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I didn’t really cover Nationals this year and I feel guilty so here is my filler blog wrap up of what I thought. Drum Roll please………..

How about Caroline ZhangShort Program

Low balled in the SP. Low balled in the long Caroline was amazing and she wins best dress award hands down. It was nice to see her hit 2 programs for the first time in like forever. I don’t agree with Johnny who was very critical or Tara who over praised and I thought her loop was cheated but with the last few years Caroline has had this was amazing for her.

Head Case Central:

Gracie Gold:

[Short Program] [Long Program]

Don’t get me started. Neither deserves their programs being shown above. Only in the US can you not get credit for a jump at all and still get ridiculous scores that keep you in the competition.  Her SP combination was messy and cheated to me.  They gave her scratchy LP combination plus Then Gracie campaigned to be put on the World team and she had the AUDACITY, to sight Michelle Kwan in 2006 as her reasoning . Honey, Kwan was injured not to mention the 9 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPION and 5 time World Champion at that point and she didn’t suck the entire year leading up to those Olympics because she was hurt and couldn’t compete. Unlike you who took the summer off and just thought she would waltz into  the grand prix season on her name, THE YEAR BEFORE THE OLYMPICS.

You wonder why I cannot stand this girl. She also snuck back to train with her old coach for 2 weeks leading up to Nationals. Frank dumped her ass and told the media before he told her. Karma…

Mirai Nagasu:

[Short Program] [Long Program]

Mirai being trusted to go to Worlds would be a huge risk. It would also be stupid so thankfully the USFSA wasn’t dumb enough to do it.  She cheated jumps in her SP and they still gave her credit and then she imploded in her LP messing up jumps throughout and her SP was grossly overscored. I like Mirai. I like how she fights back when no one thinks she can and I fully expect her and the bratty phony above to do just that next year but there comes a time you just have to let go. Send someone for experience.

Mariah Bell:

[Short Program] [Long Program]

It’s Mariah dude… and no to skating Michelle Kwan music. Everyone over hyped her because she skated very well at Skate America but I’m just … enh on her..

Ashley Wagner:

[Short Program] Avoid. Tara love makes me gag…. ( yes the double axel was scratchy and she won’t be getting a 71 with a mistake at Worlds at least she skates like she means it. The rest of these programs were so slow in comparison.

Karen Chen:

[Long Program]

I am going to reverse the script here and put her SP up and not her LP. Her LP had a cheated jump and I wasn’t as impressed with but this SP was the highlight of the competition. She should have been ahead of everyone by a mile here.

…….and I suppose we should talk about the new quad king but honestly, I just am not impressed with anything he does that doesn’t involve jumping. This is skating I suppose I have to live with it…. glad he didn’t get hurt in his exhibition like last year. Smart kid not doing the quad

{Short Program}

and like always after watching Nationals I spend time watching Michelle Kwan because even with being impressed with some of what I saw this year there will never be another Kween…..


14 Responses to “Figure Skating wrap up”

  1. dianajc99 Says:

    I dont get the “Michele Kwan” music thing. Its not like she had the same programs multiple years.(98/02 short aside). East of Eden is a good piece like Carmen let skaters take shot at it.

  2. dianajc99 Says:

    although i will admit this one always comes to mind

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      KWEEN . Hey my spell check changed a misspell to Kween lol and NO ONE I’d allowed to use Kwan music says I ……

  3. Exgymgurl Says:

    I don’t get why the men bypassed Zhou for,the kid that has no quads Jason brown to go to,worlds, no way he will score that well, or medal, or anything and yet… hmmph… sorry I’m over him.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I agree about Jason the skater but Zhou at world’s would be a total disaster. Could mean 1 spot and this year is all about the Olympic spots . Zhou LP was overscored and Browns SP was a mess .

  4. Ss Says:

    Zhou has no experience and they need their placements to add up to 13 to qualify 3 men to the olympics. Jason is the safer choice. With his components he should be top 10. Nathan will easily be on the podium IF he performs like he did here. Zhou is a total wild card, if he misses his jumps he won’t score well. It’s too risky this year when he can go to jr worlds still.

  5. gymnerd Says:

    Is Ashley Wagner trying to portray a dominatrix in that SP, or what?

    • G Says:

      Lol I think she also needs help finding her natural hair color. She went from that awful blonde with roots to this way too dark almost black. Neither look right.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I hate the red and really hate the black. I wonder what her real color is ? I usually just remember the bitchy attitude lol

      • gymnerd Says:

        I seem to remember she had light brown hair back in her curly ponytail days (2008 or so). It looked a lot better than these completely unbelievable dye jobs.

  6. Cee Says:

    “She also snuck back to train with her old coach for 2 weeks leading up to Nationals.”

    WHAT?! Did NOT hear that!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Oh yes . I’ll see if I can find the article

      • Cee Says:

        Actually you inspired me and I did a little research on my own. Damn, I bet Frank was not happy with that. But, embarrassment on both parties’ parts aside, I’m glad he dropped her. His legacy is untouchable and she needs a different kind of coach. Or maybe just to chuck it all and do Stars on Ice or whatever the show is called now. She’s not a competitor. We’ve been through all this before and it was hard enough the first time with Sasha Cohen, who was an infinitely better skater when she’s on than Gracie Gold could ever hope to be.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I enjoyed Sasha falling , personally:) I don’t like Gracie either.

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