Live blogging the Russian qualifications: LIVEEE


Standing after day 1

1 RUS 231.437
2 GBR 227.162
3 ITA 224.452
4 JPN 223.863
5 CAN 222.78
6 BRA 221.186

My nieces are do in 10 minutes can we get this rotation done before then Russia????

Does en dat mean yes that in Russian? Someone keeps saying en dat. Maybe it’s Italian I don’t know.

Komova is having a messy beam practice. So is Afan

Rotation 4 Russia-BB Italy- VT

Daria is off the beam. Sigh She missed leaps, connections and her full twisting back handspring was very weird. 13.100 ummm

Seda had some bobbles on beam but she stayed on. Her layout was huge til the bobble I was saying wow that was beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and then she bobbled/ She was piked at the end and it caused the bobble. I read a 14.5 something? a bit high and does not bode well for these judges being fair in future competitions

Kharenkova stayed on beam with only one wobble but most of her connections were very iffy. 14.366

Great routine for Komova minus one big bobble on a freaking turn. The rest she did great especially with the way she has done beam in the past. I am proud of her. Proud of all of them considering the fall in the first routine. 14.533

A fan touched the beam and left. Okay

Not a bad day for Russia. I get the impression Afan would have gone on beam if Komova had fallen but besides floor scores Russia did a great job.


As a baseball fan this annoys me to hell and back and it’s even worse in gymnastics.

Rotation 3: Russia-UB Italy-Floor

Seda messed up bars I think looks like she had to go back and do an extra swing to get in right direction but her handstands were greats and legs together from this angle.

Kharenkova missed some handstands but not by much. 14.341
Vanessa is getting low scores all around here. only 13.933 on floor.

Daria hit bars and had some really nice handstands at the end. Some short handstands at start but not by much. 15.466

Komova: Stayed on but struggled. Shit 15.300 total overscore but I don’t

14.466 for Fasana on floor.

Hit routine for Paeska on bars.14.8

Dear little Italian this is skating music not floor music.

If Komova hits that bar routine in finals she could get a 15.500 and it would be well deserved. I think she needs a gold medal for motivation next year so I am all for her hitting in finals.

Rotation 2 (Russia- VT Italy- BB)

Big step for Daria on vault with a Yurchenko: 13.966
Seda= DTY, Bent knee’s, very small hop:14.900
second vault/ Little step
Komova DTY with a step: 15.033 Nice form
Paeska, Chang, messy in the air but pretty good landing: 15.500
Almost stuck Amanar. Bit messy in pre-flight but not as ugly as before.15.666 (15.583 av)
Messy DTY for Afan. That was form wise yucky.14.866

Lots of 13’s for Italy on beam haven;t seen much of it tho.
Caroltta hit beam but missed the leap back tuck connection: 14.233
Mori has some cheated leaps in that BB routine but she didn’t bobble a lot. 13.733

Russia:Floor Italy-UB: Rotation 1
The Russians are being very deliberate on floor taking there time with every move. They are hitting with a few messy landings for Daria (12.466) but I think they saw what happened to Romania.

Nice floor routine with good landings for Afan. She still has gross twisting form but that was very good. (14.633)

Nice handstands by whomever that was on bars for the Italians.

Seda OOB first pass and maybe second. Both feet first pass.(13.100)

Khareonkova didn’t fall but she was a little messy in her landings.

These judges are being very nit picky and like I said I am fine with that if they do it for everyone but day one vs day 2 judges usually go from nit picky to forgetful I don’t know I saw a lot of clean bar routines from Italy with scores in the 13’s


I am watching on the boys phone and writing the blog on the computer. Lets give some credit to the boy for letting me keep his phone so I can do this because the eye rolling and kissing on the head is the new norm when I talk sports he doesn’t watch.:)

I like the Russian leo’s. R ed, white and blue.


9 Responses to “Live blogging the Russian qualifications: LIVEEE”

  1. Gymnast41 Says:

    Just tuned in…..Is it just me or are the Russians just not hitting their splits as much as the past….especially Paseka, and what even was that wolf turn she did? She just rolled out of it lol. I liked Afan the best

  2. tennisgrl456 Says:

    Back in London, I was NOT a fan of Komova. Her gymnastics was pretty, but her attitude was a total turn off. Today I found myself cheering her on and I was thrilled when she was one of the top 2 Russians on beam/bars. Her approach to competition is so much more mature and makes her SO much more likable than in years passed. She fought like hell to keep her bar routine together (and to stay on beam), and there is no way in hell the old Vika would have done that.

    • G Says:

      Yes! I was thinking the same thing. In London she totally gave up several of her routines and never tried to save them. I’m so glad to see her competing the way she did today.

  3. katecoursey Says:

    Wait did Komova compete floor? I came in during their vault rotation. And if so I’m assuming she qualified AA?

  4. Cee Says:

    Da is yes in Russian.

  5. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Komova is growing on me but how in the world did she get 15.3 for that bars routine. At one point, I even thought she may have hit the low bar, I guess not. But that routine was full of problems.

    If they over score Gabby, the way they’ve over scored Vika, we’ll be doomed tomorrow. Sigh.

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