World Championship Updates ( Monday 10-19-2015)

Don’t forget to vote for who you think will win the AA and individual events. Voting will remain open until at least prelims.

I’ll be updating this blog with anything we get at least for a few days.


Monday 1-19-2015

Sorry this is late. I won’t be around tomorrow so let me go how podium training goes. I’ll have the boys phone but it’s a busy day at work so I don’t know when I’ll have time to check it. I won’t be home til late.

Videos by Gymnastike

Komova on bars. Now she looks great here lets see if she can keep it up.

Bulimar on floor/ Sae on Floor too and I am so mad I forgot to add her to the floor poll. SHAME ON ME. Brenna on bars. She has no Amanar and only practiced a DTY so why is she even on this team again? I like her bars but with a DTY I don’t know why she is here. Aly on beam She looks pretty good. The 2 turn connection was questionable and one other connection but much better than Nationals.

Italian Videos

Chuso’s prod. Better form wise but just as short as whats her name. I call her future death vault girl.

The All Around had the best tweets this morning so you might have want follow them.

Gymnastike is also there.

Thanks to Tim Daggett and Inside Gymnastics some videos are up from this mornings practice.

Gabby fell on her Amanar and we get two videos of it. In one it looks like a huge mess. She gets great height then all of a sudden is out of control and on her ass. That can be seen here In the video below of all the Amanar’ s they edited out the fall but it looks like it could be a different video altogether so maybe she fell twice. If she keeps falling Marta will have her do the DTY but I think she will be fine. She looks like she lost her concentration.

Aly’s is still a mess but mostly towards the end and Skinner’s looked a little short.
This is all the Amanar’s in a row thanks to inside gymnastics via Simone’s Instagram.


10-18-2015: Oksana Chusovitna will attempt the Produnova vault. I can’t see her doing this if she isn’t prepared but I hope she realizes one injury and no Olympics for her in 9 months.

These practice leotards are just gross. Will we ever be over the pink??????

Judges are being moved off the arena floor and I don’t quite know what to think. Are they being watched and judged live or maybe on video?

Aly did train bars in this practice.

Timmy had some great tweets this morning. Make sure to follow his twitter. Here is team USA walking in to training. Smiles and waves from some. Bitch face from others and some in their own world because they are all that

Flavia dance walk through below. Sorry Falvia I forgot about you in the polls.

The best youtuber of all you tube times has more videos

Nastia is not in Glasgow because she’s smelling up Massachusetts. GO AWAY NASTIA


I am just adding this to make myself feel better 🙂 Sorry Case. DON’T watch this


47 Responses to “World Championship Updates ( Monday 10-19-2015)”

  1. G Says:

    Maybe Oksana feels like its now or never? Like she’s not positive if she can last till Rio so she might as well pull out the big guns while she can. I really hope she doesn’t hurt herself though.

  2. Exgymgurl Says:

    The leos are from Aly Raismans leo line. Marta liked it so much she made it a national team leo. I also saw Chuso doing the prudonova and she has a great handspring block so it makes sense. I hope her second vault is decent… Im honestly excited to see her even try it on podium. Yes the judges are away from and above the competition floor in violation of FIG rules…

    • G Says:

      I always thought Aly was super into red white and blue clothes/leos, ugh that pink is heinous, I’m so over it. Please let them at least have patriotic team leotards

    • RocĂ­o MartĂ­nez LĂłpez Says:

      She had other good vaults, good enough to get her to Vault Event Final in London and in the EF in the World Championships in 2013, so if she can add a Produnova to the mix, I would totally change my expectations for the EF. I am way too excited about this. Maybe because the worlds didn’t seem very exciting this year, so a surprise like this is very welcome in my book. Chuso is not a newbie (she can be the mother of many of the gymnasts she is going to compete against in Glasgow) and she doesn’t have anything to prove, so I am sure she wouldn’t risk and injury and wouldn’t do anything that could potentially hurt/embarrass her in the context of the World, so if she attempt it, it is going to be with as much certainty as possible that she can land it safely.

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    Is that pink and purple? What is this pre-school?
    Chuso I don’t want to see her injure herself but if she does it, my hands are clapping for her. I’m a few years younger than she is and I can’t even do a handstand.

  4. KG Says:

    Forgive me if it has been said, but when will they officially announce who the alternate is? I’m assuming after podium training?

  5. Gymbot Says:

    Thanks piibunia! Brazil and John geddart’s gymnast looked confident in their dance throughs

  6. JAS4 Says:

    I hope Chuso can land it safely. It would be nice to see a non terrifying Produnova for once.

  7. Mimi Says:

    Eh if the girls like pink, let them wear pink. They’re doing the hard yards so they have to feel good in whatever they wear and they all seem to like it.

    I love watching Mihai walking in chuckling to himself. I just find him so endearing (even though he must be a total hard ass coach in the gym).

  8. G Says:

    Tim just posted a video of Chuso’s vault. She lands low but stood it up from what I can tell.

  9. Cupquaked Says:

    Tim also posted a video of Gabby sitting her Amanar pretty badly. I hope she just does a DTY so she doesn’t seriously injure herself.

  10. Gymnast41 Says:

    Only have seen bars, floor, and vault training. Mykayla is training all four events at the moment…goodness gracious her bars were the worst but her other events were pretty solid. Gabby had the best bar set from what I saw, only saw two really good attempts from her amanar..there were others that were horrible or just as bad as Maggie’s, she looks good on floor, but we all know it’s because of the 1.0 SV she has :). Maggie looks good all around surprisingly, she’s cleaned up. Madison’s feet in her releases bother the heck out of me but otherwise she’s really clean. what surprised me the most was brenna. She looks great in all three of those events…only saw one iffy bar set, but really, she looks great. Go her. Finally, Aly continues to impress (especially on bars 🙂 ), and she looks like she cleaned up on floor and her amanar. Yay. And simone is queen. I’m really getting excited for this team, they look great

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      To be continued: Aly, gabby, and simone look great on beam

      • H Says:

        Looks like Maggie has downgraded her diff on beam- full in dismount is gone as well the salto with half twist which I never remember the name of.

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      Barani is the salto on beam. It looked low and the form was super sketchy when she did it on US soil, so I think that was the right choice. Simone does the same skill, and while she gets FAR more height, even she struggled with landing w/o checks in US competition.

  11. Mimi Says:

    Brenna’s bars are just… Ah. I hope she just kills it because I want to see her routine showcased.

    Gabby’s and Maggie’s amanars scare me.

    Interesting if Mykayla is alternate. I wonder if Marta is willing to sacrifice a potential vault bronze for a shot at a bars medal?

    • Rien Says:

      Mykayla has no chance at a vault medal without serious errors from Paseka and Hong Un Jong. Then there’s Biles and Chuso. I think Mykayla was chosen for her team floor contribution not her vault. I highly doubt Brenna will score well on bars and there’s no way in hell that she will medal but maybe the US is just so poor on bars that they need her instead on the high floor score Mykayla brings. I still think Brenna will be alternate.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t agree about Skinner having no shot at a medal. Simone is cleaner but that 5.6 compared to a 6.3 could make difference.

        I think Skinner’s Chang is fine and her Amanar is no worse than Hong’s last year. Only way Brenna wins a medal on bars is if judges ignore her issues like vault judges iognore most execution errors

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I agree and I get the feeling that the judges will not be in favor of giving away “too” many medals to US gals. Hence, a lot of execution errors coming their way (on bars, at least) that are ignored on women from other countries. The US will likely win gold in Team and the AA and vault; we all know how politics works and those judges will be looking for opportunities to leave US women off the podium, especially in their weaker apparatus.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Oh, and the US will likely win gold on floor too – so 4 of 6 opportunities. That’s crazy.

      • RocĂ­o MartĂ­nez LĂłpez Says:

        I don’t know if she has no shot whatsoever, but Chuso’s option has risen exponentially in the latest hours. I think nobody could think Chuso has a shot until we knew about the Produnova (even if I though she could made the final). In any case, I think we shouldn’t forget Steingruber. She has a Rudi and was working on a double ( She is pretty solid, so if someone makes a mistake or have a very messy execution, she could get a medal. I know she is not among the favourites, but I think we shouldn’t forget about her.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Of any non-American to beat Biles on vault, I’d want it to be Chuso, and that’s it. I just have mad respect for that lady.

      • RocĂ­o MartĂ­nez LĂłpez Says:

        Me too, sanity. What she has done in this sport is truly amazing. Every time a comentator says that a gymnast is beginning to be too old for the sport (a comment I really despise…the only comment I despise more than this one is when they call them fat) I think of Chuso. I hope she steals the show!

  12. Gym Obsessed Says:

    If the alternate is looking like Skinner at the moment than I feel like it’s between her and Maggie? B/c they are likely to be used in the same events in Team Finals – vault and floor?

  13. tennisgrl456 Says:

    I agree with you, GTT. Chuso would NOT just throw the Produnova for the sake of throwing it. She has Olympic and World gold medals and has had an elite career than has spanned what? Something like 25-ish YEARS. She is not trying to make a name for herself or garner funding for a emerging/underfunded program. I was horrified when I first heard that she was going to throw it, but it actually looks…um, not terrifying??…in the video. She stands it up and even though she is landing on a mat with extra padding, the mat adds a good 6 inches of height to her landing surface. Take that away and she should have more than enough room to safely stand it up. Normally I would say that no 40 yo woman should be doing this if they value their ability to walk, but this is fucking Chuso.

    I don’t think anyone has touched on this yet, but the reason she might be throwing it now is bc a medal in EF automatically qualifies her to Rio. If she doesn’t medal in Glasgow, she’ll have to compete the AA at the test event in April, which will be a lot harder on her body and require a lot more training/time in the gym.

    If she medals with a subpar Prod and whatever her second vault is (double tsuk still?), she goes straight to Rio. This is her chance to qualify without having to go through the test event and it looks like she is really going balls to the wall.

  14. Melanie Says:

    Lots of Maggie’s new beam choreo reminds me of Kyla’s. I wonder if they’re trying to morph Maggie into the new Kyla. They can probably get Maggie some extra execution tenths if they give her Kyla’s deliberate, clean style.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I saw Maggie’s amanar no way can I ever compare that to anything Kyla ever did. Sorry.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        P.S. I’m just bitter that Kyla isn’t there. It feels weird to me. It seriously feels like something is missing.

        I miss Kyla. I hope she comes back in killer mode.

  15. sanitynmotion Says:

    Haha, the video of the US girls walking in – the ones that truly belong there are the smiley/happy ones, the rest are b*tchfacing because they either know they are on the alternate block or they just don’t want to eat crow on “dealing with disappointment.”

  16. H Says:

    Rumors says Skinner is the alternate – but does that make any sense? Why not bring Bailey? Wouldn’t she be a more useable alternate?

  17. Beth Tennant Brigham Says:

    Wow, GD’s Amanar looks like crap – her form completely breaks down mid-flight. What if GD is actually going to be the alternate at the last minute, but for political reasons, they didn’t want to announce it initially? MyKayla is looking pretty good (at least, her Amanar looks eleventy billion times better than GD’s.)

    I’ll be watching for a sudden and *poignant* last-minute GD vaulting practice injury, with Skinner stepping in for the competition.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I actually thought most of the US amanars looked like crap. All except Simone’s of course.
      Mykyla’s looked flat/not much height and Aly, Maggie, and Gabby’s form broke down on that last twist.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I agree with you about the Amanar’s. I didn’t notice the short twist for Gabby just the height and Aly’s form will always be messy but it’s still early in week. They need to hit in a few days. I would love Gabby to be the alternate but it won’t happen. Sadly her beam is the second best on this team, well maybe third after Aly but she will be needed for that event on this team.

      • JAS4 Says:

        I saw the video Tim posted on Twitter of Gabby’s Amanar and it was a kind of scary. In 2012 she (like Shawn before her) would twist a little early on the table and in that video it looked like it was even worse and she got way off to the side because of it. I imagine Marta will have her do a DTY if she is still having trouble with it by competition time. As much as Marta loves her Amanars she would probably rather have a DTY that won’t have to be counted than a fall.

  18. RocĂ­o MartĂ­nez LĂłpez Says:

    Loved Maggie’s floor rutine! I wasn’t able to see her before, but I liked her routine. Gabby’s is awful, though.

  19. sanitynmotion Says:

    Is there a link to videos of this?

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