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Simone and Laurie are out to “Rest” for the long Olympic year. Not sure why Simone did 2 Vaults during team finals if she had no plans on competing during the Event Finals but I don’t think anyone questions her sitting out ( not sure why she is even at this meet at all to be honest) but when did Laurie Hernandez because a seasoned veteran, 3 time world champion who doesn’t have to earn her position? It’s not like she had 4 event finals. She made one. Not a big fan of special treatment for non proven up and comers.



Just watched event finals ( beware after how Opening day ended this might be a bit bitchy:)



Thought Shallon Olsen easily deserved the Vault gold. Her DTY looked decent enough and while her Khorkina vault is messy I thought it looked much better than Khorkina used to do it.


Vault 2


Uneven Bars:

Ashton had the start value to win. Brenna fell again. I personally felt Brittany Rogers deserved the silver over Larissa Miller. Brittany has such pretty lines and she hit most of handstands and yet the rest of that routine has such messy form I wonder if  her coach has two personalities and depending on the day that is why the routine goes from pretty to ugly in the bat of an eye. Hey for me to be impressed by Canadians means something.


Balance Beam:

Aly was screwed over. I hate how judges ignore bobbles in beam routines. Did they deduct anything from Ragan at all for her huge wobbles because it doesn’t seem like it. Aly getting credit fir her layout aside I don’t know how the judges came up with Ragan’s score at all. The rest of the beam final you can take or leave.



Brenna’s score was a complete joke. She didn’t hit a single leap in that routine yet the judges didn’t seem to care. They were going to give the second American the silver  medal regardless of what was put on the floor. She had some good landings but I felt Shallon with 2 extra tenths in start value (something the so called announcers lied about in the video) and as good  landings should have been second. Neither Brenna or Shallon can dance. Aly deserved to win.


Don’t get me started on the men. At least they didn’t just up and down and act like fools this time but talk about a messy team. Thought Penev deserved the floor title over Dalton but the US men getting execution scores over a 9 is literally the craziest scoring I have seen from judges since they gave Gabby credit for an Amanar when she messed up and did a DTY at this same competition 4 years ago.




The Documentary

So I am sure you saw the trailer for the “new” documentary on the camps shown during the live broadcast. So what do you think? It kind of reminds me of when the Emmy’s nominate themselves from broadcasts of the Emmy’s. Marta apologists creating a documentary on her system.

We already know those camps are child abuse (ask  Wofford) and we already know they barely get fed at them but can we talk about how Marta gets too much credit for the US’s success the last 8 years ( Carly Patterson existed and was pretty good way before Marta) and how it took her 2 Olympic cycles to come up with the team gold medal because she did it her way instead of what was best for the team (Annia Hatch being hidden at Nationals because they were afraid she wouldn’t make trials instead of preparing for a floor worker that was needed and eventually cost the US the gold?)

The talent during the 1997-2000 quad just wasn’t there and that is why those girls didn’t succeed. Even the little talent they had crumbled under the pressure and was overrated anyway.

I think Marta gets too much credit. Remember she didn’t like Shawn. She didn’t like Simone.




54 Responses to “2016 Pac Rim Event Finals”

  1. Laura Says:

    Any rumors on injuries for Laurie? I’m wondering if she has a minor injury and they want to rest her for that..otherwise, I agree, it doesn’t make sense. But it took Marta days to make the announcement that Maggie had torn her meniscus, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s keeping the details about “why” she’s sitting Laurie out either.

  2. KG Says:

    Do we get to sub in their spots, does it go to next in line, or do they just leave the spot open?

    If we get to fill it with a different person, I wonder if Marta isn’t testing out different stuff

  3. Tortuga Says:

    I’m confused about Laurie sitting out as well. But with people saying they saw Simone limping i’m worried Simone and Laurie must have injuries to be sitting out. And it sounds like Maggie won’t have a shot at the team anymore with a torn meniscus. I’m starting to lose interest with all these injuries. And I’m terrified of Martha breaking Simone. Seriously if Simone ends up injured and out of AA or off the team I am so through with this quad and I will hate Martha forever. I know Simone has won so much already but I really need her to get the AA gold in Rio so she gets the recognition she deserves.

    • KG Says:

      Yeah if Simone goes, I go. I’m not sure I could A) watch the Olympics without her knowing that Marta broke her, and B) watch the Olympics and seeing GD as the top American gymnast. Nope and nope.

    • Gymbee Says:

      Oh no, that’s devastating for Maggie. And I agree, if Simone gets injured and Gabby is the olympics IT girl I can’t watch.

  4. Tortuga Says:

    And Brenna falls from bars. Why?! You had such a great day yesterday.

    • Ss Says:

      Brenna looked so solid leading up to it!!

      Simone looked injured before the competition and still competed wonderfully so hopefully it isn’t anything serious. I’m actually really glad Martha decided not to have her compete today. It seems like she may actually be realistic that this competition isn’t worth it. Even tho I don’t trust Martha to keep her healthy…I do trust Aimee.

    • Melanie Says:

      Wow, I’m shocked. Brenna is a liability for this team.

    • Mim Says:

      I wonder if she sees a sports psych. Something is happening if she is consistent as all get out in training and camp and then it all goes to hell in competition.

  5. sanitynmotion Says:

    Looks like in Martas head Laurie is the new Maggie.
    That’s odd though if anyone should have a second “rest” spot it should be Aly. But even Aly has crap to prove. Laurie more so. I’m thinking she must have an injury we don’t know about or is what you call minor.

  6. Mim Says:

    I don’t think Marta wants Simone to break at all. Simone is her biggest asset for Rio. I would presume Aimee has more influence on how Simone trains than most of the other coaches do with their gymnasts simply because Simone has well and truly paid her dues.

    I’d bet Laurie has a minor injury which is, surprise, surprise, being downplayed. People on twitter get all like ‘ugh don’t freak out, if usagym says injuries are minor, they’re minor!’ but we all know that they downplay injuries and do major damage control about these things. We all know now how broken Jordyn and McKayla were in London, I bet coaches are being even more careful now.

    I refuse to accept Maggie is totally out. I just can’t. I wish she saved her amanar for classics.

    Marta’s interview from yesterday said she’s really only considering girls who have been on an international assignment this year, which is no surprise. She seemed more excited about Laurie than Ragan, but this may have changed with Ragan’s gold on beam. But with Maggie possibly out (crosses self) maybe this is good news for Bailie? I still hold out hope for her. I don’t want to count her out until Nationals..

    Brenna is killing me. I love her, I still think she’s gutsy, but she’s too inconsistent. What is happening in her head when she competes? The mental thing is just not happening. Honestly, I’d rather have Gabby or Mykayla on the Rio team than Brenna at this point.

  7. H Says:

    Aly and beam d-score.
    She got 6.1 in qual. In EF they bumped her up after first scoring her 14.8 –> .3 to 6.5/15.1
    (she did the piked, wolf connection in EF) but other than that I dont see any difference in execution of her connected skills, but still the judges are moving between 6.1/6.2 – to now 6.5. Does any of you see the difference between qual and EF regarding her connections?

    I am not so sure Laurie has an injury, I think Martha wanted Aly to do one more beam routine …

    • SS Says:

      I don’t know where they are getting that start value from. Lauren Hopkins said on Twitter that there is no way her layout is going to get credit in Rio either. They need to restructure this routine or it will be like Jordyn all over.

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      There are no differences in connections from quals to EF other than the pike to wolf jump. In EF, judges originally didn’t give her E credit for the layout to two feet (meaning she loses .3 from the B+E connection) but then I guess bumped her SV up after an inquiry (Do they even have formal inquiries at Pac Rims or do they just ask the judges to re-evalute the d score?).

      They didn’t give her the B+E connection in quals (BHS + 2 ft LO) and they shouldn’t have bumped her score up/given her credit for it in finals. Even if it did look a bit more “stretched” than in night one, there is no way she is going to get credit for it in Rio. She didn’t get credit in Glasgow (Lauren H said that only ONE gymnast in Glasgow was actually given the E value for the layout- the rest were de-valued to Ds) and it would be a huge and unnecessary risk for her to keep it in the routine. If you go to the FIG WAG technical YT page, they have videos of layouts that will get credit and layouts that won’t. I watched both and there were about 30 examples of ones that won’t and 4 of ones that will (just randomly selected from competitions before the 2013 COP) and basically if you aren’t doing the layouts like Deng Linlin or Sui Lu, you should expect for them to be devalued from an E to a D skill (plus the CV for the skill if you’re doing it out of a BHS).

      • H Says:

        Thank you! 2+2 became suddenly 4 for me. I did not know that BHS + 2 ft LO was .3 up when accepted. I have been so puzzled about it. thinking it was the turns or etc.
        Wonder if they are considering re-constructing the routine again (they have had many versions since last years classic).

        Do you think she would be able to do bhs bhs 2ft lo?
        and would that give her also .3, but without the need for ful “stretched” position?

        Or how du you see she can re-constructed the routine/raise start value?

      • H Says:

        I have watched the videos, and compared it to Aly’s EF.
        It is close, she might float less in the air but she doesn’t “pike down/flip over” maybe her lack of picture perfect leg form makes it seem less stretched.

      • Short1 Says:

        Thank you for explaining this! I watched the routine several times and couldn’t figure out what the heck was different (aside from the wolf jump, which I was pretty sure wouldn’t be a .3 difference).

        @H I’m also curious to see if some changes are made to the routine’s construction. I’m not a coach, but I would think what does and doesn’t get credit at a World Championships (or even Jesolo, since it wasn’t credited their either) would give a better indication of what would and wouldn’t get credit at the Olympics than what got credit at Pac Rim.

      • H Says:

        according to Lauren, Aly has the hip in a good enough position, but FIG have decided to devaluate this skill if the legs are not together, rather to deduct it as bad form using e-score: ….”An E layout is a backwards salto stretched with legs together landed on two feet, so if the legs AREN’T together, they devalue because it’s not that the skill is messy but they literally aren’t doing the skill.”

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Judges can’t see Aly’s form on that skill from the side. That seems to be the excuse for Kocian not being dedUcted more on bars when it comes to her leg separations so in my conspiracy theory mind it makes it seem like this is a calculated deduction.

      • gymbot Says:

        It’s only a two tenth deduction total. In this 2013-2016 code, CV for B+E is worth 0.1, the downgrade from E to D is also 0.1 – so 0.2 total.

        Raisman at the 2012 Olympics is one of the FIG’s examples of a “bad” layout. This is actually one of the rules I hate the most, since it’s a double deduction. The E panel has the planned routine, and takes a deduction for hip flexion and the D panel which is a separate panel deducts as well. Meanwhile anything with a twist can be piked as all hell and get credit. Steingruber’s eponymous twisting gainer dismount or the layout fulls on beam don’t suffer the same scrutiny.

  8. G Says:

    #pacrim2016 banquet🔥

    A post shared by ashton taylor locklear (@_ashtonlocklear) on

    Someone didn’t get the “dress formsl” memo lol

    • Gymbee Says:

      I thought that too haha. Who’s the girl next to Ashton?
      I think Brenna looks a bit like she’s going to a PTA meeting.

      • Cupquaked Says:

        I think we sometimes forget these girls are only teens. I shudder to think about some of the outfits I chose for banquets as a kid…

        The girl looks like one of the canadians but sometimes as soon as these girls take their hair down I forget who they are. Lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Banquets? Why were you hanging at banquets? And no. I looked at my school pictures the other day from ** years ago and I am more stylish back then than that outfit Hernandez is wearing. Only one outfit I would have burned.

      • G Says:

        Cupquaked: I think that is a Canadian too, where’s Aly? And I agree about the hair, during London they had a commercial of the FF in In leotards with their hair down and I was like, “who the heck are they?” It really changes someone’s look

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Ashton and Simone need to switch outfits and Brenna’s dress is just, no. Ragan is dressed like a kid so I am fine with just rolled out of the shower look but Hernandez is no longer allowed to dress herself. that dress is ugly Nastia territory

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Biles’ dress is cute but it washes her out. Ashton looks good. Who is the girl with the ugly lampshade shirt?
        Brenna looks 40, Ragan looks 8, and Laurie looks like a potpourri accident.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I think Ashton is the only one who looks like a teen.

        Laurie looks like she was zapped out of the 80’s with that dress.

        I dressed like a dork when I was early teens, but I feel I didn’t have access to a lot of fashion advice. Girls nowadays, there’s fashion advice and style tips wherever they turn – YouTube, IG, etc etc. That should at least give them some hints in the right direction 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:


      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Laurie dresses like a grandmother

    • G Says:

      For the record, I think Ragan looks really cute but I have to wonder why she wouldn’t have wanted something a little more appropriate for such a fancy event. At any rate, I agree that Ashton is the only one whose outfit I like but Smone looks nice too.

  9. Brainy Says:

    Relevant to nothing — Donnell Whittenburg is a hottie in his 5-second ad on NBC for Rio. Aly’s is fun too.

  10. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    For the record, GB’s nationals were this weekend as well. Claudia Fragapane won with 58.100 and they are good on vault and specially powerful on UB, with four scores over 6.2. Let’s see what the Chinese bring to the Olympics, but, if they aren’t in contention, GB could win a team bronze medal.

  11. G Says:

    I agree about Marta. I think our dominace boils down to talent and coaching mainly, not her. Yes the USA has been succeeding but every country has ups and downs, who knows how long our dominance will last. Hopefully it will be awhile after Marta retires. Given the fact that she’s mentally and physically broke so many gymnasts, she’s really done more harm than good.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      But the failures rarely get mentioned.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        and they won’t get mentioned until a crew of successful former gymnasts come out and speak up. Ones I can think of at the top of my mind are:
        Moceanu is a given
        Zmeskal (even better since she’s also a coach)
        Weiber (broken at the games)
        Maroney (broken at the games)
        Miller (she never will)
        Shawn (she never will but Marta basically gave her the finger in 2011)

        I know there’s more.

      • dianajc99 Says:

        It’s been a dream of mine to do a documentary on both the 96 team and the 2000 team ans process.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        So do it:)

      • G Says:

        Hollie Vise too, she got screwed over.
        A documentary would be amazing, I’d donate to that kickstarter campaign 😀

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        Hollie isn’t going to say anything. Alex Naddour her husband is up for a spot on the men’s Rio team right now as a pommel horse specialist.

      • G Says:

        True, she wouldn’t want to step on any toes while still involved by proxy. Maybe someday…

  12. dianajc99 Says:

    2016 | Pac Rim Banquet | Team USA pic.twitter.com/h7ylIEUnkg— Simone Biles (@Simone_Biles) April 12, 2016


    • dianajc99 Says:

      aly scares me in this pic

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Aly saved the worst for last. That is horrid.lol At least stand with one foot in front of the other and wear heals if you are wearing this type of outfit.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Aly is trying too hard to be like ASac but can’t pull it off. That romper thing is…hideous.

      • Melanie Says:

        Is it now a thing to wear sneakers with dresses? It looks terrible.

        Wasn’t Ragan added last minute? Maybe she didn’t have time to pack a formal outfit.


  13. ilanchik20 Says:

    Lauren H said that Laurie has a small nagging injury so they keeping it safe. We’ll see how small it will be come Classics.

    Kim did an interview with Flo and said Bailie hurt her back during the January camp so she in full training now (and the truth comes out!)

    Marta is still downplaying Maggie’s injury. A torn miniscus is not minor by any stretch of imagination. Marta said that if Maggie does the “right” rehab, she should be able to still contend for a spot. I’m sure she will be able to but Marta won’t take her now.

    I still Reagan has more of a shot at Rio than Laurie, especially because Laurie breaks very easily and Marta loves Reagan.

    Marta was asked about Maddie and she literally forgot who that was because she was like “oh Desch, she is recovering.” LOL. This may be good for Ashton, hahaha.

    • Mim Says:

      I also read about Bailie’s January camp injury and that Kim was being strategic about keeping her home instead of camp, comps etc. I am really, really curious how this will play out. It’s a risky strategy if that’s what it is (rather than Kim downplaying Bailie’s injury).

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