My thoughts on the Olympics (Updated)

I’ve gotten a few e-mails from people asking me if I planned on giving my opinion on the  Olympics  now that I am feeling better (sort of) and since this Patriots game is boring me to tears I figured this would be as good a time as any.

I’m typing in bed with my computer on a pillow at a very weird angle ( so my back won’t hurt )so please excuse any and all mistakes.


King Kohei: The judges did their best to screw him over in favor of an ex soviet ( It’s a shame  I can’t blame Nelli for this) but my reaction during the actual event can easily be summed up in the title of the blog I wrote that day, titled, Fuck you judges, LONG LIVE KING KOHEI.  Lying in bed, in pain dealing with my ******* up ovaries and fallopian tubes, this was my one true moment of glee during that entire Olympics. I had honestly thought he was going to get screwed like he had been this entire Olympics but for once the judges , judged him fairly . And for anyone that thinks he didn’t deserve it, bite me:) Look at the execution scores esp during HB and tell me how Oleg and Kohei even came close to the same execution scores on that event.


BIGGEST Disappointment: Daria Spiridonova falling in the Event Finals during bars. Seda  Tutkhalian making the All Around only to throw it all away during the AA. Seriously kid. Shang Chunsong being screwed left and right especially on bars and beam. (She is the real bronze AA medalist and I’ll be defending that til my last breath) Dragulescu,  not winning a vault or floor medal.

Favorite moments: 

:Aly making the AA:) Daria hitting beam during prelims ( never expected that) Simone living up to her hype. Kocian winning a silver on bars ( yes I know it surprised even me) SEE, King Kohei, above.  Leyva winning 2 medals in EF, proving he should have been on this team in the first place. The moment Aly’s beam score came in and she played the role of leader and quietly ran over to Mihai to smile to not upset the phony gold medal winner but only of hugging when the camera is around.. Naddour winning an individual bronze. (Hollie Vise finally gets her Olympics) The Japanese men winning gold. Though I felt bad for China. The Chinese woman’s  team winning bronze.

Mean things I liked because I’m a bitch: Gabby not making the AA. Don’t for a second buy that phony smile. If anything she was relieved  she didn’t have to explain the American way of thinking you’re a  failure for not winning gold. Chris Brooks , NOT doing well in the AA ( I know, hater:) The entire US men’s team for not winning a team medal. The ego of this program in general when they haven’t accomplished jack shit since the 80’s annoys me. You don’t see the US women’s program half assing practice or running around screaming like they can win gold when they know the best they can do is finish third IF they hit.



Simone Biles:  Boy did this kid live up to the hype . I even think she was somewhat underscored. These certainly weren’t the Worlds judges from 2015 when it came to the way they scored her. They nit picked her more than anyone else on team USA ( she was actually the only one nit picked on team USA) and yet she shined like anyone who has watched over the last 3 years knew she would.

The Uneven Bar judges:  Whoever provided the crack throughout the competition to these judges should be sent to jail for treason. The fact that this routine was absent from finals so Nelli Kim should make sure Aliya Mustafina could win gold is right up there with the 1992 Olympic AA for biggest joke in Olympic history. Funny how BOTH sets of results involved Nelli Kim in some form.  I am not sure why the Chinese didn’t sub her in for Chunsong Chang in the Event finals ( she was 9th in qualifying) She easily would have won bronze at least even with the judges cheating for the Russians and Americans.

The All Around controversy that wasn’t but should be: Simone and Aly were leap years ahead of most everyone else and it was nice to see Aly finally win her AA medal but I will never believe for a second Aliya Mustafina and her shitty twisting form deserved to beat Chang Shunsong and her shitty twisting form during this All Around.

Aliya has the edge on vault and that is it. Shang has a 6.8 to Aliya’s 6.7 on bars and she owns her on beam and floor with start values of 6.4 to 5.3 If this competition had involved any other nation but Russia, Shang Chunsong would have won the bronze medal. That’s a plus start value of over a point and a half  yet Aliya won by over a tenth. If this had happened to the US all hell would have broken lose. I haven’t even seen it debated because the gym world is so far up Aliya’s ass they couldn’t find there way out with a map and a flash light. I’m not an Aliya hater either. She missed a mandatory combination on beam and that is why her start value was so low but it shouldn’t matter. All that should matter is what she performed.

Event Finals-

Vault: The outcome will be far more remembered by me for what wasn’t accomplished vs what was. Dipa and Oksana got credit for crappy Prods that in a real world never should have happened. The then reigning Olympic champion was very close to getting credit for her triple twisting Yurchenko which IMO was closer to being what it was intended to be than what actually got credit by Dipa and Oksana. Paeska won a silver medal with her shitty form. Guila finally won an Olympic medal and Simone was once again the class of the meet with her usual great vaults.( Feel free to fix the grammar in this

Uneven Bars: No complaint with the results but only because I can’t remember how Chang Shunsong competed. Though I could debate Kocian getting under a point in deductions with all her form issues. It’s always nice to see someone sneak into the medals who you didn’t expect ( bronze for Sophie Scheder) even at the expense of your favorite (Oh Daria) Aliya deserved her medal ( but only because Yilin was lowballed and didn’t make finals due to cheating Nelli)

Balance Beam: Sanne Weavers routine is not my favorite but she did a great job and deserved her win. I like how she said after the fact she had planned a huge 7 plus routine to compete with Simone but scrapped it after Simone fell on the beam. She was going for the win and I like to see that fire from people. Unless it’s attempting a Prod vault you know you’re lucky to land on your feet and try and take advantage of a ridiculous loop hole in the code 🙂 Laurie had a great routine for silver and Simone snuck in for bronze.

Floor: We all knew Simone would win as long as she stood up. Aly took second thanks to her great tumbling ( though I still say she should have upgraded that last pass and gone for broke but it probably wouldn’t have made a difference anyway. The judges love Simone for her tumbling and never seem to really deduct her for her landings but she did pretty well this time) Tinkler is one of my least fave gymnasts in a long time based on her gymnastics only  but even I couldn’t help but feel happy for her because she was so happy. The US mentality of all that matters is gold is sometimes hard to watch. It’s nice to see someone so happy with a bronze.


I know I was gone for  most of the Olympics so tell me what you thought. Favorite moments. Least favorite moments. Best Vault, bars, beam, floor etc…..



Fabian Hambuechen winning High bar.



62 Responses to “My thoughts on the Olympics (Updated)”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:

    My favorite part is that lleyva has 3/4 medals in men’s in the last two Olympics. And they wanted to leave him home. LMFAO!!!! Whittenburg had a shitty trials but would have done better than Brooks or dalton or both. Then they put Bozo in the tour!!! After Ohio !!! For the last legs! They need to get rid of Mikulak and crew and move forward.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      They need to hire Marta to train the men and none of this taking Bozo and Brooks would ever happen. Marta judges wouldnt let it 🙂

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    I think I was just relieved Gabby didn’t make the AA, even though I KNEW she’d be allowed to go for it (despite Laurie deserving it more…heck, even Kocian deserved it more).

  3. gymnerd Says:

    Aly finally getting an AA medal. I wish she hadn’t ruined it for me a few days later when she did that awful interview with Costas. I’m not as much of a fan since then.

  4. Gymbot Says:

    IN addition to what you have already said, I am still bummed about Larissa Iordache not having the chance to compete at the Olympics, when she was the team and earned all of Romania’s WAG medals last quad.

    There was also a lot of nice gymnastics on display from Brazil, the Netherlands and Japan. I am partial to the Dutch beam routines, Murakami’s clean work and most of the Brazilian team

  5. Exgymgurl Says:

    Gabby did her job, and is still the only AA gold medalist in WAG without an EF medal. Laurie wasn’t doing bars because of an ab issue and she almost got replaced because of her stupid coach complaining. IDK to me Shannon Miller should have been on the Sydney team because of her gamer status regardless of trials, that was stupid and egotistical of Bela. They left her home the same way Danell was left off the team because of egos more than anything. Danell should have strategically sat out nationals after the dog attack, but his trials scores were fine and still not named. I don’t really like him, but he’s a gamer and should have been given the chance to do AA instead of just Bozos events. And no they didn’t need Brooks, they didn’t need dalton either they would have been better off taking modi and written erg to get them some more experience.

  6. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    I agree with Gymbot about Larissa. I am still terribly sorry for her and I would have liked to see her in Rio. I think the Romanian federation is regretting their decision of putting Cata ahead of her, given the results. We can’t know what Lari would have done if she compited, but at least Romania would have had representation in the AA. Maybe she could have even snatched the bronze after Aliya’s and Seda’s problems and Chusong low scoring vault. I am also bummed about Chusong and the chinese girls in general. That Fan Yilin was pushed out of the UB final was a great injustice.

    I was mostly happy for Mustafina and how she proved Valentina wrong once more. The Russian federation should be kissing her feet after this Olympics, because she was the one who carried out their team. With the mealtdown of the younger girls, without her, I am not sure they would have got even a bronze in the team competition. Without her, probably their only medal would have been Paseka’s. So even when I think Chusong deserved AA bronze, I am overall happy for Musty after all her injuries and the rumours of a possible retirement that were flying around before the Olympics. I was very happy for Giulia’s medal too. And I want to point out my admiration for Chuso once again. To attempt a Produnova at her age with more chances to land it than girls that could be their daughters takes balls. And she is not retiring and is still training the AA. That woman has balls of steel.

    I was not so excited about Simone and Aly winning, because I began to watch the Olympics knowing that Team finals, AA, and floor finals were theirs to loose, so it was a given. Happier for Aly, though. I don’t enjoy her gymnastics, but I thought for a time that Martha was going to screw her over to let Laurie try for the AA with Gabby and Simone, so I am happy for her.

  7. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Nassar formally charged:

    • Cupquaked Says:

      Just read this. How did they let this happen? I hope with new leadership comes new security regulations and better protection for these gymnasts.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Insane. One of the cases involving a non-gymnast under 13, with alleged abuse happening in his home.

      I remember he appeared in McKayla Maroney’s keek when they were getting treatment at Worlds 2013. Crazy.

  8. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    Don’t know if this is true, but I would believe it after what both Rodionenkos had said officially in front of journalists regarding Aliya and Grishina in the past.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Marta did the same thing as a coach . They all do it. Daria probably fell because they kept changing her bar routine . Who can be consistent with that going on . Gotta love Aliya . She knows they would be dead in water without her .

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        I tend to believe it. Both Seda and Dasha had consistency problems as of late. Seda fell all over the place in Massilia (she had a 10 on beam and didn’t reach 14s in any other apparatus in the AA and fell in all her event finals as well) and Dasha fell on UB in the quals and in the AA. She didn’t even qualified for UB event finals in Massilia when there is no serious competition at all. Seda has always had consistency problems, but Dasha’s are fairly new. If shouting at them is their only strategy, it is no wonder almost all the team has serious consistency issues. I really love Aliya. If she had been made of softer stuff and had left the sport after her ACL tear in 2011 as Valentina said she should do, these four years would have been almost blank for Russia.

  9. Gym Obsessed Says:

    Glad to hear you’re recovering. I was so sad about Shang – she was completely robbed and it almost ruined the AA for me. I was glad to see Laurie sneak in a silver on BB. And so glad for Simone that she lived up to the hype. I also would have loved for Lari to have been there.

  10. dianajc99 Says:

    The one (dumb) thing that pissed me off the most of the games was Cata not wearing a true Romanian leotard.

    • Cupquaked Says:

      That girl was there for herself, not for her country. I used to love her and her gymnastics but she proved this summer that she was in it for completely selfish reasons. Didn’t surprise me at all that her leotard was less than patriotic.

  11. JAS4 Says:
    Saw this video of a dad copying his daughters gymnastics skills on fb lol

  12. Exgymgurl Says:

    So Laurie and Val actually won DWTS! Only her and Shawn!

    • G Says:

      I don’t have an issue with Laurie personally (not a huge fan of her gymnastics) but I’m really bummed she won. The runner up was an Indy car driver named James and he had SO MUCH talent! I’d say he was definitely a better dancer than her but I knew she’d win from day one. Oh well

  13. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    Fuck, no, Chusong! She will not compete AA in Tokyo squad.

  14. Sainabou Nyang Says:

    This olympic games was meh for me. Mostly because we knew who was winning in TF. Plus team USA had no chemistry whatsoever and no cohesion. It gelt like the Sydney team only with better gymnast.

    The only good highlights imo were non big 4 winning medals on the men and womens side. Still waiting for them to put the full competitions on utube.

    Agree about Aliya, shang, and us mens team. Aliya was ok in rio but not the best. Im ok with her winning gold on bars lol. But the aa bronze should have gone to shang.

    Im over the us mens team. They need new faces and new talent going into Tokyo.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The woman were boring. Even the surprise winner on beam was like, big whip Simone fell. The mens competition was much more exciting.

    • G Says:

      So agree. The friendships n this team felt so forced for the USA. The girls in london seemed to have a lot more history and were truly friends (minus Gabby)

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Kyla was friends with Mykayla who was friends with Aly who was friends with Jordyn and apparently the parents all got along. It didn’t last long though because they aren’t that close anymore.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Jordyn and Aly are still friends, mckayla and Kyla who knows, girls drift apart. Gabby was odd person out. None of the five this year are great friends. Obvious minus Gabby they get along but Kocian, Hernandez, raisman and biles weren’t really friends.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Aly and Jordyn are hardly friends. Hi bye friends maybe but really real friends, don’t think so.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        How is it Simone is a grand Marshall in the Houston thanksgiving parade and Laurie is the only one at the Macy’s parade?

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        And Aly is doing a Detroit, MI parade which seems particularly odd to me.

        They are not even trying to pretend they are one team this year lol.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Right and Laurie is going on tour with DWTS. That’s another huge paycheck! Simone got most of her $$ before the medals and will keep getting it but Laurie is raking it in now. Shade is the best gymnastics agent ever. I don’t see Gabby endorsing anything she’s got red extension braids and her whole family is on vacation. The only thing she has left is Nike. And Nike also has Simone. And Shawn. Sad.

    • dianajc99 Says:

      It is possible that Simone chose to be home with family in Houston.

  15. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    Catalina Ponor and Chuso will participate in this weekend’s Abierto de México. Chuso is not going to retire for the time being, it seems (the day she retires for good, the world would end) and Cata didn’t seem to either. I don’t know if she will try for another squad or until the next European Championships, that will take place in Romania.

  16. Exgymgurl Says:

    They make bank doing these things like Ferrari.

  17. Exgymgurl Says: Oh look it’s the woga sushi restaurant

  18. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    Cata’s floor and beam exercises from the Abierto de México of this weekend. Her floor looks better than in Rio, but her beam is still off despite being her routine of almost her whole life.

  19. Gymnast41 Says:

    Finally got around borrowing Simone’s book from someone and came through some interesting revelations:

    She was and still is a self-proclaimed brat with an attitude problem

    She called miss Val just minutes before she announced she will go pro and held it off for weeks

    Her parents have to be loaded, I mean….I knew they were, but the book clarified just how blessed she really was growing up.

    She felt so intimidated by Madison desch, katelyn, and lexie that she didn’t even want to come close to beating them so that they’ll like her in the future.

    Marta didn’t realize her potential until she was 14 after tons of videos being sent

    There’s an interesting story about her almost getting stabbed in 7th grade after telling this boy what not to do lol

    There’s a section where she mentions maddie tied with Aliya at worlds for the UB title meaning she definitely doesn’t pay attention when it comes to international results…

    Overall it was a pretty good read that told a lot about her, even though I definitely got the vibe that there wasn’t a whole lot of editing given the amount of cheesy moments lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Self proclaimed brat with am attitude problem . Mmmm . That is interesting .
      Where have I heard that before ????

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Her coach hinted at that a while back I think…

        Self proclaimed brat. Nastia? Shawn? (I’m asking where you’ve heard that before, thinking it was likely a sarcastic remark. If I missed that then I’m sorry!)

        Seems like most of these elite gymnasts grow up “blessed” – aka, loaded. That’s why it’s hard for me to root for Team USA sometimes. They are all spoiled rich kids, even though I give them credit for working really hard.

        Didn’t help when at the Olympics it was mentioned that just one of those US leos cost like $12,000 or something like that. Yuck. Shades of Nancy Kerrigan and her designer $20,000 skating outfits when she was an amateur.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It was sarcasm for my info about Simone acting bratty on tour.

      • dianajc99 Says:

        I don’t think they were $20,000. more like $5,000
        still a big chunk back then

  20. Exgymgurl Says:

    The Leo’s are comps to the girls ( free) for Olympics and worlds. They also get an allotment of national team Leo’s if they are on the national team. That may be what people think they would go for at auction. Kerrigan had a choice, these girls don’t. USFSA also gave Kerrigan a costume allowance.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I figured the girls weren’t paying for the leos, but did it cost that much to make? I wonder where that figure is from. Just seems exorbitant and unnecessary, but that’s just me.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Those Leos are specs to their measurements, custom. The college teams don’t do that unless someone is really hard to fit. That means they are all hand sewn, which means every girl has a specific cut pattern also, not to a spec. You figure most GK Leo’s are $60 mass produced. I can see with that many hand sewn Swarovski crystals like the leos they had in TF, the that labor is not cheap combined with custom made…

      • dianajc99 Says:

        Ha AGK competition Leo $60. I won a $1000 gift card from them a few years back, I got 3 Long sleeve leo’s and one sleeveless and it still went $50 over.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        4 leos for over $1,000? That’s sickening. And I thought new swimsuits (Speedos) at about $60 was too much so I’d order a “grab bag” one online for like $20 a pop. And they would last me for a couple months at least…

        I digress.

        Pretty sure though Kerrigan’s leos were about $18,000. That big designer did hers…dammit what’s her name. Vera Wang.

  21. Exgymgurl Says:

    I guarantee you every other country sizes off the rack and alters if necessary, and doesn’t do anything custom.

    • Cupquaked Says:

      I see we’re just going to ignore all of GB’s leos for the last 10 years…if it’s got the national flag designed into it, it was custom made. Maybe not always in sizing but definitely in design. It’s not like the Russians just go pull their leos off the rack. Or even the Netherlands for that matter. I would guess most nations spend a chunk of money on their leos, not just USA.

      • dianajc99 Says:

        The Russians used Alpha Factor in London. One design is even named the can still order it through the custom design catalog.
        With the GK leo you cant copy the nat team Leo’s because Under Armour owns the designs.

  22. Bess Says:

    Well, it’s official. Ernst to Alabama

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      And she’s joining them in January. Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe the Florida coach released her and lost bailie key and her. To an sec rival

      • Bess Says:

        How do releases work exactly…I was kind of under the impression that Florida essentially cut her loose first

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Yes florid awanted her to take a medical retirement she said no, so the coach left the medical retirement open and released her to talk to other schools. Bailie Key decommitted and is now with bama. Wouldn’t surprise me if baumann doesn’t decommit. There is no way I’d want to be at Florida.

      • dianajc99 Says:

        Is Florida really that bad? Or is it just a big let down of a new coach? like post Suzanne at Georgia. I have never heard anything bad about the coach..unlike at stanford and penn

  23. Exgymgurl Says:

    Just think if Peyton’s score is the difference at SEC or super 6…

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