Happy New Year


Hope everyone has a happy and healthy  new year.

2016 overall wasn’t the greatest year for me health wise but I’m still here so I’ll take it.

Gymnastics wise it was better than 2008 and 2012 but overall sports wise it sucked big time with some of the most obnoxious teams taking home the titles in baseball, football and basketball ( damn you golden State) I don’t even remember who won hockey.lol (probably Chicago)


So here is to a fabulous 2017!


35 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. dianajc99 Says:

    wait didnt golden state lose.. i would have remembered Another Prade!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Lol yes they did. I was being sarcastic because they let LeBron win again

    • G Says:

      Sorry GTT I’m loyal to my Cavs. The championship parade was epic. And we won hockey too (our team is the Monsters), it was a good year for us Clevelanders! Too bad I spent the first day of 2017 with the stomach flu. Hope it’s not an omen about the year ahead lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Sorry G but I hate Richard Jefferson the most of any player currently in the NBA. He’s one of my all time least favorite players of all time and I just can’t be happy for any team that wins with him. Plus LeBron is a two faced ******** head. I hold many grudges. 😉

  2. dianajc99 Says:

    Happy New Year to all..This year has got to be better!!

  3. gymnerd Says:

    Happy New Year, GTT and fellow posters!

  4. Mim Says:

    Happy new year GTT and everyone here! Can’t believe it’s a new quad already.

  5. H Says:

    Happy new year!

  6. Sainabou Nyang Says:

    I’m hoping this quad us better. I just realized the last one was kind of meh.

    I like that I can watch a meet and not know automatically who will win. Im hoping for some surprises this quad and not the usual bs. Prayers for FX routines that are enjoyable to watch.

  7. Gymbot Says:

    Happy new year gtt and everyone!

  8. sanitynmotion Says:

    Happy New Year everyone. I will hope 2017 brings great health and happiness to all.

    GTT I hope you feel great this year. 🙂

    Some people said 2016 was horrible; personally I had a much worse 2015 so 2016 didn’t seem too bad. 2017 is just making me feel really old because I was having a hard time getting my head around it being 2016, and now all of a sudden it’s 2017.

    Anyways, enough of my rambling. Did anyone catch the Mariah Carey performance? I had a good chuckle…was a huge fan of her in the 90s but now she’s just on a cray rampage and I’m loving it.

    P.S. I’m hoping the Giants beat the Packers this coming week…our Vikings really sucked it up this season after giving us a false sense of hope for the first 5 games.

  9. Exgymgurl Says:

    NCAA starts Friday, can’t wait to hear Courtney kupets carter and GTTs fave Rothlisbooger!!! MAybe Asac will share some cute baby pics

  10. dianajc99 Says:

    Anybody doing fantasy gym this year??

    • SS Says:

      No! I fully planned on doing it but then I missed the draft. Hopefully next year I can get myself together, lol. But I am looking forward to the season starting.

  11. Melissa Says:

    Where do you guys watch NCAA?? I have a few channels on tv but they are only showing LSU tomorrow…do you stream off the ESPN app?

  12. Exgymgurl Says:

    sEC network

  13. Exgymgurl Says:

    https://stolica-s.su/sport/69721 Leonid archiev and inappropriate relationships?

  14. dianajc99 Says:

    interesting read..about the Peters Family

  15. Ilanchik20 Says:

    3 of the 5 are at the Globes. I’d expect Laurie to have been there. I guess she is doing the sets tour.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      i just saw a picture and couldn’t remember who the 5th team member was.lol

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Lol. The one who shall not be named Wonder why she isn’t there. You’d think she would want to capitalize on whatever capital she had left haha.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She doesn’t want to be Simone’s shadow. I’m telling you she was so relieved with losing out on that AA so she wouldn’t have to place second to Simone. It would have been bigger news if she had. Same with this. If she was there all the attention would go to Simone and it must KILL Gabby that Simone is liked by most.

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