2015 US Nationals Podium training

Spent the morning with the boy waiting for his car to be fixed partially watching Podium training on his phone. Lets just say he has the eye rolling thing down pat.

What I remember seeing was Gabrielle on beam. Gabrielle on vault and Gabrielle doing a dance through of her floor routine., If Gabrielle was next to apparatus it didn’t matter who else was on the floor it seemed like the camera guy was focused on her. She had a couple small bobbles on beam and did no tumbling I saw on floor but she looked the way she looked at Classics. I think the vault was actually an Inside gym video. Can someone please tell me where she gets her start value on beam. Besides the one big move she has nothing else memorable in that routine. I just don’t understand where she gets her start value and the switch ring should not be credited.

I only saw Kyla for a second on bars (she landed her dismount low every time I saw it) and she did her beam routine a few times. She bobbled after her punch front every time and didn’t get the sheep jump connected so she made sure to end her beam practice nailing the connection twice. I never saw her practice floor and vault. I didn’t watch the entire training so I don’t know if she actually trained those events. I hope she is doing the AA.

Simone fell several times off beam. So weird to watch her fall she rarely ever does. Also saw her run through on floor and a few vaults.

Saw Aly have some issues on bars and also do a run through on floor.

Brenna Dowell missed every beam routine I saw her do. Her teammate missed her full twisting layout every time she attempted it but once.

Madison Kocian is looking better and better on bars. I think she is growing on me if only for that one event but like most gymnasts (except Simone who seems to always look the same) she always seems to have much better form in training then in meets. We will see.

Ashton Kutcher ( yeah I know it’s not her real last name but I always call her that) did a million beam routines and she too looked better then in the past. Her leaps are still gross but the rest was solid.

Hundley spent a lot of time on beam. A few bobbles but her leotard was my favorite of the day.

Just realized I saw a lot of Bailey Key and remembered none of it. Just watched her bars again where she was having a bit of trouble missing handstands. I know people consider Kyla boring but I never did but I really find Key so unmemorable and that was proved when I remembered nothing about her til I watched what I missed.

Maggie Nichols has bad form and it really hasn’t improved as much as people think. Her actual skills are still messy but she seems to have the straighten the legs and point the toes thing down pat right after she completes every move and it gives off the impression she actually has improved her form. I mostly see this on beam.

I find it so funny (ironic) how much trouble everyone is having attempting the two lay out step outs on beam. It was a staple of every beam routine in the 90’s but most gymnasts won’t attempt more than one in a row now a days and those that do 2 seem to have some issues.

Aly needs to get quicker at those connections or she is not going to get credit. They look better than Classics but the world judges might have issues.

Simone looked good on bars with only one short handstand. Someone should merge the Wogaettes into one gymnast because they all look alike.

I like Kyla’s floor music except the one part with the auuu like screeching.

Scary Amanar by Skinner, The Gage girls bars are ugly form wise. Brenna hit her routine but had huge form issues in parts but I must admit her big skill connection looks better and better the more she gets used to it.

Nia Dennis looked good on bars.

There you go Aly. Almost just perfectly nailed her beam routine with only one missed connection (leap leap back pike) and had Marta’s eyes (and Rhonda’s eyes too) on her the entire time. She did have a big step on her dismount but rest was best I have seen from her.

Consistency in practice does not mean a hit routine in competition. Gabrielle is a perfect example of this. So is Bridget Sloan and in the past Shannon Miller. If Marta had her way of taking only hit practice routines imagine how different the Worlds teams would look. I don’t know a pet peeve of mine with the way Marta runs things.

Now we got bad blood and now we got bad blooooooooodddd………

You stop that falling Simone Biles. We will have none of that. You’re the savior remember?????

Good news it’s Gabrielle’s gym for training. She tries her bars, has a few small issues jumps off after missing a handstand and stands there while she waits for instructions from her coach who has to remind her this isn’t her personal training podium time and ushers her out of the way so the next person can go up. This could be a case of a gymnast who thinks highly of herself and doesn’t feel the need to move but I don’t think it is. I think its a case of her mother never taught her understand that the world doesn’t revolve around just her. I have been re-thinking my stance on Gabrielle and the self entitled world she lives in and while I know SHE is responsible for her own actions it’s hard to learn to have manners if you are never taught to have them and before I get the oh please it was only one time she also seemed to think the beam was her time while she was in podium training. She isn’t alone in this manner have you ever taken public transportation during rush hour? It’s a freaking nightmare.

Kyla hit her DTY. A Wogaette on floor has pretty turns (not sure who the hell it is I think Kocian.)

I like the white leo Aly, Maggie and Kyla are wearing. None of the leotards are gross so far but it’s only podium training)

I love the beginning of Aly’s floor music til it turns into Hava Nagila. Aly is also working on her presentation with Mihai quite a bit here.

Besides Taylor I do not know any of this music in the background.

Podium training is going better than this Red Sox game is. No one looks terribly out of control except the red sox.

Anna Li looks just like her mother unless that is Anna Li which I don’t think it is.lol

I forgot I have to go watch the junior training to look for Steve Nunno screaming like a fool.

Aly’s very ugly Amanar

Ashton is on bars having some handstand issues but only slightly. Is it possible to love and hate someones floor music all at the same time? Nia Dennis I don’t know if I hate it or love it. I hate the damn screaming out Kyla has in her routine that you also have. There has been more of Gabrielle on beam then anyone else. Put the damn bars training on already.

One by one Maggie hitting her full in off beam.

Mens training is about to start. 4 windows in one. Don’t think so. Only thing worse then men’s podium training is 4 little screens of men’s podium training. Is this video guy purposely not showing bars or what?

Girls just wanna have they wanna have fun fun, girls just wanna have fun. FINALLY Music I know:)

We will end this with Maggie on floor. This music is a cross between horses and Ghosts. I will admit I kind of like the Ghost part

Thanks LOL for this. Silly RedSox there is no more 10 in gymnastics.


Interviews. Simone is too damn cute for words. So nice to have such a genuine person re the sport


31 Responses to “2015 US Nationals Podium training”

  1. Cupquaked Says:

    Maggie Nichols was hitting all her handstands on bars from what I remember. And Kyla finally hit her Bhardwaj.

    Gabby said in an interview with Gymternet that she saw some people posting online about how they didn’t think she was really coming back and that is fueling her comeback….lol ok. Obvi its not working too much because she sat her DTY. So probably no amanar for the AA. Great comeback.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I haven’t seen anyone question her comeback since Jeselo. She is using old comments for motivation over something no one has been saying for months. This is why I don’t watch her interviews? Did she use the word gymternet because that I find hilarious.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Kyla hit her full twisting pak at every practice at Classics she only missed it once during the competition.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      The thing that pisses me off is how Gabby got 2nd at Classics behind Aly with only a DTY…unless Aly had watered down routines? I didn’t watch all of Aly’s stuff from that. I am so behind. Oh well.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Aly fell on floor and lost the connection ( I forget what she fell on I think it was the Dos Santos to the punch front lay out but I don’t really remember.

      • gymbot Says:

        GTT is right, she lost 0.2 in D for that, plus full mark for sitting down.

  2. sanitynmotion Says:

    I literally laughed out loud with “just realized I saw a lot of Bailey Key and remember none of it.” I agree – I never found Kyla boring but I find Bailey boring. She’s either too “vanilla” or …I can’t really put my finger on it.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I don’t know what it is about her. I really don’t

    • gymbot Says:

      She reminds of Bross, she can do all of her skills perfectly well, but she only knows one facial expression and doesn’t have any signature skills. The only memorable thing about her entire program is the rolling she does at floor right at the end.

  3. Exgymgurl Says:

    the best part was when they announced simone kyla aly gabby bailie and maggie had to stay after for interviews and that everyone else didnt. ladies and gentlemen may i introduce the world team :-/

  4. Exgymgurl Says:

    I think kyla was trying to hard to stick the dismount on bars. In her first full routine she landed it on her butt. marta actually talked to her and then she did a half routine and landed it a bit low but marta was real happy. marta only watched gabby aly kyla maggie bailie and simone. Kyla looked fine on her dty. I think Gabby will struggle through competition but thats just me. her beam looked choppy and unfluid. I think simone got excused from interviews because of her beam meltdown. half the questions to marta were about somones beam meltdown. martas interview was funny. gabby was just walking in front of cameras a lot. Aly struggled on bars as did key. apparenlt marta ignored all the juniors except laurie hernandez

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Gabrielle is in her own universe.lol. I just listened to the interviews except you know who ,same old same old but Baile is very well spoken. Simone is so personable.

  5. Diana (@dianajc99) Says:

    thanks for having a training up. usa gym is not posting it

  6. gymbot Says:

    Gabby’s D Score:

    She only counts one C skill so the base of her D score is already high (6.1). Her dismount guarantees a tenth bonus, so at worlds she’ll net 6.2-6.5 for a hit routine.

    In this video, her switch to switch 1/2 is slow, which is probably why she got 6.4 at classics. She could lose the switch ring, but there are rules governing how it is devalued. If she manages to show some ring, but not enough, she still gets a D for what she does (-0.1).

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Thank you that was helpful basically her skills besides the full twist tucked are over valued and a sloppy switch ring she gets credit for but shouldn’t.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Do you think all these toe on skills on bars are overrated or do I just hate them because they are ugly and over used?

  7. Tortuga Says:

    Oh goodness, there’s some 4 year fans fans back on USAG Facebook. I don’t remember when they started coming out last quad. One with terrible grammar and another just said something along the lines of “it’s going to be hard to pick a winner between Gabby and Simone!” I guess they don’t realize Simone has to fall twice for Gabby to even have the slightest chance at winning. Not to mention Aly isn’t going to make the same mistake from the Classic. People amuse me.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Every 4 year fans are amusing.

      • Guest Says:

        I don’t think those are totally 4-year fan at least they did pay attention on the competition a year before Olympics.

      • Guest Says:

        Typical 4-year fan never has interest in non-Olympic competitions and they may not realize who Simone is until the Olympics.

      • Tortuga Says:

        You’re right Guest. So they’re not technically 4 year fans by definition, but they follow Gabby blindly and think she must have the same difficulty as Simone because she won AA 3 years ago. I just don’t like band wagon fans. Or the casual fan that chooses to comment when they haven’t been paying much attention obviously. Like in 2012 after trials, a news outlet in Dallas did a story about how Nastia wouldn’t be on the Olympic team and there were fans saying team USA has no hope without Nastia, we just can’t do it. Yeah we really can’t do it without Nastia, the gymnast that couldn’t make it through a whole bar routine with out crashing.

  8. Sainabou Nyang Says:

    Like I do every year, I pray to jesus no one gets hurt. Otherwise the team for worlds is already picked imo.

    Im going with:
    Gabby, Aly, Simone, Maggie, Bailey, Kyla or madison k if kyla fucks up both days.
    Alt. ashton, madison k, skinner

    Nationals will be about who gets second AA spot at worlds-Gabby, Aly, or Kyla.

    • JAS4 Says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Marta has 4 people do AA in prelims and then has someone do UB/BB and someone do VT/FX or something like that.

      • H Says:

        ditto that

      • Tortuga Says:

        Worlds would be really interesting if 4 people do AA in prelims. Aly, Kyla and Gabby fighting for that second spot. Would be sooo awesome if Kyla’s consistency and a new upgrades puts her in the AA again. I’m not betting on it but it would be very satisfying.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Personally I’d love to see that but I have a feeling Aly will always score better than Kyla (definitely on floor and beam, and she has an amanar). Unless Aly falls I don’t see Kyla in the running for an AA spot.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Don’t forget Maggie

      • Tortuga Says:

        Yeah, I could see Maggie fighting for all around too if she consistently scores better than Kyla.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Her beam and bars don’t score that well internationally so if Kyla keeps the form she should be fine. I can’t open this age to live blog so I will be making comments in the comment section instead.

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