2016 Olympics, Event Finals: Day 2

This is so stupid having beam on its own day. Remember in 92 when gymnasts like Miller and Milo had to do an all around for event finals in one day? Yep all 4 events on the same day.


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  1. Guest Says:

    Does anyone notice the immediate reaction of Gabby and other teammates when waiting for Kocian’s bars score? Both Aly and Laurie looked feeling sorry that Kocian came to the second place but Gabby was clapping about it and looked more thrilled. That may be why Gabby is not into the team.

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      Unless she was happy about that great score like Madison was and wasn’t paying attention to mustafina’s score, she probably was relieved she didn’t get a gold medal. Not surprising though

    • lovelucas Says:

      Just my impression but it looked like she was relieved that Kocian didn’t get the gold.

  2. SS Says:

    At this point I actually feel bad for her. Gabby is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. She was probably trying to look like a good team mate since she was shit all over after the AA, but then she gets in trouble for smiling. I am curious what team Gabby is about to release because they definitely seem as though they are about to let out a “bombshell.” (Probably that she’s actually injured and that’s why she didn’t perform to her potential). Although If she had a good PR person they wouldn’t bitch about anything and just work on her public image–have her go do lots of philanthropic events or something, but alas that won’t happen.

    • dianajc99 Says:

      Yes the best thing for her is to just take it and move on. do the tour.

      • Guest Says:

        The tour will be the end of Gabby’s fame train. I wonder who wants to endorse her after her controversy in Rio.

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        Someone mentioned it on yesterday’s post but I definitely think we’ll see another book coming out :/ I’m hoping that we don’t since coming home from the 2012 Games and immediately “writing” a book was one of the first things that turned people off to her. Throwing your old coaches/teammates under the bus with unsubstantiated accusations of racism and bullying AFTER you win 2 gold medals was hardly a good PR move on her part.

      • Cee Says:

        Gabby wrote a book? Is it better or worse than, say, Chalked Up or Moceanu’s book (whose title I don’t recall right now–Off Balance?)?

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        Haha…there’s a reason I put the word “writing” in quotation marks. I believe she has 2 books and the first one came out a few months after the Olympics. I haven’t read either of them.

      • Cee Says:

        I found it on the NYPL site and downloaded it. Love the marriage of e-books and libraries–instant gratification!

    • allie Says:

      totally agree. it’s just ugly :/
      I bet she’s regretting the whole comeback at this point…. I wonder if she gets dropped from any deals she had pre-Olympics?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I bet her sponsors just opt not to renew their contracts with her.

        If they dropped her outright momager would be screaming “racist” till the cows come home.

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    Wait so floor is on a separate day?

    • lovelucas Says:

      It is- Beam is Monday… FX is Tuesday. So everyone is cold, not in the zone but will have to psyc themselves up ….. Warming up one event per day.

    • Guest Says:

      Maybe it is for Simone. Let her get more time to prepare.

    • Uglyfatkid Says:

      It’s all about money. Woman’s gymnastics is a cash cow for the Olympics…so if they can break it up into more days they get more viewership/sponsors/money/etc. I’m surprised they had vault and bars on the same day since they are splitting floor/beam. Next time everything will probably be on separate days if we are seeing them split things up this year. Damn money whores.

      • gymnerd Says:

        Yeah, but it prolongs the inevitable end for us fans too. It does mean I have to sit through more beach volleyball, but if it puts off post-Olympic letdown/”We have to wait four years now?!” for one more day, I don’t mind.

  4. Uglyfatkid Says:

    By the way GTT, thank you so much for providing a place where I can come and voice my opinions about Gabby or Nasita, without fear of getting spammed by 4 year fans.

    I don’t tell you enough, but I truly mean it…thank you for this place. And thank you for all that you do. ❤️

    • KG Says:

      YES. I second this. This is actually the only gym site I can/will read! Thanks GTT!

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      Third! Thank you so much for providing a forum that allows for an honest discussion.

    • dianajc99 Says:

      4th thank you so much I cant vent on Twitter.

    • tulip Says:

      Add me to the long line of thank yous. I post like mad and some people agree with me and some don’t. But just normal conversations when you all reply – and almost always I’m wrong and learn why. That’s a good thing.

    • gymnerd Says:

      I’d like to echo the above sentiments. I have noticed that the posters on IG and WWGym always seem to be bitching about us…but they do seem to read here. 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Is IG back to bitching about us again. It’s been awhile and I haven’t written a blog about Gabby in years but WWGYM are former GGMB members who harassed and ridiculed people for years as part of GGMB s gang of torture they just need to step back and STFU because that’s called hypocritical . I stopped bad mouthing both places yes Go to reserve the peace but apparently free speech only exists depending on which opinion you agree. It’s why I don’t post anywhere but here.

      • tulip Says:

        Really? They read here? I just want them to know right now if they want to destroy me for my opinions – I could care less, but do have a nice day 😀

  5. Gymnast41 Says:

    I honestly don’t care if Laurie or Simone wins beam gold, but if Simone hits today, which is actually something to be worried about, it’s safe to say her Olympics was wildly successful. I really want Laurie for silver or gold if Simone doesn’t hit

  6. dianajc99 Says:

    not to “bully” Gabby but y did usa gym snapchat twitter just post a pic of her one beam.

  7. Guest Says:

    Wow, Kenzo did 3.5 Twisting Vault.

    • tulip Says:

      I’m always amazed at the power of the North Korean vaulters. The guy who went a few minutes ago was so small- much shorter than the other competitors on the floor.

      I read that North Korean men are easy to identify because they are very short because they’re malnourished their entire lives and don’t grow. Which makes their success on vault of all events somewhat incredible.

  8. sanitynmotion Says:

    GTT triple thanks for allowing us to vent on here, and for keeping up this blog. It’s the only place I go anymore, and I really like this group.

    I don’t have time to mess with IG forums so I just look up to you guys to feed me the scoop.

    So I appreciate both GTT and everyone else who contributes to this blog. I like that we can even have differing opinions and not get all snarky about it.

  9. sanitynmotion Says:

    I actually got the vault podium right so here’s my stab at beam:

    Ponor or someone from China

    You know I’m really not educated on these finals. Who made it to floor finals that has a shot besides Aly and Simone?

  10. H Says:

    I hope we get a beam final without fall.

  11. Dee2 Says:

    Let’s hope for clean routines and fair judging!

  12. H Says:

    Fan 6.2 14.5

  13. H Says:

    When was the last time Russia was not present in a beam final?

  14. Gymnast41 Says:

    Don’t know why I’m scared for Simone out of nowhere?

  15. Melissa Says:

    I cant watch it because im at work and I know shes up next and or now! I keep refreshing this page like a psycho for your updates lol….

  16. Gymnast41 Says:

    Well……..Laurie is gonna win beam. Literally that was the one thing I was scared of the whole time.

  17. tulip Says:

    Simone wobbles and grabs beam on punch front! Wow


    Doors open

  18. Melissa Says:

    ugh, Wow! Thanks everyone! What a bummer for Simone

  19. Gymnast41 Says:

    Sanne just hit really well 15.466

  20. Bess Says:

    holy moly Cata what are you wearing?

    • tulip Says:

      So many not very nice things are going through my mind right now…. I’ll just say it looks like black leather, a collar and lots of skin.


      LarI would have been better

    • dianajc99 Says:

      Not to “bully” her but to not wear a tradition ROM leo when you r the only competitor is insulting!!

  21. Gymnast41 Says:

    I don’t know if it’ll be enough to top weavers but Laurie hit!

  22. Gymnast41 Says:

    Basically flavia will need to hit to knock off Simone. Very doable

  23. DL Says:

    Wevers was incredible today.

  24. tulip Says:

    Inquiry into Laurie sv

  25. Gymnast41 Says:

    Inquiry rejected for Laurie

  26. G Says:

    Inquiry for Laurie. Thanks to Haney I’m sure

  27. Gymnast41 Says:

    Actually rooting for flavia though 🙂

  28. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    Missed it all, dammit. What the hell did Cata do? And Brevet has filled an inquiry too.

    • tulip Says:

      She looked like a Kardashian

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        Really? I am trying to get videos, but I am in Germany and the Spanish feed doesn’t work here. Do you know if they will upload the videos on YouTube soon? And damn if the Romania federation isn’t regretting not sending Larissa in her place. We don’t know what would have happened (Lari could have fallen or not get into finals) but seeing that Cata didn’t even try to get into AA and missed one of the finals she was aiming for (floor), I think they are regretting not sending her. She would have made the AA for sure and with Musty’s problems in beam and floor, I think she could have had a shot, even if she wasn’t at her full potential.

      • lovelucas Says:

        That’s it… or a girl looking for a pole.

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        Yeah…it was a little dominatrix-y, especially with the collar…

  29. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    Brevet inquiry has been rejected and Brevet behind Simone.

  30. H Says:

    Wow Sanne wins Biles third

  31. tulip Says:

    French inquiry filed but rejected

  32. Bess Says:

    I was rooting for Flavia but with the wobbles I get the score. I am just glad she came in 5th and not 4th bc the holy cow I bet that crowd would turn something quick on Simone lol

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      I feel the same way. Gutted for Simone, but it’s not like her Olympics are over yet 🙂

    • lovelucas Says:

      Good point, Bess. Since they cheered every non Brazilian mistake on Men’s FX, they probably would have no problem vocalizing displeasure

  33. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    I like Simone, she is great, but I am a little pissed she got bronze with a fall. Like Chusong getting out of medals in the AA when Musty didn’t meet requirement because a missed requeriment was -0.5 and the difference between their vaults was 0.8 plus execution or Maroney getting silver in London with a missed second vault or Pena getting in a lot of vault finals (including an Olympic one) without landing her Produnova once in competition that I know of. Something has to change and fast.

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      I’m pretty sure grabbing the beam is not considered a fall. It’s a .5 deduction vs a 1.0 deduction.

      • JK Says:

        IIRC, one of the commentators (Kupets) said that touching the beam is basically a fall – you get a full point deduction. At least that’s what I thought she said. I could be wrong here.

        I’m okay with Simone getting bronze. Pretty much all the girls who placed below her had multiple major mistakes in their routines (and lower d-scores).

      • lovelucas Says:

        I think it’s a 1.0 deduction…but a flat out fall with receive more than 1.0 off since a mistake was made to cause that fall and it would be more severe than the mistake that caused the beam grab

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        If that is a 1 point deduction she was overscored and Flavia should have that medal but I think it’s 5 tenth. No one seems to be 100 percent sure

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        I have to go back and watch it but if her hands just touched the beam it’s .5, if she used her hands to support her weight (or something like that…the code is kind of confusing) it’s 1.0. The judges might have only taken .5.

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        They docked her D score for missing the connection out the front tuck so she ended up with a 6.5 D 8.233 E. I think the judges might have taken a full point. Aside from grabbing the beam she probably did her most solid beam routine of the games.

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        Touching the beam is 0.5 deduction plus whatever the judges determine relating the missed connection and the overall execution. https://twitter.com/jennifercarolyn/status/765279895001849856.

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        And in the FIG code they diferentiate between a several kind of falls between 0.80 and 1.00, but in some paragraphs they say that touching the beam to avoid falling and actually falling deserve the same penalty: file:///C:/Users/Roc%C3%ADo/Desktop/WAG%20CoP%202013-2016%20June%202015-E.pdf

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        Sorry, wrong second link. http://www.fig-gymnastics.com/publicdir/rules/files/wag/WAG%20CoP%202013-2016%20June%202015-E.pdf

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        In any case, like JK says, the commentators usually say that grabbing the beam to avoid a fall is counted like a fall. The Spanish commentator said so too and the bbc and nbc ones in other instances. So maybe there are different deductions of “grabbing a beam”. If you see that the gymnast is going to fall for sure if don’t grab it is like a fall, whereas if it is not clear she was going to be unable to regain her balancy if she doesn’t, it might guarantee a lesser deduction. But the code present several possibilities regarding a fall, with several of them in the 0.8-1 range.

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        People are saying it’s only .5 but I believe in Glasgow last year she lost a full point for grabbing the beam. Who the heck knows. Either way, I could see her E score being realistic even with a .8-1.0 deduction. She truly had no mistakes other than that one and was more solid on her other skills than she has been during the rest of the games. Flavia had one HUGE break that probably cost her .5 and another that was at least .3. It was close but they got the rankings right.

    • tulip Says:

      Chenge Fei gets bronze in Beijing on vault after landing on her head…

      The list goes on

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        And Ferrari won AA at worlds with a fall too, didn’t she?

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        Yep, Ferrari won the 2006 worlds with a fall (although to be fair, the competition at that WC was not all that strong). Li Shanshan also won silver on beam at the 2007 worlds with a fall.

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        Didn’t remember about Li Sanshan. In Ferrari’s case,the competition wasn’t that strong, but there were Izbasa and Tweddle there too, so it wasn’t that weak either too. I checked the Wiki page for that championships and 14.900 for her beam with a fall and not that great execution seems too much.

  34. dianajc99 Says:

    And some wear Lari is discreetly disposing of a cata voodooo doll.

  35. H Says:

    While building up the Netherland team, juniors etc they have really used the code of point strategically smart in the process.

    Still amazed that Sanne kept her cool and did well.
    As well Laurie:-)

    • tulip Says:

      That was one beautiful routine. She had the triple turn, dance elements, fabulous execution and the tumbling. Very well done

  36. Gymnast41 Says:

    Lol Simone does not look happy. Laurie looked uncomfortable smiling on the podium, but afterwards, Simone literally looked at her bronze medal like “what even is this”, and they kept eying each other on the podium. I mean, at least they were smiling and didn’t act a Mckayla, but I thought it was funny how Simone had an “oh well moving on attitude”

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Oh, great. I hate the attitude of “if it’s not gold it’s not even worth being here.” I hope that’s not what these girls are doing.

      Laurie should be ecstatic with a silver on beam (that’s amazing, considering it’s her first year as senior) and Simone should be happy with a medal at all after making a major mistake.

      In London Aly was happy with a beam bronze and that was after a clean routine and her coach petitioned for her D score.

      • tulip Says:

        Yes and yes on being happy with the medals. I’m hoping that Simone was just incredibly disappointed in herself and that showed. And that Laurie was in the uncomfortable position of placing better than Simone.

        Again, I claim no knowledge of what drove them, I’m just hoping it’s something less negative than the other options

      • H Says:

        Laurie did look very happy:-)

      • Guest Says:

        At least now Gabby is the only one not winning any individual medal in the whole squad. It comforts me that Simone not winning gold in beam.

  37. Exgymgurl Says:

    Honestly, maybe it lights a fire in Simone to come back for Tokyo. Maybe if she wins all five golds she doesn’t. Anyway.

  38. JK Says:

    I’m just so thrilled Sanne won. Yay! 🙂

    So far, I’m happy with how things are turning out these Olympics: Kohei wins aa, Simone wins vault (her cheng!), Aliya/not Kocian wins bars, and now Sanne wins beam.

    And to echo everyone’s sentiments, thanks GTT for doing this blog. And thanks to all the commentators here for sharing your opinion – I always enjoy (whether I agree or disagree) what you guys have to say. This is by far my favorite gymnastics blog! 🙂

  39. Ilanchik20 Says:

    I didn’t get to watch–but surprised by Simone’s mistake. Still great she got a medal. Thrilled for Sanne.

    Why did Cata score so low?

    Oh, I’m so annoyed Marriann list a medal on a tiebreaker.

    • Rocío Martínez López Says:

      Cata had a lot of problems today. Missed several connection, including one in the first part of her combo series and had a very large balance break in a jump. She had problems with her dismount too, with a huge step. Not her day. Her E score suffered a lot and the breaks on the connections disminished her D-Score by several points. Think she got a 5.8, but not sure, when her usual D-Score is well above 6.

    • Guest Says:

      A bit bummed that Simone missed her golden chance to challenge of winning five straight gold in one Olympics. But I hope this imperfect result can motivate Simone not to quit gymnastics so early and we can see her again in Tokyo.

  40. lovelucas Says:

    Anyone think than Sanne’s dismount was a bit wimpy?

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      It was a smart dismount for her. I think she used to do it without the full twist and it’s super easy to get that downgraded to a gainer pike. Since there is no such skill as a full twisting gainer pike, adding in the full twist makes it harder for the judges to take deductions.

      • lovelucas Says:

        Still not up to everyone else’s dismount. College gymnasts use gainers w/without twists & that’s where major downhill difficulty occurs regularly. Didn’t expect it from an Olympian Gold Medal winner. Loved her turns and artistry, hated that she played it safe and it was always choreographed that way.

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        College gymnasts do gainers off the side of the beam. When you do a gainer back layout full off the end of the beam, you need to get a lot more distance/height or else your head will smash into the apparatus. I think it’s one of those skills that is more difficult than it looks.

        The whole “playing it safe” thing can be said for other gymnasts mounts. While most opt to just get up on the beam with little risk, Sanne does and RO full twisting BHS step out, which is INSANELY risky. Her routine is much different than most gymnasts but I’m pretty sure there that no other athlete competing today could have done a triple pirouette with such ease or connected three turns in a row.

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        I actually just went and checked…a gainer salto stretched with full twist at the end of the beam is worth an E in the current COP. The same as a double pike.

  41. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    First Olympic medal for the Netherlands ever… and first Olympics without any medal whatsoever for Romania in God knows how long.

  42. Akshay Says:

    I see it as a triumph,” said Aimee Boorman, Biles’ longtime coach. “Besides that error, the rest of the routine was excellent. I can’t even critique it. Sometimes your feet slip.

    Simone (to Will Graves): “I think you guys want [5 golds] more than I do. I just want to perform the routines that I practice.”

    I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. Between her/her family’s handling of the fiasco with Carlotta and this, it’s clear Simone very maturely deals with adversity and setbacks. Bravo.

    As for Aimee, she’s clearly a positive, uplifting influence.

    • Guest Says:

      It is very hard to always keep playing well under pressure especially everyone is expecting you are going to win 5 golds. I think now Simone can feel relieved after beam final and let’s see her rock the floor tomorrow.

      • Mim Says:

        I can’t even imagine how fatigued Simone’s body must be. Quals, AA in team final, AA final and 3 out of 4 event finals.. Gymnast with the most exhausting Olympic schedule for sure.

  43. Mim Says:

    I am ecstatic that Sanne won beam. That routine is just simply gorgeous. It’s really wonderful to see something different win gold (even though I adore Simone). Executed beautifully, cleverly takes advantage of the code, and hit under pressure. Not to mention that her turns are to die for. Yay Sanne!! I couldn’t be happier with this result.

    Happy to see Laurie with a silver and Simone with a bronze. Simone did amazingly well to stay on the beam, I feel like anyone else would have fallen off or Komova-ed it right off with no fight. Hopefully bronze will keep Simone hungry for more gymnastics. It’s easy to be gracious when you’re always on top, but she took third place on the chin and handled it well.

    • Cupquaked Says:

      I literally cheered from my living room for Sanne! I am so glad she won a medal. Turns are insanely difficult and completely underrated on beam (but like so is everything else on a 4 inch piece of wood 4 feet off the ground). Really proud of how well she handled everything.

      I’m only a little disappointed for Simone. I was really rooting for Laurie in this final. She really attacked the beam and was spot on for almost everything. I still hate how she pulls her arms back after a skill, it breaks up the rhythm and looks choppy. BUT. Everything else from her is fantastic.

      Also, so weird that they broke up event finals this way. I understand 3 days for the men bc they have 6 apparatus but for women…it’s just weird. It’s got to be mentally exhausting on these girls!

  44. fatam Says:

    Why am I smiling that all the ladies got multiple medals except Gabby (with one) – making her the odd man out…

  45. Gymnast41 Says:

    Wow the gymternet can be so fake sometimes… #LOVEFORGABBY was trending all day and I’m spotting all of her harshest critics during nats/trials suddenly defend her. And apparently she cried in an interview? There are articles about it everywhere?

    America can’t make up their minds

    • dianajc99 Says:

      I don’t think it was during an interview..they say she went in to a corner and cried after she was done. as an exercise I answered all 27 or @gymcoachsarahs tweets.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Her mother must have contacted a PR firm for ideas 0n how to get a sap story to work for you. Real fans know the truth. Stalkers and every 4 year fans won’t remember anything in a few months but real fans will.

  46. Ilanchik20 Says:


  47. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Vera Caslavska died today


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