That’s National Champion Larisa Iordache


She went from not competing at all to being National champion all in a matter of seconds.





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  1. Gymbot Says:

    I’d send her to rio. She could make the beam podium in rio in six more weeks. Love her expressive fingers and hands in that floor routine

  2. Uglyfatkid Says:

    At first, I thought you were doing an expose on her, showing how she quickly worked her way up to be the national champ from a Jr. But then I realized it said “2016” and I was shocked.

    So proud of her, even if her gymnastics are water down at this stage. I hope she can continue to heal and get a few more things tightened up (that bar set looked scary at the end).

    I always liked Cata, but I was rooting for Larisa for this spot. I hope she can kick some ass with a few more weeks of training. Super happier for her.

  3. Mim Says:

    Go Lari! She just HAS to go to Rio. Sorry Cata…

  4. the dude Says:

    Uh oh…

  5. Gymbot Says:

    Apparently Iordache competed despite having a concussion and Ponor competed after a recent illness. The Romanian sports federation should just do an internal test where both gymnasts would have been safe

  6. Gymnast41 Says:

    Ponor won BB finals with a 15.166, lari second with a 14.433. Ponor really hit, and lari had a few wobbles, but I thought it was pretty good. I think she took a few steps out of her dismount.

    Lari won UB with a 13.800, with the third place winner having a 12.8 lol #justromanianthings

    Ponor’s FX looked really really good. Stuck double layout and triple twist and really clean landings. Don’t see anything about lari competing FX though 馃槮 she looked pretty hurt after UB

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      Lari scratched on floor after experiencing pain from UB dismount. Or so IG says lol.

      Although Lari did well, it’s stupid to have her compete 2 days after having a concussion.

      • gymbot Says:

        I know that gymnasts must compete with injuries, but this really should have been an internal test and the athlete selected afterwards. It’s obvious that both athletes are competitors. Both are already seasoned. If the choice is between them, it should have been done in the safest manner possible. Why risk the only asset that Romania may retain after the Olympics?

  7. H Says:

    Off topic. I have been re-wacthing Olympic trials 2012.
    Interesting … And I had forgotten how “many” minor and a bit bigger mistakes that did happen. The other thing I notice (since we lately have looked at possible top 3 TF scenarios) is how it looked from a strictley ranking perspective back in 2012.

    It is only on floor that the later chosen team were able to put up the 3 best scores.

    Olympic trial 2012

    Ranking based on the highest single vault score

    2.Price ##
    4.Alicia ##
    5. Jordyn

    Final ranking for both days combined.
    1. Gabby
    3. Anna ##
    4. Jordyn
    5. Price ##

    2.Alicia ##

    4.Price ##

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      I feel as if it was definitely trials that solidified the deal alternates wise. I remember I honestly didn’t pay attention to ebee much at all at nats (and was like whoa at trials, partially because of NBC coverage of course), and Anna and Sarah weren’t considered definites as alternates until I saw them at trials. Although I did have Alicia replacing Anna. Should be interesting to see how the Ragan/Maggie/Ashton/Madison/Mykayla battle comes out at trials.

      • H Says:

        Ditto that. Trials will be interesting, maybe things will be shaken up, just little bit.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      This makes me feel like ASAC got robbed, being so close on vault and 2nd on beam and not even an alternate.

      • Short1 Says:

        Agreed. Especially since she was the only one of the two event specialists to score 15+ on both of her events both days at Nationals and Trials.

        I know it’s highly unlikely that an alternate is used, especially at the Olympics, but I feel like you’d want to have the three athletes that would give you the most bang for your buck (so to speak). Do disrespect to Anna, but I would have had Ebee, Sarah and Alicia as the alternates.

  8. H Says:

    Ditto that. It will be interesting to see if trials shakes things up, just little bit:-) It would be fun to see all hit.

  9. H Says:


    15.325 (15.600/15.050)

    • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

      This woman is amazing. I understand that her form present a lot of problems, but to land this vault at her age when I haven’t ever seen Pe帽a and others land one is really great in my opinion. I would love for her to have a good score at Rio.

      • gymbot Says:

        Chuso is fantastic. I think her form, height and amplitude are better than Karmarkar’s, Pena Abreu’s, and Mahmoud (?) but her landing is just as reckless/dangerous.

        Someone awhile back posted that a fall should be 2.0 off – I think they were right. Even if it’s just for vault finals.

      • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

        I too had the impression that her height was way better than Pena’s or Karmarkar’s and that she has room to land more safely. But, in any case, she is amazing. They should get a tribute or something when she retires for good (in 2050) or something.

    • Gymbee Says:

      She didn’t land it in qualis, earning a 0. I think it’s too risky to do this vault in the qualifications in Rio, she should save it for finals.

      • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

        It’s a risk, yes. I suppose it will depend on the field. If she thinks she can score high enough to get into finals without it, I agree she should reserve it for the finals, when you have to give it all. But if she is at risk of no qualifying at all because there is a lot of potentially high scoring vaulters, she can’t take the chance. In any case, we will see. 馃檪

  10. dianajc99 Says:

    Onodi on to the

    • gymbot Says:

      It’s an E skill = front pike on the beam or double pike dismount. For her most difficult skill, it was the one she did the best.

      She also limped off in pain. What the hell is up with Romania?

  11. Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

    I was so happy yesterday when I saw that Lari was competing… I really thought that she was losing her last train to the Olympics if she didn’t compete and Cata did well. And after so many problems and such a long time without competing, I think she did very well. But I don’t know if she will be the chosen one. I would like for her to be, but Cata has shown a lot of medal potential with her improved beam and floor and I don’t know if Lari is going to be ready enough in a few weeks to be the chosen one. I wish she is…but I feel like the Romanian federation is going to be blinded by the medal promise Cata show, specially on beam, and disregard Lari in her favour. Do any of you know when they absolutely have to decide? Last weeks of July or first of August? Lari would benefit of as much time as possible.

    This is Cata’s beam from today’s event final:

  12. Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

    Also, today was the end of the Russian Cup and Valentina announced the provisional team for Rio: They are Melnikova, Aliya, Seda, Dasha and Paseka. Paseka, Melnikova and Aliya were virtually locks if there are not injuried. Seda is the surprise, because, quite frankly, I didn’t think they were going to risk it with her after her falls at Worlds last year, Event Finals at Nationals and Euros, but she has been silver in AA in both Nationals and Russian Cup, so after Komova’s retirement from the road to R铆o, maybe it was the best choice. The one who potentially is going to be screwed over is Dasha. If Afan is ready to do her floor, she is going, no question asked. But there are rumours that they are going to find another floor specialist if Afan can’t compete. Russia’s scores in floor are really abysmal and they have to fix that if they want to have any chances of a medal in the team final. They are talking about Akhaimova, the winner of today’s floor final, but there are only rumours. I didn’t know of her beforehand.

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      Akhaimova doesn’t have an fig license so she can’t be an alternate or s team member, unless Nelli pulls off some miracles.

      I’m glad Seda is on a list but Valentina will prob change her mind.

      I really doubt Afan will be ready.

      I know team medal is desirable but at this point, Russian should prob just focus on EF medals and take Spiri.

      • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

        I don’t know about the FIG license or if they can have it on time. But in any case, Russia’s floor scores are really worrying. I think they are taking Seda because being the second in the AA twice they really don’t have more options. Kharenkova is out of the picture because of an injury and neither Paseka or Dasha can do beam. If they are taking two specialists, they need other gymnast that can fit anywhere, especially on beam and floor. Despite her inconsistencies, Seda is the best chance they got in that regard right now. Specially if Aliya can’t compete. She had a messy competition in the Russian Cup and it’s rumored is because of an injury (wrist?). If she can’t do all the apparatus, they need another AA gymnast.

        Dasha poses a problem because she is not as a sure medal value as she used to be. In the European Championship, she came in second, but after Melnikova was pulled off, as she had a better score than her. And in the Russian Cup, both Melnikova and Kapitonova were ahead of her. I think that several of the Russians at this point, includying a healthy Aliya and Melnikova, can score the same as her. So to take one event gymnast to Rio when it is more than possible that you need someone to fill some blanks if one of your more breakable gymnasts get injuried. I would take Kapitonova, who have great bars (same medal potential as Dasha) and a better floor. But in any case I don’t see Russia choosing a team only based on individual medal potential. And I don’t think they should do that. We all know that the gold is USA’s to win or loose, but a bronze medal is within their graps or even a silver one if China has mistakes, so I don’t see them disregarding the team.

        BTW, I find it hilarious that Nabieva did so good both in Nationals and Russian Cup. She was fourth in the AA and bronze on vault. With the fourth score in the AA, it wouldn’t be so strange for her to make the team in any other country. I mean, I don’t think that is going to happen, but it would be great.

  13. Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

    This is Lilia’s floor from today’s event final:

  14. dianajc99 Says:

    Bummer the voice of British/BBC gymnastics died. RIP Mitch Fenner

  15. dianajc99 Says:

    For those on the way to my backyard..

  16. dianajc99 Says:

  17. Gymnast41 Says:

    Random, but Nastia surprised Shawn in Nashville yesterday, and posting all over social media their 4th of July festivities. Safe to say that their budding friendship is very interesting lol

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      Here lol

    • Melanie Says:

      Rio’s right around the corner and they are hoping to make money. The more they’re together, the more publicity they get.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Shawn doesn’t needs Nastia so why she is doing this makes me wonder about her sanity. Nastia already got a coke Commercial out of the deal where she talks about being friends and since no one likes Nastia pretending to be Shawn friend makes sense for hwr but not for Shawn. Neither of them being in commercials 8 years after the fact makes any sense neither gymnastics was legendary. This is all weird lol

      • dianajc99 Says:

        remember nastia is somewhat still under the thumb of NBC and USA gymnastics. Has to make nice with whoever they tell her to.

    • Akshay Says:

      I literally came here to post this, but glad I’m not the only one who noticed this.

      Where has this all come from? It seemed like they were drifting further and further apart for years, and then bam! Now they’re suddenly bffs.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Maybe their husbands became really good friends? I can see Nastia and Shawn be friends too, they’re adult now, and they’re out of that crazy pressure-cooker, competitive atmosphere. I feel like Shawn is happy and low-maintenance and she can be friends with everyone.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Not during an Olympic

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think it’s just a cry for more sponsors. A convenient friendship during an Olympic year.

        BTW how awesome is Mike Phelps.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I wonder if NBC is going to announce that Nastia and Shawn are both going to be on the commentating team for gymnastics.

  18. Romanian Championships Results – Gymnastics Says:

    […] related – Iordache videos […]

  19. Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

    Elizabeth Seitz’s huge UB routine (6.8 D score). She has improved a lot:

  20. dianajc99 Says:

    Does anybody know the top 15 D values currently being competed for UB?

    • gymbot Says:

      You can check the all around’s top scores list for this year, it includes the best score from 2015 for a gymnast a bench mark if they are supposed to compete:

      Your list is
      1. Fan Yilin 7.0
      2. Rebecca Downie 6.9
      3. Elisabeth Seitz 6.8
      3. Tan Jiaxin 6.8
      5. Madison Kocian 6.7
      5. Daria Spiridonova 6.7
      5. Shang Chunsong 6.7
      5. Natalia Kapitonova 6.7 – Debuted at Russian Champs, not sure she hit it
      9. Gabby Douglas 6.6 –> This was credited, but it should have been lower (american cup)
      9. Sophie Scheder 6.6
      9. Daria Skrypnik 6.6
      12. Aliya Mustafina 6.5
      12. Brenna Dowell 6.5
      12. Liu Tingting 6.5
      12. Luo Huan 6.5
      12. Huang Huidan 6.5 (credited, she went for a higher difficulty and missed connections)

      • gymbot Says:

        I’m thinking the list above could be incomplete. Locklear might have hit 6.5 recently, and Alison Lepin should be pretty high too.

      • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

        Kapitonova hit it at Russian Nationals and, as far as I know, also at Russian Cup, where she won gold ahead of Melnikova and Dasha. Here is the video:

      • Gymbot Says:

        This routine was 6.5, she was working on connecting the oak to vlw, but she hasn’t hit that yet

  21. dianajc99 Says:

  22. Uglyfatkid Says:

    By the way, Happy 4th to all my fellow Americans. Hope you had an awesome Indepandace Day! 馃檪

    To the non-Americans, I hope you had a good day too. 馃檪

  23. Case Says:

    My apologies if this was discussed already but I haven’t seen it. I’m sorry, but there is no way Gabby appears in Teen Vogue with Simone unless Marta and Steve have already told her she is going to Rio. This, unfortunately, is going to be the BS storyline of the Olympics.

    • Cupquaked Says:

      Literally Teen Vogue just named Gabby as an Olympic team member. This is ridiculous.

      • Melanie Says:

        Technically, Gabby WAS an Olympian, but the fact they are calling Simone an Olympian at the same time implies that they’ve already made the team. With Simone, that’s a given, but it shouldn’t be with Gabby.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        When Vogue shoot this, it prob looked like Gabby was a shoe-in. I still think that if Gabby performs at trials, the way she did at Nationals, Marta may make her an alternate. She just won’t be able to justify taking her, no matter how much Penny tells her to do so.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Was Gabby really homeless, or are they making crap up? I don’t remember it ever being the case where she’s homeless.

        What about any credence to that “racist” gym that was paying all your bills then, Gabby?

        And also stupid – Gabby’s quote of “I didn’t know why there were so many people taking pictures of the wall until I realized I was standing in front of it.”


      • Gymbee Says:

        “Look at me, I’m famous!!” GD comes off as so entitled and into herself. Simone as humble.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        What would make this so much better is if she handles herself the same way at Trials as she did at nationals…Marta will have a hard time making an argument to take her.

      • Gymnast41 Says:

        HONESTLY I came to realization today when remembering how every 4 year fans are writing gabby off of their teams, as well as the occasional blog or two. She might actually get left off this team. She literally needs a performance of a lifetime if Maggie brings it at trials. The amanar was just all talk, a even though she just mentioned how she needs it to even possibly reach Simone, it’s not going to happen. However, gabby does have that spot still, thanks to Maggie’s less than stellar performance at P&G’s and Marta thinking hers is a fluke. But there is no guarantee for her at this point, and she’s lucky that her competitive history helps her.

        But about the article, I have to say that I really enjoyed the pics except for the fact that they whitewashed/photoshopped them both so much. Some of the quotes made me squirm a bit

    • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

      I have to say I didn’t recognize Simone at first glance. It’s just me or they have photoshopped her a lot? They shouldn’t do that. She is great as she is.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Definitely she’s been re-touched a bit too much. Disgusting to do that for a TEEN magazine.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        They do that all the time…it’s like standard practice, sadly.

        Then the mag goes on to talk about body image. Sheesh. No wonder all the kids these days are so messed up.

      • dianajc99 Says:

        does anybody know if both covers are available or is one newsstand and the other subscription?

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Notice gabby isn’t wearing Nike #nothersponsor 馃檪

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      The only way gabby is out is an injury, they’ll name her at trials get all the publicity and injure her off the team

  24. Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

    Germany’s Olympic Trials are going to take place this Saturday and we can see it live in streaming:

  25. dianajc99 Says:

    I’m watch the final GD “reality” show.
    The family goes out of their way to say how they couldn’t afford to go to japan to see gabby in 2011.
    One guess who paid for them to go this time.

  26. JAS4 Says:
  27. dianajc99 Says:

    now watching Aly’s show.. Dam they have a huge house.

    • Ss Says:

      No Kidding! And I highly doubt Aly’s money has anything to do with that…

    • Jessica Says:

      Yeah they do! I’m enjoying this show. But Aly’s sister Chloe is a little snot. She gets too much camera time especially when she never has anything nice to say.
      The other diver, Jordan Windel, does anyone know if he made the team?

      • Gymbee Says:

        I can imagine it must be hard for Chloe, growing up as the middle of three girls with a superstar sister. Are these on Youtube yet btw? hehe.

      • dianajc99 Says:

        no he didn’t make the team.More of a 2020 prospect. I dont thing the swimmer made it either.

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        Steele (and presumably Aly) are the only ones who made the team

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Chloe is not a snot. I am sorry buy why can’t Aly take a nap in hwr room Chloe is supposed to creep around the house because queen Aly needs a nap in the middle of the living room ? Sorry but Aly chose the life 0f a gymnast. The rest of the family having to bend over backwards for Queen Aly and her nap was total reality show over kill.

  28. Gymbee Says:

    Fellow internationals, anyone found a way to watch trials this coming weekend? Doesn’t look like they will have a live Youtube feed? 馃槮

    • Mim Says:

      I haven’t seen anything yet 馃槮

      I somehow miraculously got Trials to stream in 2012 about 10 mins before it started .. There was a lot of international fans freaking out to find it. Hopefully that happens again this time around!

      • Mim Says:

        edit *There were a lot of international fans.. (I’m so terrible at writing on my phone ughhh)

      • Gymbee Says:

        Yes, same here haha! I remember watching them. There must be a way! Will keep looking!

    • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

      Don’t know, gymbee. Twitter and Facebook’s gymnastic news channels usually present the possible links and feeds the day before a competition start, so I hope tomorrow or the day after we will have some news in that regard. I saw the 2012 Trials on YouTube next day because of the time difference, but I don’t know if we will be able to see trials live this year. I hope so, anyway. I’ll let you know if I find something tomorrow. 馃槈

      • Gymbee Says:

        Thank you Rocio!
        I guess we need a login to see them on NBC off an american IP? Ugh. So hard to be a gymnastics fan sometimes.

      • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

        A pleasure, Gymbee. I think we will be able to see it. I could see the American Cup and could connect to the P&G Champioships. Couldn’t see it because of the time different, but I did connect. They had an international feed for Trials in 2012, so I hope they let us see it without changing the IP. In any case, I am very grateful for Internet. In 2008, for example, I was only able to see the Olympics and the Europeans, as it was the only thing they broadcast in the Spanish TV. Now I can see almost all the competitions in the world, even Canadian, German and USA Trials and the Russian Cups. And if I can’t see it, there are videos in YouTube! Even with all the confusion that we sometimes feel regarding the feeds and the times, I am very grateful of this age’s advances regarding Internet broadcasting.

      • Gymbee Says:

        We’ve come a long way haven’t we haha! Remember watching 96 Olympics but my parents didn’t let me stay up long enough to watch my hero Dominique Moceanu hahaha!

        At my parents house I still have my old tapes of competitions…. but come to think of it, no VCR to play them on hehe.

      • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

        Yeah, it’s amazing. I remember that I began to like gymnastics in 2003 more or less…Watching Khorkina and I remember very vividly Holly Vise on UB, when they forgot to pin her number in her back and she had to wait a long time because she couldn’t compete without number…And I just could see Europeans and Worlds/Olympics and not always, because RTVE didn’t buy the rights to broadcast all the competitions so, sometimes, no gymnastics for me, hehe. And they YouTube and Internet exploded and I could see everything, on live and the past competitions. And I told to myself: “Okay, it’s an old competition, but I don’t know how it ends, so it doesn’t matter” and I watched 1996 Olympics finals in 2010 like they were happening right now. God bless Internet!

    • H Says:

      Some info about NBC live streams

  29. Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

    Cata has been designated as the flag-bearer for Romania for R铆o Olympics. I thought that the flag-bearer have to be one of the participants in the Olympics. Is that so or can be someone important for the country even if he/she doesn’t participate in that edition? I can’t remember any example of Spanish flag bearers who didn’t participate in those Games afterwards. Even Prince (now King) Philip, who was the flag bearer in Barcelona 92, was going to compete. Do you think that she is already designated for the spot or that this could be some kind of consolation price?

  30. Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

    Article in english about Cata as flag-bearer:

  31. dianajc99 Says:

    cata to rio..Lari also going as back up according to the ROM fed facebook.

    • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

      It is already oficcial? Wasn’t going to be some kind of meeting with France this weekend that was important for the final decision?

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Apparently not. They say they feel that after nationals, they don’t feel Lari can prepare efficiently, given the time left. Some are also saying Lari’s back is now bothering her, after that bars dismount.

        Personally, they prob chose Cata before Nationals.

      • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

        F**k, then. Can’t say is a good decision or not, but I feel so freaking sorry for Lari… I hope she keeps competing and kick some butts in Tokyo…Because looking at the rest of Romanian field, I really think she is the last resort of Romanian gymnastics.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        No Larisa should retire and tell Romania to find a new way for their pathetic program to survive without her or maybe Queen Cata can try not showing up only for olympic glory. She’s no better than Gabby

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Two things. I predicted this months ago when a team wasn’t qualified. Reason: They think the FIG will bribe some country or they will not to send an athlete last minute, and because Larissa is there FIG will give her the spot. They may already have promises in place. Heck have the Belarusian fake heads from AOGC stay home so Larissa can go. I’m pretty sure both of them will compete. They will have some crappy emergency vote…. if they nominated Larissa this is all less likely. Secondly I think Larissa is way more injured than they are saying and is seen as unreliable at delivering team medals. Her falls on beam, and her inconsistencies are not the Romanian way. Just my opinion but if Larissa is healthy they will both compete. Because Bruno Grande will see them as poor Romania.

  32. H Says:

    Correct me if I am wrong ..

    (Maybe the Romanian OG federation sees an historic opportunity?)

    If Cata is going to compete in Rio and she wins a medal. I think she will be the second female gymnast ever earning a medal in three OG? (Larisa Latynina is the only one I found, 1956-1964)

  33. Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

    Seems to be official already: Cata to Rio. She has announced it herself.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I feel terrible for Iordache, but after seeing that bar dismount I am almost happy. I really don’t know if she would have survived the Olympic meet – she still looks really fragile and it would be awful for her to have permanent damage to her back. I just hope she continues on and we see her dominating the next quad. She’s so super talented and seems to be a genuinely nice person, just bad luck. The story with so many gymnasts, sadly.

      And yes – I bet they decided before the national meet to take Cata. Just a feeling when she started to post herself training bars.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I wonder if they want Ponor to do a low difficulty bar routine to compete AA in Rio. If she hits she could make AA finals even if she gets a low score on UB.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I assume that’s her plan. She has been training and competing vault and she only has one vault so the only she would still be doing be doing is to do AA in QF.

      • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

        I have trouble believing that she uploaded videos of her training UB twelve years after Athens “just for fun”. You don’t try things that can potentially injury you just for fun. She is going for the AA. She can’t reach the podium, but at least Romania will have a representation in the AA final. With her beam, floor and vault, she could reach the AA final just with the minimal requirements in the UB.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I hope Larisa retires and tells Romania to go fuck themselves. They sent her out to compete at Nationals with a concussion and then gave the spot to their spoiled brat star from 8 years ago. I don’t care how many people love Cata I hope she tanks at the Olympics and falls every time out. Larisa is the only reason the Romania program stayed alive the last 4 years. Shit like this is why I am bored of writing this blog.

      • Gymbot Says:

        You said it, but don’t quit the blog

      • Laura Says:

        Maybe we will get lucky and she will move to the states and establish citizenship 馃檪

      • Mim Says:

        It’s stuff like this that reminds you all over again why this sport is just so heartbreaking and seemingly unfair sometimes. I’m so sad for Larisa. She’s broken because she alone has kept Romanian gymnastics competitive and relevant for four years.. Then gets royally screwed right at the most important part of the quad. Poor thing. Hopefully she has some good support systems around her.

      • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

        I think both Cata and Larissa will stick around at least until next year, as the European Championship 2017 are in Romania. There is no team competition next year, so they would try to present the best image as possible of Romanian gymnastics.

  34. H Says:

    Does anyone know if there will be videos of podium training?

    • Cupquaked Says:

      Podium training for trials? I haven’t seen anything advertised, usually they have a link a few days before each meet. Did we see podium training in 2012? I didn’t follow elite too closely back then.

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      USAG confirmed yesterday they’d upload some today

  35. Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

    I hope that, after this, the FIG reconsiders its rules and allows the medalist from the previous Worlds to clasify to the Olympics automatically, as the medalist from the Event Finals do. It’s unfair that the other medalist of the previous Worlds can go and Larissa has to sit out when she earned the spot for herself in 2015. They both could have gone to Rio if the FIG would have applied the same measuring rod to AA medalist.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      If Larissa is healthy and some other nation craps out their spot because of a bribe, she will be there.

      • gymbot Says:

        Iordache can only replace Ponor. If another country pulls out, they go down the list of reserve countries from the qualifying (test) event. I’m not sure what happens after all of those options are exhausted.

        Even the tripartate invitation has so many bureaucratic rules associated with it, Romania wouldn’t be given the invitation since it fields athletes to the Olympics in other events.

        I agree with Rocio, it’s a shame and it would have been nice for the FIG to have more foresight into these issues.

        Bringing Iordache really serves two purposes. 1- a realistic back-up to Ponor. 2- another talking point for media centered on gymnastics, specifically Romania. I’m sure she’ll be on the camera in the arena whenever Ponor competes.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Bruno grand I and Nellie Kim make up rules

    • Ss Says:

      That has already been fixed, unfortunately it doesn’t go into effect until the 2020 Olympics. But at least this will not happen to another gymnast. It’s a shame they couldn’t just amend it for this year.

  36. dianajc99 Says:

    well it’s usually FLO that does it…..But you know….

  37. Ilanchik20 Says:

    If anyone has snap, you should add usa_gym.

    Haney was snapping some from their training today. Simone’s beam looked flawless and Gabby super labored on her bars–her coach had to spot her on the release.

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      I’m happy someone posted about this! I was just about to. Maggie Haney is actually over it today. She followed gabby a lot hmmm…I thought her bars looked better than P&G’s though, and that’s not saying much. Maggie’s pass that she stuck actually looked pretty good. Not much on Aly, but that’s okay since PT vids and interviews will be up sooner or later. Looks like gabby, Simone, Aly, and Laurie are stacked with media, while everyone else looks to have the occasional person lol.

    • katecoursey Says:

      I just followed them and holy crap, what is Laurie doing on bars? That wasn’t in her old routine. Or is she just doing some very strange warm up?

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Snap has a feature where you can post things in reverse. I assume that’s what it was because I didn’t recognize any of the skills otherwise lol.

        Haney was prob playing since that’s her athlete.

      • Gymbee Says:

        It’s shot in reverse 馃檪

      • katecoursey Says:

        HAHA! You’re right! I knew there was a playback feature but it completely slipped my mind…I was like, what in the world is she doing?

      • Gymbee Says:

        I realised it after a few seconds, “hang on this looks too cool!” haha!

    • dianajc99 Says:

      is snap chat a phone only app? Sorry If this is a dumb question.

    • Tortuga Says:

      That backwards clip of Laurie was tripping me out for a sec till I realized what was happening lol!!

  38. Ilanchik20 Says:

    But this one was the best, ha.

  39. dianajc99 Says:

    they are starting to upload on youtube

  40. Gymnast41 Says:

    No amanar for Maggie..

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      Gabby says she’s not mentally ready to throw hers, and Marta told Madison Kocian not to do her vault because as of right now her position won’t change

    • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

      I don’t understand that. Madison was fifth in P&G championships, wasn’t she? I don’t know how it could hurt her to present herself as an AA gymnast that can help in other apparatus besides bars (she won’t be used if she makes the team, but that’s besides the point). In the old system, as the fifth AAers, she would have been taken to the Olympics. I don’t know how it could hurt her chances. If she is not at risk of injury, I smell shit.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think we can assume that Kocian is on Marta’s start list for that bars specialist. She’s trying to save her ankles and avoid injury.

        No amanar for Maggie means no Rio. Guess we can pretty much assume now Gabby is on this team.

      • Gymnast41 Says:

        @Sanitynmotion I agree. Especially since Marta said she has “no problem” with gabby not doing her amanar and Maggie clearly could. The team is so much more clear now. Saving Madison’s ankles could only mean that she’s saving her for the next competition which is only the Olympics

      • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

        I am not totally convinced. Not because of Gabby (I am pretty much resigned, like all of you, that she is going to be on the team) and Maggie, if she doesn’t present herself as the second coming of Chellsie Memmel, is not going to be in the team. The problem I see is the potential situation of Kocian being screwed over for Ashton for the UB specialist spot. I don’t think that USA needs one UB specialist, as some of you have already said, but it seems to be Martha’s idea, specially if Maggie doesn’t make an stellar comeback. What if she is telling Kocian something along the lines of what she told to Alicia and Vise and, in the end, she gets screwed over by Ashton if Ashton gets a higher UB scores and she haven’t shown in trials other usable events?

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      Same. Along with gabby and Maggie planning to throw upgraded vaults, she was planning on doing her DTY, which really would’ve helped her make a case to be a potential backup in a TF situation, but really all this is telling me is that Marta is in a “I’ve seen enough let me just enjoy the show” kind of mode.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yep just like in 2012, she’s selected her team basically before Trials even starts.

        Simone, Aly, Gabby, Madison, Laurie – have fun in Rio. Don’t drink the water.

        Why bother with this skeptical of Trials then?

        I’m guessing the alternates will be Maggie, Ashton, and Skinner.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Trials is mandatory by the IOC.

    • Tortuga Says:

      I agree with sanity. That’s the exact team and alternates. Seems shady for Marta to basically seal the deal in a press conference telling Madison not to vault. Must be nice to be a WOGA athlete. She probably told Maggie not to risk the Amanar so she has no chance of beating Gabby. And told Gabby no need to throw it because she’s in no matter what.

  41. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Apparently Marta told Kocian not to vault and no amanar for Gabby.

    • Case Says:

      Because like Teen Vogue declared, Gabby is going to Rio. Nothing that happens this weekend can challenge that.

  42. Ilanchik20 Says:

    God, I love Simone:

  43. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Wrong link, sorry lol

  44. H Says:

    Where do you get the info about Marthas no vault needed, no amanar needed etc?

    • Tortuga Says:

      That’s all my speculation H. Why else would Maggie be putting videos up of her doing the Amanar at the gym then not show it a trials KNOWING she HAS to have it to be on the team? And at the same time Gabby feels no pressure to throw one and is fine with sticking with a DTY. And Martha telling Kocian not to worry about vault. Just seems like everyone already knows their place is doing what they are told. I’m glad Martha has been throwing some shade at Gabby saying she’s not working hard enough and putting pressure to do the Amanar but lets face it, she’s on the team no matter what and Aly or Laurie will get screwed out of AA in her favor.

  45. H Says:

    From Washington post: …. Nonetheless, Karolyi wasted no energy Thursday on hiding her disappointment that Douglas has decided against performing the sport鈥檚 most difficult vault, the Amanar, here at U.S. Olympic trials. The Amanar, which few female gymnasts are capable of executing, dramatically raises the degree-of-difficulty and, as a result, increases a gymnast鈥檚 score if properly performed. Karolyi said she has stressed the importance of mastering it to Douglas for months.

    鈥淲e give her enough time, and we talked about that the whole year鈥., but it looks like mentally she is not ready to do it,鈥 Karolyi said. 鈥淪upposedly at the home gym she is training it. But when it comes [time] to go up on the podium and present it, she has some doubts. So we don鈥檛 want to over-push for safety reasons. It has to be their decision.鈥

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      Hmm, maybe Marta wants to leave Gabby at home lol.

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      I’m kind of surprised that she told Kocian not to vault but is okay with her doing FX. Isn’t that pretty rough/pounding on the ankles? I know the chance of her being needed there are slim, but still…

      I do think that the team named at trials will be Biles, Raisman, Douglas, Hernandez, and Kocian with Alt: Nichols, Locklear, Skinner, but I feel like we might here about an injury at the pre-Rio death camp. No question that the 5 named to the actual team once they all board the plane will be the 5 on the team, but unlike in 2012, I can see something happening to the intended line up at camp.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Doesn’t matter if it’s ready or not. If she can’t compete it, then it’s a non-starter, or should be.

      I really feel like this is utter nonsense being used to support the notion that they will take Gabby for her vault too. In reality, she won’t be competing it at these Olympics. It’s just fodder talk to make the stupid fans think there’s a reason for taking GD besides her lackluster bars.

      This is even more reason Maggie needs to compete it, NOW. Did Marta tell her not to?

      And I totally think it’s weird Kocian is told to compete floor but not vault, when I remember a nationals or some meet where she crunched her ankle doing a tumbling pass on her floor.

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        I think she told her that she didn’t need to do it bc it wasn’t worth risking the injury? (I’m not sure of what was said exactly, but something along those lines). If you watch the interviews on USAG Youtube, you can tell that Maggie is the only one of the 6 interviewed that seemed really down/near tears which is heartbreaking.

        A VERY small part of me still hopes that Marta hasn’t finalized the team and maybe wants to give Maggie more time to heal since she HAS seen her do the Amanar since the injury. MAYBE, just maybe (and this is such a long shot, but a girl can dream), she wants Maggie to preserve her body and have the Amanar ready to go in a few weeks if needed, knowing that Kocian is super fragile. If she breaks, I can see Maggie being the first one put in, over Locklear.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        All of a sudden Gabby isn’t doing the Amanar and now Maggie is told not to do it. Suspicious beyond words. Maggie needs to ignore Marta and do it on day 2.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I agree. I wish Maggie would just go knock it out of the park and prove everyone wrong. But it just seems impossible now, and someone got real with her and told her she’s probably only getting alternate at best. Wish we still had worlds Maggie right now.

      • Case Says:

        Agree with you 100% GTT. This is the kind of crap that happens at every Trials.

  46. H Says:

    If Lauri does round of double piked from beam (she did it in PT) instead of “step out, bhs” doesn’t she loose 0.1 /0.2 ? i d-score?

  47. tennisgrl456 Says:

    God, this annoys the crap out of me (from the Washington Post article):

    “Douglas, for her part, insists she will have plenty of time to perfect her Amanar in the weeks that follow Sunday鈥檚 Olympic team selection. ‘It鈥檚 ready; it鈥檚 ready,’ Douglas said Thursday. ‘It鈥檚 just here, I have to be a little bit more prepared.’鈥

    Hey Gabby, if it’s so “ready” that you put an emphasis on the statement by repeating it, then it sure as hell should be “prepared.” Words mean things.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Gabby lies

      • Case Says:

        She’s going to tank in Rio. She’s not working hard and this is a money grab by the Douglas clan. Such a mockery to the other girls who will miss out on that spot.

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      Gabby lies to keep herself relevant to the team

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      Well with Gabby and Madison on the team, either Laurie or Aly will be getting screwed out of an AA spot. You can’t bring Madison and leave her off of bars in prelims. Bars are basically the only place where Gabby makes an impact in TF and I just can’t see them leaving her off of bars in QF. It looks like Aly may very well be left out of the AA and off of bars in prelims. I could definitely see this happening if Laurie decides to go pro after making the team/withdraws her commitment from Florida and states that she plans to go pro after the Olympics.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        That’s what I’ve been saying, and why I think it’s stupid to bring a bars specialist. Because Gabby is basically the bars specialist already. You take Gabby for bars plus a specialist, someone is getting screwed in Quals for AA potential.

        I feel like it’s going to be Aly too even though Aly beat Laurie at nationals.

        Just watch, all of a sudden Laurie will get 2nd behind Simone at Trials.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        After Classics, Aly basically said she knows she is not going to Rio for bars. So I think she was prob told that she won’t do AA. But I’m still holding on to the hope that Marta will reward her and Laurie for their hard work.

        Marta has been throwing lots of shade publically towards Gabby so who knows lol.

        Honestly, I would just take Skinner instead of Gabby for the amanar and Simone can do bars. Stupid lol.

      • H Says:

        Dont you see Laurie as a great “Kyla” , but inexperience, therefor you dont give her the AA spot?

      • Jessica Says:

        I really want Aly to make AA finals. She has worked very hard and deserves it over GD. The AA field for Rio is not strong and I think Aly has a real shot at getting on the podium.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I completely agree on Aly, I really want her to get an AA shot.
        My perfect team would be (given that Gabby will be there):
        Lauren, Simone, Aly, Gabby, Mykayla/Maggie.
        Then they could put Lauren, Simone and Gabby up for bars in TF. Lauren, Simone, Aly and Mykayla to vault in QF as we all know Gabby’s Amanar is non-existent.

    • dianajc99 Says:

      Laurie a little farther along than Kyla was. She has won a couple of international AA’s

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Umm so had Kyla…..

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        I agree with Exgymgurl…have you seen Kyla’s resume? Leaving out the fact that she won junior nationals in ’09 and ’10 (and Classics in ’09 and ’11), she won AA in the Junior division of Pan Ams in ’09 and ’10, Jesolo in ’11, and won the senior AA in Jesolo in ’12. Not to mention a slew of silver medals in AA competitions and golds in EF.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That’s not true. Kyla had hwr own resume and she was held back.arta made her lower her start value on bars so Nastia could make the team. Kyla was at her peak in 2012 but than the head games by Marta started

    • Gymbee Says:

      Wouldn’t it be kind of stupid and risky to debut a skill for the first time during the olympics?! If it’s so ready, maybe she should test it a bit first to make sure she can keep her nerves in check and land it in competition.

      • Case Says:

        We both know she won’t be “debuting” that Amanar ever again.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Maggie has been getting shafted because she interferes with Aly or Gabby doing AA. The way things are looking, I’d say more with Gabby than Aly, even if she shares more overlapping events with Aly.

        What I don’t understand? Why is Marta keep throwing shade at Gabby publically, if she is taking her to Rio. It can’t be good for marketing or for Marta who will look like she is taking an athlete to Rio who doesn’t deserve to be going.

        It’s obvious Marta doesn’t want to take her so I’m still hoping that if GD totally blows at Trials, Marta will have an out to leave her at home, given her previous public comments. Fingers crossed lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Maybe Penny is pressuring her more than we know. Marta just needs to do what is best for team and she can do what she wants because of her success. It’s her last year so hopefully she will do the right thing. I doubt it but one can hope.

      • Mim Says:

        GTT I am hoping the same thing. Martha doesn’t have anything to lose at this point to actually do the right thing. Here’s hoping.

  48. Gymnast41 Says:

    Article all about “the fifth spot” with no mention of Maggie, only Madison and Ashton. Says that there’s basically only one position open (because of gabby, Simone, Aly, and Laurie)

    “Locklear is well aware that Karolyi has five women in mind and can name four of them pretty easily. It’s that last one, though, that will be tricky. Maybe it’s Locklear. It’s more likely it’s Kocian. At least, at the moment. And that’s where things can get stressful.”

    “It’s hard because we’re really good friends and we both want each other to do their best,” Locklear said. “I’m pretty sure she watches me too. We’re competitive with each other but we’re best friends too.”

    *ALSO. Please watch Simone’s interview on the USAG YouTube page. She throws shade to gabby without throwing shade if you know what I mean, by mentioning that she can’t think that the Olympics will be handed to her, or else she won’t practice or perform as well. She thinks that everyone has to work just as hard as everyone else to get to the Olympics. Ugh love this girl.

  49. KG Says:

    I think someone here said Maggie will not be doing her amanar at trials?? Is this true? If so I’m kind of gutted. That means gabby is not only a shoe-in, but a complete lock barring a “nastia a la 2012 trials” styled flop or major injury (which I’m not wishing on her).

    The only thing that could have kept gabby off the team was Marta’s lust for a 3 up amanar, with a person capable of doing a good AA set, and a legitimate reason to leave gabby at home. No amanar, no rio for Maggie 馃槮 Other than alternate.

    I just re watched the 2012 team finals and honestly gabby is an entirely different person now. Annoying then? Sure. But her bars had life and she was definitely putting in work. She did have a bit of naivety, or something along those lines. Compare that with now… She’s just worse in every way. Obnoxiously aloof and self assured; labored sets; pressure stricken.

    I’m not trying to be mean. I feel for her in many ways, but she’s an adult now. Maybe I’m just annoyed that she shouldn’t be such a shoe-in. While people will tune in to watch gymnastics at the Olympics because of her (4 year fans), will anyone buy any products because of her? She’s got a spot on the short list because she’s in the top 5 (mostly because Norah and bailie are gone and Maggie was injured), but so did Ebbie Price and it didn’t get her a spot. She’s there for marketing purposes, but honestly she sucks at being a spokesperson, so can we just sub in a healthy Maggie or someone with an event medal chance? Ugh.

    Mostly I’m pissed that she will probably also get a shot at AA and cut either Laurie or Aly’s legitimate shots at the slot.

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      Everything you’ve said is spot on. I can’t understand the hardcore gym fans who are dead set on defending her and claiming that anyone offering up criticism of Gabby is focused solely on her for no reason.

      There IS a reason. NONE of the other top women, not even SIMONE for God’s sake, talk like they are already on the team. Gabby has crossed the line from confident to cocky and that is not an attractive quality. Yes, she can deliver under pressure, but so can any of the 5 US women who are likely going to the Olympics.

      Count me in as someone who is super annoyed that she is a shoe in. With all the talk about the Amanar and how it is ready and how she is doing it consistently in training, etc, how come Martha said in the interview, “Supposedly at the home gym she is training it?” Does she not do it at training camps? Have her coaches never taken a video of this alleged vault with their phones? We’ve seen Maggie do it since her injury…where’s even the SLIGHTEST bit of proof that Gabby has one? Martha makes it sound like she hasn’t seen it since her comeback (but that could be bc of the language barrier).

      • Gymbee Says:

        Does Martha have much of a language barrier still, after 30 years in the US, a part from the accent? I don’t think she’d just throw the word “supposedly” out there if there wasn’t a reason for it.

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        I think barrier might have been the wrong word. But I think she still sometimes she still throws around words that add a great deal of meaning to a sentence without realizing it. In my mind, the word “supposedly” in that context would indicate to me that Martha has never seen Gabby train an Amanar this quad, either in person or on video.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        We all know Gabby doesn’t have an amanar and we all know this is being done to put Gabby on the team without her having to compete it or prove herself. She’s Nastia 2.0 almost. Plus it gives her a means to take the AA spot from Laurie or Aly. Such BS. We know Marta knows the real amanar status too.

        Maggie should do the amanar if she wants a shot but she sees the writing on the wall and knows she’s being left for Gabby no matter what. She has to stay in good graces with Marta if she wants to be alternate and hope Kocian breaks herself. This kind of crap literally makes me root for China.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        If Gabby makes this team Marta deserves what she gets. WHY WOULD YOU WANT THIS DRAMA

  50. H Says:

    Article about Marthas perspectives on the top us gymnasts just before trials:

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      Thanks for posting 馃檪 still doesn’t have really anything negative to say about gabby, I feel like she’s defending her almost. And the fact that she said she’ll definitely use someone particularly good on bars that can contribute to something else kind of confirms madison. I love how she mentions the team isn’t already decided lol she’s so funny.

  51. H Says:

    New, and great video about Jordyn, including Kayla, Miss Vall.

    • allie Says:

      Thank you for sharing this. I do think we need to have some sort of reform in NCAA gymnastics & going pro. It doesn’t make sense to penalize our gymnasts, and I feel like it was unlikely this was the spirit of the rule when it was first developed. JMHO.

  52. JAS4 Says:

    I really hope Maggie does well, but I get the feeling that no matter how well she does she will get the 2012 Asac treatment. I think she will probably get low balled or be an alternate even if she beats others. I think the team will be Simone, Laurie, Aly, Gabby, and Madison(possibly Ashton) unless someone else manages to win trials and guarantee their spot which isn’t likely. (Even if someone did I wouldn’t be surprised if their spot wasn’t so guaranteed once they got to camp)

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      That’s going to be the team no matter how Maggie does, but I think there is a real chance of Maddie breaking before Rio. I just can’t see Ashton being anything more than an alternate and even then, I don’t think Martha would risk putting her in on a 5 person team when she can physically only do 2 events.

      • KG Says:

        agree. Although I think that if Maddie breaks, they’ll just keep saying she “might” be able to do it and they won’t replace her with Ashton or anyone else, because of the whole Morgan White thing. PLUS, that would mean that they wouldn’t have her in bars for quals, which means someone else gets a shot at the AA. Personally I think that’s Marta’s train of thought… Kocian makes it to Olympics before breaking? great! A bars specialist score and an outside chance at an event medal… She breaks? Fine! Aly/Laurie gets a shot at the AA alongside Simone, Gabby, and Aly/Laurie.

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        The thing about Morgan White is that she was replaced AT the Olympics and went through the trauma of having her credentials cut up in front of her, being escorted out of the Olympic Village, etc. They would never replace someone once they leave for Rio but it could possibly happen at the camp if an injury occurs.

      • KG Says:

        oh right. I had forgotten that! thanks.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        That was fast. USAG app now lists Gabby’s gym as unknown, haha.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Holy shit I can’t believe she pulled such a drastic move.

      • Mim Says:

        What the actual F is Gabby doing?? So much drama.
        I’m super curious if the ‘powers that be’ (ahem.. Steve P ahem..) had any role in this, particularly if Kittia and Christian were safely training Gabby and it has been perceived as holding her back.

    • H Says:

      Did you watch Maggies interview after PT.
      I almost got the feeling that she new it was an impossible uphill battle to get on the team.

      • KG Says:

        I so agree, if I’m thinking of the right interview. Didn’t she talk about “it’s just such an honor to make it trials” like a million times? It felt a little like she was trying to convince herself that making it that far was enough… 馃槮

      • Tortuga Says:

        Even in the ranch documentary when they talked about SCAM they said Maggie proved she deserves to be at the “elite level”. Which really rubbed me the wrong way. She was top 3 AA at championships in 2014 and 2015 and would’ve been 2nd AA in the world if it hadn’t been for politics. She’s been told so many times that she’s not good enough and just lucky to be here. I don’t understand why she’s so shafted and hated? I’m not trying to stan wondering what the deal is.

      • H Says:

        yes KG.

  53. KG Says:

    Here’s another random thought…

    I think when Gabby inevitably (hopefully) doesn’t make the AA after cutting someone else’s chances at the slot.. and I think it will (hope it will) be Aly that goes with Simone to AA finals… They will say gabby was secretly injured for the last few months, but wanted to give the Olympics her all to “help the team” or “contribute” to her country… they will spin spin spin the story to save face for bringing a non bars specialist with no amanar.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Totally! Or some other sob story about her family “she managed to make the Olympic team and heroically help her country once more, despite this and that and blabla”

  54. Ilanchik20 Says:

    So on tumbler, someone said that some athlete fired their head coach today LOL

  55. Gymnast41 Says:

    It’s definitely gabby. No mention of kittia in her articles and she’s nowhere to be found…even in her PT photos. I want to know the story oh so bad, but I can’t think of reasons other than clashing personalities. DRA. MA.

    • SS Says:

      Gotta create some drama so that Douglas Family Gold gets picked up for a second season.
      I cannot understand firing your coach the week of Olympic Trials and a month before the games…as if she wasn’t already struggling with distractions. It seems like it would be worth it to just stick it out. Four more weeks and you never have to see her again if you don’t want to.
      And how awkward for Gallardo to have to go back to the gym that kittia owns after all this?

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        So do you think Gabby dropping her coach in this way will make Marta want to leave her at home? I can’t imagine Marta is happy with the situation.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Maybe he and Gabby are planning on opening their own gym

      • JAS4 Says:

        I don’t think Marta would be happy with it but I think Penny would still insist that she be on the team

      • H Says:

        To have your chosen coach on the floor, isn’t just to say so?
        No need to firing anyone?

        I cannot belive this is true that she fired drama her coach now ..

      • Case Says:

        Must be another gym bill came due that the Douglas crew didn’t want to pay.

      • Gymnast41 Says:

        Rumors being thrown around is that it has to do with the amanar, not enough sets, or she just wanted a more personable coach.

        What’s surprising is that Gallardo and gabby are still at the gym…in which kittia owns.

        This screams crazy momager Natalie getting in the way of gabby’s training, again. Gabby probably whining to her mom about kittia not caring and Natalie working some kind of deal. They did a great job of hiding it, even with kittia rt’ing all things gabby lately on Twitter.

        Marta is probably just done. She’s making it easier and easier to be left off the team.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Gabby is an adult she can make her own decisions j0w hoe about we let her live with the consequences of it ? The weird, funny thing is she was allowed to stay at that gym. What is wrong with Kitiia? Is she that desperate to have her name attached to an Olympian ? Rumors before about Nia leaving that gym were attached to the coach Gabby brought with her being creepy and yet that same coach is still Gabby’s coach and they are not training at Kittia’s gym even though she has been fired ? If Gabby is holding hwr ground over not wanting to d0 that Amanar I say good for her. She’s finally taking a stand. I guess we will see if it’s the opposite . I don’t buy the Amanar excuse. There is more to this than we will ever know.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I thought it was the opposite problem:

        That Gabby wanted to train/compete the amanar but Kittia wouldn’t let her cause she didn’t feel she was ready.

        I guess it’ll be interesting to see how she competes with the other coach.

      • JK Says:

        Gabby wanting to put more effort into her training does not sound like Gabby at all. I think Kittia wants her to train the amanar but Gabby – being the lazy, spoiled brat that she is – doesn’t want to.

        Good luck getting any endorsements after the Olympics. My god, her personality/attitude is coming off even worse than Nastia in 08.

      • Melanie Says:

        Gabby did poorly at Nationals and has disappointed Marta by not having an Amanar. Marta says she was given plenty of time to get it back. Fact: Gabby doesn’t have it back. Fact: Gabby cannot take responsibility for her shortcomings. Fact: Gabby loves playing the blame game. It happened to Excalibur, it happened to Chow, why wouldn’t she throw Kittia under the bus?

  56. Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

    I want some of what Nastia is taking. Fullgymnastics’ Twitter quotes her saying: “We can conquer gold on UB bars” and saying that three of five spots are already designated: “Simone and, of course, Raisman and Douglas”. If she really said this, what possesed her to afirm such an improper thing in public just before Trials?

  57. H Says:

    Are you awake?

    What about you Rocio?

    • Gymbee Says:

      I am awake and ready! Have you tried the nbc feed yet? 馃檪

      • H Says:

        yes, when its NBC so far it works, but when its NBCS, app etc it docent. But trials is “named” under NBC. So I guess it will work. What about you?

      • Gymbee Says:

        Yes, it’s working! It’s this link right?

        But it says I only have access for 45 min and then I need to authenticate, or is that for something else?

      • H Says:

        do you use B… to make it work. For the moment my connection is behaviour strange ….I use though something else

      • H Says:

        if it says we have to authenticate I guess it means “log in Cable story….”

      • Gymbee Says:

        Browsec? I just sign in to my work server and that does the trick (I work for an American company in London). I guess if we just use another IP when the 45′ are over that should work.

      • H Says:

        lol. N氓 var du kvikk og morsom:-)

      • Gymbee Says:

        Haha var jeg? lol 馃槈 just following the links you provided further up 馃槈

      • Mim Says:

        Go to Irish Daniel’s twitter account (@daniel_san2013), he posted a good website to watch on, you need to make an account and then you’re good to go, no pop up ads and the stream won’t drop out after a time limit.

    • H Says:

      Ja, jeg fikk et bilde av deg lett elegant l酶pende rundt for 氓 stadig veksle mellom ulike ip adresser.

    • Roc铆o Mart铆nez L贸pez Says:

      Sorry about yesterday, H. I had to got up at 5:00 in the morning to catch a train and I was totally knackered at 12. I am going to try to find the trials on YouTube or something to see them! It seems it was interesting. Gabby on 7th? That was way more that just a bad day in one event.

  58. gymtruthteller Says:

    I’ll be late tonight. The nieces are over and on summer vacation who knows when the brother will show up. When does this thing start anyway 8 or 9 eastern ?

  59. G Says:

    I’m here and so pumped! My seat is so close! Right behind the beam and I but to the left. Got to meet Shannon Miller and Carly Patterson. I’m pumped for the completion!

  60. Uglyfatkid Says:

    So excited for Trials so start!

    So far we’ve met Bogi, saw Aly’s Dad, and can literally yell any horrible thing I want at Gabby and she will hear it. Sooo excited!

    Nastia’s NBC booth is across from us, but if you hear anyone yell, “YOU SUCK NASTIA!” it’s me or my wife! LOL.

  61. Gymnast41 Says:

    Ouch, skinner had a roughhhh warmup

  62. Mim Says:

    I know it’s all basically decided already BUT I AM SO EXCITED.

  63. Beth Tennant Brigham Says:

    From Tumblr (sorry if redundant):

    Re: Gabby firing Kittia
    According to a source close to Kittia who asked not to be named, Kittia and Gabby have basically been butting heads. Gabby has missed a lot of training for other 鈥渄uties鈥 and apparently it鈥檚 gotten out of control. Kittia has been very upset with Gabby lately and Gabby just decided to part ways with her and train with Christian for the remainder of the season.

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      Not surprised. But why does kittia keep retweeting gabby’s endorsements? It’s all confusing

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Natalie posted on Twitter that Gabby did not have a coach change–she has been coached by him since she arrived at Buckeye. She said that since Gabby can only have one coach on the floor, she chose it to be Christian because of their better chemistry.

        Right? LOL

      • Gymnast41 Says:

        DID YALL HEAR THAT BS.”I need someone to spot me”. ARE YOU SERIOUS

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        BS is true that! Ugh.

      • Bess Says:

        That’s crap…didn’t she bring him with her to Buckeye? So they just traveled across the country to use the gym facilities? Ok, Natalie

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        No, she didn’t bring Christian to Buckeye, she brought another male coach but I’m drawing a blank on his name…Fernando?

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Now, we know who is rooting for Gabby–Steve Penny got up and was clapping after Gabby landed her vault (with a huge step). Marta looked bored lol.

      • Mim Says:

        Ugh, Ilanchik, that is not in the least surprising unfortunately (SP clapping for Gabby)

    • Beth Tennant Brigham Says:

      How sad,if Kittia has been trying to bring out the best in her and if Gabby just didn’t want to work that dang hard. Not a bad FX for Gabby, still didn’t connect the back tuck to her new pass. She smiled and actually showed some spirit.

  64. Beth Tennant Brigham Says:

    Nastia: barbie doll hair. Blech.

  65. Case Says:

    Interesting commentary on Gabby’s coaching change. NBC is dogging her a little bit.

  66. Mim Says:

    Maggie’s vault was good. I really am about gymnasts competing safely but there is a part of me that wishes she compete the amanar on day 2 because I can’t handle her not being on the team.

    Gabby – looked marginally less bored in her routine but I still don’t like her floor.

    • Case Says:

      The difference between Gabby and Aly is distinct. You can tell by body language and facial expressions and flat out performance which one worked her ass off this quad. Hint: it’s not Gabby.

      • dianajc99 Says:

        you should have seen it live. Cheers erupted when both got on to the podium before their floor routines.Gabby sat there and basked in it. Aly just concentrated on the routine she was about to do.

  67. Uglyfatkid Says:

    Of all the girls, Gabby was the only one who didn’t have her hand on her heart during the national anthem. I hate her.

    • Case Says:

      On TV she looks absolutely annoyed to be there. Like she shouldn’t have to be bothered with petty trials.

      Unfortunately the NBC three headed monster just basically said she’s a lock on the team for bars anyway.

  68. Mim Says:

    Aly’s floor gave me chills. Girl is READY. Brilliant.

    Mykayla cleaned up on floor and really should have scored much more than Gabby… or Gabby less on floor.

    Someone tweeted Kocian went OOB on floor but otherwise had a beautiful routine.. wish they showed it.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Aly’s floor is the closest I’ve actually come to crying of emotion watching gymnastics. I’m not a crier haha.

  69. Beth Tennant Brigham Says:

    Skinner killed it. Best floor I’ve ever seen her do. Heads and shoulders above Douglas. Amazing difficulty. Clearly been working on her form and sticks. Girl’s a gamer for sure. Great job MyKayla!

  70. tennisgrl456 Says:

    And they show Gabby on vault…in the slow mo replay you can see that she gets a standing ovation from Steve Penny. Dear God.

  71. Uglyfatkid Says:

    Why in the hell is Skinner NOT doing an Amanar?

  72. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Skinner only does a DTY. Suspicious.

  73. H Says:

    Laurie almost off bars, but saves it with extra kip

  74. Gymnast41 Says:

    Hmmmm even the 14.9 for Laurie is questionable?

  75. Mim Says:

    Ashton killed bars. I know she has no other events basically but the thought of that routine not being showcased at the Olympics breaks me.

  76. Mim Says:

    Brenna’s bars are on twitter.. looks like she hit!

  77. H Says:

    Raisin with the best bar score this season – did I hear correct 14.450?

  78. Gymnast41 Says:

    Aly without a 14.15 for once! 14.45!

    Laurie 15.5 wooooooow

  79. Uglyfatkid Says:

    Maggie off beam. Crushed.

    • Mim Says:

      I legit nearly lost it when Ashton and Mags fell off beam. I know they are long shots but it’s all too much. Heartbroken.

  80. Uglyfatkid Says:

    I like Laurie, but these scores are crazy to me. They are boosting her over Aly. Thu want to make her the next “Gabby.”

  81. Uglyfatkid Says:

    Gabby fell!!!!!


    • Uglyfatkid Says:

      I was shooting her all the bad juju I could muster during that routine. You’re welcome everyone. LOL. 馃檪

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