Get well soon Beth Tweddle-Updated


Beth is walking with help from a nurse. Thank god. Great news. On her way to recovery.




Beth hurt herself training for what looks like a TV show. Her parents put a note on her twitter you can read here. Get well Beth


Kim Zmeskal turned 40. Is that even possible? Sometimes my hatred of Kim from my days as a young gym fan changes but don’t worry, It’s only temporary 🙂 Plus a Betty Okino sighting


Chelle Stack Interview

Tonight ex World Champion Kayla Williams fiance. Kevin Norwood will be playing in the superbowl. Okay playing is a stretch he’s only played one game this year but at least he isn’t a Bronco so, Go Panthers!!!!!! Hey technically he was part of Seattle when they lost last year ( sorry not sorry)





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  1. exgymgurl Says:

    and nowhere in this is kerri strugg…. and the rest of the karolyi six pack

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      They weren’t invited:) Any clue who other girls are and isn’t Kim a little old to be a NKOTB fan?

      • exgymgurl Says:

        no she wouldda been in high school….. no clue, the joule is a very fancy hotel in downtown dallas thats one of the suites…

      • exgymgurl Says:

        grace quinns mom stacy…. thats one of them

      • gymnerd Says:

        “New Kids On The Block” was one of Kim’s big things leading into ’92.

      • aerial Says:

        The people who celebrated with Kim were local to the area. And yes, I’m a few years younger than Kim… NKOTB was huge. I remember in magazines and fluff-pieces at the time her talking about them and posters being up on her wall. (She was my first favourite gymnast watching her on TV win the 91 Worlds.)
        She’s one of those mega-fans that still goes to concerts, etc. through the years when they’ve been available. I’m so cool to know this (haha) but it’s like Candace Cameron Bure and some of her Full House costars who are massive New Kids fans… somehow still after all these years, and go crazy for an event. Yes, I am just as cool as them knowing this stuff!

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      NKOTB was huge when I was in like first grade. And Kim would have been about 13 or 14 ish by then I think.

  2. Ss Says:

    Chelle Stack is all over the place regarding her experience. I don’t know how she can act as tho she loved her time with the karolyis after she participated in “little girls in pretty boxes.” she, and her mother, were some of the most vocal about abuse.

    • gymnerd Says:

      If you read between the lines a little bit, she sounds (at least to me) like she’s choosing her words very carefully. She doesn’t exactly change her stories from her LGIPB interviews. She simply says they “always felt prepared.” It’s what she doesn’t say. Trying to stay in USAG’s good graces for better judging assignments?

    • aerial Says:

      I think she’s another somewhat mentally unstable person following her elite career and messes with USA Gymnastics. (not that I blame these peeps!) It’s like they are torn by the evils out there and wanting to stay involved with their passion for the sport and it being the main thing they know. Kinda like Chellsie Memmel, Alicia Sacramone, etc. … returning to the gymnastics world and dealing with USAG despite being burned or statements being made by other people on their behalf over scandals that happened to them. They have to deal with these people and the organization if they want to coach, judge, etc. but I bet it’s a massive struggle!
      Seems Dominique Moceanu still stands stead-fast against them and the treatement she received, though. I always notice she is tweeting about UFC and other things really prominently when others are promoting gymnastics stuff and comps… whether they really want to or not! (“doing and promoting the right thing at the right time to not look bad”)

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Moceanu didn’t complain until she didn’t get her own way. When she didn’t get to go to Nationals that is when he tune changed. That is the issue i have with her and Chellsie and everyone like them. If you take a bribe to shut up then you lose my support especially when I always supported you. Moceanu I never liked so she has always seemed phony to me.

  3. Ilanchik20 Says:

    There was a follow-up post on Beth’s website. It said she has her surgery now and that they used a piece of her hip bone to fuse the two fractured vertebrae. It said she is moving her hands and feet so That’s a good sign. But that doesn’t sound like a routine surgery at all. I hope she recovers completely. #fingerscrossed

  4. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    I hope Beth gets well soon. What an unfortunate accident! I have just come back from England to see my sister and there the news said that she was going to have surgery, but that they hope she will be able to retain full mobility, but it sounded awfully serious.

    In other news, it was announced that Sandra Izbasa won’t come back for Río and she has put an end to her carreer in gymnastics. They said that she was unable to prepare all four events in time and that it was some kind of “all or nothing” with her. It seems a pity for me. If she could have regain only her vault/floor, she could have help the team a lot.

    And I have read that Mustafina will compete only bars and beam in the Russian Championships. It seems like an ominous sign for her AA, but I hope she is ready on time.

    • Rien Says:

      Part of why Izbasa retired is because she had to prepare bars to be eligible for the team. Ponor does not do bars with Izbasa doing only vault and floor, Romania would be missing a qualifications bar routine. I love her and wish she could compete but Romania still has a somewhat decent team if Bulimar and Ponor can regain their former shape.

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        You are right. If they choose Ponor (I am not sure, as we haven’t see her compete since her comeback, so I don’t know her current form) they need another person to do bars. Izbasa used to do the all around, throwing a decent set of bars for Romania standards. I was hoping she could come back. In any case, Romania should qualify without any problem in the Pre-Olympics if they don’t have another meltdown or have more looses in form of injuries. Do you know how is Bulimar?

      • Rien Says:

        I don’t know how Bulimar is but Romania will benefit from the 5 person team. Making the team final will definitely be an accomplishment for them, they have significant weakmesses and teams like GB and Japan are looking strong. And I bet Brazil will definitely be top 8. Even if Romania doesn’t have a great team comp, they will have individual medal contenders. Hopefully they won’t end up like Russia in 08!

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        Oh, I don’t think they will end like Russia in 08. Iordache is very strong, if she doesn’t get hurt. She is a potential medal winner in the AA and at least in beam as well. I would be surprised if Iordache, if she is well, doesn’t get a medal in Rio. And, if we see Ponor at the same level than at London, she can medal as well in beam and floor, so I do think that Romania would obtain at least one medal. In any case, I think that they will classify and Brazil too. When is the Pre-Olympic? Should be soon, shouldn’t it?

  5. Case Says:

    GTT, here’s another college freshman to watch:

  6. sanitynmotion Says:

    No way is that back surgery “routine.” By any standard. That’s sad a TV show has caused her more harm than elite gymnastics ever did!

  7. H Says:

    Does anyone knows who the “exhibition/alternate” gymnast to American cup in March is?

  8. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Look who is preggers? Now that I’m excited about!

    Asac 🙂

  9. aerial Says:

    OK, so wtf is with Sophina DeJesusChrist’s floor routine getting all this praise? It is mainly people on other boards saying how amazing it is that is driving me crazy. Not only is that “whip” song super-annoying and overdone, but if she in true NCAA style wants to do eighth grade super-fan imitation moves to this music and compete it, fine, but what is with all the love about how amazing it is? If she was one of the Gym Hogs or whatever doing this, wouldn’t people be raking her over the coals and making fun of her? I just watched it, she can’t point her feet and has loose form, and if she scores high, it really isn’t fair to the Chayse Capps of the world intricately dancing their hearts out with every second super-supremely-difficultly choreographed. Just my two cents!!
    Also, the massive crowd lining the floor mat detracting from the performance and sight-lines of the actual audience drives me crazy. Yes, I know this is the NCAA way, but half these girls seem to be performing for the camera opp and definitely draw the eye away from the performer dancing with less amplitude than them!
    Man I’m in a bitchy mood today.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      its because they were looking for llomincia hall and found this instead…. plus when sophina dejesus was a kid she had an agent and was on hip hop harry. She probably has an agent somewhere that blew this up

    • Melanie Says:

      People always do this, and they did it with Lloimincia, too. It’s not that impressive by the standards of anyone who actually watches and knows gymnastics. Or that stupid acro-gymnastics video that went viral a couple years ago. People on my FB were beside themselves – “We’ve never seen anything this impressive in our lives!!!” – and I’m just scratching my head thinking, “Do you even watch the Olympics?”

      • aerial Says:

        It’s when the actual gym community is lauding it that I can’t handle it. The very same people who rip apart actually beautiful routines or routines of athletes with good form. Gymscoop, anyone??

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Gymscoop gets free things from MS Val so they love everything UCLA. They got good seats for Nationals and the meets to make it to Nationals from her so what do you think they are going to say? ( Don’t mean that to sound as bitchy as it does)

    • Lauren H Says:

      Lord, I thought I was the only one. I’ve been wondering why the hell this routine is getting so much attention. I actually watched it twice to see if I missed anything the first time (I didn’t). I think exgymgurl is right about people looking for the next Llomnicia (and I wasn’t a fan of her routine either). It’s just lots of pauses/poses, and crappy, trendy dancing, to crappy music. Simone should be getting this type of attention, not this.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      LOL I hate College gym for this reason. All the fake cheering drives me nuts. If I was a gymnast that type of thing going on when I was trying to compete would have been the death of me and the floor routine itself is complete garbage. I can appreciate the peppy routines even tho I am 100% more of a classical routine fan ( I liked Ohashi’s floor routine a lot and have never been a big fan of her) but I never liked Hall’s routine tho I didn’t hate it but this one is horrible.

      • Sainabou Nyang Says:

        Lol I enjoy watching it but I hate the way the lean back after every dismount or landing. Plus the number of times they have to high five each other is ridiculous.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It just drives me crazy I like the days of dirty looks and no

    • Tortuga Says:

      YES! What annoys me about it is that A LOT of college routines are like this. Popular music remixes with modern dancing and tumbling. But every once in awhile one routine will get attention like it’s a new thing that has never been done before. I.E. Lloimincia last year. Non gym fans are like “Woah this is amazing and new!” No! You just don’t pay attention to gymnastics at all. Maybe these types of posts will bring more fans to the sport. People just don’t know what they’re missing out on. I think it’s great that they bring attention to the sport it’s just a little disheartening that Simone has made history as a three time world all around champion and no says a thing, but this routine is such a big deal right now when it’s kind of the norm of college gymnastics.

      • gymbot Says:

        A lot of comments on the videos on youtube mention “the next Gabby Douglas” which is absolutely hilarious. Biles is going to surprise a lot of clueless Americans this summer.

      • Lauren H Says:

        *smh* Gotta love clueless, 4 year fans. If they think Sophia’s routine is amazing, then their brains should explode when they watch Simone at the Olympics.

      • Gymnast41 Says:

        My favorite comment: but can she beat Gabby Douglas?! Lol these people have no idea

    • Tortuga Says:

      I commented on the Buzzfeed and NPR articles on Facebook. You guys could probably figure out which one is me by context clues. Lol.

  10. exgymgurl Says:
  11. Aerial Says:

    “Hip hop harry”….. lol! I think my Canadian childhood was deprived of this experience.

  12. exgymgurl Says:

    anyone else find it exciting that china has let yao jinans fig license lapse

    • Gymbot Says:

      I find it the opposite of exciting, a strong China would make for a better team final.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I might have found it amusing if i had known.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        i actually find it sad. I dont think Izbasas comeback was really ever legit. She doesnt have a fig license either…

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        There were just training videos of Yao floating around and an interview with her coach not too long ago. I don’t know what this lapse is about. Weird.

        Izbassa, on the other hand, I never thought she was serious. Ponor wanted to come back and Sandra seemed along for the ride but I always felt it wasn’t going to happen.

  13. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Sorry for hijacking the post BUT Auburn beat Alabama last night. I’m so excited!!!! And the beautiful Abby Miliet (former elite) is on the Auburn team. I’m so thrilled for this win!

  14. exgymgurl Says:

    it was a good meet realisticly auburn was overscored. they are doing these exciting matchups and keeping the scores tight on purpose to get better ratings…

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      I def agree some of this is for the ratings. But I still think Auburn was a better team last night. Alabama was just very sloppy in a lot of places but they usually are at this point in the season so it’s to be expected. All those stuck landings on bars for Auburn is what really set them apart. Well and Atkinson’s floor helped lol.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        bama was also grossly underscored. sorry but they did the same thing at home with florida / bama. a 197 on the road is going to bump their rating number once we get to rqs. Jetter is out, with a sore ankle, they had a lot of people in lineup that arent normally there. auburn got overscored on beam and floor…. compared to how alabama was scrutinized it was blatant and obvious. Im not an alabama fan persay but it was almost like different judges…

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I don’t agree with that at all. I was at the meet and sat three rows away from beam and floor. Bama was all sorts of wobbly and missed connections on beam. I haven’t seen the live broadcast yet so I’m not sure if they showed diff angles on live TV or whatnot. Auburn has two gymnasts with season ending injuries too. Bama is just not polished yet but I’m sure they will be by the time season ends. And 197 is pretty good for the on the road meet although it wasn’t exactly on the road as there were tons of Bama people there including the 4 university buses that come from Birmingham.

  15. Ilanchik20 Says:

    And there it was. Lexie was carried off the mat by the medics. Supposedly she is back in the arena now on crutches.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      god, georgia beat LSU and got 197 plus. Its like brittany Rogers and Brandie Jae woke up from three year naps, havent watched so no comment on scoring.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I didn’t watch but it appears that had one of their best meets and all 6 hit beam routines. If they can hit beam consistently, they are actually quite strong this year.

      • Gymnast41 Says:

        Went to the meet and whoa the beam lineup was actually perfect without a fall for once?¿ have to say I was really pleased with the gymdogs today. sad to see Sarah fall on floor after a near perfect routine, but it was nice to see her on beam and bars. But let me take a moment to discuss McKenna Kelley..girl had her mouth wide open the entire time during the entire time, and I might have appreciated the routine a bit more had she controlled her facial expression lol. But anyways, good meet! Hopefully Lexie recovers well soon, it sucked to see her in crutches already..

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Jay has had some big scores over the years. Nationals should be fun with her, Sloan, Ebee, Chayse and company battling it out for the AA.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        mcKenna was super sloppy in her dance and her toes just dont stay pointed. she and finngan both have a jay clark problem. Why isnt macadeg doing floor? The only time dhe competed it dhe got a 9.925. LSU is looking ridiculous this season, and sarah got nailed for turning the triple wolf turn into a two and a half. Heres a thought. Its NCAA. Make it a double wolf turn…

  16. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Anyone seen Maddie’s beam from yesterday? Pretty overscored but interesting upgrades.


    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am going to give her credit for realizing she needs a beam but those connections are not getting credit

      • gymbot Says:

        The second loso is the only thing that looks new to me, which is an automatic 0.2 bonus to what she had

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She only had a 5.5 at worlds for a start value so something must be new

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        She got credited with 6.3 here but someone said it really should be 6.1 and that she got credit for one iffy connection but that’s still .5 higher than at worlds. I wish I knew the code better.

      • Gymbot Says:

        At worlds they took out her Arabian, perhaps due to a leg injury a cant remember.

        The Arabian replaces a c element for a net bonus of 0.3

        I guess they also changed her old connections, front aerial into the leap series was worth .1 but in connection to the sheep, .2, .1 total net change

        She now attempts the leap series out of side aerial, .1 this also is brand new apparently

        She added a second loso for acro connection and series bonus, .1 each. This routine is worth .7 more, mostly from getting the Arabian back and the loso.

        She didn’t make her connections at worlds or may have suffered a downgrade on the switch ring. She had some kind of injury

    • Lauren H Says:

      I actually like the composition of this routine (I’m a sucker for BHS-LOSO-LOSO). Good for her for knowing what she needs to do to try to make the Olympic team. If she cleans up this routine, and makes all her connections, she will be a legit bars/beam specialist, and the US really needs another good beam worker. But yeah, no way in hell would that get less than 1 point in deductions anywhere else.

    • aerial Says:

      Good on Maddie. Difficult routines and first meet out – well done. I do like her but not adore her – she’s missing either that glorious finesse or something else to be the total dream package to me, but when I think of the other athletes vying for the team, I’d be very happy if she takes a specialist spot. There are few athletes to me this time around that I am totally in love with or who seem to be phenomenal artists. (probably a few of the question mark juniors would be higher on my list at this point)
      She is working her hardest with what she has, skill-wise and mentally, to do what she can to make the team. Those scores she wouldn’t get elsewhere – agreed, but that’s beyond her control. Keep on keepin on, Kocian.

  17. gymbot Says:

    Anyone do Daily Burn out there? Asac and Sam Peszek are supposed to appear sometime this week

  18. Lauren H Says:

    For anyone interested, Gymcastic will be releasing an interview video with McKayla Maroney on the 24th. Here’s a teaser trailer:

    • exgymgurl Says:

      so i just saw this, and she says yes we got the gold medal but their has to be a better healthier way OMG… i wonder if she speaks out against marta, she is saying she had a fractured shin and a fractured toe in london. I wish Jordyn would tell everyone all of her injuries from london

      • Lauren H Says:

        That was the part that intrigued me the most. Really interested to see what that part of the interview reveals.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        So now I’m hoping she’ll be the ASac that never was and expose Marta for her lies, deceptions, and death camps. Jordyn had a broken leg, right? Yeah there was no need to over train like that when the US was so deep in talent. The same thing will happen this year as well.
        I feel like McKayla had a lot going for her after London in that she had the potential to be a solid AA gymnast. But her injuries got the best of her it looks like and for that reason she can’t ever go back to doing elite gymnastics.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Sorry I have to add on one hand I hope she does say what we all want her to say (re: Marta) but on the other hand I bet she keeps it pretty PC. Her identity right now is gymnastics and she can’t afford to shun that away.

        I’m sure Penny will be following up with a tantalizing job offer at USAG.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Are you kidding? USAG wont TOUCH HER since the naked photos and she has NO SHOT of even doing the tour this year!!! Gymnastics is completely her past and she needs to move on do maxim and get her own life away from the sport. Maybe open a yoga studio

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I just watched the video and had to laugh. I love Mckayla and her I am who I am and I don’t care if you like me spiel but my God she looks like a hooker in that video. Gymcastic is starting to realize video is the way to go (Skating lesson should charge them for stealing their idea for these interviews) but I think I’ll stick to my usual viewing or listening of gymcastic and only do it when it’s something I really want to hear because that girl doing the interview is so phony I just can’t bring myself to listen to her let alone watch her fake smile and laugh.

      • Mim Says:

        Apparently the interview is full of “truth bombs”… It’s great for us. She wants attention and has nothing to lose by speaking out, she’ll never be competing gymnastics again I’m sure and she certainly doesn’t need their money and I bet she wants notoriety.

      • aerial Says:

        I for one, can’t wait to see this video, fake boobs and Real Housewives lips aside. She was my favourite of the London team. I enjoyed all of her work, including floor, and her killer comeback the next year was nothing short of phenomenal. With those glimpses of greatness, I was always hopeful we’d see her again.
        Of course, the writing was on the wall last year when it appeared she had and was proud of her implants (no aspiring gymnast/dancer wants to develop big round boobs, much less promote them) and would post the tightest too-small outfits showing her non-gymnast figure. All the power to her, but it’s not the elite psyche, that’s for sure.
        Also, the vague claims of health-related struggles with labels medical people were unfamiliar with… who knows.
        I worry about her. Kind of seems like a moderate celeb meltdown when you know they are unhappy… and reminds me of a couple gymnasts who were ruined by how their paths turned out.
        Anyone, I’m interested to hear what she has to say. I was just thinking the other day, she’s clearly not training, but doesn’t seem able to talk about gymnastics, a retirement, confirming for the dummies of the world that she isn’t trying for Rio…. almost like even she can’t face it or articulate it. Who knows what will be said.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I’m with sanity. I’m hoping for some truth bombs and she does seem really candid in this interview. One of the most real gymnasts emotionally. She doesn’t give the scripted robotic answers like most other gymnasts, and for that I really respect her. She’s still trying to figure everything out and let loose. Can’t say I wasn’t similar at her age. Except the whole naked photos thing. Luckily social media wasn’t such a big deal when I was a teen. I’m hoping she figures it out soon.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I imagine she wanted to do this interview. She prob could have chosen any outlet to speak out so I’m excited it’s with Gymcastic. I am not sure what she could want from Penny. I doubt she wants to be a judge or a coach, perhaps a commentator but even that is a stretch. So actually I think she will be quite candid so I’m excited to hear what she will say. Marta def broke her–she had much more potential than just a vaulter– so I hope she says as such.

        Although her little sister is in gymnastics so maybe she won’t totally diss USA gymnastics, just in case Taryn keeps at it.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        You know what exgymgurl I forgot (seriously, I know weird) about the naked photos. I think I just don’t even want to go there mentally so I totally forgot. You’re right, I guess USAG can’t really sponsor McKayla because of that (or want her to affiliate with them somehow).

        McKayla is a fame whore likely studying up on the Kardashians. It sounds like she was the one who sourced the interview, not the other way around (like she asked for it). I wonder if she discussed what she would be saying with any of her London teammates. It seems like she really does want to say something. Maybe she’s mad she didn’t get to go for Rio, and she’s figuring it had to do with all of her injuries coming out of London. Hrm.

        And she should announce she’s not going to be going for Rio. It’s super obvious anyways. She’s clearly out of shape.

    • G Says:

      Should be fun! But what is going on with her face?? Is it makeup or Botox or what? She’s a pretty girl but she looks very aged.

    • Gymbot Says:

      When did gymnastic get that much production value? Anyways I will definitely watch, thanks for sharing

  19. aerial Says:

    So, I pvr’ed Ellen just to see this Sophina Dejesus mess. Ugh… it was so awful. I’d rather gymnasts not perform, then pull out a tiny mat and do a front handspring while the crowd feels forced to clap. I was not impressed by her or the dancing. And I don’t care what goes viral or not, Simone Biles and her accolades deserve the mention far more.

  20. Ilanchik20 Says:

    And then there was one less. Apparently Nia tore her Archilles yesterday.

    • Tortuga Says:

      I don’t really think she had a shot on the Olympic team anyway, but I did want to see what her bars were like after switching to Legacy.Wishing her a speedy recovery.

    • G Says:

      Poor girl, that really sucks. Even though I didn’t see her on the team, it’s definitely worse to get hurt and not be able to at least try than to be left off. Now she’ll always wonder what could have been if she hadn’t been injured.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I wanted to see Nia at trials, at least. What a shame.

        I hope this is not a beginning for Marta’s “let’s see how many gymnasts I can break during the Olympics year” yourney.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Ilanchik of course it is. And Marta has an even bigger field to break this year. She’ll want to break more and more to give a guaranteed spot to Gabby and even Aly. Simone is basically a shoo-in, too.

        I can’t help but think Marta wouldn’t be all that upset if Bailey and Maggie broke.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        To be fair, I guess, Nia didn’t tore her Achilles at camp but all the pressure from Marta did it so that still counts lol.

        I doubt Marta will care if Maggie gets injured. Honestly, I’m a little worried about what Marta’s camps will do to her body–one of her knees is super weak already. Sigh.

        Marta has enough AA’ers so I doubt if one of them gets injured, now if a good Beamer or Gabby gets injured, that may be a diff story.

    • gymbot Says:

      It’s an extra bummer as she might have been seen internationally at Stutgart or Glasgow right? Making any assignment is a privilege and honor even if it’s not worlds or the Olympics. It would have been nice to see her compete there. Hope she recovers well

  21. Guest Says:

    Just noticed that Shawn said she invited Nastia to her wedding in her new video interview. I wonder will Nastia come or not. 😉

    • fatam Says:

      Shawn’s invitation is a double-edged sword. lol.

      If Nastia attend, she’s forced to witness true love, happiness, people having fun, a grand beautiful wedding, and might feel more jealous. Other attendees might even mistaken her for the Beijing AA runner-up. If Nastia doesn’t show, then she will look bad in the public eye for dissing her Olympic teammate.

    • aerial Says:

      I think she had to invite her, so it doesn’t seem like she’s a b*tch or people latch onto the story, after she’s already talked about how many former teammates and athlete friends got invites. And she’s getting married first, plus she seems a kinder person, so I’m not surprised that Shawn would give the invite. Who knows if Nastia will attend… hopefully she will say she can’t so she doesn’t have to be there and be a thorn in her day, lol.
      Just like with any girls at the age they were at while actively competing, seems like there was exclusion and situations that would make for hard feelings when they’re already stressed to the max at major competitions. I don’t think Shawn got along with Alicia either, probably no fault of Shawn’s, then somehow out of nowhere she’s a part of her engagement plan and moment. Who would have thought?
      Shawn strikes me as the type that would rather just have positive relations and put things like that behind her to feel better and move on.

  22. Gymnast41 Says:

    So I got to see the tampon gymnastics video of Shawn and chow, and basically it mentioned Norah several times and not Rachel once. Like literally chow and Shawn said “and now we focus on Norah” and “id personally choose her for the Olympic team”. So I’m thinking she’s probably chow’s main focus this year? Sucks cause Rachel’s injury set her back so far, but realistically Norah does have a better shot at the Olympic team.

    • Gymbot Says:

      Not surprising, most people mention Norah. I can see Rachel being just outside the top group and just being outside the bars and beam discussion, but at best she’s looking at an alternate position. Still a fantastic achievement

      • Aerial Says:

        A great early Xmas present would be for GD to not be on this Rio team. Fa la la la la!

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I hope GD’s demise starts in two weeks at American cup. Maggie is not my favorite by any means but all I need is for her to beat GD at American Cup and we are good!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Gabby could fall 3 times and still make the team. Marta and Steve will make sure of that

      • Gymnast41 Says:

        Good God I hope you’re wrong. If GD has a bad year and makes the team I am going to stop watching gymnastics (but maybe not). I have high high hopes for maggie at american cup but if GD does win, she is definitely going to Rio.

    • aerial Says:

      Rachel has no chance. Even in brief moments of health, she has rarely been mentioned. She has been around a “long time” but doesn’t seem to have the mental or physical game to prove readiness.
      I love me some Gowey. She was by far my favourite American on the Pan Am team, and day 1 – I was sold!! I was like, this girl is INCREDIBLE! Then she couldn’t get it together again, even in that sub-par field, and with that success behind her. That’s the way I see Gowey.
      It seems people have been talking about his juniors (now seniors I guess) the entire time Gowey has been senior.
      Gowey, prove me wrong girl. But even if she nails everything over the next few meets, I still don’t see them taking her over a Kocian or even Baumann, who nationally and internationally have trumped her for years.

      • gymbot Says:

        In 2014 she was a stronger candidate than baumann for the team. Injuries to Gowey and Nichols really made the selection process clear. But now with all the depth, she’s not really in the picture and never accumulated the buzz. She’s not on Penny or Marta’s radar.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I agree. Rachel’s gymnastics are beautiful but she is way too inconsistent and if one of your best events is beam, you need to be consistent on it lol.

        I think Norah is a gamer. She will show up to Classics prepared, sturdy and consistent. She may even be strong in AA because let’s be real, she had a DTY last year at Jesolo so I’m sure it looks even better now.

        I really need Chow and Mihai in Rio. If Gabby gets beaten on bars by Kocian, Locklear and Norah and even Rachel, (all of which is possible), then all the more reason to leave GD at home lol.

  23. gymtruthteller Says:

    If you have any issues with this meet tonight know that kitty from IG was one of the judges. I won’t say her exact name but the fact she is allowed to judge with how biased she is is hilarious.

  24. dianajc99 Says:

    Irina Alexeeva fx WOGA Classic

    • exgymgurl Says:

      any thoughts about her ending up competing for russia?

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I think when she was younger, she always said her goal was to compete for Russia but there were rumors that Valentina has more or less said no and would never take her because she didn’t go through the Russian system and round lake. And now that she has qualified elite here, I doubt Valentina will ever take her. I think she got u.s citizenship recently so I imagine she wants to compete for the u.s.

        And yes, despite Valery not being her coach anymore, her gymnastics still look like Nastia’s LOL

      • exgymgurl Says:

        her floor looks more good ncaa ish, Nastia in todays gymworld wouldnt have enough difficulty to be a factor on a US team of four or five people, shed qual as a specialist outside the team maybe.

  25. gymbot Says:

    Thought this was a great new exercise for Saraiva – love the constant flow a movement

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      I really liked it. Great tumbling too. I want her or Rebecca to win an Olympic medal of some kind so Alexandrov can say tsfu to Valentina lol.

      Flavia’s beam is looking better too and there was still room for improvement there (in both D and E).

      • gymbot Says:

        That would be a great justice. I think Andrade who has such clean tumbling could snag something on floor, Saraiva’s best chance is beam, but she’d have to hit all of her connections.

        Of the two, Saraiva might have best chance since beam final is usually a collection of falls. Andrade would have to make floor finals and then deliver – which is possible for her, but floor finals and the rankings will be stacked. The top floor group is probably the most competitive field in WAG.

      • gymbot Says:

        Oh Geez I guess her beam got 15+ w/ a 6.5 D score at Baku. Probably too generous but we’ll see for the test even and possibly the olympics if this holds up

  26. Ilanchik20 Says:

    I was reminded of this on Twitter. Ugh.

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