2015 World Championships day 1: Qualifications

Romania is up in the first division at 9.15 AM.

Start List

Live Video on Friday
Great Britain

Live Video Saturday



63 Responses to “2015 World Championships day 1: Qualifications”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Eh I just want Gabby out of the AA.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I am not even concerned about this worlds. What matters is next year when she is offered all types of endorsements. Lets see what she can come up with when she is being pulled in 100 different directions.

    If the judges do their job Gabby will not sniff the AA

    • KG Says:

      I can’t handle another GD Olympics. Can’t. I’d rather have Nastia back.

      I’m sure if she doesn’t make the AA they’ll cook up a story about how it inspired her to train harder and now she’s back to win another AA gold in Rio. I need Aly to train another vault and I need bailie to majorly out score GD in bars and get her amanar back. I think that might… Might, effectively eliminate her.

      This worlds has me rooting for mykayla, and that’s not a place I like to be in.

  3. tulip Says:

    This probably passed me by- has Marta selected the alternate? And I agree on GD and the Olympics. Unfortunately, Marta loves her and will take her unless she can’t compete. I’d love to see Baillie get in there instead.

    I do think that the excellent attitudes of Simone and Aly positively impacts the team so maybe they can ‘nice girl’ Gabby into being a semi-decent team member lol. I also don’t think Simone gives 2 shits if GD is reigning champ or not. I’m sure she respects the accomplishment but Simone seems like such a genuine person that she wouldn’t be blinded by it and worship the girl. I’ve forever got the 2012 London team gold shot of 4 girls holding hands and celebrating their win while Gabby walked off by herself and waved to the crowd. Lots of really dumb people were saying that the team was being mean to Gabby and excluding her. Sorry folks- other way around.

  4. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    Romania’s qualification has been a hell on Earth…team final at risk and they might have to go to the pre-olimpics to classify. I have no words…

    • Sainabou Nyang Says:

      I know I just saw their team total. A 217. They had 7 falls. I literally cursed Belu and Bitang and ordered a firing of the entire Romanian coaching staff lol.

      Anyways GO BRAZIL!!!!

    • Mimi Says:

      I had to stop watching, it was too sad seeing Romania crumble.

    • Rocío Martínez López Says:

      I have said here before that Romania had problems as a team, but I couldn’t even began to believe in the possibility that they might not be in the Team Finals OR in Brasil. And what the hell happened to Larissa? No Event Finals for her, as Didi and Jurca outscored her both in beam and floor and, with a fall in the UB, her score is too low. I don’t understand, she seemed to be doing alright in Novara and in other recent meetings too. I just can’t believe what happened.

    • Gymbot Says:

      Romania obviously has problems, worst is that they lose their team members. Bitang and Belu dismissed Chelaru and Raluca, and then their coaching staff cannot keep their 2nd top gymnast from 2014 motivated to train, nor the European beam gold medalist. The girls must feel terrible, but it’s not their fault. It’s their program.

      Iordache made aa finals at least, maybe she can still eke out a medal for Romania after cleaning up her falls and missed elements on floor

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        What surprises me is Larissa herself. She seemed pretty good in Novara Cup with high scores, high enough to be considered as a serious contender to the podium,even after so many months away from competitions. But what happened today it’s very strange. She fell in UB and BB and had low score performance on floor. I don’t know what happened with her. It’s like a different gymnast of the one she was last year, when she even came close to reach Simone at AA finals.

  5. Cupquaked Says:

    Ok they just made the official annoincement on the USA Gymnastics FB page. Skinner is the alternate and Maggie is out if AA. This is the first worlds that I’m genuinely not excited to watch at all.

    • G Says:

      Just saw the start lists. I fear for Kocian going up on beam but I guess Brenna might have made me nervous too.

  6. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    Japan ends its subdivision with almost 7 POINTS MORE than Romania…Belu is going to have an aneurism or something.

    • Dee Says:

      I was not going to watch much of the prelims but now I will…I feel like I will believe these reports about Romania when I see it haha can you imagine if they do not qualify to Rio?!

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        Canada and Japan are already ahead of Romania. I think that Larissa’s floor routine wasn’t so bad, but seven falls plus hensitations and low D scores on UB… it was horrible. You can see their routines (and Spain’s too…for our level, we did good!) here: https://youtu.be/Q5f1kk3aygg?list=PL320d6jp9JmF7AL_HCZgvyQXBiJ6BKifQ

      • Dee Says:

        I wasn’t sure why Larissa’s floor was 13.7? When I originally read they had trouble and she might not be in a final I figured she fell. I thought she looked pretty good! Big surprise of the day so far, I think.

      • gymbot Says:

        Hi Dee – she downgraded her silivas to a full-in (-0.3) and missed the gomez (-0.2) and the memmel combination (-0.1) so her start value was the same as her compatriots, who honestly looked cleaner. Except poor Iridon, thrown into floor with little practice.

  7. Gymnast41 Says:

    Announced the start list! Skinner is definitely alternate. *sigh potentiometer vault medal sigh Marta please* but anyways, Aly seems like she is more trusted in the AA then Gabby which is a good thing. I still can’t believe brenna is legit competing in this….but good for her. But if she breaks the US’ streak of not falling I might scream. Gabby being second on vault is probably indicative that her amanar is crap therefore no chance in AA 🙂

    • tulip Says:

      About Marta – she’s been promising to retire after both Beijing and London. I haven’t been surprised that she’s not retired yet and I don’t think she will after Rio. Being given the keys to the castle has been something she won’t walk away from lightly. USA Gymnastics doesn’t and won’t remind her that they employ her and the USOC gives her tons of money to use her less than modern facilities. Rhonda will probably be second in command for a long time.

  8. Ilanchik20 Says:

    I just woke up. God, Romania. I’m so sad for Larissa. She carried this team once again–pressure just got to her. I hope she still makes AA (she should, even eith her falls) and completely turns it around.

    The rest has been said. Ugh Gabby. I can’t wait till she is out Of AA cause she is the third American. That’ll be a little of justice.

  9. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Or wait did she get out scored by other Romanians for AA too? If so, Belu needs to do the one right thing and put her in. #fingers crossed

  10. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    Larissa’s Floor: https://youtu.be/_V3N7KS7aT4?list=PL320d6jp9JmF7AL_HCZgvyQXBiJ6BKifQ

  11. Tortuga Says:

    I’ve been reading the comments on facebook for Gymnastike and Gymcastic. I’m so glad most people seem to see what’s going on and that Maggie and Skinner are getting screwed over for Gabby. I don’t love Skinner’s gymnastics but I hate seeing a top three gymnast being sidelined for someone who isn’t placing as high. No wonder Gabby acts the way she does. She knows no matter what she will get these opportunities because of her Olympic title. So sickening.

    • KG Says:

      even a lot of the comments on the usag facebook page seem to get it. seems nobody is buying GD’s “verified amanar”.

  12. gymtruthteller Says:

    I just watched Larisa on floor someone please explain the score. I don’t get why it’s so low. Did she step on it was too far away to tell.

    • KL21 Says:

      I was confused by that too, compared to Didi, I thought Larisa was much cleaner, except maybe a little bit on her dance spins.

      • Dee Says:

        I wondered about her floor score, too. When I watched closer I think she might not have been as clean as she could have been on some dance elements but other than that I wasn’t sure what caused a 13.7 good lord.

      • KG Says:

        I don’t get the 13.7 either. Wasn’t her best ever performance, but didn’t appear to be any falls or stumbles or anything weird? didn’t look OOB either, but it wasn’t a good angle.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Maybe judges nit picked the turns but unless they do that to everyone it was still low

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        If the beam judges keep up this nit picking execution with everyone it will be fine

      • KG Says:

        and honestly i thought they’d only be picking apart the americans to “even it up”…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I feel the opposite they will be giving the Americans a free pass.

      • KG Says:

        really.. hm. why would that be? They mostly have it in the bag, gifts or not.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Because the US is the money and if they own this worlds it bring more attention to NBC and the fluff pieces and the bank account.

      • KG Says:

        gotcha. I guess I was thinking the closer it is at worlds, the more “interesting” the olympics will seem, but still be sorta guaranteed.

    • Rocío Martínez López Says:

      I don’t know why, I liked it. Can it be that she stepped out of bounds? There is no judges with the flag in the edge of the floor and I can’t see it from the video’s perspective, but I think she has a clean landing in her first pass and then she hops forward a little and tries to mantain her heels up at the end of the last one, so maybe she went a little out of bounds and she was punished for it. It’s the only explanation I have. I thought it was a pretty floor.

      • Dee Says:

        Her routine is pretty awesome in general, IMO. I am out of breath for her every time I see it LOL I appreciate that she really MOVES throughout the entire thing.

    • Tortuga Says:

      I haven’t watched it yet but I read on Tumblr that she downgraded by half a point, but apparently she had a really low E score which seems out of the ordinary. I will have to watch later today when I catch a break.

      • Tortuga Says:

        That’s awesome Blake! I kinda forget how many other people read this blog aside from the commentors. I also forget that some gymnasts and coaches are actually reading fans opinions. It’s always nice to feel heard. Maggie, Baillie and Skinner if you’re reading this please go kick more ass and take names. Also Kyla, don’t give up. Come back stronger than ever.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Dang it, I put that comment in the wrong place *facepalm*.

    • Blake Says:

      Hello! I’m a long-time reader and (hopefully, potentially) new poster.

      I wonder if Larisa’s SV on floor is why it was so low. Doesn’t she normally open with a double-double? She only opened with a full twisting double back here. Maybe that accounts for at least .3 in overall score. Even with that, 14.000 seems like a super low FX score for her. Maybe they deducted a lot for low landings, or maybe the turns, like you said?

      Also, I made a comment about Skinner being jipped in favor of Douglas on the USAG Facebook page, and Skinner liked my comment. Lol. I took a screenshot.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I had to approve you just for the last comment.lol One of the bloggers here tweeted that Maggie and Aly should be doing AA with brenna as Alt and Maggie favored it so these girls cannot be happy.

      • Cee Says:

        Post the screencap!

      • Gymnast41 Says:

        Yeah and skinner’s coach shared Lauren’s gymternet article that basically goes on a spiel of why she shouldn’t be alternate lol. Maggie has been favoriting quite a few tweets regarding to her not doing the AA as well

      • Blake Says:

        I’m not sure how to post it, or I would! Haha

        I’m super stoked it looks like Brenna is getting a chance to compete UB in Quals! I’ve run into her once, and she seemed super nice. Haha. Actually, all of our gymnasts here at OU are pretty cool. Jake Dalton even gave me a poster for OU Men’s gymnastics and talked to me like an old buddy.

        Btw: I’ve received a million responses on USAG’s Facebook post in response to my comments about Gabby not being a contributer. It’s funny how many people are saying she brings experience and consistency to the team that Skinner lacks, and that Maggie isn’t as likely to qualify/medal because Gabby scores so well internationally. Blah, blah.

      • SS Says:

        Simone wrote on her ask.fm account that she a bummed Maggie wasn’t competing AA, too.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Maggie has been liking posts people have been saying she should do AA and Skinner for those who think she should be competing. No one is happy with this situation you can tell. The girls know they earned it then there are others who didn’t and think they did.

    • gymbot Says:

      The D score is way lower than normal. She didn’t compete a double double, instead favoring a full-in (-0.3). She missed her spins and somehow ended up with 5.9 instead of 6.3-6.5 or whatever she was targeting. Her teammates had similar difficulty at that point and were much cleaner on landings and even form in the air.

  13. Ilanchik20 Says:

    The Downies sisters had a bars meltdown in QF which highly increase medaling chances for Maddie and Brenna, depending what happens with Russia and China. What will Marta do if Brenna medals on bars? Lol

  14. tennisgrl456 Says:

    Holy shit….no team finals for Romania -_- There is still Germany left to compete today (not to mention all of the teams tomorrow) and they are already knocked down to seventh place :/

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      I’m pretty sure they had 7 falls, and they averaged a 12.28 on bars (and that is with dropping the lowest score). This must be a first….Romania has never had to go to the test event before, right?

    • Rocío Martínez López Says:

      No team final for Romania indeed, because even if Germany and France have a meltdown, there is still EE.UU. and China to go and if these two have a qualification like Romania, we would have to call Sherlock to resolve the case because it would be a mistery of Moriarty’s proportion.

  15. tennisgrl456 Says:

    Also, Chuso isn’t making vault finals. She is currently sitting in 7th and that’s WITHOUT Hong or Biles having gone through the qualifying round. I think the podium will definitely be a combo of Paseka, Hong, and Biles, but the fight for 4th is going to be tough.

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