World Championships live Podium Training.

Don’t forget to vote for who you think will win the AA and individual events. Voting will remain open until at least prelims.


I have to work late tomorrow and won’t be able to watch videos til Wednesday so anyone that watches the live Podium training please let me know what went on while I spent my day as a slave. I should be around a little during the afternoon and will check in then.

Gymnastike talks about the line ups. Dowell according to the way the line ups were presented will not be doing UB in prelims. Someone please explain to me why she is here? She is essentially an exhibition. Key would have made more sense. If you are using her for team finals she deserves the right to try and make an event final. This entire line up makes no sense. Winning by 7 points will happen regardless but I just don’t know what Marta is trying to do?


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  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    Marta is trying to slowly kill Al Fong with the bait and switch tactic. So is Brenna doing any events in prelims? Maybe Marta wants GD and Kocian to only have the chance at the UB title. Haha, right. Who is the alternate? Skinner?
    Key was screwed.

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      If Skinner is indeed an alternate, Bailie should have been in Glasgow. I hope Kim is fuming now because honestly, she has every right to. If Skinner is the alternate, more so than ever, I think Marta was trying to send Kim/Bailie a message “upgrade or you stay home from Rio.”

    • KG Says:

      I guess Marta is retiring soon and she needs to give him a heart attack while she still has all of the power. No way she has forgiven his blog yet.

  2. Ilanchik20 Says:

    I’m so confused about what the hell Marta is doing. Perhaps she is trying to test some line-ups for Rio (3 AA’ers and 2 specialists), but then why take out Skinner. I’m hoping Rhonda or someone talks some sense into her. If Marta takes Aly out of AA, she gives Gabby an easy silver, ugh.

  3. KG Says:

    What?! I’m lost.

    The only thing I can think is that they brought skinner for vault and floor, but saw something with one or both events that made them rethink? I would say that maybe Brenna did better than expected in bars and now skinner is out… But that makes no sense of Brenna isn’t doing bars in prelims?!

    Maybe chuso’s new vault made them nix skinner because they think she has less of a chance at a vault medal with chuso, Simone, paseka, and hong in the mix? That would sort of make sense but not at all if They’re not going to send Brenna in for bars…

    Unless she’s trying to put in Aly, gabby, Maggie, simone, and Kocian in bars (AAers and 1 possibly higher scoring specialist) which makes sense so that maybe she has the four AAers duke it out for all four events, but why bring Brenna at all then?? Even if they have her compete in team for bars instead of maybe Aly or Maggie, it doesn’t seem worth it considering that the U.S. is so stacked…

    I guess it would make sense to have simone, Aly, gabby, and Maggie fight it out for the AA spots, as Marta does loves inner competition. Maybe trying to push Aly or gabby to up the ante?

    Let’s just be honest, bailie should have been the traveling alternate if Brenna doesn’t get to even try for bar finals, just saying.

  4. gymbot Says:

    It’s a shame, but the consolation prizes for Brenna include (1) finally making a world team (among the greatest depth ever) and (2) likely getting her front double pike named for her. It’s not terrible if she misses out on bars, but it is bat s**t crazy that Key wouldn’t be sent when 2/3 specialists sent in her stead do not even compete their specialist events.

  5. JAS4 Says:
  6. mim Says:

    Ok I love Brenna but if she’s not being used for bars the WTF is she in Glasgow?

    It’s all still speculation but perhaps Mykayla isn’t the alternate. Are these training lineups (that being, the last gymnast to train = alternate) gospel?

  7. Gym Obsessed Says:

    So this makes no sense. I am wondering if Martha is torn Bc of the AA. I bet she wants to let Simone, Aly and Maggie do AA in Qualifying but Steve Penny has said she has to put in Gabby. So she’s trying to create a line up out of those terms and for some reason doesn’t want to use Skinner?

  8. G Says:

    I’m live blogging podium now, FX looked pretty good!

  9. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    Maggie’s routine is great, but Gabby’s… I am sorry, that composition is terrible.

  10. tennisgrl456 Says:

    In PT, Dowell and Douglas downgraded to DTYs on vault. Skinner up last again. There is LITERALLY zero sense in Brenna being on this team now that she is not even doing the Amanar.

    On the other hand, it’ll make it that much easier for Aly to grab the second AA spot…

    • exgymgurl Says:

      But is Aly going up on bars? She was first in a lineup of 6? Brenna was before Skinner which should mean shes not being used then because shes inconsistent? Gabby looked horrible on bars, like she almost missed…Maggie looked really bad on beam, and like she was going to miss floor, to the point where every time Mihai was ready to spot her in one corner, so she must not be hitting. . I’m sorry but Skinner looked great on floor and vault. The other two events stunk. Kocian is only doing bars. Marta didn’t watch any of her beam or vaults. Marta watched skinner the whole freaking time. So Brenna is there to do vault, beam and floor? I’m sorry but where is Bailie Key again? I don’t understand why Gabby is on this team. Her routines are ehh… Id take Bailie over her in a heartbeat. Also Marta barely watched her beam and she had a ton of wobbles. Interesting to watch the team. No one was talking to one another. You would have thought it was 1992 when they all hated eachother.

      This is a ridiculous combination of world team. It all makes zero sense. I’m betting the US was asked to downgrade some amanars so we would make it look closer in prelims.

      My predictions are that Aly and Simone both medal AA
      Madison gets a bronze on bars
      Simone and Aly also get a beam medal
      Simone gets a bronze on Vault
      Simone gets gold on floor and Aly gets silver.
      The rest of them look like they get nothing.

      Some Chinese girl gets a silver and Komova gets gold on bars
      Larissa gets an AA medal
      Larissa gets a bronze on floor
      Chuso gets gold on vault and Paseka gets silver
      USA Gold
      Russia gets silver
      China or Romania bronze

      If this plays out, then out of 11 possible medals a team can win the US takes home 9 missing a medal on vault and bars

      Honestly I don’t think Skinner would get a vault medal this year, and I don’t think she would get a floor medal either as tight as the competition will be.

  11. Tortuga Says:

    Brenna was the last to go on bars. So I think she is going to be used. Skinner still kinda looks like the alternate at this point. But I’m tired of guessing so I’ll just wait.

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      She was the last to go of the six, which would mean she wouldn’t be used in qualifying. Kind of like how Madison was the 6th to go on vault.

      • Tortuga Says:

        I see, so I have it backwards. I don’t see why she’s there if she isn’t competing on bars. Shame shame. She keeps hitting!

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Yeah I guess Marta wants the AA’ers to duke it out and she has to pull Maddie or Brenna from the line-up in QF. Brenna will prob go up in TF.

        Skinner downgraded her floor so there is no point for her either besides the vault medal. Mihai went up and spotted her on her last pass too.

        Gabby is doing a DTY now so I think Marta wants the insurance of two AA medals and perhaps she doesn’t trust for Maggie to win an AA medal.

        Basically Bailie should have been on this team.

      • G Says:

        Yes, poor Bailie! This whole thing is so strange to me, bringing Brenna without using her bars, bringing Mykayla at all if they aren’t using her…and no Bailie for no reason

  12. tennisgrl456 Says:

    Based on how they’ve had them competed in PT so far, I’d say that it looks like Marta is going to use athletes 1-5 in qualifying and 3-5 in TF.

  13. Tortuga Says:

    Maggie’s form at the end of her Amanar is wonky but she seems to be cleaning up on bars.

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      I was just going to say something about that…her bar form has improved dramatically. Brenna has the huge difficulty, but her form leaves a LOT to be desired. Hell, at this point I would say that both Aly and Maggie have overall “cleaner” form on bars than Madison.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Aly looks so much better on bars than the last squad. I think she’s been working on that cause she knows she needs to clean up bars or Marts won’t let her do AA in QF.

        I think Marta can’t or won’t pull any of the AA’ers because of some politics. I think she’ll use Brenna’s bars in TF. She’s hit every routine. She has to lol.

        Or maybe it’s payback to AL: “like fine, your athlete can be on the team but I’ll screw them by not letting them qualify to EF but they have to help the team in TF.

        It’s either the angles of what but Maddie’s bars seemed a lot messier here than they were at nationals.

  14. Tortuga Says:

    Heck Kocian bars and beam look messier to me. I wonder how long it will be before they announce alternate.

  15. Diana (@dianajc99) Says:

    the ” Belarus Girls” don’t come out any better in there on camara
    gymnastike interview

    • Tortuga Says:

      That interview was cringe worthy to me. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. But the interviewer asked if they were aware of the discussion people were having about them competing for another country and they acted like they hadn’t. I have a hard time believing they haven’t heard anything being said about it. Also these kids didn’t seemed to be coached on answers at all.

  16. Rien Says:

    So you guys think that Martha is going to throw Brenna into the TF with absolutely zero world experience? That is so incredibly risky, ESPECIALLY since Brenna is not known to complete solid routines. I don’t care how many times she does great in training, she always messes up competition day and I am sure that Martha is not dumb enough to risk an epic meltdown by having Brenna skip qualifications. Brenna is 100% the best choice for alternate. Let Simone, Gabby, Aly, and Maggie do the AA because it is impossible to know who has the best medal shot, let Skinner do VT and FX just to boost her ego and maybe she’ll make the finals, and let Kocian do bars and beam. If Brenna doesn’t compete on bars, her trip was useless though she will get a medal for doing absolutely nothing I guess that’s a win for her.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Marta didn’t even watch Kocian on Beam. Nor did she hardly watch Gabby. The only good thing about this team is if one of them breaks there are like five others that can fill the spot. Simone excluded…

  17. sanitynmotion Says:

    Team USA might be the favorites but what a bunch of sloppy amanars, except Simone of course, which is textbook perfection. I guess that’s what you get with the code.

    Does Gabby really have the amanar or did she shuffle land it at camp and they counted it as such? Hers is scary. I think it would be dumb to have her do it in quals but if she wants to be in the AA she needs it.

    Really, Key should have been in Gabby’s place in this competition. I bet Penny had something to do with her inclusion. Yeah, she has beam, but what if she falls. Does anyone notice how Gabby’s leaps aren’t as good anymore? They seem like they don’t have as much height. She even seems like she doesn’t have as much height on bars anymore either.

    Brenna is Brenna – I actually like her floor though. If only her landings were cleaner. Maggie sells her floor really well.

    Kocian looks like she can break at any minute.

    I see now why people are saying they are trying to morph Kyla into Maggie. There are some floor and beam and even bar elements that I was like “Kyla!” – weird.

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      But the way it looks right now, Marta is only using Gabby on bars in TF which is stupid. Bailee’s bars are just as good and she also had floor and she is better AA’er. Marta can use Brenna’s bars and she isn’t either. I bet this is all Penny. Marta is more reasonable than the current line-up, which makes zero sense.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Honestly GD shouldn’t have been on this team. She’s only there because of what she did in the past. Key got screwed for GD. That’s the only way I see it. I’m just hoping when it comes to Rio they don’t do this. Marta/Penny only get away with it because the US is so deep.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        I don’t get Gabby on this team either. Unless shes being Mattie Larsonized. I half way think the point of Brenna Maggie and Gabby on this team is so Marta can exclude them next year. Id take Kyla healthy over Gabby any day at this point. Id take ashton healthy over Brenna and Madison. Id take Bailie Key over Maggie and Gabby at this point. I just don’t get it. Gabby looks labored, tired and out of shape. Aly looks like she has better posture and carriage than she did in 2012. DWTS really helped her. This totally reminds me of the 2010 worlds team for some crazy reason. I can see Brenna going up on floor or bars and falling. I can see Gabby going up on beam and falling in 3 up 3 count

  18. Gymnast41 Says:

    Y’all…..just when I was thinking gabby was getting better at interviews and finally got some media training (cause she did a couple actual good ones), she says at the end “I’m looking to get some merchandise, ya know, some medals”. I just don’t understand get this girl can’t be like simone and say “I’m looking to go out there and have fun and who cares about a third AA medal!”

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      I just listened to that and was about to post about it. I just wanted to throw up. Ugh. And she thinks the only thing she needs to fix are her leaps. Marta, plz do the right thing and make her an alternate.

    • Rocío Martínez López Says:

      I don’t think that Gabby will have any shot to any individual medals at this point.

      • Gymnast41 Says:

        I don’t either. Unless we don’t know something that her and Marta do, I see her maybe getting team gold and not making any finals with her lack of amanar/clean but nothing special routines.

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        I don’t see her at any finals. I haven’t had the chance to see her since 2012 until today, but she didn’t have any special in her routines, they seemed laboured to me and several of her teammates surpased her in all events, so I don’t see her having any chance at all at individual medals. Even if, by any chace, she would make a final, there are gymnasts that surpase her by far in all apparatus right now.

    • Tortuga Says:

      Where is this interview? I haven’t seen it yet.

    • KG Says:

      Gross. Just gross. I don’t care who you are, that kind of statement is just eww.

    • Beth Tennant Brigham Says:

      This is why I can’t cheer her on anymore.

  19. Ilanchik20 Says:

    There is an interview with Alaina and Kylie on Gymnastike. Ugh.

    “Obviously it wasn’t our first choice” – Alaina Kwan on competing for Belarus”

    “Our parents wanted us to travel the world.”

    I can think of other ways you could travel the world.

    I am still a little enraged about this. But I blame Nellie and Arthur. I can’t imagine Maroney coming back with him as a coach.

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      That interview pissed me off. Especially when they said “well we tried to make worlds already so after classics this opportunity was the best thing yet” like no, ladies, you weren’t in contention in the first place.

  20. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    Dipa Karmakar, from India, has a Produnova too. A low one, but she pulled it off. Her second vault is a Tsukahara 2/1, following the Twitter page “All Around”. A lot of surprises in vault. I am beginning to think that Simone’s medal here is a grear risk, because, despite her great execution, several gymnasts are beginning to show vaults of higher difficulty. What is Simone’s second vault’s difficulty? 5.6?

  21. KG Says:

    There’s no way gabby will (read that as “should”) be in contention for an individual medal.

    the one thing I think everyone can agree on is that Bailie Key should have been there at the very least as an alternate. At this point it almost appears she could have replaced Kocian, Brenna, or skinner.

  22. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    *at risk, I meant.

  23. Beth Tennant Brigham Says:

    Perhaps a lackluster GD performance will give them the excuse not to take her to Rio. Still not understanding how Brenna’s awesome bars routine isn’t going to be used. Hopefully she will at least get the floor skill named after her.

  24. H Says:

    Regarding Gabby looking laboured. I think Tim (NBC) talked about the same after PT training Secret Classic. And he said he was then surprised how well she did in the competition. Maybe that is why Marta still keeps her on the team because she will deliver better in competition … But most likely it must be politics that someone here mentioned, and if so it is just sad. GD should be alternate. Skinner should do vault in qual and both Brenna and Kocian bars.

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      That may be so but its so annoying to see that Gabby puts in 70% in podium trading and she still expects to be on a team whereas even girls like Simone and Alt are putting in 115% and don’t talk all mighty. Sigh.

  25. Melanie Says:

    As a Bailie fan for years, I’m in total agreement that she got SCREWED. Majorly, royally screwed. All that we can hope for is that she’ll Kyla Ross their asses next year (make the Olympic team without having been to a Worlds comp).

    • Beth Tennant Brigham Says:

      I agree – I am still in disbelief that Bailie wasn’t at least the traveling alternate. It’s hard for me to watch the Bailie of today after watching her perform with so much poise, consistency and perfection as a Junior before her growth spurt. I want her to be her best so badly! I hope this situation pisses her off enough to really fight for that Rio spot, and that Kim can time her training just right to have her peak at the right moment.

      I adore Brenna and admire her grit so much. Her bar routine is amazing, even with form deductions. I’m super glad she’s at Glasgow and hope like hell she gets to compete at least bars and floor so she gets the eponymous double pike. She’s been pretty solid so far – just crossing my fingers she can keep up the consistency in competition.

      I think Marta’s playing a long strategy for Rio with a twofold plan: 1)litmus test to see if Bailie has what it takes to get her upgrades in time for Rio and to actually show some emotion and fire, and 2) Bow to Penny and other USAG officials by taking Gabby “Don’t you know who I am?” Douglas to Worlds when she clearly isn’t in her best shape – if GD continues to perform in a lackluster manner, the precedent will be visually set that she may not make the 2016 Rio team.

      Sucks so hard that these athletes train their whole lives and political stuff within the organization interferes. If Bailie gets Kim Kelly’d at Trials, I can’t even imagine the backlash.

      • Aerial Says:

        I guess we need more camp info. Just how bad did Key screw up @ the last 2 camps?

  26. JK Says:

    Oh god, beam was so hard to watch. So many bent knees, flexed feet, not 180 leaps, and a switch ring leap that didn’t come remotely close to a real switch ring leap *coughGabbycough*… this is probably the worst team of beam workers I’ve seen, like, ever.

    The lineup was interesting, to say the least. Even though Skinner was last up on all the events, I think Brenna’s going to end up as alternate. She’s only doing a DTY and her bars – while it has a high SV – is probably going to get torn apart by the E-panel judges. Plus, Skinner has a Cheng and an Amanar and has potential to medal at vault EF – maybe even over Simone. But what do I know. I thought Bailie was a lock for Worlds and she’s not even there.

    Or maybe I’ll get my wish and Gabby will end up as alternate. hahaha

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      Yeah, beam was no good. Really no good. Almost Russia, not good lol. I think their best event as a whole are bars right now ha.

      This whole team is so strange to me. I know, usually the pre-Olympics worlds team makes the core of the Olympics team but I don’t see it here. To me, the only 2 legitimate Rio Olympians here are Simone and Aly. Gabby, if she remains where she is at, no way.

      There is no way Marta is taking a beam line-up like that to Rio-her last meet (supposedly) in charge. This makes me think that Norah and Reagan could very well be on the Rio team. Bailie too.

      So that’s the good news lol

      Skinner seems to have downgraded, which is prob why she’ll end up as the alternate.

      I can wait to see the official line-up.

      • JK Says:

        Yeah, I only see Simone and Aly as legitimate contenders to make the Rio team. If Gabby gets her Amanar back and upgrades her bars, I think she’ll make the team too (so here’s me hoping that she doesn’t, lol).

        And yes, and I find this team really strange. And unexciting (with the exception of Simone). But the silver lining in all this is that there may be an opening for Norah (as a beam specialist) and possibly Kyla (if she’s healthy and upgrades her bars/beam) for next year. I don’t know too much about Reagan to say anything about her, and while I think Bailie was robbed of being on the Worlds team this year, I wouldn’t be terribly upset if she didn’t make the Rio team. I know, I’m cruel. lol

        I wonder if Skinner downgraded her floor only because it’s PT. Maybe for QF, she’ll upgrade her third pass to the usual – the 1.5 twist + 2.5 twist combo – which would then increase her SV (and her chance of making the team)?

        Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier: I hated those leos. Yuck.

      • G Says:

        My sister keeps asking me if our Worlds team wil be the girls in the next Olympics and I’m like, “No!”

        Lol it def is a strange group in Glasgow. I really didn’t see Kocian making another team or even Skinner but here they are.

  27. Dee Says:

    Well I missed a lot in just 2 days.

    Watched some videos from podium. I thought Brenna looked pretty good, I am in love with her floor routine but I highly doubt she will be used in actual competition. That’s just how it goes.

    Wonder if skinner really is the alternate. She was listed after Kocian on that line up list for floor, which doesn’t sound good to me (because I don’t think they would ever put Kocian on floor?). I wouldn’t be upset with her being the alternate this year. Is she injured?

    A few random things: I can’t watch anything Gabby. Oh my goodness please go away. I can’t believe I missed this story about the two dim wits “representing” Belarus…watched half the interview with them and had to shut it off it made me so mad. Finally, Chuso doing that vault is just so insane. I’m curious….if she lands on her rear end but completes the flips, she essentially “completed” the vault, only gets deducted for the fall on the landing, and can still medal? Crazy!!!!!

  28. gymmom2 Says:

    Frankly most of them looked wobbly on beam. Simone had balance checks everywhere. She came off beam and Marta talked to her through the next two routines. She got up and nailed her skills in when they did their “extra stuff” so I guess whatever Marta said worked. I thought Gabby looked fairly good on bars, but not wow spectacular. I heard Marta yelling at Brenna to keep her legs together and when she went up to do the half routines after everyone did their routine she missed and you could her Marta saying ‘come on, come on”. So for some reason Marta is not happy with her. And while I am not Gabby fan, it is unrealistic to think unless Gabby fell on her face at camp she would get left home over a first year senior. However, I am surprised Bailie didn’t beat out one of the others. With all the other talent coming up this next year, I am starting to think she may not make the cut for RIO.

    I remember a couple of years ago Simone made the comment that if she made the Olympics she would retire and give someone else a shot – wish Gabby had done that. iI’s really a shame the games aren’t about who is the best in the world – too many rules ( like the two per country) to “balance things out”.

  29. Mimi Says:

    So much wtf-erg happening right now.

    Simone basically needing to fight for a medal and Skinner in reality having the numbers to beat her and likely not being put in the team.

    Gabby used for politics (why though? Isn’t it better PR to have a stronger team than a laboured famous gymnast)? I mean, she’s got time to get it together but I’d sooner have Skinner in over her to be honest. Honestly take Gabby out of the equation and team formations could make more sense with Mykayla. Maybe not if Gabby gets her act together on beam.

    Bailie at home. Kim is probably going nuts.

    Aly looking good on bars.

    Don’t even get me started on Belarus.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      It’s nice to see a coach going to bat for their athlete.

      I really wish I could hear the reality going on inside the head of Kim Zmeskal. She knows her athlete got screwed royally. Makes no sense how Bailey isn’t there. I have a feeling Gabby took Bailey’s place.

      • KG Says:

        I think Penny pushed for Gabby because she will make headlines. Bailie wasn’t at the top of the AA list (Simone or even Aly), and lost out to the amanars (Gabby and Maggie).

        Which is really awful now that Gabby has downgraded. Her amanar was the only thing that anyone could legitimately say put her really ahead… minus what she could score 4 years ago. But we all know a quad ago is like a lifetime, so while that brings prestige, it doesn’t mean you’ll win again.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think the basic problem in the code is that ONE VAULT is contributing so much to a gymnast’s score that a gymnast cannot make up for it on the other apparatuses. Bailey is better on bars and even beam than Maggie and Aly (I think Aly had messed up at nationals too) yet because of that one vault, she was left out.

        I think I am beginning to see that there really is a problem with this code. I mean, I always thought that but now it’s even more apparent.

        The ironic thing is that when Nastia was competing, she was able to get ahead because of the code issues on bars – her best event. Can you imagine her trying to compete at her best level in this code and even last quad’s code with a 1.5 Yurchenko. She would have been made to be a specialist!

  30. H Says:

    UB line up

    Rumors are that they are deciding between Aly and Maggie regarding AA. Brenna is anchor on bars.

    And Miha is emphasising (clear and loud (standing next to Marta)) how well Aly is doing her second bar routine.

    Lets see if this is a rumor with some truth to it

    I hope at least that Brenna will do bars in qual and that Aly get to do AA.

    • Tortuga Says:

      I think it all depends on if Gabby is competing an Amanar in quals or not, which the only two videos I have seen of it looks really bad. If she isn’t using the Amanar there’s no way she making AA finals. And in that case I say let Maggie and Aly compete for the 2nd AA spot in quals and let Gabby do bars in TF, because there’s no way Gabby is getting on the podium in a bars final anyway. I’m happy with either Aly or Maggie making the AA to be honest. Then I would have Aly, Maggie, Simone, Kocian and Brenna for bars line up in quals. So yeah I agree with the other comments that said the line up would make so much more sense with Gabby taken out. But politics tell me she won’t be the alternate. Man I wish I could talk to Kim Zmeskal right now.

  31. Gymnast41 Says:

    New bars line up: Aly, gabby, simone, Madison, brenna, Maggie, skinner.

    • KG Says:

      So it looks like Brenna is now anchor (which is deserved), and Maggie is out of AA. I’m disappointed for Maggie, but I feel like that’s the right decision between her and Aly.

      However, it’s clear where the politics lie. The real decision should have been between Maggie and Gabby for the second AA spot.

      • Tortuga Says:

        If Gabby isn’t doing an Amanar she shouldn’t even be competing for the 2nd AA spot, and Maggie should have a chance to. Also if Gabby isn’t doing an Amanar Baillie should have been there in her place. But apparently my opinion is ass backwards.

      • KG Says:

        I am so right there with you Tortuga. In terms of AAers, Simone is top dog, obviously. Aly has both history and current progress to show she should be 2nd. Maggie and Gabby for third are debatable, but you are right, without Gabby’s amanar she really should be the 4th AA and she and Bailie have pretty even scores, with (correct me if I’m wrong) Bailie scoring a bit more “evenly”.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Such utter BS if Gabby gets to go for the AA. It should be Simone, Aly, and Maggie competing for the two slots. I mean how did Gabby even place at nationals? Maggie came in 2nd. Such utter BS.

      • G Says:

        I hate that Nationals seem to mean nothing and Marta and SP will do whatever they want based on who they like. Maggie was 2nd AA at P&Gs so there is absolutely no good reason why she shouldn’t be going for AA. Granted, Aly will probably get the second spot over Gabby and Maggie if she were in the running but still. If Gabby gets gifts in qualifying and somehow beats out for the 2nd spot, I will be royally pissed.

      • Tortuga Says:

        That’s my point exactly. Aly and Gabby both had mistakes at Nationals and didn’t score their best but to take the 2nd AA gymnast completely out of contention for AA qualification just seems wrong to me. There’s a lot of wrong scenarios on this team for me though.

  32. G Says:

    Qualification is 5 up 5 count right?

  33. Mimi Says:

    Marta has to know that Penny’s instructions are BS. Which makes next year interesting because Marta then has nothing to lose if she doesn’t follow orders. She’s with those girls all the time, I can’t imagine she’s totally okay with the politics even if she does toe the party line.

    Gabby isn’t that much of a draw card. Sure it’s good press to have the former Olympic AA champ compete.. But is it good press if her gymnasts looks sub par? Honestly she should be alternate at this point. Blah.

  34. Chris Says:

    Anyone catch the last 5 mins of podium training webcast? Rhonda was helping Aly pack up, putting her jacket on and putting her pass around her neck.. and you see Marta nod her head no and go up to Rhonda, what seemed like telling her off.. while pushing Aly away to avoid the confrontation.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Rhonda is very friendly with the girls and while Marta might be a little friendly she knows they need to fear her to succeed. I didn’t see the video but there is no way Marta would condone being

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