.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I’m not blaming Tasha per se. I just don’t think she should be making statements of this kind. I’m actually proud of Sloan for not saying anything and her former coach was all over the report and they blocked out her face. The whole implication that if it didn’t happen to me, it didn’t happen drives me crazy.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t think that’s what she is saying at all. She is giving her opinion on how she was treated and if Jamie and Jeanette didn’t realize what happened to them was wrong for 17 years I think everyone else should be given a little time to grasp everything. Like I said, who knows when Tasha gave that statement. Just because it was released now doesn’t mean she wrote it yesterday. She also didn’t defend Larry she defended USA-gymnastics because she feels they always had her best interest at heart. There is a difference.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        They may have taken her statement out of context but I hope if they are usin it, they have her permission to do so.

        Since usag is implicated in the suit (along with Karolys), her support of usag may as well be in support of him. Weirdly, they haven’t tried to distance themselves from him yet, which makes her support of them that much worse. I really don’t see how her statement has any merit or is relevant so she shouldn’t be making it. That’s my 2 cents anyways.

        I’m sure Penny will be fired. Too much on his hands now.

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