Shawn Johnson and the tour video

Shawn doing videos like this while tired is pretty funny to me.  Many people think she came off as kind of bratty but I think she is just being honest. Or she’s hung over or channeling a member of the 7 Dwarfs (dopey, sleepy, bashful, dim-wit) Keep them coming Shawn


Just for the record I’ve been told there has been more tour drama than someone is letting on. I am leaving names out for now…

:One tour member was so fed up with how someone else was acting ( that person would surprise the world)  that she threatened to quit if something wasn’t done about it.

:Another tour member didn’t show up for several tour stops she was scheduled for and did not inform anyone she wouldn’t be there.


Non tour related but very much related to a gymnast on the tour  has been informed if she ever wants to be the face of anything she better start being nice to people. That is why you see this person in the middle of every picture with her arms around everyone with a big fat phony smile on her face. It pretty much just proves she is the phony we knew she was all along.


Sometimes I rant about Politics (not as much as I could) but this is hilarious. I always thought Michelle Kwan was a smart cookie but I guess not. Shame on you, Hillary using the Kween. Props to Darius for having a brain.

Cup of China link to Results



And here is when you know you made it. Someone buys your domain Gee I thought I made it when someone signed up for tumblr under my name and called me names but this is better


61 Responses to “Shawn Johnson and the tour video”

  1. gymnerd Says:

    Oh, come on, name some names. I think we can all guess who the last one is, but I’m guessing the first one is either Simone or Aly?

    Really surprised Shawn put this out there. In a way it’s nice to see her being real, but doesn’t she care about her image? Sponsors? Or is her shelf life just about over so she doesn’t care who thinks what?

    Oh, and if the bitch turns out to be Wieber, I won’t be that surprised. Both times she’s been to a certain meet in my part of the country, the girls in my gym have said she acts very put-upon about signing autographs.

  2. Mim Says:

    I got through half that video before I bailed. It was painful. Appreciate the honesty Shawn but if you can’t bring any interesting humour to it (dry, sarcastic, silly, whatever) then it just sounds whiny no matter how legit the concerns are (and they do sound legit! Her sentiments are probably spot on). It’s the sort of rant you have privately with a girlfriend or your partner. It gives a bit of insight into Shawn.. I can see her being genuine friends with Nastia if that’s her personality lol.

    I’ll guess Ashton for the one needing to focus on her image and being nice to everyone. Her image will be important given that she’s given up NCAA and will be continuing with gymnastics.

    My heart will break if Simone is the diva! If it’s Simone, I have to believe the pissy gymnast is maybe jealous or unreasonable or just has a personality clash. Maybe Nastia is jealous of Simone getting all the attention haha. Or maybe all the attention is taking its toll and gymnast needs to chill out and come back to earth. Glad it isn’t Aly. Guessing Gabby is the one not showing up.

    Although the tour seems so poorly organised and like hell on earth (that tour bus, ugh) I wouldn’t blame any of these girls for being fed up and over it.

    Thanks for some fun blind gossip, GTT!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      But now I feel like I have to name names because people are so off. Aly is the one who wanted out and Simone is the one who is acting like a teen and having some teen issues. They are back to being friends again. Nastia has been told to be nicer by agent types and gabby is the one that skipped shows. There now you all know .

      • Ss Says:

        I mean, the thing about Simone is she is a teen…and for the first time ever she doesn’t have Aimee or her mom constantly watching her. If the worst she does is act entitled and then have everyone tell her to knock it off, it’s not that bad.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Having been around children with ADHD or some form of it I wouldn’t be surprised if it was related to that. I have been around multiple kids with issues like this and even when on their medication some of them have difficult times. I’ll worry about it in 4 years if she still acts as self entitled as Gabby. Though it must have gotten really bad if Aly threatened to quit.

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        Have to say, I am imagining Aly saying with Danny Glover’s voice: “I’m too old for this shit”.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I agree that it could be related to ADHD. Just seeing snaps with Simone in it exhausts me a little bit, bless.

      • Gym Obsessed Says:

        Interesting. I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing Aly in many pics with Simone and others so this makes sense…

  3. G Says:

    Lol this is hilarious. I would hate to be on this tour. I have no patience for teenage drama either. To get mad over someone wearing the same leotard or hairstyle is as petty as it gets.

  4. Exgymgurl Says:

    Shawn has to make $$ somehow….so YouTube channel ads… Her husband didn’t make an NFL team. Shade would tell Nastia to be nice. I know Laurie missed one weekend, as did Shawn. In Charlotte I heard only gabby and Aly from the fierce 5 were there. I think of the pros, Gabby missed the most shows which is sad because like Aly said so many little girls look up to her. Kocian missed a bunch because she started at UCLA but she’s not a pro. There are also a lot of complaints about the gymnasts not talking to anyone during signing and only talking to eachother. Also it wouldn’t surprise me if Simone or Aly had threatened to quit. They are the only two with enough clout for usag to do something and care about it. If Simone saw it hurting her team then yeah I see her sticking her neck out.

  5. Exgymgurl Says:

    I meant Simone and Aly in Charlotte, gabby was absent from that show

  6. sanitynmotion Says:

    Guessing Nastia is the one hugging everyone and the tour bitch is Jordyn, even though that’s surprising. Maybe her management position at ucla is getting to her head or something.

    I can’t see it being Simone. And I can’t see it being Gabby because she’s probably trying to skip this shit show as much as possible.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Nope and I didn’t use word bitch. Teenagers being teenagers. Aly is the one who wanted to quit. The other one isn’t the has been and while I wont name names it’s easy to figure it out lol

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I have my head up my ass – I’ll admit it – so I can’t figure this out lol. Who went on the tour again? And if you mention teenagers I’m guessing the annoying one (not a b-word then) is one of the younger members of the tour. Locklear? Regan? Crap I suck.
        I’m glad Aly spoke up then.

        OK so I saw your post earlier and now that you named names it’s much easier. 🙂 I’m surprised Simone became a diva, but then again her coach said Simone wasn’t perfect. And now Simone has some freedom, so some of this probably got to her head. Although Simone isn’t a teenager am I right? Isn’t she like 20?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Simone is 19

  7. Ilanchik20 Says:

    This is the video and comment on Gabby’s IG. Draw your own conclusions lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Gabby is the one who likes to separate herself from the group . She thinks she is Dominique Dawes in that sense she is better than everyone else and too good to be part of a team. Not surprised she is happy the tour is over. I hope she realizes the money is pretty much over now at least for 4 years. She might need to get a real job soon.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        She might get one more tour…. I just feel sorry for gabby. Gabby needs to figure out college or something. Maybe start her own company?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She needs to grow up amd take ownership of her own life. Too many people make excuses for her . To not show up for scheduled tour stops after she agreed to is ridiculous. It shows her lack of maturity. I have a friend whose daughter is 21, owns a house , put herself through College on her own and is currently in the process of buying another house to rent to someone . The excuse making for Gabby needs to stop. This kid didn’t have half the opportunities Gabby had . She did it working 2 jobs and sacrificing . Rant over ! Not yelling at you just venting .

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I thought Gabby did start her own company, and her poor sister was forced to give up her dreams to help manage it. Wasn’t that the story at least?

        Gabby will be fine. Hope she saved some of her dough to help her on in life.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Gabby’s sisters are her assistants.

      • Melanie Says:

        I’m with you on most of this, but the analogy only stands if your friend’s daughter also had to buy houses for her family and support all of them, too. And I’m definitely not a Gabby-stan, but I think she’s between a rock and a hard place. It must suck to feel like you’re going to be used whether you’re with your family or with USAG. She only knows how to be a gymnast, and I think that gravy train stopped for her before she even got to Rio. She may have some serious soul-searching ahead of her in the next few years.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Maybe she wants to support her mother. Who wouldn’t and my friends daughter worked to support herself with real jobs and not dancing on a floor mat. Gabby didn’t support her mother til the last few years. You’re right my friends daughter did it out of necessity . Gabby is doing it because her mother is lazy and so are her sisters and she could also say no. Natalie would have to get her fat ass up and go get a job if Gabby said no. My friends daughter did it to survive.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Eeryone else is like I’m so sad it’s over . Ill miss my family like. Gabby is like good

  8. Melanie Says:

    Isn’t Mykayla on the tour? She’s starting college, so who knows how often she’s performing, but imagine putting her and Gabby on a bus together. AWKWARD.

  9. sanitynmotion Says:

    I got around to watching this video – or at least playing it in the background. Can’t get past 6 minutes (is all of it dedicated to the eating schedule or lack thereof?)…then I basically turned it off at where she said her husband is teaching her how to budget, which is laughable in and of itself. So now he’s no longer a football star or whatever they gotta save their pesos? Too funny. Guessing that’s a big reason why she’s on this tour because I can’t imagine she’d want to do it otherwise.

    Sounds like an epic catty mess fest. Like my personal hell.

    She overall came off very honest at least. I think that’s her real personality. She was just being goofy and chatty about topics that were…not really relevant, but whatever. It’s her blog.

  10. Lithi Says:

    I would murder for tour dirt regarding the Soviet gymnasts when they used to tour.

  11. Gymnast41 Says:

    The only person gabby was regularly in pictures or snapchats in with was Simone and Ashton, and it seems as if Ashton separated herself from others for the older group, and Simone separated herself in favor for the tramp/rhythmic group. I could see the drama without even knowing what’s really going on through the social media posts. Like aly and Simone suddenly not posting every picture together, aly reposting gabby’s Instagram rant, Laurie just not being in pics with anyone…anyone else notice that Jordyn and aly haven’t posted anything together? I feel like the only friendship that stayed the same throughout this tour is Shawn and nastia, which isn’t really that important since they’re quote “old farts”.

    Lastly gotta bring up gabby’s post on insta with a pic of all her world and Olympic medals covering her eyes with the caption “when you can’t see the haters cause you’re blocking them out with your winnings”. I’ve gotta say, the pettiness that she’s been doing lately is eye opening considering she’s still having to make money for her family….

    • Gymbee Says:

      Really surprising me too, that she’s not playing a more “media-friendly”, PC image. Referring to having “haters” is negative and controversial.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The entire Hawkins / Douglas family only cares about controversy these days . It’s the only time they get any attention out of the black community . Gold medalists unless really successful like Simone only get attention from the main media during an Olympic year. Aly’s connection are mostly Boston these days and we’re a special situation when it comes to sports . The occasional morning show aside , Simone will be the one getting all the attention from here on out . I found it interesting they sent Aly to promote the tour over Simone a lot of the time .

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Gabby seems fed up with it all. Even her smile is a complete fake . It’s more of a half ass smirk saying, I don’t want to be here .

  12. Exgymgurl Says:

    Love how that makes it look like she has five Olympic medals…. Oh no gabby you only have three the other two are world team medals from 2011 and 2015. Where is the world silver?

  13. Sainabou Nyang Says:

    Good lord. This tour aint over yet?

    I saw a few clips of it and couldn’t believe people wasted money on it

  14. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    The Couch Gymnastics says that Valentina said that Afan is back to training and planning to resume her elite carreer. What a surprise! I thought she had important physical problems that forced her to retire.

  15. Case Says:

    Interesting article on Gabby’s perspective of her experiences leading up to Rio.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Dawes was NEVER her role model until after she won so more bull shit there . At least she admits her cyst was not an issue at the Olympics. So sick of social media getting a bad rap because she acted like a spoiled brat . You should be proud you didn’t suck at the Olympics but acting like you earned your spot is just more bull shit . I’ve gotta go back to not reading articles about her but this one needs to be saved . In a few years when she pretends she had this cyst in Rio we will be able to prove she’s a liar .

      • Gymbee Says:

        So if it wasn’t the cyst, I wonder what her mother was referring to when she said “when people find out they won’t question why she behaved the way she did” or whatever it was she said.

    • Melanie Says:

      I’m surprised she wants to continue on to Tokyo. Well, surprised in some ways. I don’t expect Gabby to have any other path planned forward, but she also seems so done with gymnastics. It may not be up to her – especially with only a four person team.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She’s very Lucky she’s so physically strong. She half assed her training and still made the Olympic team because of Steve Penney and Marta not playing fair . With Marta gone and Steve hopefully on his way out for allowing a pervert to molest kids for 8 years maybe Valeri will be different . We can hope .

      • Melanie Says:

        I REALLY hoped this would be the last of the Douglas drama. Serves me right for wishful thinking. And yes, Penny needs to be gone like yesterday.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        If they put her on the team in 4 years after all the drama she brought to this year’s team and trust me she created all kinds of bitterness by her actions then they deserve WHT they get.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        She wants to stay relevant. I wonder who her coach will be and where she will train.

      • Gymbot Says:

        Maybe coach Christian? will coach her again, he is consulting right now but maybe Natalie will be forward thinking and start a gym, hire Christian to train gabby and bring in rec money.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Building a gym doesn’t contribute to Natalie’s fancy house lifestyle so I doubt that’s one of their life goals for Gabrielle

      • Gymbot Says:

        Yeah it doesn’t seem like it fits with their business model for gabby. But if they can’t find her a gym to train in, they might have to build one.

  16. dianajc99 Says:

    So The Romain Gymnastics Federation is suing Asiana Pengs Mom for calling out there bullshit. Interesting strategy.

  17. Exgymgurl Says: A 12 yo female landed a quad in figure skating

  18. gymnerd Says:

    They’re talking about us over on IG!!!!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      No one cares . True Free speech is something people can’t handle. I don’t even remember the name I used to read that board so I couldn’t see what they are saying even if I wanted to. Which I don’t . My life is so complicated right now dealing with my health issue and adult life I don’t understand how they spend all their time over there on the Internet creating drama. How do they find the time ?

      • gymnerd Says:

        I just found it amusing that they’re so horrified that we dislike Gabby and Nastia here – but not horrified enough to stop reading here.

  19. G Says:

    Norah sticking her laid out double double bar dismount! (At least I think that’s what it’s called 😀 )

    Bar dismount

    A post shared by Chows Gym (@chows_gym) on

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