RIP 2015 Red Sox (Tigers too for you Case)


The baseball season officially ended for me yesterday afternoon. As I long for the days in April where I knew our pitching was suspect but hoped our hitting would help us muddle through I can find solace in the fact that unlike 2011 and 2012 (and 2014) at least these kids fought til the bitter end and we have potential to win in the future.


So here’s to you Brock Holt for your first appearance in an All Star game and for hitting for the cycle and for almost always coming through when we needed you and here’s to you Mookie Betts for totally being our superstar of the future. Thanks for that amazing catch to rob that obnoxious Chris Davis of homerun in that meaningless game in September.

Here’s to you Jackie Bradley JR sure your hitting ability sucks but there isn’t a player in the game I would rather have in our outfield to throw out some dumbass Yankee who thinks he can score from 1st with your amazing arm and here’s to you Xander Bogaerts for letting us know way early in your career that you’re the next Jacoby Ellsbury who will run out on us to become a Yankee at the first sign of free agency so I was smart enough to not get attached to you at any point in the last few years and here’s to you David Ortiz for homerun 500 and actually running out your hits cuz the fans finally booed your ass when they should have done it 7 years ago and here’s to you Eduardo Rodriguez for one hell of rookie debut 2 years before you probably should have been here and here’s to you Pablo Panda Sandavol because in spite of the bitter media waiting to pounce on your ass for stupid reason’s you stayed quiet and classy and didn’t let the idiot reporters like that douche bag from the Herald get to you when if it was me I would have dope slapped him yesterday and here’s to you Handley Rameriz for taking the same route as Panda and I hope you come back next year and make them all pay.

Here’s to you Henry Owens for showing part of your potential after being thrust into the spotlight way too early and here’s to you Alexi Ogando, for not being twins and screwing up every game you played twice as badly as you did on your own and here’s to you Wade Miley for well being better than the rest of your so called “ace” pitching staff and here’s to you Clay Buccholz because in spite of the fact you pretty much sucked with the exception of a few games I can’t help but still like you because well no reason I just do and here’s to you run on sentences because damn it I don’t remember where every damn period or , is supposed to go. It’s been ***** damn years since I sat in an English class and here’s to you Blake Swihart for filling in for a late injury by Christian Vazquez to compete admirably like other players on this list years before you should have.

Here’s to you Travis Shaw for batting 375 for a good part of the year and backing up Ortiz when he got walked and here’s to you Koji and Taz just because like Okajima I will always remember what you did for us when we won the world series (2007 and 2013 respectively) and

Thanks for the memories. Some of my favorite Red Sox moments were called by you and I will forever be grateful that I got to be part of your last game at Fenway Park. Good luck to you in San Diego

and last but certainly not least thanks to you Larry Lucchino,


for 3 world series we wouldn’t have with out you. I am sorry the fans at Fenway we’re too stupid to give you the farewell cheer you deserved the same day Don got his standing Ovation but sadly sometimes the idiot fans believe the BS the newspapers shovel out but I am not one of them. I will always remember you talking to fans during the worst Red Sox season in my history of being a Sox fan and not hiding like the other managers and for that I will defend you to my death.

Other RedSox players if you weren’t mentioned it was because you didn’t deserve it:)

See you next year….

Case sorry about your tigers year but they will be back in no time. Here’s to a healthy MVP

So baseball isn’t really over and as always I have to pick a team I want to win so if I had to pick someone it would be the Pirates. They are the only team left I don’t hate for one reason or another. I also wouldn’t mind the Cardinals.

So die Yankees die is my first thought:) Same with Mets ( I don’t root for NY) No thanks Dodgers unless Carl Crawford is dead. Same to you Blue Jays. Only player on your team that doesn’t act like a fool when they win is Dickey. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate David Price? I hope the Blue Jays are one and done. I hate KC and their new found bandwagon fans that weren’t around before last year. Who’s left? Houston, yep their bandwagon fans are just as bad as the Blue Jays who had no fans a month ago. I also hate the Texas Rangers so pretty much it’s Go Pirates and Cardinals, woo


30 Responses to “RIP 2015 Red Sox (Tigers too for you Case)”

  1. Diana (@dianajc99) Says:

    Sorry.. SF giants are in the same boat.
    Go Cubs..

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      There is no go Cubs allowed here at this blog until Jon Lester’s arm falls off and Theo gets fired.

  2. JAS4 Says:

    These are links to pictures of the flooding in SC. Please keep everyone in your Prayers. We have been ok so far. Thankfully our house is on a hill, but others just 5minutes away have not been so fortunate. There still may be more flooding to come. Many smaller dams on lakes and ponds have broken flooding neighborhoods and businesses. There are more on the verge of breaking. They have been releasing water from the largest dam at lake Murray to keep it from being damaged. I am thankful to have water and electricity, but many do not. Many no longer have homes or businesses. Please keep them all in your Prayers!

    • Cupquaked Says:

      Is there anything we can do to help? Keeping you and your family in my thoughts!

    • Bess Says:

      It’s pretty much a nightmare around here. I can’t seem to find an actual link to donate other than the Red Cross…can you JAS4?

    • harts Says:

      There were boat rescues going on only 3 blocks from my house in Columbia. I feel very fortunate that there was no water damage to my house but my car was partially flooded 😦 As far as donations/needs, drinking water is a huge need, as well as disposable dishes. The Red Cross has been incredibly helpful in coordinating the water distribution points and shelters so I’m sure any donations there would be vastly appreciated. Thank you for your thoughts/prayers.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        So Harts, the most important thing you can do for your car is to change the oil and all of the fluid systems to make sure you didn’t get any trapped moisture. I would drive to jiffy lube like ASAP to make sure you are fine. I would avoid reporting the vehicle flooding to insurance if you can, as it makes the car very difficult to sell or trade in later.

      • harts Says:

        Thanks, exgymgurl! Unfortunately, it doesn’t run and the towing companies are crazy busy today. My husband and I just removed all of the carpeting and he is working on draining the fluids now. I think he can do the oil and brake fluid himself and then we will try to get it in to a shop later this week. It sucks but things could have been so much worse and I am just trying to be grateful for what we do have.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        make sure you change the fluid in the battery and dry out the battery and all the electrical connections as best you can

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Isn’t it crazy how different things can be even feet away from each other. A few years ago no one on my street had electricity but the apartment I was living in. It was very weird.

        If you need anything either let us know.

      • JAS4 Says:

        Harts I live in Columbia as well if there is anything I can do please email me at
        We were very fortunate. Our home cars were not flooded and we have electricity and our water was only out for a few hours then it came back on (just under a boil water advisory of course). I ventured out today to the grocery store and the cashier had lost his home and car in the flood.

        On a gymnastics note I wonder if Key will show up with an Amanar to camp. I agree with GTT that if Skinner is on the team there will be a bars specialist (or someone like Key who is pretty decent on bars)

      • harts Says:

        Thank you guys! I am good for now but it’s really nice to have such amazing support.

  3. Case Says:

    Thanks for the shout out GTT! So glad this season is over and here’s hoping for a healthy 2016 for my Tigers. And here’s hoping we pick up two good starters in the offseason and a closer.

    I’m rooting for the Cubs. I always root for the underdog and they’ve had nothing but heartbreak over there. Plus I like Theo and I think it would be an amazing story if he could bring a championship to Chicago too. It’ll be an uphill climb though, as much as I dislike the Blue Jays there is no denying they are stacked this year.

    JAS4 – Stay safe. That has been a devastating flooding event and you are in my thoughts for sure.

    • JAS4 Says:

      Thank you!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Can’t root for the Cubs. Theo stole half our staff, overpaid our pitcher, took our kids and players and tries to pass them off as Cubs. I hope they lose in anotHEr heart break because I am bitter that way.

      I hope the Pirates win or Cardinals and hope the Astros beat the Yankees.

      Blue Jays are probably team to beat but for years they have choked away all the players they bought and I want to see Price die a slow death.

  4. Cupquaked Says:

    The Rangers face the Blue jays in the first playoff series so at least one of them will go up against the Royals. Being from DFW I’m partial to the Rangers but I really hate the manager and owner. They both suck. But I hate the Astro’s more so I really hope they flop in their wildcard game. I think it’s going to be a Royals v Cardinals world series and knowing the Royals choking track record, it’s the Cardinals on top.

  5. Ilanchik20 Says:

    I don’t know anything about baseball but I’m sorry this is happening to your team G.

    On the other hand, selection camp starts today. We should talk aboyt that.

    Nia is injured again and is only doing upgraded bars (what’s the point?).

    • exgymgurl Says:

      The point is Marta plans on taking a bars person to compliment MyKalyas lovely vault and floor routine. The ignorant American going to Scotland with an irish floor routine. The floor / vault domination is going to be brutal with two medals each. Our only weakness right now on team USA is bars….that’s why Ashton is going to camp. Nia, Ashton, Rachel, Kocian, all competing for Hollie Vises bars spot that like Kyla doesn’t really exist. Aly SImone and Gabby are going, the question is who the other four are. Sigh. Im already sad about watching worlds.

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