Worlds, Worlds, Worlds


I dedicate this blog to Katie D. If it wasn’t for her I never would have been motivated to finish it:)

Every blog turns into an episode of the Brady bunch lately (Marcia, Marcia,Marcia, Worlds, Worlds Worlds) so I thought I would add my two cents. I was planning on waiting 2 weeks but we can always make another blog for the camp and team being named so here we go.( What is 2 plus 8? Write the answer down on your first comment so I can make sure someone is reading this blog and not just commentating on it. Rocío and H are excluded for actually reading what I wrote in the comments section. I’m kidding for those who don’t know I am always being sarcastic:)

Camp Marta
( No vault mentioned)
AA: 1-Simone 2-Gabby 3- Aly
UB: 1-Kocian 2- Brenna 3- Simone
BB: 1- Simone 2- Alyssa 3- Gabby
FL: 1- Simone 2-Aly 3- Mykayla.

As far as I am concerned we all need to forget those placements because they have little to do with who will be named to the team. Kocian has been hitting UB this year and mad props to her but I am starting to wonder if we even need a specialist for UB when IMO the team will have Simone and Gabby on it. I still think Bailie Key will also be on this team which means we have the 3 up for team finals we need. Maybe it’s me but doesn’t it make more sense to bring another specialist with a chance at an individual medal say Mykayla Skinner who verified an Amanar at camp and already has a Chang? Sure Kocian could win a medal on bars if she hits but the only reason that even has a chance of happening is because Yao Jinnan and Aliya Mustafina won’t be at worlds and the only chance she could win a gold medal is because the Chinese in general get royally screwed when it comes to bars). Brenna Dowell, placed second on bars at camp and there is no way Marta is bringing her to Worlds as much as I would love to see her have a chance but she is way too inconsistent to count on and I would hate to see Marta Maddie Larson her way back to Oklahoma. Same with Alyssa Baumann is way too inconsistent on beam and useless on every other event to even consider for this team but bringing a vault / floor specialist means we need a bars/beam specialist and there is no one that fits that description. Well one person does but she hasn’t been hitting lately. What is 10 minus 2, let me know:)

This entire selection is one big fat wad of gum Writing a blog and trying to keep it straight is literally the hardest blog I have ever had to write. There are so many things that should happen, things that make sense but they aren’t probable when it comes to Marta and how she chooses a team.


The situation that makes the most sense but won’t happen:
Simone, Aly, Maggie, Bailie, Gabby and Madison Kocian.

Simone, Maggie, Bailie and Gabby duke it out for the AA and Aly does VT, Beam and Floor with Kocian doing bars.

That could very well be the team but I don’t see Aly being left out of a chance to do AA and frankly I don’t think she should be. She placed third at Nationals and placed third at the most recent camp and as far as I am concerned she deserved the shot at an AA medal with how consistent overall she has been since her comeback started. She has consistently won an AA medal at 3 of the 4 meets she has competed at (Nationals, Jesolo, and the most recent camp. She finished 4th at Classics with a fall on floor )

Then that brings us to Maggie Nichols. Maggie has had a great year. She’s been consistent but whatever she brings to the table as an AA gymnast is lost completely when you say team finals. She isn’t top 3 on any event but vault and the 3 people ahead of her on Marta’s chart all have Amanars ( Simone,Aly and Gabby) which sadly makes Maggie disposable. Now if we can get away without using Aly’s Amanar the team will be better for it but as of right now Gabby’s Amanar is a myth and we really don’t know how good it looks.

Then we have Gabby. Now I personally find it interesting that she didn’t finish top 3 on bars at either Nationals or the most recent camp. The one thing on her side is she was beaten by specialists like Brenna and Kocian. I personally always fine her overscored and overrated but my dislike of her is obviously not shared by Marta or the US judges she has competed under this comeback. The only internationals judges she has faced are those at Jesolo where she finished 4th and still got a gift on beam (tho she has improved since then start value wise) There is no way Marta is leaving her home and the camp judges are as bad as the real ones.

Bailie Key is a huge enigma in this scenario. The international judges like her better than the Marta camp judges do. Bailie never seems to rank high at any of these camps yet at Nationals she managed to be top 3 on floor and bars and would have been top 3 on beam without a fall. I really think Marta is sending her a message by low balling her at camp events to try and force her hand at upgrades she is training but not competing. Forget what you heard she did at the most recent camp or scored at any camp ran by Marta and look back at her past results in general. While I think the National judges are still on Marta’s payroll when it comes to Gabby and Aly IMO they were in general pretty good this year for anyone not a former Olympian with a comeback.

So look At Jesolo where she only scored a 14.900 on bars but it was the third best score for the US team. On Floor she finished 3rd but her score was a 15.00. That is very usable in a team finals. I still consider Bailie a lock unless Marta goes whacko and decides to add a specialist and make Bailie the alternate but I personally think Key will be the second AAer as long as she doesn’t fall when it comes to international judges.

Aly Raisman is as close to a lock as you can get without actually being a lock. An Amanar and a floor routine that by the time Olympics comes around will rival Simone Biles in start value (mark my words) along with a beam in progress is too good to be left at home the only thing we really need to consider is if Marta will use her on 3 events or 4 which brings me to

The NON AAers

Madison Kocian She might have finished 6th at Nationals but an AA gymnast she isn’t. Injury or not her DTY is below average and her beam is a mess. She is a pretty dancer but her only useful event in a team finals is a bar routine she doesn’t always hit in pressure situations. I can see her hitting it at camp and missing at Worlds or missing at camp and being left off this team altogether. With all due respect to what she has done with her UB this year remember Jana Bieger hit her bars too until camp time at the Olympics and Marta then pretended she didn’t exist. The real problem here is she isn’t good enough on beam to be used as a bars and beam specialist. Her only useful event is that bar routine which brings me to

Alyssa Baumann. Any way you slice it she has one useful event and that is beam but unlike Madison she hasn’t been consistent with this routine. It’s beautiful when she hits but there is no way in hell I would ever trust her to be part of a team finals UNLESS you’re team USA. Much like Madison she is part of a US team that is going to dominate Worlds team finals. Unless the team falls apart as a whole there is no way the US is losing that gold medal. She is Serena Williams against an un-ranked Italian at the US Open (Oh wait…………) No chance in hell she makes this team.

Brenna Dowell She verified an Amanar and camp and hit her uneven bar routine finishing second at camp (rumor is she was 5th or 6th in the AA but I don’t remember where I read that. Lets be real here NO WAY Brenna touches this team but I very much like her improvement on bars since Oklahoma. Her big connection is actually done pretty well when she hits but with Kocian being more consistent she is on this team way before Brenna is even considered. She basically has no shot.

Mykayla Skinner Much like Kocian she is an AA gymnast in no sense of the word except that she competes the AA. Say what you want about Mykayla she competed admirably at Worlds last year and IMO should have come home with 2 individual medals (VT and floor) If she gets a chance to compete at Worlds, She, Hong, Biles and Paeska will be fighting for the 3 medals during vault finals but finding her a place on this team is kind of hard unless you remove Maggie Nichols as an AAer from this discussion. Making Maggie the alternate is the only way I see Mykayla on this team (adding her with a bars/beam specialist or Kocian who will be allowed to compete beam even though she sucks. It’s a tough situation because like I said above do you take Maggie and use her as an AAer with an Amanar who has no shot at making any event finals or do you take Mykayla and use her Chang for team finals knowing she has a great shot at winning a medal on vault. I can see why people think Maggie deserves this Worlds and I agree with you 100% but I also think Mykayla deserves these Worlds too.

Kyla Ross Okay so this year has been a complete loss for my poor Kyla Ross but how many times did Dominque Dawes choke away a National Championships yet still be added to the US team because the coaches knew when it came down to it she would be there for the team? I refuse to give up on you Kyla even though I personally feel if you really had your head in the game you would be staying home from those weekend trips to UCLA and spending extra time in the gym preparing yourself for a chance at Worlds. I don’t see Marta taking her but lets say she gets her bars down for Worlds camp and finishes first would you leave her at home? Would it matter if Kocian fell or say Kocian hit but Kyla was better. Lets just say there is a lot to think about.

Ashton Kutcher Okay Locklear. She was injured. She had surgery what happens if she shows up to Worlds camp with a 6.6 routine and hits it both days would you leave her home (in spite of placing 4th at Worlds last year) or would it all depend on what you get from Kocian.

The lock of all locks

Simone Biles She is the best gymnast on 3 of the 4 events and top 3 on bars. She could finish tenth and still be put on this team and not a single person would argue with that decision. I would hate to see her do all 4 events in qualifying and team finals so she is tired for the event finals but she will probably have to do that.

Hey I felt like we owed it to her to at least mention her:)


My Team (s)

My brain says we should take the team of Simone, Aly, Bailie, Gabby, Maggie and Madison and leave Aly off bars in prelims but my Marta brain says we take the same team and leave Maggie off bars in prelims so Aly gets a chance at the AA.


We take Simone, Aly, Gabby, Bailie, Skinner and Kocian with Simone, Aly, Gabby and Bailie doing AA in prelims with VT/FL Skinner and Beam/Bars Kocian making Maggie the alternate. This same situation could be used for Bailie being alternate and Maggie taking the AA.

My BLIND self would take a team of Simone, Maggie, Aly, Bailie, Skinner and Ross (who hits at camp) using the first four for AA and Skinner and Ross as the bars/beam specialist.

and last but not least I would take a team of Simone, Kyla, Aly, Maggie, Bailie and Kocian and leave Gabby at home for my sanity 🙂


101 Responses to “Worlds, Worlds, Worlds”

  1. katecoursey Says:


    I like your last team best but I know it’s never gonna happen (no way Gabby is staying home). I just really wish Kyla would pull it together…it kills me to watch her fall apart just a year away from the Olympics. She was always so sturdy before this…what happened?

    Really hoping Aly makes AA finals over Gabby/whoever else competes AA. That girl needs an AA medal, dammit. Enough with the 4th place finishes.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I wish I knew what happened but my total speculation is she has just given up. Things are not coming as easy to her as they have in the past and she is scared of all her upgrades and Marta played head games with her the second Aly and Gabrielle decided to come back and Kyla hasn’t been the same since.

      I looked at the pictures from last years worlds and Ashton Kutcher is only slightly smaller than Kyla in height so why can’t Kyla put together a bar routine to rival hers?

      Maybe Kyla is just over Elite gym and she wants to go to College.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I think Kyla is overworked in life and is having issues dealing with the growth spurts. She probably feels like she can’t win: when she thinks she’s done growing and has it together, she shoots up another inch and it’s like CRAP. If that is indeed the case, where her body is simply failing her, she probably should cut loose, take care of herself, and prep for college. But the perfectionist/type A in her will want to give it a shot for Rio since it is so close. Only time will tell. If all this is mental than she has a shot. If it’s physical…that’s a whole different story.

  2. Dee Says:


    And after reading, I now have even less of a guess as to who will be picked, aside from Simone. I don’t get a good feeling about Kyla but even if she’s home this year there’s still a year till Rio.
    For my sanity as well I hope Gabby is not picked but I have PMS and nothing is really going as it should so I just will make peace with her going now.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I saw the 10 and then I saw the 10 by Kate and I was like, why the hell is everyone writing I need sleep.

      You guys are too funny. I meant to add another math problem in the middle but forgot I’ll go do that now:)

      • Gymbot Says:

        Ah I was wondering why nobody wrote 8 until gym nerd down below.

        Btw, your phrase aly is a as close as you can be to being a lock without being lock speaks to how insane Marta’s team selection process is and how much depth there is this year. And your bang on about Maggie. She deserves a shot but she doesn’t add much to this team.

        I can see her being selected this year to keep the aa field competitive for selection for rio

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Crap. I forgot the 10 and the 8.

        I see Maggie this year being Sabrina in 2011.

  3. Ilanchik20 Says:

    10 🙂

    Agree with a lot of what you said. We just have too many AA’ers, which is very unfortunate. Seems that if your only contribution is a good AA’er score, you are kind of screwed. That is in itself is crazy because using this logic Jordyn would have never become a World champion.

    That said, I totally see Marta taking Kocian (meets her requirement of having a Woga girl on the team) and Skinner (can get a vault medal). Unfortunately for Maggie, she makes a perfect alternate–much like Ebbie did in 2012. I hope I’m wrong but that is my prediction.

    I think Kyla will either be an alternate (if it’s not Maggie) or she is staying at home. I heard Kyla fell twice off beam at camp too, which is just bad news. As much as I love Kyla, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her depart to UCLA early.

    All this can change, if someone gets hurt at camp. I think we are this deep because somehow all major players have not been broken by Marta. Fingers crossed, it stays that way.

    • Katie D Says:

      I mentioned this in my super long post, but I don’t think it will be as easy as “Skinner can medal on vault.” Is it possible for her to fight for the bronze? Yes. But she is going to NEED that Amanar that she verified at camp. She hasn’t actually competed an Amanar in quite a long time, and I don’t believe that she has ever competed it with the Cheng. Assuming she has both, she is going to be up against Simone (who can easily beat her with less difficult vaults), Hong Un Jong (who has been competing those two vaults for years), Paseka (who has been competing those two vaults for about a year or so and has proven that she can compete them consistently), AND Wang Yan (first year senior who has a Double Twisting Tsuk and a Rudi. Since Aly has basically taken over her floor spot (in terms of event finals), it would be a huge risk/potential waste of a spot to bring Skinner so that she can likely finish 4th on vault. She hasn’t competed the Amanar in competition in so long that I would be reluctant to take that risk if I was Marta and I was comparing her to the rest of the world.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        The problem here is what had Kocian done internationally to merit a spot on this team for one routine with huge built in deductions due to her shitty form?

        Skinner must know she needs the Amanar to win and I think she will do it unless Marta tells her she can’t. Marta isn’t above trying to screw one
        gymnast over one of her favorites just because she can.

      • Gymbot Says:

        Hi Katie, skinner competed both an amanar and a Cheng at Jesolo in 2014, in quals. She dropped to a dty for finals and the rest of the year

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        AKA As Marta making decisions that are not necessarily best for the gymnast though in this case Skinner’s Amanar can be scary but I still say Marta had an d still has hidden agenda’s like making Kyla get rid of a 6.6 start value UB routine she is hitting consistently so Nastia can make the damn team IF she shows up

      • Katie D Says:

        Okay, so she had the vaults in Jesolo 2014. Since then she has competed DTYs, usually with announcers (at least at domestic competitions) saying that she went with the smarter/safer decision based on how warm ups have gone. Skinner’s Amanar AND Cheng can be scary (podium training for Scam, anyone?), and unfortunately for her, Paseka is back and is looking far more consistent in doing the same vaults. If she makes the team she’ll EASILY qualify but I think she’ll need Hong, Biles, or Paseka to fall in finals in order to have a shot at a medal.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She has been training it and it must be getting closer to completion or she wouldn’t have bothered verifying it at camp.

        This team is a crap shoot after Simone anyway especially after Aly and that other one added in

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      You failed your math test 9 I found you:) yep you only get half credit for half an answer FAILURE. You probably have no clue what I am talking

  4. JAS4 Says:

    Ten 🙂

    I am sure the team will be Simone, Martafavorite1, martafavorite2, martafavorite3, someone who can get an individual medal, and who ever Marta decides to put on the team for mind games then send off to exile/college by next year.

    I could see Marta taking Kyla and Kocian with a team of 7 (if Kyla hits at camp) and seeing how they do in podium training to see who is on the team and who is the alternate.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Marta’s favorite 1, Marta favorite 2, yep. Can you believe Marta didn’t like Simone at first? Sounds to me like her judgement is suspect:)

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        She didn’t like Simone because Simone wasn’t intimidated by her like everyone else. Or she didn’t act it. She is always smiles and cheery, and I feel like Marta likes that steely/serious/Nastia-b*tch face attitude. I feel like Marta only likes Simone because she kind of “has” to. And seriously, who can’t like Simone?

  5. Ilanchik20 Says:

    On Kyla

    This is from Hano’s IG. Looks Kyla was at UCLA for a game again yesterday. That’s like what, a 3rd one? I love Kyla but at this rate she might as well go to UCLA–there is no way Marta is taking someone to Worlds, who spends each their Saturday at college football meets (especially 2 weeks before selection camp).


    • JAS4 Says:

      If Kyla doesn’t make the worlds team I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes to ucla and competes this spring for them.

    • Case Says:

      I think UCLA is in her immediate future. Yes I said immediate.

    • Katie D Says:

      Ehhh…maybe I’m the only one but I don’t think it’s such a big deal, especially since it’s like an hour drive from Kyla’s gym. She’s probably going there, hanging out to watch the game, and going home (NOT staying and partying afterwards). That combined with the fact that she has graduated and has no homework to worry about, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Kocian, Nichols, Key, and Biles post pics on their IG that involve doing things outside the the gym/hanging out with friends/going out and Skinner posts all of these bizarre “modeling” pics with motivational sayings/quotes as captions.

      They’re (almost all) teenage girls and it’s actually nice to see that they all have lives outside the gym. I’m sure Kyla isn’t like, “Fuck practice for today Jenny, I’m going to UCLA to hang out.”

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        If I was her I would stay home but you have a great point. She is 24-7 doing gymnastics and she might need a break to clear her head. I think she is worn out and needs a break. Maybe she should have taken a class this year I will be very disappointed if she doesn’t make this Olpic team. She styaed. She competed and she did very well she deserves that Olympic spot . A gone helping carry a team and being left home the year it matters because Marta cares more about promoting the gold medalist than the team. Marta knows she will win notated who she brings so she can afford to have her judges judge the Gold medalists favorably. Kyla might be part of the fierce 5 but she was never the fave and was basically sacraficed so Marta would have an excuse to name Nastia if she happened to train seriously and get lucky. I know for a fact Kyla was hitting her 6.6 start value UB routine and made her downgrade and no one will ever convince me it wasn’t for the benefit of Nastia and Marta’s plan to erase Shannon from the record books. That plan did not work out for Marta’s favorite.

      • Katie D Says:

        Part of me wants Kyla to be the traveling alternate since they now give those alternates medals/officially count them as part of the team. I don’t want Gabby to have more WC gold medals than Kyla 😉

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It’s her life ( I talked about this in the blog did you do your math test I’ll have to re-read your comments because I don’t think you read the entire blog:)

  6. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Her elite coach commits suicide, meanwhile she is practicing gymnastics and posts a sneak peak of her new routine. I can’t wait to see this in person when Florida comes to Auburn this season 🙂

    Lil sneak peak 🙊

    A post shared by Bridget Sloan (@bridgetsloan) on

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I think she is trying too hard to pretend she is not upset over her coach being a perv and killing himself.

    • tulip Says:

      Suicide in jail over molestation charges and inappropriate images of minors. That’s horrible. I hope that she’ll be okay. I cannot imagine such a thing. Sounds like they found a lot of pix that he took on his computer. Scary and sad.

      In 1979, in my small town in Indiana, there were 2 gyms. One day all the other girls were at my gym. Turns out the coach /gym owner was sleeping with a 14 year old and he finally was arrested then convicted. There was a lot of talk that more girls were abused but didn’t come forward. My best friends brother is married to this creeps daughter and she is an absolute mess to this day. Lots of screwed up lives.

  7. gymnerd Says:

    Eight. It wasn’t nice of you to sneak in another question.

  8. H Says:

    8 or 10? I definitely go for 7,3!

    I hope Aly get the chance to do AA.

    Who placed third on bars at camp?

    And if Brenna keeps hitting bars including next camp (and K does not) is it not more likely that Brenna will go due to past history and that she have an amanar etc if someone get injured? Locklear have proved that she hits when it counts so if she is healthy she would be a more logical/safe choice than K?

    Just to throw things around (fantasyland), what about a team with: Simone, Aly, Brenna, Locklear, Skinner and Gabby/Bailey/Maggie?

    possible 2 vault medals and 2 bars medals

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I was going to try and create a team where only Simone did AA but I ran out of time.

      • H Says:

        understandable – after the blogpost you made:-)
        For some reason I hope Marta surprises us, at least it will be interesting to see what kind of strategic choice she makes due to the next year possible OG team. Does she see future potential in Nia Dennis ? And therefore let her take part at some level this year … due to possible injuries from those who already have more international experience? Or etc

      • Katie D Says:

        I’m interested to see what happens with Nia Dennis. I don’t see her making this year’s team, but she seems to be improving/gaining more confidence since her gym move.

        I’m also really interested to see Norah Flatley once she comes back (obviously not in contention even if she was well), but that’s just bc she’s a personal fav and I’d put her and Ragan Smith on the 2016 team now if I could 😉

        This year is complicated but next year when you add in the people coming back from injury and the 2000 babies…the fight for those 5 spots is going to be insane. Much more so than in 2012.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Her being consistent was a mirage. Her start values at Nationals were very low of If I remember correctly I think they were going with consistency over actual great routines but I think you are right they are building her up and know next year is what really matters. I think it’s too late for Nia but it would be interesting if they built her a 7.0 start value bars next year and she hit. She would need to hit it every meet to be considered because Anna might have been alternate but she had no shot in hell of really competing at the Olympics.

      • Katie D Says:

        Yeah, I’m not particularly a Nia fan, I just don’t like how gym hopping Gabby RAVES about Buck Eye and how the coaches there are the best ever and–if Gabby does make it back to the Olympics–we’re going to have to here crap about how God brought Kittia and Christian into her life for a reason and how there are no coincidences, blah, blah, Jesus, blah, blah, you just gotta trust Him and work hard and everything will come together. It’s like, yeah, Chow’s was an okay gym and he got her (with help from Marta and the judges) from head case alternate in 2011 to 2x oly champ in 2012, but THIS gym is bringing her to a whole NEW level. I know Nia was having a lot of consistency issues before and would likely not have been a legit contender either way, but Gabby coming to the gym could NOT have helped her situation.

        I know this is a COMPLETELY different blog topic and way off in the future, but since Marta seems to pick her core team from the worlds team the year before the Olympics, which of the 2000 babies do you think has the best shot at Rio? I doubt it will be more than one of them, and while Jazzy and Laurie are at the top of the junior AA, we know now that this team does NOT need more AA gymnasts. I SO want Norah Flatley to be back, just so she can (in my dreams) go with her resting bitch face, win beam Gold, and the headline can be “Chow coaches 2008 and 2016 Beam Olympic Champions!! (And that other girl he coached in 2012 could have medaled but choked all of her event finals away after she won the only title she cared about).” So sue me, I’m not the biggest Gabby fan 😉

        Realistically, I think Ragan is the 2000 baby with the best chance. She is DEFINITELY a Marta pet and hasn’t she been going to national team training camps since she was a level 8 or 9? She’s not amazing in the AA at this point, but she is great on beam and floor….if she continues to progress as she has I can see her being a more legit contender in 2016 than Bailie.

  9. Katie D Says:

    10 for the first answer, 8 for the second, and I feel honored 😉 I happened to go to bed around 9 last night but I woke up around midnight, scanned “Feedly” in my semiconscious state, read this post, but wasn’t awake enough to put together a comment. (But let me just say that the team you would take is also the team I would take haha)

    I want to comment on what I think is likely to happen before I reply/read other comments so I’m not swayed by the arguments of others so here it goes (based on Jesolo/Classics/Nats/This most recent camp):

    The Locks:

    The “Would Really Need to Screw Up/Get Injured to NOT make the team” Athletes:
    Gabby (much to my dismay…her gymnastics just doesn’t wow me and her personality is just a huge turn off)

    Fighting for the 6th spot/traveling alternate spot:

    Fighting for the non-traveling alternate spot (God, what a sad place to be in):

    Simone is Simone. She needs no defense as to why she WILL lead this team. She will do AA and if she hits all of her routines in qualifying, I could see her making all 4 event finals in addition to the all around. With Yao, Mustafina (possibly), the general shadiness of the Russians on bars right now, if Huang Huidan DOESN’T make the worlds team (which is a possibility), Simone could find herself on the BARS podium. Bali Yawen wasn’t even named to the Chinese training squad so that is one less beam competitor in her way…right now for her it’s a matter of if she can best her gold count from last year.

    Aly had the one fluke fall on beam at nationals and the fall on floor at classics (attempting a crazy new combination), but Marta loves her and I can’t see her not doing the all around. Despite being relatively weak on bars, she has again managed to find a routine that works for her and hit is again, and again, and again. She’s been around the longest and should anyone on the team break (mentally or physically) during the competition, Marta can count on her to go up and put a decent score on any event. The US WILL qualify 2 girls to beam finals, and I see it being her and Simone. I can also see her qualifying to floor finals with her MASSIVE D score, but she really needs to clean up/change/get more consistent with that fugly jump out of her double pike.

    Gabby. I think she is arrogant and her whole, “I’m going to make this bigger and better than last time” thing is annoying as hell. They have the depth to leave her off the team, but given her results, there is NO WAY Marta would do it, nor would she be able to justify it even if she wanted to. I really don’t see her making any event finals or the all around unless others have major mistakes in qualifying, and the only event I would use her on in TF would be bars.

    Maggie. This is the girl who Marta said had nothing special about her in 2013. She SHOULD have been at world’s camp last year, and should have NEVER been sent to Pan-Ams. I may be the minority, but I really think that she will make the team AND that she will be given a chance to compete the AA in qualifications. She has improved dramatically, and more importantly, she has done so by Marta’s rules. If I remember correctly, she had an injury when she was given the Pan Am assignment last year (??) and she went and competed for the team anyway. Over the past year, it’s obvious she has worked A LOT on her conditioning and physical fitness. Obviously all of these girls/women have to be in great shape, but you can tell just by looking at her that she is one who has gone above and beyond since last year. I would guess that she is one who works out with a personal trainer outside the gym, in addition to working with a registered dietician. Whatever she has done, the fact that she has improved leaps and bounds has not gone unnoticed by Marta. I know some people say that she would be useless in the TF format, but with the way she has been improving, I would use her on vault…possibly another event depending on how hard she is hit in qualification (a la Skinner last year…NOBODY thought that she would score as well as she did).

    Bailie. She’s a solid all around athlete, she is a KZB athlete, and she can contribute on UB/FX in TF. I don’t know if she has an Amanar yet, but this year she doesn’t really need one. Her bars are needed, especially if they don’t bring a bars specialist, and her floor routine is a true performance that will likely be received very well on an international stage.

    This is where things get tricky…I’ve seen other countries do this, but has Marta ever had an athlete NOT compete in qualification but then go up and compete in TF? I would love to see her bring Kocian/Ross as the 6th member, but only have them go up in TF if they feel like it’s needed. (Unless of course they take Gabby out of AA and give one of them Gabby’s bars spot but that’s not going to happen). They really don’t NEED a sixth person. With this as the TF competition roster (no particular order, just the athletes on each event)…

    Vault: Aly, Maggie, Simone
    Bars: Gabby, Simone, Bailie
    Beam: Maggie/Gabby/Bailie (whoever hits best in podium and QF), Aly Simone
    Floor, Bailie, Aly, Simone

    …they kind of have the luxury of using person number 6 as a “just in case” athlete. Not only are they guaranteed team gold, but they have the luxury of having a “pseudo alternate” who they can just have ready to go, but who they don’t necessarily need. If THIS is the situation, I would put Kyla on the team and make Kocian the alternate. I’ve adored Kyla since she was a junior AND she has been a Marta favorite in past years, so I would not rule her out as a team member until after the selection camp. She may not have the difficulty and she has had her share of struggles this year, but she has always hit in team competition when it counts. Putting her as the 6th team member in this situation would let her rest a bit (and not compete AA 3 times in one freaking meet), and she is without a doubt less breakable/more of an all around athlete than Kocian.

    I honestly don’t think Skinner will be on this team…at best I see her as the traveling alternate. She isn’t going to be making floor finals this year, and competing for a vault medal would be challenging to say the least. I would absolutely rank Hong, Biles, and Paseka ahead of her, and this year we also have Wang Yan, who competes a double twisting Tsuk and a Rudi. ASSUMING that Skinner actually does have an Amanar (which she only just verified at camp, we haven’t seen her actually compete one in ages), I would say that the bronze would be a reach. If can only consistently do a DTY, she is basically useless to this team. Too many US gymnasts have Amanars this year for her Cheng to be of any use in TF.

    So that’s my novel of a take on things. Keeping in mind the camp still to come: Simone, Aly, Gabby, Maggie, Bailie, Ross/Kocian with whichever one of the two if them doesn’t make the team as the traveling alternate. Skinner as non-travelling alternate.

    • Katie D Says:

      Also, can I just say that if Gabby qualifies to the AA with Simone and they end up going 1-2, my brain actually might explode? I can just picture Gabby trying to get Simone to go on talk shows with her and talk about how they are “inspiring a nation” of young African American gymnasts. Simone is way too down to earth and was raise far too well to fall into Gabby’s web on media stunts, but the fodder that this would give Miss. Gabrielle is sickening.

      On the other hand, if one of the other athletes (Aly/Maggie/Bailie) gets the second all around spot and is interviewed/asked how it feels to be part of a team yet competing against your teammates for 2 spots, I would DIE if one of them said, “Well, you know, we all have to learn to deal with disappointment. I just gave all of my glory to God and he blessed me with this opportunity to compete in the finals.” This would never happen since they have class, but I can dream….

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am torn I would LOVE to see Maggie take the second spot just because she has been so consistent she deserves it. I would also like Aly to finally get her AA medal which is why she has been training then I feel for Bailie Key who gets lowballed by Queen Marta and then I would literally scream with happiness if Kyla came back and won an AA medal after the year she has had where some people already have her in College ( cough cough CASE Cough cough 🙂

        Anyone but Gabrielle so that means it will be

      • Case Says:

        Hey I wouldn’t send her to college, she’s leaning that way on her own! UCLA is funnnnnnn….way better than hanging out with Marta!

    • Rocío Martínez López Says:

      I don’t have much to add because I don’t have a lot of information about USA gymnastics (I get almost all my information from GTT and you guys, so thank you very, very much) but the only competition USA has if Aliya doesn’t go/not in a good shape is Larissa Iordache. I don’t know why Yao is not going (it could have been her chance to make it to the podium, dammit), but I see the podium being Simone-Iordache-the other American girl easily. I would be very surprised otherwise.Well, Seda could make it third place, but I don’t see it. I don’t think USA has a lot of competition in worlds this year and, taking into account that next years is the Olympics and everyone must be preparing for it, it is really humbling thought.

      • Katie D Says:

        Yao is still recovering from shoulder surgery. Larisa is coming back from an injury and looks to be full force, but her place on the podium is going to be dependent on her beam performance. Her MO tends to be hit in AA/fall in event finals, or hit in qualifying and fall in AA/EF. Last year she happened to hit in qualifying and AA and fall in EF. Her routine is insane but she can’t seem to hit consistently.

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        I’m sorry about Yao. Hopefully we will see her next year. About Larissa, it’s true she has her mistakes, but I think she is much more consistent now that was back in 2012-2013. In any case, without Aliya, she is the only strong competition that the USA girls have. Well, the one we could call “The Other American Girl” (TOAG) because Simone “The First” is far superior that her current competitions. 🙂

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Actually Larisa was close to Simone last year and I felt she was more nitpicked than Simone when it came to execution. Simone’s Amanar is nearly picture perfect and that was the difference but I felt Simone’s beam and floor were givden some major gifts overall and they could have been closer.

      • Rocío Martínez López Says:

        It’s true, Larissa was close to Simone in the podium last year, that’s why I consider her Simone’s closer competitor. But I don’t know what is her state right now, after such a long stop from international competitions. Also, I think that Simone implemented some upgrades, if I am not mistaken, so given her consistency (I have never see fall off an apparatus in three freaking world championships, that have to be some kind of record) and her improvements, I think she is unreachable right now. Nevertheless, I am sure that Larissa would be just waiting to grab the gold if she makes a mistake. I love Simone, she seems great, but I would be very happy if Larissa gets the gold in the AA. For the rest, without Aliya and Yao, I think the others are very far behind, so I still think the podium will be Simone-Larissa (if she hits)-TOAG or Seda if tTOAG misses and she hits.

      • Katie D Says:

        I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree regarding Larisa being more nitpicked than Simone last year (in terms of execution). Both had a few checks on beam, but Larisa is always able to ALMOST conceal them bc the girl never freaking stops going. Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled for her and I kind of loved her floor music last year, but something about the way she moves on beam and floor seems almost frantic and a bit spastic. As far as comparing the two floor routines, Larisa’s may have been more difficult, but aside from SLIGHTLY cleaner landings on a couple passes, Simone was light years ahead in terms of execution. Yes, she had hops on all of the tumbling passes, but every tumbling pass was executed with flawless form and she was SO high that she always landed almost completely upright. Although she might have given away less on landings, Larisa’s tumbling lacked the amplitude and clean form of Simone’s, she went OOB on one pass, and her final pass was nearly landed chest to knees.

    • G Says:

      I have the same prediction as you but gosh, there are just so many ways the team could go I guess it will really depend on how everyone does at the October camp.

      GTT, I love the picture at the top of the post. Simone is always saying on her ask account that she doesn’t know if she’s on the worlds team yet but girl knows. Quit being modest Simone, you deserve a little pride!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        But that is why Simone will always be loved because she is a great humble kid. It’s like Michelle Kwan during her days tho I did love the one or 2 times she was sassy because she was so damn politically correct sometimes I wanted to smack

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Oh and next time you do a leotard panel I want to be included ( if you’re not embarrassed to hang out with the rebel of the gym blog world:)

      • G Says:

        Haha yes of course! I’d like another actual gym fan instead of just my reluctant sisters 🙂

      • Katie D Says:

        I’m brand new to this board (with regards to posting, not reading) but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be part of a leo panel! I’ve read yours and actually added your blog to my reading list when you posted the link 🙂

      • G Says:

        Aww yay! I’m sorry I don’t post more often but I’m planning on making a set schedule of two a week. I’m a creative writing major so I write SO MUCH for school that I’m a bit burnt out most days but I’m going to get better for sure. You can definitely be a part of my worlds leo panel!

      • Katie D Says:

        Great! I’m a HUGE gym fan and have followed the sport pretty closely since 2004 (although I first remember watching it in 96…I think it was the Olympic team finals so it must have been right before I turned 10 😉 ). My own illustrious career in gymnastics began at age 4 and ended at age 5 (although I was a D1 college athlete in another sport), but I try to keep myself as informed and as up to date as possible in terms of learning the names of skills, being able to evaluate how they are executed, etc.

      • Cee Says:

        Simone said the same thing on tumblr as well, about hoping to spend Halloween in Glasgow “if I’m at Worlds.” So cute.

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      I love Maggie’s determination and she plays by Marta’s book (kind of Aly last squad) so maybe she’ll go but j also imagine a scenario where Marts takes Skinner and Kocian and makes Maggie the alternate (and Kyla, the non-traveling alternate).

      As much as I don’t like Skinner, she tends to get scores better internationally so she may get that bronze medal. There is been some gossip that North Koreans may not go to Worlds this year. If so, Skinner’s vault medal is much more likely.

      I know this will never happen but I would kind of jump out of joy if Brenna or Nia made the team. Brenna has been doing her amanar at camp, so if camp truly matters, I want Brenna to go. I don’t even like bars but her bars make me love bars a little bit more (ala Tweddle).

      But the preolympics team always has one person that Marta sends to college the next year. But even here, a few people fit the bill–Kocian, Skinner or Brenna. The 6th person doesn’t matter either way, she should just take me lol

  10. Rocío Martínez López Says:

    Competitors I meant to say. Sorry.

  11. JK Says:

    10-2=8 🙂

    Ashton Kutcher, lol. Her name reminds me of Ashton Kutcher and Heather Locklear. In fact, when I first heard her name I thought she was Heather Locklear’s daughter. 🙂

    I’m going with your second option of Simone, Aly, Gabby, Bailie, SKinner and Kocian making the team, with Maggie as alternate. On vault, you would have Simone, Skinner, Aly or Gabby. On bars, Kocian, Gabby, Bailie. On beam, Simone, Aly, Bailie?. On floor, Simone, Aly, Bailie or Skinner.

    Aside from Simone and Aly, I’m not really happy about this team.

    Oh, and I totally agree with your prediction that Aly’s floor SV will rival Simone’s by next year. Her floor routine from Nationals has 600k+ views on YouTube! Good for her. 🙂

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I typed Kutcher with out even thinking and I even had to look up her real name after drawing a

      I just really think it sucks that someone like Skinner is going to get left home because of comebacks where the gymnasts are getting huge gifts in scores compared to everyone else. Aly’s form is as bad as Skinners especially on floor and even worse on vault and Gabby has decent form but not perfect and her lower start values and missed connections getting credit are unjust.

      I have never liked an entire US team (closest with the team with Simone, Kyla, Mckayla and Brenna) and this team will be added to this list. I love Aly’s attitude and kick ass attitude but to see gymnasts like Kyla and Mykayla get left behind because the old people want more glory just seems unfair (and yes I agree if they can beat them they deserve it)

      Nice math skills some of you are so smart you can get 2 completely different math problems and yet get the same answer. Impressive 🙂

    • Katie D Says:

      Ughhh….I know that it is a real possibility but I’ll be pissed if Kocian and Skinner make the team over Maggie. Kocian’s chances of medalling on bars are slim to none and Skinner would only be going for a CHANCE at possibly getting the vault bronze, although there is much more competition for that spot than last year. Maggie’s form is better than Skinner’s and her vault in TF would likely bring in a higher score. Plus, she’s shown that she is reliable and can go up on any event…a true all arounder as opposed to Kocian or Skinner.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I would be fine with Skinner ( tho it makes no sense to bring her over Maggie) but Kocian needs to go away. Woga or not there is no need for a bars specialist who really isn’t a specialist.

      • JK Says:

        I’m not totally against Kocian making the team. The US needs a good bars worker and with Kyla not hitting consistently and Ashton coming from surgery, currently Kocian is that that girl – even though she has almost no chance of getting an EF medal.

        And while I love Kyla I think it would be best if she stayed home, recover from her injuries, distance herself from Marta and her mind games, etc. I don’t want her to go to Worlds with watered-down routines even if she can hit them consistently. I’d rather her push through her upgrades and make the Rio team.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Leaving Kyla home is probably what is best for her in the long run but and while I don’t think she will or deserves to make this team based on what she has done this year I don’t want her left behind. I get people think she has been passed by but I have faith her coaches will wake up and prepare her for the Olympics.

        I just don’t want her to get bored with nothing ahead and quit. This weekend hanging out at UCLA needs to stop. It’s playing mind games with me.

        Sorry not a Kocian fan I find her for gross and frankly the UB is my least fave event to watch these days. It’s all the same except some pretty Chinese.

        The funny thing is I never felt this way in the 90’s when routines were all the same but for some reaosn today’s bars just bore me.

        I want Beth Tweddle to comeback:)

      • JK Says:

        I think Kocian’s bars is okay, but she needs to point her toes. As for the rest of her gymnastics… yup, not a fan. I just think it’s an unfortunate situation because with Kyla’s bars being inconsistent and Ashton’s watered-down routine, Kocian’s the only other option left as the team’s bars specialist.

        I miss Tweddle too. You could always count on her to shake up the bars finals. I miss the North Koreans and Ukrainians too. They usually bring something different to the table. Yeah, uneven bars finals is boring nowadays because you have the 2 Chinese girls whose routines are almost identical. Same with the 2 Russian girls. And then the American who tries to be Russian – seriously, I am sick to death of the inbar stalder 1/2 + Jaeger combo. But I prefer to watch bars over vault any day – to see a bunch of girls chucking difficult (and the same) vaults with horrible form is not something I like to see.

        The Kyla situation is very confusing to me. I think it would be best if she stayed home and rest a little before next year… BUT if not making the team would discourage her to quit elite altogether… I don’t want that to happen. I need her on that team next year.

  12. JK Says:

    I’m not really sure Skinner is going to be left home. If Gabby truly has her Amanar back I think it’s bad news for Maggie, not necessarily for Skinner – there’s too many AA’ers and you’re right that Maggie doesn’t fit anywhere in the 3-up-3-count scenario (with the exception of vault), whereas AA’ers like Simone, Aly, Gabby and Bailie could contribute on more than one apparatus. So I think it would be in Marta’s best interest to take a vault/floor specialist – and Skinner is a contender to win a vault EF medal.

    I can’t believe I’m defending Skinner… I’m not even a fan of hers, lol.

    And thanks for the compliments on my math skills. I graduated Kindergarten with flying colors. 🙂

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Now wait a minutes 10-2 has to be at least 1st grade:)

      I am not a fan of Skinner’s gymnastics at ball I just hate when someone works to succeed and gets thrown away because the HBIC wants someone else.

      I know we can’t trust these judges but I really want to see Gabrielle take her 5.9 floor to worlds with messy dance and missed connections on beam and see what these judges do with the score. Same with Aly’s connections on beam.

      Somuch to look forward too yet none of it means jack when it comes to the Olympic judges.

      • JK Says:

        I was a math prodigy at 4. 🙂

        Yeah, it’s because of Marta/USAG’s whack politics that make me feel compassion for girls like Skinner and Maggie, whose gymnastics I don’t care for much.

        I’m with you about Gabby. Personally, I would love to see her go to Worlds and get her switch ring leap and slow connections on beam and her Ferrari leap on floor not get credit. That would make her making the team over a deserving girl a little easier to digest. Of course it all depends if the judges are doing their jobs or not.

  13. KG Says:

    10 and 8 🙂

    I’m surprised how many people think Skinner has a real chance. I was kind of thinking she was totally a placeholder until “someone better” came along. I don’t really mean that to denigrate her gymnastics (though doubtful overseas judges would give her any favors), just that Marta was holding out for an Olympian to come back (aly/gabby), or a wogette to get it together. IMO, she’s also kind of a PR issue, and they already have Gabby for the awkward gaffes and overly self assured remarks, no need to bring another AAer that won’t medal but could potentially embarrass.

    IF skinner’s Amanar is back and worlds worthy, I think they’d only bring her if she was capable of rivaling for gold, or at least silver. I just can’t see them bringing her to this worlds just for a possible bronze. They aren’t going to need her amanar for team finals and she doesn’t have a shot at AA, and they have Simone for vault finals.

    I would kind of be appalled if they took Kocian too. It’s unlikely she’d medal in finals, she’s inconsistent and she’s been injured too much. Marta hates head cases and broken bodies. I also don’t see Alyssa or Brenna there. Brenna wouldn’t medal in bars and they have Simone Aly, maybe others for beam. They took Maroney just for vault, but her score could justify that. 16+ is a specialist, 14-15ish, IMO is not, unless the team is severely lacking in scores and USA is not. If any of them had two events, the odds would be different, but just for one event that isn’t a guarantee at all? I don’t see it (unless baumann or Kocian have some other event that is starting to shape up or something).

    Simone is the Queen and she’s THE lock, obviously and deservedly on so many levels.

    Aly is second lock IMO. Gabby is the third lock… my husband said he won’t watch the gymnastics portion of the Olympics next year if she’s competing. Lol

    I can’t see them leaving Bailie Key at home. She might not be getting an UB event final, but she will score well enough to fill in Aly’s gap in bars? She just seems to have it all, just not in her peak yet. She had that stellar junior run, she’s a KZ kid, and I think Marta will want to see her at worlds to assess for rio.

    Marta seemed positive about Maggie lately and unless Kyla has already informed them that she is off to UCLA, then I think (maybe just hope) they will give her a last shot at Worlds. rhey aren’t going to need every last highest possible score, so maybe they’ll give Kyla a shot at bars and beam.

    I kind of wonder if Marta might bring all “AAers”, in a prep for 2020 going down to 4. Like maybe she’s telling all of the girls they need to be solid in all events as a strategy for having the program shift for 2020’s new size? Probably not, but just a thought.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I like your husband:)

      Marta needs to give Maggie a shot to see how she scores in a big meet not some Jesolo.

    • Katie D Says:

      Haha, your husband sounds great. Yeah, I don’t know how the 2016 team would be able to handle Gabrielle’s ego. Remember how she walked off waving on her own after TF in 2012? And that was BEFORE she won the AA gold.

      • KG Says:

        Ugh! Yes I remember. So classless. Yes, she was arguably very good. But no one likes arrogance and no one wants to hear someone at the “top of their game” badmouthing everyone they can in every interview they can get their hands on.

        It’s enough to be good and perform well. No need to do the whole “I told you sooooo”. It’s juvenile and unattractive and detracts from the feat.

  14. JAS4 Says:
  15. Mimi Says:

    Love everyone’s thoughts on this.

    I said take Skinner over Kocian after P&Gs. Skinner seems to improve the as the year goes on, she’s less injury prone, she’s hit at worlds before, international judges surprisingly liked her and with Hong is out of worlds like the rumours say, she’s challenging for a possible silver medal on vault. Her AA score is about on par with Kocian’s right (when they both hit)? Kocian’s bars are gorgeous and she’s been more consistent but her other events are weak. At least Mykayla could be the third strong-ish score on floor for the U.S. And I hate to say it, I’m surprised Madison hasn’t had any more niggly injuries.

    I think Maggie toes the USAG line and she has the type of build where she looks fluid and graceful in her movements which judges might think it’s pretty. I’d be surprised if she was left off the team after how much she’s improved. I don’t think she’s peaked yet. I think Bailie could be more at risk because she seems to get better scores in comp than at the camps. I can’t tell if Marta likes her or not, as much as the others, and whether she’s transitioned to the seniors well enough for her liking (personally I find her boring but she’s scored well enough given she’s competing with Simone and Aly!). Also, I’m always dubious about Gabby’s scores at camp and whether she is making as much progress as they make it out to be.

    My dream team is Simone, Aly, Maggie, Mykayla, Bailie and Brenna based on who I think are the biggest BAMFs but it will never happen. Realistically, I think we’re looking at Simone, Aly, Gabby, Maggie, Bailie and either Madison or Mykayla (but probably Mykayla for the vault medal). Kyla for the sixth spot if she gets her shit together. If anyone could make up for the crap season she’s had, it would be her. I still think Marta has cut her slack that she wouldn’t do for anyone else. And if Kyla doesn’t make it, I hope Marta and her coaches use it as a positive for next year for the Olympics (use Aliya as an example!).

    • Katie D Says:

      I don’t think Maggie has peaked either. Before this year I would have NEVER thought she had a shot at this years worlds team, but if the do take her to Glasgow (which they very well should) and she is scored well, I would say that, barring injury, she could fight for a spot on the Olympic team.

  16. Sainabou Nyang Says:

    Remember in 2011 when the US had to scrap a team together and build it around Jordyn.

    Im going with a team of Simone,Aly, Gabby, Bailey, Maggie, Ashton.
    Alt: Kocian/Skinner/Ross

    Its also based on assumption that Gabbys amanar is not ready for competition.

    VT-Bailey Maggie, Aly, Simone(Assuming Gabbys Amanar not ready)
    UB- Aly, Bailey, Simone, Ashton
    Beam: Bailey, Gabby, Aly, Simone
    Floor: Gabby, Bailey, aly simone

    I cautiously call Kocian a bars specialist. At worlds last year she scored a 14.9 (8.6) in team finals. I dont even consider scores from US meets legit.
    We know Ashton can score mid to low 15s internationally.

    • Sainabou Nyang Says:

      Team Final:
      Vault: Maggie Aly Simone
      UB: Bailey Gabby Ashton
      BB: Bailey Aly Simone
      FX: Bailey Aly Simone
      Yes Maggie would only Vault in TF but if Bailey gets injured ypu can use Maggie as the lead off on the other three events.

    • Katie D Says:

      I had the same TF predictions as you did but I didn’t have Ashton in the 6th spot (I didn’t really have anyone concretely in the 6th spot). I definitely think that if Maggie is healthy and continues to perform as she has, she deserves to go up on vault in finals.

      I actually completely forgot about Ashton when making my prediction…I guess she has as good a chance as anyone since the 6th spot really isn’t NEEDED for the US to win by a landslide. If she does make the team, I think this year is it for her, unless she drastically improves on beam and/or comes back next year with an okay beam and a 7.5 SV bars.

      The 6th person should be thanking their lucky stars that the other 4-5 members could go up on any event at any point in the competition.

  17. Katie D Says:

    The more I think about, the more I feel like the team will be: Biles, Raisman, Douglas, Nichols, Key, and Skinner. I knew there was world that NK might not be attending, but if they definitely are not, that should cement Skinner’s place on the team.

    I just really hope that Marta does not screw Maggie out of a chance to do AA in qualification. If Skinner does go, I hope she only goes for vault and that Bailie does 3 events (Bars/BB/Floor). That Irish floor music does NOT need to be heard in Scotland.

  18. sanitynmotion Says:

    Yeah, I don’t really see a bars specialist being factored onto this team. The “specialists” still aren’t good enough even with the weaker UB field internationally. I think Marta will take the likes of a Skinner over a Kocian. She’s literally using this Worlds team as a test of chemistry for Rio, minus one (likely Maggie).

    Sounds like from camp Gabby, Simone, and Aly are pretty much locked in. I hate to say.

    I can’t see Marta leaving Key at home.

    Six people go? I can see the two others being Maggie and either Skinner or Ross. Taking Ross would be a risk but might be good since she’s a veteran.

    It really is too bad Maroney is out, because she’d fit well on this team as a floor/vault worker.

    • KG Says:

      I agree Marta won’t leave key at home. She wants her at rio and she’s going to give her experience at this worlds. She might not be everyone’s favorite for lack of flair, but she’s consistent in all events and not lacking in bars.

      I wonder where Kyla placed at camp. If she was hanging around at fourth or even a close fifth she might have a shot.

      • Mimi Says:

        I read on Twitter that Kyla popped up on Ashton’s snapchat saying she screwed up bars. Doesn’t bode well.

  19. Case Says:

    The important question is: Will all the gymnasts give their world medals to ASac? It is tradition.

    • Katie D Says:

      Of course. She’ll get an invite to Nastia’s wedding and that’s where they’ll all “surprise” her with an impromptu medal ceremony. Still undecided if it will be midway during the walk down the aisle or during the father daughter dance.

      • mim Says:

        Can the father daughter dance please be the reenactment of ‘Butterfly Kisses’ with Nastia pole dancing on the beam with Valerie nowhere to be found because as if Nastia will share the spotlight! I will never get over how creepy/hilarious it was.

      • Katie D Says:

        I heart stopped momentarily when I read re-enactment of “Butterfly Kisses” before I saw that you continued on to say that Valerie would be no where to be found 0__0

        I think the biggest question is on everyone’s mind: will Shawn and Nastia be invited to each others wedding? Will it be a Bride Wars scenario where they schedule on the same day?

        I can see Nastia waiting to schedule hers until she is sure Shawn has a date, and then making sure she has her wedding after. They’ll invite each other bc duhh, Olympic BFFs 4 ever, but Nastia will have what’s his face secret taking notes/pics the entire time to be sure that she out does Shawn. And she’ll go in a gold dress….and give Shawn a piece of silver jewelry as a gift.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      That ship has sailed.

      • Katie D Says:

        The medal count thing might have, but what about the weddings? I know you made a post about Nastia’s nuptials but will there be more now that she and Shawn are engaged at the same time? (Aka…this is me asking for full wedding plans/offering to help you plan the weddings 😉 )

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I totally forgot about I will do it after worlds or after worlds camp at least.

  20. daniellecosullivan Says:

    Nominative list is out- Biles, Douglas, Dowell, Kocian, Nichols, Raisman, Skinner

  21. ilanchik20 Says:

    Looks like Nassar is leaving/retiring. Seems a bit of a strange timing but I know he’s been decreasing his involvement over-time so I guess it makes sense.

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