US Figure Skating National Championships




Short Program

Polina leads and looked great but as much as people claim she has improved the presentation she hasn’t but she hit when no one else did and deserved her lead.


Gracie Gold singled her first jump and received no credit for it missing one of the 3 jumps / jump combination in her SP yet still got a 62.50 and is in second place. The overscoring and gifts she receives is astounding. This is the short program and they held up her PCS to hide the fact she got not credit at all for a jump. She skates around for quite a bit of time between jumps and spins in this SP.


Tyler Pierce who even with wonky landings on her first 2 jumps should have been in second. Love the dress.


Ashley Wagner sits in forth after falling on her first jump. Typical Ashley Ms Inconsistent. I love the music just wish the words would go away. Thought she sold it well after the fall

Everyone else fell or cheated jumps and in some cases fell twice ( Not yet ready for prime time Chen) it was pretty much a mess for everyone but Polina


Karen Chen.. Courtney HicksMirai Nagasu…. Miriah BellAngela Wang

Hannah Miller


9 Responses to “US Figure Skating National Championships”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    This is without looking:
    1. The Gold chick – Gracie
    2. Wagner – the bad ass one
    3. Polina whats-her-guts – the gangly one that everyone was hoping would be the next Terror

    • Melanie Says:

      Polina kicked Gracie’s ass. Ashley didn’t place, nor did Mirai. Some girl named Tyler in 3rd?

  2. Gym Obsessed Says:

    I was at the ice skating event in person tonight! Polina deserves the 8 point lead – incredible. She looked mature, artistic and athletic. I was never a fan before but she won me tonight.

    Mirai was also a treat – her hand and arm movements are exquisite in person.

    Strangely, Ashley plays more to the camera than the crowd so I wasn’t as impressed in person. Her moves are more big faces which doesn’t translate well and she was flat tonight.

    Gracie’s speed, height and footwork is incredible. Popped a jump but other than that deserved 2nd place.

    Tyler nailed what she did but lacked… anything special.

    It was cool to be there!

    • G Says:

      Thanks for the recap! How neat to see it in person! I couldn’t find anywhere to watch it online so I have to wait for the weekend broadcast. Will you be at the freeskate comp too?

      I’m really pleased about Polina, I had a feeling that she just needed time to become comfortable and confident with how she moves and eventually, she would look a lot more polished.

      • Gym Obsessed Says:

        Thanks for reading my recap! 🙂 I should made videos while I was there but I actually went w/ my mom AND my mother-in-law which ended up being really stressful (never do that) so it was all I could do to ignore them and pay attention to the skating. I wish I was going to the free skate but I already had tickets to the U of Minnesota gymnastics meet and the free skate tickets were more than I wanted to spend (around $100 for decent seats). But it was fun.

        Totally agree on Polina – she looks a lot more polished. Still not the standout personality of Ashley, the technical beauty of Gracie or the elegance of Miria, but she’s finding her own place and looked really mature. I’m really glad for her and hope she skates well tomorrow!

  3. Exgymgurl Says:

    So Ohashi broke the beam on her dismount and got to redo her routine. Scary…..

  4. Exgymgurl Says:

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