Japan takes 2015 World Championships Team Gold medal


Full Results from the All Around

I screamed when Kohei fell but Japan had such a lead it was too late to be caught. This should be interesting for next year but I thought this deserved it’s own thread,

US screwed up Pommel horse of they would have been on the podium.

1-Japan 270.818
2-Great Britain 270.345
3-China 269.959
4-Russia 268.362
5-USA 267.853

Wait til you guys see the line up for the AA for the woman. Gabby is up at towards the end of every rotation but her starting on vault with enough time to rest in between.


4 Responses to “Japan takes 2015 World Championships Team Gold medal”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Man they just do what they can to give Gabby the gifts, right? And I’m sure the line up wasn’t a “draw.”
    They’re going to do whatever it takes to give her the silver, to set up this Biles rivalry.
    Man please let me be wrong. Please let Vika and Iordache bring it. I’m assuming Vika is in the AA but I could be wrong.
    The judges will not give Canada girl or Swiss girl the scores they deserve for a silver, because they want the “name” on the podium next to Biles. Sucks. This is so figure skating all over again.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I wanted this to have it’s own blog but here is the list

      It’s crazy how far up she is compared to everyone else

    • Melanie Says:

      Vika is not in the AA. No FX this year.

    • gymbot Says:

      That’s not how the start list works. For event finals, it’s predetermined by a draw (random). So before they know the top 8 from quals, they already know that the 7th place qualifier will go 1st, the 3rd qualifier 2nd, the 5th qualifier third and so on. Countries go in random draws for qualification.

      For AA, the order is fixed for each group so that top seeded girl in each group finishes last on the fourth event. So on floor, the 6th ranked girl goes last, then the 5th, then the 4th, then the 3rd qualifier (Douglas), 2nd Steingruber, 1st (Biles goes last). On each event, they only rotate by one spot. In this way, everyone will appear towards the beginning and the end of some rotations.

      The other groups are like this too, so the 7th qualifier to the AA will finish on vault in the last order of rotation, the 13th qualifier will finish last on bars, and the 19th qualifier will finish last on beam.

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