World team scenario’s with alternates


A new picture will be added tomorrow and sorry for any mistakes it’s late and this took awhile.

Simone, Aly, Maggie, Gabby, Mykayla, Dowell/Kocian

At least for the purpose of this particular blog. The above gymnasts are your 2015 World team but one of these gymnasts is the alternate and we won’t find out until the actual prelims starts which one will be sitting on the sidelines so I have speculated for the time being that Kocian/Dowell are one person. One will be the UB/BB specialist and the other will sit in the training room practicing bar routines over and over and over again for no reason at all. Unless you count Marta enjoyment.

So here is some speculation for possible prelim line ups.

Team 1 and 2

Switch out Kocian/Dowell depending on who wins the death match through podium training

VT:  Aly, Gabby, Maggie, Mykayla, Simone (Kocian/Dowell)
UB:  Aly, Maggie, Gabby Simone Kocian/Dowell ( Mykayla)
BB:  Kocian/Dowell, Maggie, Aly, Gabby,, Simone (Mykayla)
FL:  Gabby, Maggie, Mykayla, Aly, Simone (Kocian/Dowell)

Vault is fine. 4 Amanar’s and a Cheng. Even the alternate has an Amanar or a DTY depending on who gets picked

UB’s is okay. Maggie has a decent 6.0 set. Simone 6.3. Aly is a low 5.7, Gabby 6.4 and Kocian/Dowell 6.6 or 6.5

Now my big issue here is beam. Doesn’t matter what team we pick from these 7 girls the beam line up is the weakest of all four apparatuses. Maggie is consistent but has issues. Aly has missed connections. Kocian/Dowell are inconsistent and messy. Gabby is overscored and Simone well she isn’t scary at all.

Floor has the most potential and team finals should have 3 of the highest totals of the night in Mykayla, Simone and Aly.


Team 3

Simone, Aly, Gabby, Kocian, Dowell and Mykayla ALT Maggie

VT: Aly, Gabby, Dowell, Skinner, Simone (Kocian)

UB:  Aly, Gabby,Brenna, Simone, Kocian (Mykayla)

BB: Kocian, Brenna, Aly, Gabby, Simone (Mykayla)

FL: Brenna, Gabby, Mykayla, Aly, Simone ( Kocian)

This team is kind of scary. VT remains the same but can we trust Brenna on vault”

UB is more improved without Maggie but can we trust Brenna on bars?

BB remains iffy because Brenna is inconsistent, Kocian sucks on beam and what I said above

Floor remains the same for team finals but Brenna is still Brenna. The more I think about this Brenna is our scariest hit or miss asset. Though it won’t matter in team finals because the only event she has a chance of competing on is bars.



Simone, Aly, Gabby, Brenna, Kocian, Maggie ALT Mykayla

VT:  Aly, Gabby, Brenna, Maggie,  Simone (Kocian)

UB: Brenna, Maggie, Gabby,  Simone, Kocian (Aly)

BB: Brenna, Aly, Gabby, Maggie, Simone ( Kocian)

FL: Brenna, Gabby, Maggie, Aly, Simone, (Kocian)

VT remains the same adding an Amanar for a Chang

UB takes out the weakest link

BB remains the same wishy washy and

Floor is where this team takes a hit having to depend on Brenna to stand up. Maggie is somewhat consistent but has in the past had some mis-steps that might be trouble in a team finals and Gabby’s worst event is floor.


Honestly there is no way in hell that Simone is ever an alternate. Aly and Gabby a step behind so we have all the opportunities for alternate covered (Maggie, Kocian/Dowell and Mykayla) but just for fun (for me anyway)

Aly, Simone, Mykayla, Brenna, Madison, Maggie ALT Gabby:)

VT: Aly, Maggie, Brenna, Mykayla, Simone (Kocian)
UB: Aly, Maggie, Brenna, Simone, Madison (Mykayla)
BB: Maggie, Brenna, Aly, Madison, Simone (Mykayla)
FL: Maggie, Brenna, Mykayla, Aly, Simone (Kocian)

This team is weaker on beam because Gabby is so overscored but heck I had to try:)


Jas made a great point about Marta adding Bailie at the last minute 9which I believe she can do until the competition starts but am not sure on that) so whose place she would take makes this very interesting. Hearing Bailie is a great All Arounder with no great event is very much bull shit.

She’s better than Maggie on bars, beam and Floor. She is better than Kocian on vault, beam and floor and her bars are only a few tenths off. She’s better than Mykayla on bars, beam and floor. She’s better than Aly on bars and beam (and vault if were talking form vs start value) She is better than Gabby on beam and floor which on this team with any given gymnast being named alternate not named Simone on any event not named vault puts her top 3 on every event ahead of the so called stand out event gymnasts. She actually makes more sense than Maggie does. I still don’t understand how being top 3 in the best team on the planet isn’t enough to get you on the world team but Marta being Marta is so Manny.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This very long blog doesn’t need a math problem does it?:) Which team do you like or do you have an opinion I didn’t think of.

Team finals are usually decided by how the gymnast performs during prelims so I didn’t do that tho I kind of did in the order I put the gymnasts.

If I had to decide right now I would say Brenna is the alternate.


43 Responses to “World team scenario’s with alternates”

  1. ilanchik20 Says:

    Aly has a 5.8 SZ on bars now and maybe even 5.9 if she connects everything 🙂 Its higher than in the past.

    From all the sound, Brenna has been super consistent (hopefully the NCAA helped), so my bet is Maggie being the alternate. Marta would have left Brenna at home (and taken Bailie) if she planned on making Brenna the alternate. The alternate needs to be a good AA’er-not a specialist–and that is Maggie.

    I still don’t understand why Bailie got left off but it happened.

  2. SS Says:

    I don’t at all think Marta is above taking Brenna and then making her the alternate. I think she plans to make her the alternate but wants her there in case Kocian gets injured. Marta has repeatedly talked about how she is too fragile. I think she’s worried she will get hurt and needed a back up in case. I do think it’s interesting that Baille is staying at camp to train with the team, tho.

  3. Diana (@dianajc99) Says:

    wow I totally spazed when reading the team members and didn’t even realize Key wasent on the team until you spelled it out.

  4. sanitynmotion Says:

    I say Brenna is alternate and Kocian is only used for bars. But yeah makes no sense why Bailey was left out. Marta playing games. She wants Bailey to force the amanar. Here’s a question : if she had the amanar and say got the same score as Maggie, would she have beat Maggie at nationals? If so (I have no time to look into this) then it tells me that the vault is still too high on the code. That’s just sad.
    And I totally understand why Kyla was like eff this.

    • JAS4 Says:

      I would still feel bad for Brenna if Marta messes with her again and pulls her off the team and replaces her. I don’t understand why Key wasn’t on this team. She could help out on beam and technically if you had Gabby, Key, and Simone on bars you really wouldn’t need a UB specialist except for individual medal potential. Marta really seems to like Maggie lately so I am not so sure will be an alternate. I could see Marta having Aly,Gabby,Maggie,Simone all do AA in prelims and them Skinner fx,vt and brenna or kocian (possibly Key if Marta plays games) doing UB/bb.

    • G Says:

      I’d feel super sad for Brenna too but I agree with GTT that she’ll most likely end up the alternate. She just hasn’t been consistent long enough. I’m sure on some level Kyla feels happy not to have to deal with all of this stress.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      654 means either skinner or Kocian does beam unless you think Skinner will do it

      • tennisgrl456 Says:

        I would say if Brenna is the alternate (which is what I think will happen), Skinner will go up in prelims on beam. She did last year and despite all of her execution errors (not just there but on every event in general), she almost took the second AA spot from Kyla. She’s proven that she can stay on beam under WC pressure so if she hits beam at camp and continues to do so in podium training, I think they will put her up like they did last year. Only this year they would sit out Kocian in prelims instead of Locklear.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah figured Skinner would do beam and they’d toss her score. She has a good D score right? I think it’s a travesty Skinner is on this team over someone like Key for a vault.

  5. Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

    I’m still in shock that Bailie was left off the team. The only reason I can see for this is that 1) She doesn’t have an Amanar 2) She doesn’t have an EF-worthy routine and 3) She is not the US’ second AAer. I hope she upgrades all four routines and establishes herself as the USA’s 2nd AAer in time for Olympic trials next year.

  6. Gymbot Says:

    You and JAS are right, swaps can occur until 24 hrs before quals. It’s possible to see key, when is worlds btw and does anyone know how to watch?

  7. Exgymgurl Says:

    marta and bela kept mary lou away from international judges so they would not “learn her deductions” before the olympics. i think bailie key is the hold back to some extent. we dont need her this year, and what she has shown doesnt show a lot of individual medal potential. brenna and maggie are not going anywhere near rio. they are being natasha kelleyed mattie larsoned out so that no one questions marta not putting them on the team next year. skinner was injured all season and may have shown much better at camp, brenna was also building difficukty, but let this be a warning to all. Marta likes her amanars. marta likes individual medals. esp now that team medals are a given even if the plane carrying everyone exploded. you could put bailie, baumann meals, nia, ashton, and kyla on a plane with mlt and probably still medal and qualify for the olympics

  8. KG Says:

    IMO I totally think t is team 1 or 2, with more likely that Brenna is alternate unless Kocian is even slightly injured or falls or something in podium training or scores less than Brenna.

    That being said, I could see Maggie being alternate is if she out scores both Aly and gabby, as Marta will want one of them on that AA podium. I would think one of them could easily grab a silver or bronze in AA, and would get a ton of media hype. Maggie has less of a shot at Rio than those two and anything less than gold isn’t worth the loss of media coverage to usag, IMO.

    I don’t see Mykayla being an alternate at this point, though it’s more a likelihood than Simone, Aly, or Gabby. I think she’s the safest of the non-locks because of her medal potential.

    However, I’m not ruling out Bailie being switched in for Kocian or Brenna before they leave. I think its suspect that there are two non-traveling alternates. For USA the traveling alternate is usually more than enough. But to have two non travelers? I think Marta is putting the pressure on, or knows someone is on the edge of an injury (Kocian?), or maybe is worried about Brennas consistency, or what have you. Why does everyone think Bailie has an amanar she won’t show though? If she had it, wouldn’t she want to show it at this point? I could understand not showing it earlier in a quad, but I would think the worlds before Olympics would be the time to whip it out?

  9. Tortuga Says:

    I have so many thoughts and I don’t know if I can organize them very well because I’m in a hurry. But here it goes…

    I think team 1 and 2 is most likely. It makes the most sense to me. Kocian is fragile and Brenna has consistency issues. But I’m soo enamored by her metal strength to keep fighting and kick ass. I hope she doesn’t get put as alternate for her mental sanity!!

    My next vote would be for team 4. I know it’s not likely because of Mykayla’s medal potential but I just don’t care for her gymnastics.

    I know a lot of people have mentioned Maggie being alternate or should’ve been left in favor of Key. I see why it makes sense to have a great AA alternate, But Maggie has been getting better and better. She was 3rd AA at Classics and 2nd at nationals and I think she hasn’t peaked yet. Not that she will surpass Simone but I think her form and difficulty scores haven’t topped yet. Marta seems to like her. But I can also see Marta wanting Aly and Gabby in AA and not Maggie. How big of an upset would it be if Maggie got the 2nd AA spot over them? It all depends on how international judges score her. But with no big name attached to her she probably won’t get scored as well as Aly or Gabby.

    Finally Bailie. Girl was top 3 on floor and bars at nationals and I believe she should be on the team instead of Gabby who wasn’t top 3 on any event or AA at nationals. But since Gabby was Olympic AA champ she automatically gets a pass. People ignore these facts and it irritates me. It wouldn’t surprise me if Bailie got put in last minute over kocian or dowell but that seems unlikely.

    • tennisgrl456 Says:

      I agree with you with regards to Maggie…she has continued to improve over the past 2 years and not only has her difficulty gone up, but she has been consistent as hell. I don’t think Marta will make her an alternate unless she has a complete meltdown in podium training. Everyone thought Skinner would get destroyed by international judges last year and were pretty shocked to see that her domestic scoring was pretty close to her WC scoring. I think this is somewhat of a test for her…if she hits and scores well, she could very well be in the running for Rio.

      I’m still really shocked about Bailie…unless she had the one fall one the first day of competition and after the last day Marta was like, “It came down to who fell under pressure and that’s that.” But really…even if she had a fall, should have at LEAST made the traveling squad. She is more reliable than Dowell and less breakable than Kocian.

  10. tennisgrl456 Says:

    I’m going for team 1/2, with Dowell being the alternate unless Kocian breaks. As far as the beam issue, yes Aly had connection issues and that uncharacteristic fall but I have NO doubt that she went back into the gym after nationals/the last training camp and trained the SHIT out of that routine. You can tell that she is incredibly focused and serious about her comeback and there was no way that she was going to let that happen again. She might even (gasp) change around some elements in her routine (*coughtakeahintforanyfutureelitesGeddertcough*). She was on her first World’s team back in 2010, when Gabby was something like 10th at the Nastia Liukin Super Girl I’m Amazing Bow Down And Worship Me Cup. She knows how to hit when it counts for the team and I have no doubt she’ll show an improved and more confident routine in training. It’s just what she does. If Simone anchors beam, I’m sure Marta is going to have Aly as the lead off bc she can put up a big number, judges know her, and she is a steady performer. As much as I am not a fan of her beam work, I can see Gabby being the second up on beam in TF. She may not have as much experience as Aly, but she hit for the team in 2012 when it counted (even if she was gifted connections) and hit for herself in the AA. Yeah, she gave up in EF, but she got the gold she wanted and I care about this team here and now. Podium training could reveal a change, but in terms of beam in TF: Simone (lock), Aly (basically a lock), and Gabby (likely, but podium training will cement her fate).

    The other events are good to go with this team. In terms of vault, I would say that they definitely use Simone and Maggie in TF, and Skinner, depending on how her Cheng is looking in training. Ok, well, if it looks the same as it did last year, they should use her. Damn, I forgot how the judges scored her, she got a 15.666 in QF, 15.775 in TF, and a 15.7 in EF for her Cheng. This is a bit off topic, but in the team final, she scored LESS than 2 tenths lower in execution on vault than Biles (which means she scored within 1 tenth of her since she performed a vault with a higher D score). Did Biles perform a sloppy (for her) vault in TF and Skinner perform the vault of her life? How in the hell were they within 2 tenths of each other w/regards to execution???

  11. tennisgrl456 Says:

    In terms of Key… I don’t know what to say. I think she should have been part of the 7 person team, even if she ended up being the traveling alternate after all was said and done.

    An interesting point was brought up by Lauren H on tumblr (and she said that she had talked to several gymnasts who had been in this position), but she spoke about how traveling alternate was the least preferred spot (by GYMNASTS, at least the ones she talked to) out of traveling alternate, non-traveling alternate, and not making the team at all. Something about how emotionally devastating it is to be training with the team, doing everything you can to get into your peak physical shape, and then be told that you’re the one sitting in the stands. MAYBE (just speculation), Marta told Kim that if Bailie were to be named to the World’s team, she would absolutely be the traveling alternate and not on the competition squad, kind of like to Maddie Desch situation last year, where we all KNEW it was going to be her even though they technically didn’t announce it. I know it’s a long shot but maybe Kim did have a heads up, was able to talk to Bailie, and they made the choice to not possibly break her just so she could sit in the stands and then get the team gold.

    Even if the above is true, it doesn’t make sense to not have her on this team. I would trust her more on bars than Brenna, and I would much rather see her on floor than MyKayla with her Irish jig. Maybe it just came down to the fact that Marta couldn’t take all 5 AA gymnasts (“the top 5”), and Bailie simply couldn’t break into the top 4. Is Rhonda part of the selection process now, too? That could be having an influence on things…more about being “fair” to the athletes and less about bringing favorites/leaving home previously blacklisted athletes (although Marta still reigns supreme).

    The thing that worries me the most for Bailie are the implications for next year. We know that Marta like for the World’s team the year before the Olympics to be the core of the Olympic team. Bailie is going to work her ASS off if she wants to be considered for the Olympics, especially with a couple of the juniors coming up. One of my first thoughts when Bailie was left off was, “There’s only one spot for a TD athlete next year, and Marta is making it clear that it has a good chance of going to Ragan.”

  12. Ilanchik20 Says:

    The next thing on Skinner’s to-do list should be learning how to spell Scotland (maybe she can go to her old music too lol).

    Okay, that is a little harsh but I had to say it lol

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      That is bothering the heck out of me….

      also, all day it finally hit me that the current world AA/floor champ and Olympic AA/floor champs are on the same team…..and Gabrielle Douglas is actually on this team, like actually….on this team.

    • G Says:

      That’s just embarrassing. Good grief.

    • KG Says:

      Between Mykayla and GD, there should be all sorts of great social media fodder surrounding worlds.

  13. Ilanchik20 Says:

    I think this is the first thing I saw from Kim post announcement. Very pc but you can tell she is pissed.

    • G Says:

      Poor Bailie and her blank smile.

      • ilanchik20 Says:

        She looks like Kim is forcing her to smile, while Bailie’s eyes are saying otherwise.

        I can’t wait till she brings all of her difficulty next year.

    • Sainabou Nyang Says:

      Lol oh man.

      Imagine the tweets and instagram posts after Olympic trials. I swear this is just a preview to the blood bath.

      We thought John Geddert was bad, wait for blog posts from Al Fong. Now that Marta is leaving next year I bet you were gonna see more slip of the tongues in social media and rants.

      • G Says:

        Al is probably just biding his time until he can go off on Marta big time without any backlash.

  14. Beth Tennant Brigham Says:

    I don’t think we can leave KZB’s Olympic experience out of this equation. She was unflappable, rock solid in every competition leading up to the Olympics, but then being in the white-hot center of the spotlight finally got to her and she went out of bounds in FX and had to fight her way back up.

    Seems to me she’d want to protect any of her athletes from experiencing the same – so it seems reasonable that Key is being coached to sandbag and not compete her harder skills so that she can enter the Olympic year as an underdog and not have to deal with the pressure of the spotlight.

    Just a thought.

  15. gymtruthteller Says:

    Here is some insider info from an “anon” if anyone is interested and to see if anyone actually reads what I wrote (PARANOID!!:)

    Mykayla beat Simone on vault during the selection comp. Which must mean she pulled out that Amanar with the Cheng

    Now if this person wants to be approved send an e-mail to the with an e-mail that connects your facebook to that e-mail and I will approve you.

    Carry on

    I also just heard about Samuel Mikulak. Big blow for team USA but big happy for my ears. His phony ass cheering won’t be around. Brooks and someone else will be traveling with the team.

    • G Says:

      That for sure puts her out of the alternate spot now that she can seriously compete for an EF medal.

      • ilanchik20 Says:

        I’d need to see this amanar first LOL.

        In the other news, Mikulak is out with a left ankle injury. No Worlds for him. Looks like Kimble (Simone’s bff) is traveling now too. Men’s team is in a rough shape this year.

    • JAS4 Says:

      If Marta wants skinner on the team and not as an alternate for whatever reason then her beating Simone on vt would make sure no one questions her.

    • Mimi Says:

      Juicy news if true, but is this even feasible? Even if Mykayla has the amanar back?

    • Gym Obsessed Says:

      Interesting. I feel like we can’t judge the team line up (for qualifications or finals) off of P&G this year b/c it seems like so many gymnasts busted out upgrades for camp. Skinner with the amanar and probably improved on floor; Douglas with the amanar; Dowell with the amanar and who knows what else; etc. Am I missing anyone? I hope we get videos and updates one they’re practicing in Glasgow!

    • Tortuga Says:

      Judges aren’t doing their job if Mykayla can beat Simone. I hate when ugly gymnastics wins on d score alone. One handed Cheng deserves a big deduction and they aren’t taking it.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        One handed Cheng is not a deduction anymoee. They will change it next year possibly

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        The proposal for the new rules has 2.0 deduction for one arm vaults. Someone on Tumbler called it the Skinner rule LOL

        It wouldn’t go into effect until 2017.

        I hope it passes

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