Ponor out of worlds

Link to article Andreea Iridon falling on beam at that try meet did not help you.

I have never uttered these words but there is always a first time for everything, I’m with Dwight. YES to real beam mounts and yes to 3 passes on floor and triple yes to these stupid damn vaults that will kill you getting credit.

So I went to find a positive video of Kyla Ross to talk about how weird it is not to see her during this time of year and what do I run across instead Nastia commentating where she won’t shut the **** up babbling about stupid shit and she does it in the most phony voice anyone could possibly have. Plus if you listen you can notice Tim and dumbass won’t stop asking her what she thinks. It’s clear they have been told to engage her in conversation other wise why would anyone want to listen to her say the same shit over and over again?

Hey all you married people out there do you have engagement parties where you hire professional photographers to take pictures of said party? As someone who refuses to ever get married (it would be a long discussion don’t ask:) do people really so this? Seems pretty attention grabbing if you ask me but apparently it’s all the rage.

Here we go. Nice Amanda Borden not sounding like a phony idiot and finding a way to point out the nice without sounding like a complete idiot. h wait this was supposed to be about Kyla:) I miss you Kyla. Come back strong.

I wish the internet was in full force 20 years ago so we could get video like this from the world championships. From start to end it’s all there and no commentating is to die for

Alicia Sacramone interview (Thanks to Ilana in the comment section) Pretty stock answers. She’s still trying to play up the leader angle which I find hilariously endearing in a whatever type of way.


46 Responses to “Ponor out of worlds”

  1. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Hi G. I’m married but we didn’t do a big wedding. Actually my wedding had 6 people and it was perfect. But as far as your question goes: I know plenty of people who hired a photographer for the engagement party and even more people who do engagement shoots to have a pic to put on the invites. I didn’t do either. We are saving our money for the house And the gymnastics lessons I’m sure my daughter will take unless she gets sick of the sport before she is old enough to start it LOL

    On the Nastia and weddings: I saw a pic of her in a pink robe from some engagement related stuff and it said “future Mrs. Lombardi.” Do you think she’ll change her last name? I can’t imagine her doing that. It wouldn’t be good for business. Maybe if she changes her last name, she’ll go away since no one will know who Nastia Lombardi is haha.

    I miss Kyla!

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    Oh she admits she had ano upgraded vault? Dang if only she didn’t pressure herself to do floor…we might have seen her in London over Maroney. I still think though Marta wouldn’t have allowed it no matter what (Asac in London).
    I didn’t even have an engagement party at all and had a wedding in Mexico with 30 people total including us at a fraction of the cost of a wedding in Cali. It was awesome. My friends paid at least 25k for their weddings and I had one friend pay 80k and they had to live with her parents for a year to make up for it. Hell no.
    I didn’t even take preggo photos which is all the rage now. Even if I did no way would I post that crap on Facebook but everyone loves to overshare their lives these days to the point where even if start to feel like huh? I mean people I barely hung out in high school with i know all of these personal stories. I think it’s crazy but I was born in the 80s.

    • JAS4 Says:

      I still wonder if she had the upgraded Rudi by Nationals and Trials but was told not to compete it. She had to know she would have to beat Maroney to be on that team. Since she seemed to think she could make the team it makes me wonder if she was told she didn’t need the upgrade to make the team.

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      I’ve heard of people planning a wedding and literally blowing every cent that they have on that one day, which I think is absolutely INSANE. It’s ONE FREAKING DAY. I had a bit of a unique situation in that my husband is the one of 3 sons and the other 2 are gay identical twins (so his parent’s are likely never going to have to pay for a “traditional” wedding again) and both sets of parent’s were thrilled to contribute/host showers/etc. We ended up having about 175 people at our wedding, but I think between the two of us, my husband and I only invited around 40-ish people (and that included non-family members in the wedding party). Our parent’s paid for the wedding (and tried to keep us out of the cost details but I almost shit myself when I saw the flower contract), but that was because my in-laws invited about 100 people and my parent’s invited about 60. They weren’t about to make us pay for their friends, and I wasn’t about to have a wedding that required me to do so.

      I’m also an 80’s baby and the photo shoots are kind of getting out of control. Pregnancy photo shoots, new born photoshoots (which I personally like), posting a pic of your child every week in the same chair to show how much he/she has grown next to a board with updates on his/her likes/dislikes/fav foods/least fav foods. By the time these kids are 1 there is going to be enough info on the web to steal their identity @@

  3. Case Says:

    No engagement party for me either. Not all that common in these parts. $ounds like Boston money talking over there.

  4. Melanie Says:

    I’m engaged, and we’re going simple. Beach wedding, only immediate family and close friends. Pretty cheap, since it’s Florida. I just saw a girl I went to high school with who hired a professional photographer to take pictures of her son for his “21-monthiversary.” Seriously, people? After twelve months, you stop counting months. Also, I have an almost three year old, and it’s STUPID to try to get them to sit for professional pictures. People just love wasting money on stupid things.

    About Cata, this is quite a hit for the Romanian team. I keep hearing how they’ll be fine because they’re “so much stronger than last year,” but other than Iordache, they’re still pretty weak. Didi can provide a little support, but other than that it’s still a weak team.

  5. KG Says:

    They are dropping out at ridiculous rates. There will be no heavy hitters left.

    I am married. We did not have an engagement party nor even the typical engagement photoshoot. DH had a semi-professional camera (read as a photography hobbyist with a camera slightly nicer than a point and click) and we took a picture ourselves via tripod. We’re pretty decidedly hermits/unsocial type people though. I don’t think I know like anyone else that didn’t do the photoshoot and a party too.

  6. G Says:

    Crap, that video really makes me wish Kyla was going to worlds and that she hadn’t had this sucky year.

    I also really wish Amanda could take over Nastia’s spot.

  7. Brittany Says:

    Rumor has it that Skinner beat Simone on vault during selection camp, and has her Amanar fully back. Pretty crazy if it’s true!

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      She did, but those are Marta camp scores so we really don’t know how to take them. I mean, I LOVE Maggie (and hate to use this as an example), but a few camps ago didn’t she and Simone get the SAME score on their Amanars? In what international scoring universe would that EVER happen?

      Although since Skinner has her Amanar back, it might be a bit closer than we thought at World’s. Simone NARROWLY lost the gold to Hong Un Jong last year, and in my opinion, her execution of both the Lopez and the Amanar have improved. The fight for ALL three medals between Hong, Biles, Skinner, and Paseka is (hopefully) going to be a good one. It’s kind of sucked during vault finals of the past when you’ve known only 2 gymnasts could fight for the gold and the rest of the field is wide open to vaulters with average difficulty who just happen to train vaults from 2 different families.

  8. tennisgrl456 Says:

    I’ve been married for just over one year (it was one year on the 11th, also my 29th bday), and while I did have an engagement party, I didn’t have engagement photos/a photographer at the party. Pretty much everyone I know who is my age and is engaged/has been married recently has had engagement photos taken but my husband and I both vetoed the idea. Looking through FB friends pics, there were probably two or three from each set that didn’t scream “cheesy” to me, but that’s just the kind of person that I am. I’ve never heard of someone hiring a photographer for an engagement party…maybe for a wedding/baby shower if they are really extravagant, but not an engagement party.

    I’m from one of the wealthier areas of CT and my husband is from one of the more absurdly rich areas of Westchester County NY, so engagement parties are pretty run of the mill. Admittedly, I had nothing to do with the planning/execution of mine (other than giving names of friends I would want invited) and was just given a time/place to show up. I never asked for an engagement party (And certainly NEVER expected one), but my MIL/FIL had planned/hosted one for her niece so my husband’s aunt/uncle planned/hosted one for us. It was an incredible time, and you could tell by my reaction to everything that night that I was completely blown away/appreciative of everyone who had contributed and travelled so far to be there.

  9. Gymnast41 Says:

    Well Simone just revealed that Maggie isn’t the alternate, and that the alternate is already chosen. My bet is on Brenna, who shouldn’t be too disappointed considering that she is definitely exceeding everyone’s (and probably hers too) expectations in the first place…..i just knew Marta would’ve relied on consistent routines more than anything.

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      ??? I thought they wait until the end of podium training. Or has it been decided the way that they “decided” about Maddie D. last year?

    • Tortuga Says:

      Well I’m relieved it’s not Maggie but sad for Brenna (if that’s the case).

      • daniellecosullivan Says:

        Don’t want to get people excited but is there a change in travelling team- Bailie and Alyssa are in a selfie with Rhonda… “One more practice and then Glasgow”

      • Tortuga Says:

        I doubt it, It was just a pre-last practice picture and she mentioned Glasgow in the caption. Two people would have to be super injured for Bailie and Alyssa to fly out with the team. And I believe news would have broke by now.

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        Yeah, that pic definitely means nothing in terms of the team standings. They’re all there practicing together and I doubt Rhonda would have turned around and said, “You two, you’re not actually going to Glasgow with us…out of the selfie!”

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        lol That would have been funny

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      That is good. Maggie has had a fabulous year and deserves this.

    • RNGymMom Says:

      Really glad Maggie isn’t an alternate–I’m a Minnesotan and have been watching her compete for years (my daughter used to compete against her in lower levels). Plus I’m going to Glasgow, so excited to see her there!

    • G Says:

      Glad for Maggie. So I guess it’s between Dowell, Kocian and Skinner (though i doubt it’s Skinner with an Amanar). I made a poll on my blog if anyone is interested 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Yes I have been meaning to make a polls blog about world’s and you reminded me I am lazy and need to get my butt I’m gear.

      • H Says:

        Yes, and great blog. (and I would have left some comments if I didn’t have to log into google account etc.

  10. tennisgrl456 Says:

    Not having Cata is a major hit. I was thinking that with her, they could legitimately challenge for a silver or bronze, depending on how flakey the Russians/Chinese were on TF day. But now without her floor and BB (and the fact that she can consistently HIT on both), I think it would take major choking from Russia or China for Romania to get the bronze (which is a distinct possibility). Right now that need Ocolisan to get her shit together on bars. She scored in the high 12s at the Novara Cup and she is capable of hitting low 14s. Same goes for Bulimar…she hit all of the HARD skills in her bar routine at Novara Cup, but only got a 12.9 bc she fell when she overarch-ed a bail to freaking handstand. Although Iridon, who is stepping in for Ponor, did manage a 13.85.

    They have DTYs, which will likely put them behind Russia after vault and possibly behind China (who has one strong vaulter and a few questionable DTYs). Bars is where they need to just HIT and be unremarkable at best, as they were in the past. If Iridon continues to do well in Podium and put up routines that look to be high 13s, I can see her being put in over Bulimar or Ocolisan. Larisa has become a downright bars phenom on that team so her place in the line up is cemented, but if they can get through bars with no falls, it will not only be a miracle, but it will put actual pressure on Russia and China. Based on watching routines of the past year, I would say that the Russian’s have a leg up on bars over China, simply bc under pressure, they are more likely to be able to put up 3 athletes who won’t fall. Lord knows what will happen on beam. On floor, although they are not the most elegant performers, I think the Romanians are the most consistent…aka…they are the least likely to need inhalers midway through and/or collapse trying to do tumbling passes that are far too difficult for them to risk doing in WC level competition.

    Even though Cata sitting out sucks, I’m glad that they are sitting her out now (same with Aliya). I would rather her be healthy and ready for Rio.

  11. Tortuga Says:

    Ponor being out makes this even less exciting but I don’t know what I was expecting. Hopefully the Olympics will be more entertaining. Apparently vault finals will be a lot more intense now.

    Also on the wedding discussion. I am not engaged but I had a friend who had every party possible for her wedding. Granted they did have a destination wedding but still she had the engagement party, wedding shower, bachelorette party, and a reception after they got back from the destination wedding. That’s 4 parties for one thing! Which is way excessive in my opinion. And it was typical that you should bring a gift to almost all of them. They did not hire a photographer for the engagement party however I could see how it would be beneficial at a baby shower so the guests don’t have to take pics of each gift. I had to take the pics at her wedding shower though lol.

    The same girl also asked a lot out of her guests for her baby shower as well. Instead of a card she asked to buy a children’s book and write your card in the book instead, which I thought was a cute idea, but there was more. She also wanted to hang the letters of the alphabet in the babies room. So they asked each of us to decorate a wooden letter, also a cute idea but there weren’t 26 guests at the shower so some of us had to decorate multiple letters to make sure she got the whole alphabet. And of course it was still expected of us to buy gifts from the places she had registered. To me that’s a lot of time and money for each of us, but hey I’m not married nor do I have children so maybe I’m just bitchy. I know I will never ask people to spend that much time and money on me in the future.

    • Dee Says:

      Oh sweet Jesus. You are not bitchy. That shower sounded obnoxious. I love stories about people like that LOL makes me feel ultra low maintenance?

      I don’t know what I expect from world’s, either. Kinda tired of USA always coming out on top (except for Simone in the AA, that needs to continue). I guess what I mean is…I wish there was some real, intense, close team final competition. Then it’s exciting. I don’t feel like that has been the case since 2012.

  12. Lauren H Says:

    I’ve only ever been to one engagement party in my life, and there was a photographer there. BUT this was for an Indian friend of mine, and engagement parties are a huge deal in their culture because they serve as a part of the wedding celebration (three day event). So in this instance, it makes sense. Outside of this…I don’t think so.

    I had engagement photos taken, but only because they were free as a part of my wedding photography package. If they hadn’t been free, I never would have had them taken. I didn’t have an engagement party either. They never made sense to me. It just feels like an excuse to get more gifts out of people who are already going to be going to a bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, possibly rehearsal dinner, and reception.

  13. Dee Says:

    You all are my speed with weddings. I personally am tired of people blowing a wad on one day and then moving in with their parents after. I refused to have an engagement party, even though my mother begged. We didn’t get engagement photos because I didn’t know what people do with them after the wedding. Our wedding had about 80 people and that was just right for me. Would have been a destination but grand ma wouldn’t get on a plane so we stayed local 😀 I personally never heard of a professional photographer for an engagement party, but I agree with others in the sense that photo shoots are all the rage now so I can’t say I am surprised if this becomes a “thing”.

    Super bummed that Catalina is out, but in another way I am kind of glad that she is resting up? I have no idea how she does it. We are the same age and I have been dabbling at getting back in gymnastics since the baby and even though I literally only had one year off omg this sport sucks for the “old”.

  14. JAS4 Says:

    I can’t tell if Kim is just commenting on USA depth or she is upset about Bailie not being on the traveling team? I saw on tumblr that Bailie was supposedly the one who fell at camp (not sure if it’s true though).

    • Lauren H Says:

      I think she’s commenting on both, but probably more Bailie. Brenna, Madison & Skinner aren’t close to reaching 59+AA, but all are on the team, while Bailie is non-traveling alternate. It’s crappy. I feel for Bailie. I’d have her on the team over Skinner. I like her floor a 1,000 times more, and her bars and beam are better. The only event Skinner beats Bailie in my eyes is vault, and that’s not by much.

  15. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    About the engagement pictures, I don’t think I have room to talk. In Spain there is no engagement party nor baby shower or things like that. There is just the wedding itself and, if the bride wants, a bachelorette party, but nothing else. In fact, the groom doesn’t give the bride a ring either. My sister is going to get married next June and things that to ask her guest to come to the wedding in other city and invest some money in clothes and stuff is more than enough. Her friends in the UK didn’t understand that we don’t usually have engagement parties in Spain, so they organized a surprise engagement party for her in her hospital’s break room. They were very nice about it, but it is just not usual here in Spain. I have just seen that kind of events in movies or series, never in real life.

    In other things, I am sorry about Cata. I was looking forward seeing her in Glasgow. But there are so many new gymnasts (I have barely seen the girls from China and both Russia and EEUU have new girls…I haven’t had the opportunity of seeing Maggie and I want to, as I have read a lot about her) that I hope there are some surprises. If there is not, think we are going to see two american gymnasts in almost every podium.

  16. Ilanchik20 Says:

    RRG is reporting that Aliya is having a knee surgery after Worlds and Ksenia A has a kidney infection so her Worlds status is to be determined. Maybe Romanians can place top 3 lol

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      what is RGG? I saw this on IG2

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I meant rrg. Rewriting Russian gymnastics–that blog I told you about a while ago.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I hate initials especially for Figure Skating and trying to figure out who the pairs and ice dance teams are:) and now I get it.

    • Rocío Martínez López Says:

      What? I don’t know about Aliya, but a kidney infection is something pretty serious. I really hope that they aren’t going to risk Afan’s health making her compete in the World with an infection. In fact, regarding that, I have a question: Are the gymnast allowed to get medical treatment so close to the world or they are risking to have some “dopping” issues? I now about the banned substances and all that stuff but I am remembering the Raducaan case. Can they undergone a midly important medical treatment without risking being accussed of doping?

  17. aerial Says:

    People hire photographers for their engagement parties? Wow – I’ve never heard of that. However, here it’s very common for couples to have engagement parties of some sort, but they’re lowkey. ie. BBQ hosted by your parents, and my husband and I just threw a party at our old townhouse, bought the snacks and beer ourselves, and had our friends over for a reason to celebrate. It mostly turned into a massive beer pong tourney in our basement.

    Our engagement photos were also included with our wedding photography package – and we wore everyday clothing in natural locations so they weren’t contrived or useless photos. Our parents each gave us a little money toward our wedding but otherwise we paid for our wedding ourselves, and didn’t invite anyone we’d brainstormed on our list that we weren’t actually spending time with anymore when you get a free weekend or when we’d invite people over. That cut the list back plus eliminated others from feeling forced to attend another wedding or buy another gift.

    I do have to say, it’s also very common here (Ontario) to have a wedding shower, bachelorette and bachelor party. But it’s more about the socializing and party, rather than gifts or extravagance. When we were all on the brink of settling down and still into large-group partying and going out with all the couples, a night out at a good local bar sufficed for a bachelorette. I never minded buying shower gift for a close friend’s wedding or first baby. But I also won’t attend such events for people I don’t consider within my very close relationships.

    None of my close friends pull this, but I don’t get the bachelorette and engagement parties that involve flights, fancy tickets and meals, hotels, and so on as a rule. I’ve also said “no” to attending a few destination weddings because although I think they’re a great idea for the couple, the price tag doesn’t work for us to attend. If it was a best friend or sibling, we’d be saving long in advance to afford that trip and it would be our vacation… and probably only vacation in a few years.

    Gymn-wise – assuming the alternate is Dowell, which makes me sad. Like, I didn’t expect her to make the team AT ALL based on her previous dramas and eliminations by Marta, and after her initial showings this year. Shocker that she was picked – especially in such a deep field, and if she started hitting this last month alone or something. But for her to be picked after all this and the Al Fong drama, and then be alternate AGAIN…. it’s like, would it have been better just to not put her through that again?

    Kocian has been bars queen for over a year now so I can’t see her being an alternate unless they want someone competing multiple events they hadn’t planned on using at all.

    I’m kinda into the KZB stuff. Like…. she’s always a defender of the Karolyi system. The Karolyis always seemed to give her athletes the benefit of the doubt or ample scoring. I see Kim’s statements on Insta to be cryptic and trying to showcase the “honour” of being a non-travelling alternate while kinda fuming about it. Hopefully she’ll do a good interview soon or something. I feel bad for Baillie, but it’s true if she’s been falling at camps and others not at all, I guess they could discount her other results or go for people like Skinner, who seemed so low in all rankings this season yet apparently recently beat Biles on vault.

    I lean toward believing Biles that it’s not Maggie. I doubt she’d lie on her ask account considering Maggie’s her bestie and she’d look dumb for saying Marta already told them when Marta never does that usually and we all know that.

    Russia sucks man. Such bad luck. Can’t wait until they are true rivals again. I miss me some Tatiana Lysenko, Dina Kochetkova types. Haha – that was awhile ago.

    Sorry GTT – GO BLUE JAYS!!!!!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am going to ignore the last line of your novel:) This whole post season has been a disaster. I hate everyone

  18. Aerial Says:

    Lol!! 😀

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