STFU Shannon takes on a whole new meaning

I don’t think I have ever heard a gymnast talk this longs and much like your annoying friend who tells you all about her kids when they think you care you get 28 minutes of it in this video.

I made it 4 minutes 22 secs, you?

3 more days until camp discussion.


12 Responses to “STFU Shannon takes on a whole new meaning”

  1. JAS4 Says:
  2. KG Says:

    So I was pretty young in 96, and Shannon was my favorite. I wanted her fluffy bangs and wore my dance leotards around the house pretending to be her. My older cousin was obsessed with DM, but I thought Shannon walked on water. We used the couch cushions while we watched Olympics coverage to make “gymnastics obstacles” to cartwheel on and stuff. Point being, even I couldn’t make it past the 1:00 min mark. lol

    I just want to know what happens at camp.

  3. KG Says:

    Also, random but totally curious… GTT who is your favorite non-American gymnast (active, not retired)?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      This explain’s my thought process on having favorites.

      Right now I have no favorites at all. It’s kind of sad. I can’t tell the difference between the Chinese gymnasts, Kyla is out and what I used to really love about her is now gone and Andreea Iridon can’t seem to get her act together so I am just lost.

  4. Guest Says:

    Shawn said she is training for something related to gymnastics. Does anyone guess what that is?

  5. Gymbot Says:

    I couldn’t get very far either, so I skipped three times. She talks about how it’s important to instill healthy lifestyles in children to fend off metabolic diseases and cancer around the middle. Later she talks about how to deal with negative nancies: the answer is overwhelming optimism and lying to yourself. So same stuff. I do like her commentating for gymnastics, she was excellent when she’s done it

  6. gymmom2 Says:

    Couldn’t even bring my self to click on the link, just skipped to comments. More concerned about why I can’t see the video on “Nush”. Probably something to do with the format and this damn upgrade to windows 10

  7. sanitynmotion Says:

    Yeah I can’t even get myself to click the link.

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