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Sorry I couldn’t live blog. The video wouldn’t work online and I had to watch on the boys phone which was a lot harder then it sounds but I saw a lot of the competition and of course have to laugh at the scoring.

Simone you are queen and you exist to save us all from the Gabrielle over scoring machine. You need any more proof that Marta wants Gabrielle on this team go check out her execution score on floor or beam. Marta doesn’t even try and hide the cheating. I give Gabrielle credit for staying on all 4 events. Her beam minus the switch ring looked great and while I think she got a lot of gifts tonight it wasn’t her over scoring that concerned me it was the the picky execution scoring of every one else except Aly that had me rolling my eyes.
Gabrielle’s bars were labored and she missed a handstand or two so not sure about that score either but there is no way Gabrielle’s execution scores should touch Simone Biles. If Gabbrielle gets an Amanar that put her barely a point behind Simone.

Kyla Ross had a few bobbles on beam and fell all the way to a 14.450 Fair maybe but I think the kid can see herself being out fazed by the Gabrielle and Aly hype machine and it effected her.
Bailey Key also was quite under scored tonight compared to past “it ‘ girls.

We all better get used to what is going to happen. Fairness doesn’t exist

I promise I am buying a new computer for next year so things like tonight don’t happen.


Watching routines now

Maggie Nicols Amanar looked good. Some bent knee’s while twisting but better than I thought she would be.

Brenna Dowell was nailing bars til she fell and she still got a 14.350 so that is promising for her if she hits. Still had some form issues but her big combination looked great.

Nia Dennis missed one connection on beam but I thought she looked good for her. She stayed on.

The Wogaettes make me laugh. They are interchangable to me. Kocian is better at bars and Baumann beam but they might as well be the same person.I love the bitch face and how pissed Baumann was when she fell on beam. You could tell she was pissed. It was hilarious.

Sabrina Vega, GO TO COLLEGE.

Kyla Ross was on beam to tainted love with no words. LMAO Poor Kyla.

Maggie Nichols hit a great beam. She is still soft in the knee’s sometimes but much improved.

Nia Dennis hit bars but score wasn’t great. A missed handstand or 2.


Got home just in time. There is no sound and I am fine with that:) It’s Amanda, Annoying John and Tim commentating tonight.

I can’t seem to find start lists. On well.

Yes Melanie that close up of John was scary and will haunt us all forever.

John can’t talk and isn’t funny. Please go away John.

The feed keeps freezing for me. This should be a fun night.

Well it’s not working for me at all. I should have gotten drunk today like everyone else


162 Responses to “US Classic Results”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Haha, that close-up of John will haunt me in my dreams.

  2. Melanie Says:

    Gabby definitely hit her bar routine. Much improved from podium training. Good for her, even if she’s not my favorite.

  3. Gymnast41 Says:

    Just saw brenna’s fall and my heart dropped 😦

  4. Melanie Says:

    Aly did the Amanar!! Wonky form, but impressive nonetheless.

  5. Bess Says:

    Good gravy all the scratches! Are they more beat up than usual this go round?

  6. Tortuga Says:

    I was impressed with Gabby’s beam.

  7. Gymnast41 Says:

    Maggie nichols is killing it….wow. GD is well, very surprising so far. Bring it on bars Aly 🙂

    • Tortuga Says:

      I know, go Maggie! I think when that woman on FB said she should just go to college it really made her push herself more.

      • Gymnast41 Says:

        Or that stupid Janet B on YouTube that had 60+ negative comments only to be shot down by Maggie herself :). I’m calling her a new Aly, not one of the big gamers yet, but definitely a dark horse

  8. katecoursey Says:

    Kyla fell on her Bhardwaj 😦 Too bad. I hope this doesn’t discourage her from continuing to compete her upgrades.

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      My heart is breaking for her 😦 But kyla will be fine, I know it. She’s a fighter, and she has a year to upgrade.

  9. Melanie Says:

    Yikes, Kyla totally crashed on bars. She looks gutted.

  10. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Kyla just fell on her Bhardwaj. Well there goes that upgrade. And now she fell again. And caught the heel om the low bar at the end. So not like her.

    Hope she is okay. Sigh.

  11. Becky Says:

    So, if Kyla messes up beam does she not go to P&G’s like Chellsie Memmel?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am pretty sure she is already qualified but that is an interesting question.

      • Becky Says:

        It was just a thought- she competed at World and Jesolo so I’m sure she’s just fine- but that would have been interesting…

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      There is no way Marta won’t let kyla go to P&Gs…all of that hype on Kyla’s upgrades got to her. Dang it.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Anyone who was on the world’s team last year (plus all alternates, including Brenna) gets an automatic qualification to nationals. Kyla is all good.

  12. Gymnast41 Says:

    GD right behind Simone…heart attack as she’s receiving gifts.

    • katecoursey Says:

      That floor execution score tho….

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Gabby’s floor E score is like wtf? 9.1 that’s just crazy!

        But I guess (even if I love her), Aly’s E score on vault was a little wonky too.

    • katecoursey Says:

      For GD, I mean. There’s no way it should’ve been that high.

    • Tortuga Says:

      It’s still a 2 point difference. But yeah she’s getting E score gifts. Glad Kyla had a decent beam, I can breathe now.

      • Gymnast41 Says:

        I’m still thinking it could end up being Biles raisman nichols….aly’s floor definitely could take her up a notch, and that DTY won’t do it for Gabby

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Where can I see this after on video? Forgot to record it dammit.

      • Tortuga Says:

        They’re posting all the routines on youtube. I’m betting the broadcast will be on youtube soon as well.

  13. Gymnast41 Says:


  14. Melanie Says:

    Damn, Aly fell on floor. That stinks.

    Gabby nailed her vault, and Skinner put up the best bar routine I’ve ever seen from her.

    The US depth is huge.

  15. Tortuga Says:

    Yay!! So happy for Maggie, that floor was awesome!

  16. Tortuga Says:

    WTF is Ashton’s coach thinking spotting?! UGGGGGHHH

    • Melanie Says:

      Apparently she’s not actually competing, but is just showing routines to document progress and get more experience. Judges are not giving her scores for bars or beam.

  17. harts Says:

    Why wasn’t Ashton Locklear scored on bars or beam?

  18. Tortuga Says:

    Sorry but I’m pretty annoyed with the lack of Maggie appreciation. That girl worked her ass off after Marta sent her to pan ams to get injured, losing her shot at worlds team. Now she’s back kicking ass and doesn’t even get an interview. That’s messed up. I’m tired of the Gabby and Aly show. End rant.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Agreed but get used to it

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I saw her floor and that was it.

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      At least the “commentators” raved about her, and I WASNT expecting that at all. Maggie rocked the house tonight give or take, with a smile on her face (take note GD). She’s definitely the Aly of 2011 atm. Give her time, the media will start to love her. I’m actually pissed that I found out brenna and Sabrina were basically nonexistent on the live stream…like wow.

      • Dee Says:

        Wait…Sabrina Vega? I swore I heard her name over the announcement but they didn’t show her?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        She did floor and fell. She also did beam. Judging by score she fell. She didn’t fall she went over time but she still scored very low. Didn’t seem as bad as her score suggested.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I just watched Vega on beam. No fall, but lots of wobbles and lower difficulty, also went overtime. She doesn’t look in very good shape. Would that even qualify her to Nationals? Hmm.

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      I still can’t get into Maggie’s gymnastics but she def rocked it. Her Amanar was way better in competition than anything during podium. Maybe she will be the dark horse.

      Gabby placing 2nd (or Marta putting her there) without an Amanar and other upgrades is bad news for everyone else (except Simone). This shit sucks.

      This is especially bad news for Bailey going into 2016.

      I feel bad for Kyka. I hope she gets it together because the way it looks, she has to be perfect and not give Marta a reason to leave her at home or she stays at home.

      I love Aly’s new floor. Fall, yes, but I think she’ll be in Rio. The judges over scoring her on beam will make sure she makes the team but I’m fine with that, haha.

  19. Dee Says:

    I can’t deal with the stream any longer so here are my feelings:
    1. Aly looks pretty good
    2. gabby please dance. I mean FFS.
    3. Simone just needs to be mailed the rio AA medal and end everyone’s suffering now.
    4. we are in 2015. So why is it that so many floor routines are choreographed to music that sounds worse than a 1995 AOL midi file?
    5. I like Maggie and I want her on that Rio team.
    6. I don’t understand the Key hype.

    Ok, that’s it for now. I was drinking while I watched this and it made me feel bitchy.

    • Sainabou Nyang Says:

      Lol I am so glad that Simone is focusing on getting consistant with her upgrades. Honestly she really doesnt need to upgrade on floor, beam, and bars. Going into 2016 just keep everything consistant and get that cheng vault. Lord please keep Simone healthy for Rio.

      • madbladescasc Says:

        I think at this point Biles is not upgrading because she is afraid of any other gymnast in the world, but she probably gets already bored with getting medals for doing the same routines so she still adds new elements. The bonus is – everyone else becomes even more scared of her skills, and I guess she doesn’t mind.

  20. Sainabou Nyang Says:

    A much better event than last year. I have to finish watching the juniors but damn it is gonna be tough choosing a team for Rio. The pressure is gonna be stifling next year.

    Simone- Nothing more to say. Makes it look too easy.
    Gabby- I have to say did pretty well. The gift on bars was laughable. The missed hand stands and large step on dismount.. I think floor and vault are ok for her. Its bars and beam especially bars, that she needs to work on. Her DLO will never be as clean as when she was with chow.
    Bailey- Clean routines but she needs an amanar or to add a few tenths on the other events. Looking at Maggie tonight if she keeps that up I think she can bump Bailey out the way for the worlds team and rio.
    Kyla- sigh.. Fingers crossed she hits at nationals
    Woga girls- good routines except fall from baumann.
    Aly: Good set except fall on floor. Her bars are slightly better. I was shocked to see her do an amanar but I see its still as wonky as before. The landing still makes me cringe.

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      Did anyone see Brenna’s beam?

      They didn’t show it on broadcast but it’s on USA gym YouTube page.

      She fell on her head when dismounting (a la Atler)–looked scary.

      • G Says:

        It was so scary! She got up right away but went back into the training gym for a long time. Ugh her bars would have been great without that fall too. I’m rooting for Brenna still. I met Sabrina and she was super nice. And I american Nia and after I got a picture Gabbys mom came over and they see hugging and she was saying how much she missed her. Nia was almost crying I think it was pretty sad. Poor girl, I don’t think she wanted to switch gyms at all.

      • G Says:

        * I met Nja
        Stupid autocorrect

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      I agree about Kyla. I think she needs to hit at Nationals or I’m afraid she won’t even mAke it to Worlds (upgrades or not).

  21. Gymnast41 Says:

    Caught on twitter ” It’s almost like Steve Penny wants Douglas to place so badly (to promote USAG) that he slipped the judges a little Gabby Kool-Aid” ….probably right.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Considering Penny wanted Kyla out of the AA so Mckayla could have the AA spot it’s a possibility that she will be given every benefit to succeed

      • hobarttdavid Says:

        I remember seeing Penny on tv at a USAG national championships (I think 3-4 or 5 years ago). He was greeting a group of gymnasts and gave out a great big “Hay Gurls-s-s-s-s…!!!” I thought to myself “What a flamer!” The network thought so too, because they cut abruptly to commercial. Does anyone else remember this?

        Anyway I think Penny is a USAG fame whore and thinks GD’s reality series will somehow enhance USAG’s stature. Same in 2013 trying to give Kyla’s AA spot to Maroney — looking to enhance USAG by increasing Maroney’s media presence. Good for Kyla that she medaled in AA. Penny and GD deserve each other.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        The part about this that doesn’t make sense to me is that if Penny is using Maroney (was using) and GD to promote USAG, why, WHY did they give Shawn the middle finger four years ago? She was a media darling (and STILL is), yet was inherently told to go away via hitting it in camp and yet being overlooked for Worlds for Sabrina Vega.
        If Penny really cared about what the media/public thinks of USAG, then he would have been more behind Shawn Johnson, and even ASac a few years back.
        Also, Gabby isn’t as favored as he thinks she is. She comes off as an arrogant prick in all of her interviews, and her reputation for screwing over coaches precedes her (although not all the four-year fans know this, yet most four-year fans seem to be turned off by her arrogance). NO I’m not racist I’m just real. Simone is like 2008’s Shawn Johnson, only better and more untouchable (THANK GOD).

        I will give Gabby the fact she’s super talented – not many other female gymnasts would be able to come back like that and in this manner – and NO I don’t think she’s doping; gymnastics is far different from track & field and swimming where doping would help…whoever said that…well, I respect your opinion but doping does NOT help a gymnast stay on beam. Anyways, Gabby is talented but she needs to be held up to the same rules that everyone else is. No way in hell should she have been placed second. Her connections on beam were all but off. I don’t get it.
        But I don’t trust international judges either because look what happened in London.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        They still think Nastia is the “star” and have always loved her more than Shawn. Nastia fell 5 or 6 times between Nationals and Trials and Shawn only won by a point. They don’t get it

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I guess what I don’t understand is that Shawn is more loved and supported by the general public, whereas Nastia never was. Why can’t Steve Penny even see that? It’s beyond obvious. He should put the support where the real money is/would be, and not devote himself/USAG resources to people who aren’t really well perceived by the general public.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Doping gives a gymnast the power and strength to compete.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yeah, true – but I would think so many other negative ramifications for the gymnast physique.

        I honestly just thing GD got slapped by the puberty fairy, or whatever they say…

  22. aerial Says:

    What is with the FASHION?? Key’s tie-dyed arms with black rhinestone sparkle leo? I did feel it was good effort for cheeriness. The AOGC warmups with floral pattern under sports logos? Holy shit. And these girls will MEGA regret their most photographed years with buns on top of their heads and big bows perched in front. The worst is of course Skinners, made from the scratch pad I use to scrub my pots and pans. And I must admit I’m a Raisman fan, she made me into one despite my best efforts not to cheer for her, but her makeup and bun looked positively Kardashian tonight. Jeepers creepers.
    I was super impressed with Nichols. She looked pretty out there tonight. She has worked hard to streamline her work, point those toes, and watch arm placement. And that consistency! Good for her! Another girl that forced me to like her when I was set out not to.
    Douglas on all accounts got lucky in competition tonight based on what I heard from camp and even this week in training. But she pulled it out. The difference for her with me, is that she appears to be half-hearted in her work, like it’s apparent it’s a comeback despite her ability, while Raisman didn’t have any apparent differences in her general work since the Olympics. On floor, didn’t it seem to anyone else like Gabby was marking it? There were dead pauses and at one point I literally thought she was walking off the mat and giving up, but she was actually just walking until her next choreography pose. Her whole upper body was so lacksadaisical (sp?) and her arm preparation for turns is the worst along with Skinners – teach the girl to do a pirouette! I was shocked with her execution score.
    Raisman will be a fierce AAer by next year. I was disappointed when she fell to 5th but she’s right up there. I thought Key was underscored. She’s done a great job in her career, but she needs that ‘something’ added into her work – an inkling of her personality, emotions, who she is individually as a gymnast. I think that would also help her scores as a leader.
    Skinner looked so brutal. She actually looked quite good last summer when I watched her wish Pan Ams test event. Her form was the worst I’d recalled seeing.
    I do love Kocian. Didn’t see her beam but her bars were just gorgeous.
    That was so unexpected from Kyla. I’m sure mentally that was a serious shakedown for her. She’ll come back a fighter next month.
    I still can’t get into Locklear. Her sickled feet remind me of Bross… gotta admire them for trying to glue those legs together despite their odd leg shape but I’d rather watch Kocian, Baumann, Gowey, or any of the other fragile bar/beam pretties that you’ll never know if they hit or not, over Locklear.
    Simone is not human. I’m glad she acknowledged it. The fact she twists forty times and then still has enough air time to simply drop to the ground and stick, is otherworldly. She is truly a prodigy.
    I like Amanda, always have. She has a knack for commentating. My favourite was when she got a dig into Skinner by mentioning her focus on fixing execution and form.
    I must be Cruella De Ville but I don’t want Gabby on that Rio team and taking one of the few spots. I don’t like her personality, her work, and she still needs to mail her coaches in Virginia a check. She was certainly impressive today and good for her, but me no likey.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Gabrielle told Tim tonight to just wait and see when he asked her how she would do. Believe me the arrogance is still there and Marta is making it worse by allowing these types of scores to happen for her when the work doesn’t merit them but I can’t even say wait til worlds or the Olympics because those judges are just as blind.

      • Gymnast41 Says:

        Only interview that actually wasn’t arrogant was the one with Amanda with the typical “just need to put in more work/get consistent/confident yada ya”…the others WOW can you get any more full of yourself girl. Especially the one on USAG’s channel. Hated when Aly had to have been interviewed with her and the look on her face said it all.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I just posted a link to Gabby usag interview. Awful. She needs to go away!

    • JK Says:

      I can’t stand the big bows/Minnie Mouse hair trend of USAG (eg, Skinner, Locklear). Seriously, that hairstyle should stop at the age of two. Also, not a fan of Aly’s lipstick color – it makes her look older. I think she’d be much prettier without it. I feel the same way about Gabby’s lipstick too but I don’t care.

      • mim Says:

        I hate the bows (too cheerleader-y) but it’s better than the Nastia floppy bun mess that was in vogue a few years ago.

    • gymnerd Says:

      @Aerial And it would be so easy for her to just mail her coaches in Virginia a check. It would go so far towards repairing relations and her image. She doesn’t seem to be exactly broke.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      keys leo to me looked like a jumper ( american jumper ) that was black over a paint splattered shirt. She looked like a kindergartener at the paint station. agreed on the cindy lou hoo hair aka bridgey caquatto, and the wogettes . Im just hurting waaayyy too much for kyla right now, she just doesnt do that in transition. i thought maybe she had a grip issue

      gabby looked like she was phoning it in on her floor, like okay now i do this move move pose. she didnt perform it. Aly with the difficulty she had just needs to perfect it. I felt like gabby cant do anymore difficulty than what she is throwing. No one has seen her amanar. i felt like Bailie key is ready to be done, and laurie hernandez doesnt even score close in AA or stand out on any one event. Kyla has a year to get her crap together, without the distraction of school, Im actually glad she fell, because she was trying something a lot harder, she just needs to hit it at PG both nights and we will all be fine again.

      gabbys interview was very annoying, she cant even touch simone biles, i honestly think because her training and her consistency in training is not there she is one major injury waiting to happen. I also think that male coach that moved with her from california is her boyfriend. She looked horendous in PT and just gamed that like she did AA and at the olympics. But it isnt sustainable. if simone is healthy she wont win another olympic gold.

      Aly is not stupid. Aly knows she needs the D scores and then improve the execution. Same thing with Skinner who is coming off injury and no doubt will look much better by PG. kyla may be forced to an alternate spot for worlds this year, or bailie key because bailie key looks flat, and like she needs more difficulty on all four to be in the upper eschelon. I still think Aly has a better shot at this team than gabby does.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Key looked bad before she went to Jeselo too and then she did well there. Half these gymnasts just need to get to worlds to get real judges seeing their routines to see if they have any potential at making next years Olympic team. Marta judges suck

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I don’t even have faith in the international judges either. Remember the gifts they gave GD in London prelims. It’s all likely fixed.

    • G Says:

      Yeah Locklear and Bross’s feet drive me nuts. I don’t know if its their leg shape or just that they got used to suckling their feet inward instead of glueing them side by side. I have bow legs and can still press my feet together normally.

  23. sarahrdh Says:

    Maggie!!! There’s your dark horse everyone! I think she will peak in Rio. The field is soooo deep. Hard to choose…. Hated seeing aly on her ass! I really like Alyssa baumann on bean so I was disappointed she fell. Beam really claimed its victims…really it was a shaky competition for everyone….. This will be an interesting year!!! Maybe I should’ve forked out the cash to get P&G’s tickets after all!!

  24. aerial Says:

    I re-read that and don’t like myself. I should have said, it was exciting to have this streamed when I’m stuck in Canada and usually just read the final results online, and it was exciting to see new faces, old faces and in between tonight. A fun way to spend the night avoiding playing games with my hubby and inlaws at their place this weekend. However I stand by my stance on Douglas.

  25. harts Says:

    Watching the individual routines on USAG’s youtube page…holy crap Taylor Lawson has the best standing arabian I’ve seen! It’s better than Nia’s and comparable to Rheagan Courville’s

  26. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Gabby’s post meet interview. God, she is still so full of herself. Marta, choose someone else as your favorite!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I can’t bring myself to watch

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        You should for giggles, lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I need to be able to sleep

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        gabby has horse teeth. its kind of gross. Im wondering if not getting stanford hurt kyla a lot, if the academic struggles are true.

        im just going to put this out there, but it wouldnt surprise me if that male BF coach constantly following gabby isnt helping her figure out a way to legally dope. Her whole musculature just looks different, and I dont think Kittia at Buckeye is smart enough to understand what gabby is doing. the track / field culture in CA is ripe with athletes that legally or borderline get away with doping, and their whole musculature changes. basically a competition is a sprint, and something injected and masked right before competition could change the way an athlete competes drasticallly over their training. So many different things medically you can use to write it off, but I think shes doing something. i think she will get caught, pre olympics.

      • Mimi Says:

        Gabby is annoying and far be it for me to white knight but I don’t know if she’d be THAT stupid. She’s 18 and had enough time off from gym to finally got hit with the puberty stick. She’s gone from having the body of an 11 year old to a more womanly figure. It looks like the same type of muscle on more body fat.

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      I can’t…the unneeded sass. The “my comeback isn’t fake remark”. Girl we knew your comeback wasn’t fake when you took your hiney to Jesolo. “I know I can deliver” yeah okay, simone still thinks she’s not delivering and she’s light years ahead of you. And “upgrades”? Well, if she’s getting her gifts before them we are in trouble. Sigh…

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        You do realize it’s ONLY JUST BEGINNING 🙂

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        If she got 60+ without upgrades, we are def in toto uncle. With a few upgrades, including an Amanar, and some gifts by judges, she’ll be a lot closer to Simone and then we’ll never hear the end of it.

        Aly, please keep on slaying!

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        And I meant trouble, not toto or whatever my phone typed lol

      • Gymnast41 Says:

        The beginning of my end in trusting USAG’s competition scores 🙂

    • Guest Says:

      Wow, her face reminds me Steven Curry.

    • wren Says:

      I seriously couldn’t listen to a word Gaggy said because of her weird head and neck convulsions….

    • Lithi Says:

      I give Gabby a bit of respect as she is actually competing, she’s not subjecting us to Nastia’s “will-she-or-won’t she” teasing. The Olympics are still a year off, hard telling what will happen.

      • baileyac Says:

        I’m pretty sure every gymnast has learned from Nastia’s failed comeback.

      • Guest Says:

        Nastia always praises her failed “comeback” as ending her career with high node. Actually, who wants such a messed-up stuff in the end of your career unless you are an attention whore?

  27. JAS4 Says:

    I hope Kyla doesn’t dump the upgrades for nationals since she fell. I wonder if it’s just something mentally with Kyla psyching herself out. Because every time she seems to get upgrades she falls and we never see them again. We know she is a perfectionist but maybe she gets freaked out by the changes and mentally has a melt down to have an excuse to go back to what is safe for her. She probably doesn’t even realize she is doing it. I think she could possibly benefit from seeing the sports psychologist that Simone went to after her meltdown at classics in 2013. Whoever it was worked wonders for Simone and could possibly help Kyla with hitting her upgrades in competition the way she does in practice. I love Kyla and I hope she can get everything together upgrades and all so Marta doesn’t have a chance to leave her behind for her favorites.

    • Dee Says:

      I worry about this too. I don’t want Kyla to get left behind…I love that she has been around this entire quad and isn’t pulling a “comeback” at the last minute like we so often see. Hopefully she puts the upgrades in regardless of what happened this weekend. The Pak full will be so pretty when she hits!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I have chosen to have faith in Kyla and I try and remember that it’s 2015 not 2016. No offense to the juniors but they are going to need A LOT of upgrading to make the Olympic team next year over the current seniors and so far they haven’t shown me anything.

        I watched some juniors and Laurie looks average. She is going to need a lot of upgrading to be relevant next year and I know her potential. The child is a beautiful gymnast but like I said she needs some upgrades.

        I guess we will see.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I totally agree. Laurie is a great AA’er but she doesn’t have an event that can compete with any current senior so I don’t see her on that team.

        To me, the only 2 juniors that have a shot are Norah and Regan. I will forever hope that Norah makes the team.

        Regan’s floor could be helpful though (she got a 15 as a junior). Honestly I could see a situation where Regan makes it and Bailie doesn’t. At least, Regan is memorable (unlike Bailie) so we’ll see I guess lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That floor routine was gross. I am sorry but whomever picked that music needs a smack.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Regan’s? I liked the routine, but not the music, haha.

        She is a great performer though, no matter what crappy music Kim gives her lol

  28. Diana (@dianajc99) Says:

    there’s no way taylor should be that far ahead of nia. Girl looked like she just got her FX routine this morning.
    I ‘d like to see simone do a full twisting pak on bars

  29. mim Says:

    Just randomly, does anyone have insight into Steve Penny’s relationship with Marta?

    I must admit I’ve been a Bailie fan since she was a wee junior but I’ll say it. She’s boring. She’s great but honestly I would rather a gymnast who has a tiny bit more spark to her.

    I’m just curious which juniors will be in the mix with the senior lot. I would guess at this stage it would just be Laurie, Norah and Ragan. Somehow I don’t see Jazzy Foburg or Emily Gaskins factoring in there, and I can’t remember who else is eligible besides Christina Desiderio.

  30. JAS4 Says:

    I just watched Aly’s floor and it looked good minus the fall. It doesn’t look like she gets enough height after the dos Santos to get the tucked punch around it might be better if she were to change the tucked punch to a leap instead. I also think she could possibly upgrade her double pike at the end to a pike full-in eventually.

  31. gymnerd Says:

    I ❤ you, GTT.

  32. H Says:


    Aly: 25.2
    Maggie: 24.2
    Bailie: 24.3

    Aly was about one point behind Maggie …
    but regarding the d-score she should have been much closer/before her.

    Aly cleaning up project has started:-)

    What upgrades do you think we will see in the year to come?
    Anyone remember how it was during 2011 (d-score vise)?

    Sabrina Vega, good for her that she is back, hopefully she enjoys it and do even better at P&G

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Did Gabrielle get credit for the switch ring? No way in hell she should have

      • JK Says:

        I think she did. Her beam d-score was pretty high (6.4). It’s so aggravating the gifts this girl keeps getting.

        By the way, does anyone know if Bailie’s layout got credited on beam? Her d-score (6.0) seemed kinda low.

      • Gymbot Says:

        She only lost .1 off her beam

  33. Ilanchik20 Says:

    I’m re-watching the broadcast case it was a bit spotty yesterday. So Tim calls Alicia–“Alyssa” (with a clear “S” sounds). What is his problem? Ugh.

    P.S I find it hillarious to hear Amanda and Tim talk about what they’ll say on air–do they not know we can hear that? Lol

  34. Exgymgurl Says:

    Ummm so shawn already has proposal coverage on the brides magazine blog online…. who covered nastia? oh thats right no one…

  35. gymtruthteller Says:

    Good news. Someone linked to this blog calling it racist because Gabby isn’t liked. It doesn’t however explain all our love for Simone Biles (Go figure) I love every 4 year fans oh and excuse makers. Sorry you’re on welfare and can’t support yourself but it’s not my fault

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      They said that 4 years ago too lol. Aka the people who still think of GD being the best and don’t know her any at all.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        People that are too fat and lazy to take responsibility for their own lives often like to blame other people for their misfortunes. These types of people are why I diligently keep track of who is allowed to post here and who isn’t.

  36. gymfollower Says:

    Hi Gymtruthteller! I am long time reader, first time commenting. I love your blog, mainly because of how honest it is. As a fellow person fed up with everything GD, I thought you would appreciate hearing about another complete lie she is spreading. I recently watched her movie (just because it was the only thing on), and in it she claimed to have branched chain ketoaciduria (maple syrup urine disease), and then was somehow cured of it or at least never never mentions again. I’m calling bull on this for her to even imply that she may have had/ has it. I am a pediatrician, and this is a metabolic disorder caused by being born without enzyme needed to metabolize certain amino acids. These children are EXTREMELY ill before diagnosis, and if not caught early enough, will be neurologically devastated. This condition cannot be cured and patients with this have to adhere to a very strict diet that eliminates these amino acids and almost always have to drink a very special formula forever in order to ensure appropriate growth. I find it very doubtful she would have this and it never be mentioned again. More lies in order to get sympathy.

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      It’s been a while since I’ve seen that. Is that what they said she was born with? If I remember correctly, wasnt she born a premie too? Seems a strange trajectory to gymnastics.

  37. gymmom2 Says:

    What!!! Simone is black ?!?!?!?!

  38. TrishaG Says:

    I completely agree with aeriel and Dee about GD’s floor. It’s so friggin’ empty in terms of choreo. I think it is a little better than her 2012 routine, but seriously, that was the worst piece of crap I’ve ever seen and I’m still horrified that someone with that routine even ended up on the Olympic AA podium, much less the top of it. Her routine at Jesolo had decent choreo and was a huge improvement for her. It’s insanely stupid to change from that to this. The only reason I can think of as to why she’d do so is that she NEEDS the emptiness and lack of movement/dance to catch her breathe for the tumbling. And with all that emptiness, she needs the music to do the work for her to engage the audience.

    GD’s arrogance is just so off-putting. I’d really like to see her as the non-traveling alternate this year for Worlds and nothing more than an alternate for Rio.

    I love Simone, and I liked the beam choreo she’s added. Man, does she perform the crap out of her floor! I’d like to see her upgrade her UB dismount to the Mustafina she was training. It looked so good and she finishes her full-twisting double back at the end of her routine with plenty of room to add the extra half twist. I like hair bows when gymnasts wear them the way Simone does (and Jordyn and Shawn did), just in a simple ponytail.

    I was bummed that Kyla struggled so much, but I’ve heard that Rhonda and Martha both were giving her lots of pep talks and support afterwards. Hopefully she keeps the upgrade and it goes fine at Nationals.

    I was surprised by how impressive Maggie looked. I expected to see an improvement, but I didn’t expect her to look so polished on UB and to improve the amanar as much as she did from PT. Her floor is great, nice choreo and impressive tumbling. I want her on the team for Worlds.

    Aly looked great, she just needs some more practice with the Dos Santos punch front. Her amanar needs to be cleaned up, though. I’d prefer her to go to a DTY for now, but I really want her to beat GD and she needs the amanar to do so right now, thanks to the ridiculous overscoring.

    Anyhoo, I’d love to see the team for Worlds with Simone, Maggie, Aly, Kyla, Bailey, and Brenna. Mykayla or Madison D. as the traveling alternate and GD as the non-traveling alternate. I realize this is not the most realistic team, but it is the team I friggin’ want!

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Oh man…Gabby gets second with a DTY vault???? Marta is showing who she wants on that World team more than ever IMHO. Looks like Gabby won’t go away.
      I think Worlds is shaping up to be Simone, GD, Aly, Kyla/Nichols, Key…are there 6? Okay, I guess Skinner. I don’t see Brenna making it close. She falls too much. She’s pretty much done to be honest. I don’t care what she brings Marta won’t look twice at her.

      I don’t think GD deserves to be on this team and didn’t deserve those scores, at all. I don’t get it. She’s being “pushed” by someone. I don’t even know if it’s Marta.

      I saw in a comment on YouTube that Gabby left Chow because he was demanding her to sign a contract that gave him a PERCENTAGE of what she made, not a stipulated figure, and she didn’t like that. Here’s the comment, of course made by someone who drank the Gabby-ade:

      She did go back to Chow. He tried some shady shit by trying to make his elites sign a contract that’s illegal by USAG. Also he wanted a percentage of her earnings- not pay pay raise but a percentage. Also, other gyms wanted to be on Chows good side/ “respected Chow too much” which is why it was difficult for her to find a gym. Nevertheless I think this competition showed that Chow isn’t responsible for all of her success. She’s just naturally talented.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        GD’s floor was horrendous. You could tell she just sort off tumbled and almost kind of walked around for other stuff.

        Whoever is using Gabby to promote USA gymnastics. I’m sure it’s just a build-up for the Simone vs. Gabby showdown they want to play out on TV next year.

        I mean how the hell does she get 60+ with those routines? I’m glad Aly is upgrading because (hopefully) once they get to Worlds, Aly will beat gabby and gabby will go away. It’ll be nice to see her not make a single EF.

        In the meantime, she sucks–I think I’m going to go to Day 2 of WAG nTionals so I’ll have to pay closer attention to get antics lol

        I’m very worried about Kyla. I can def see a situation where Bailie and Kocian make it over her and even if Kyla makes Worlds, I don’t think she’ll be making any event finals. I wonder if maybe it’s better for her to get left off so it’ll motivate her to push more next year. Because if Marta takes her and she makes no event finals, that could be very bad news for her. I’m not sure how I feel lol

        I can’t get into Maggie gymnastics but if she can push GD off the podium, fine with me lol

      • TrishaG Says:

        Like I said, I know it’s not the most realistic team, but it sucks how Brenna got shafted in 2013 and then she had such bad luck last year to get a minor injury at the exact worst time for making the team. I know life isn’t always fair, but I want her to be on a Worlds team and get her chance. I do think it’s a good sign that she would have scored 15.350 without her fall; that’s a really good score and she would’ve been 3rd, just .050 behind Gabby.

        Chow did ask for a percentage of GD’s earnings as part of a contract, which she refused to sign. Trust me, I have not drank the Gabby-ade (lol), but it actually was an illegal contract per USAG rules. There were other aspects to the contract, too; my memory is a little fuzzy, but I think part of it was an agreement to stay at his gym through Rio or something. I think Chow was trying to ensure she would stay this time and also wanted to avoid what happened with Shawn’s “comeback,” but GD wouldn’t sign and used it as a reason to leave. I can’t blame her for not signing an illegal contract, but she didn’t need to leave over it and I think it’s stupid that she did. IMHO, it was hard for her to find another gym because of her earned reputation for not paying her coaching bills (I believe Chow was owed money one of the times she left), gymhopping, and because top coaches didn’t want to disrupt their Olympic contenders by adding her into the mix. Probably respect for Chow and how poorly she treated him also played a part. Who can blame them??

        Kyla didn’t have a great Classics, but I think she’ll rebound for nationals. Kocian’s too fragile and she’s skipped camp a lot since Worlds to preserve herself for the elite season. As breakable as she is, that’s probably wise, but that will count against her if she has a poor showing at nationals. She can rarely make it through a meet healthy so Martha is unlikely to put her on a team unless forced like last year. Even then, she trusted an injured Kyla to do vault and floor in TF over Kocian (or Bauman). Kocian has put her needs ahead of the team training and while understandable, she’s earned no favors by doing so. As long as Kyla does fine at nationals, I think she’ll be on the Worlds team.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t buy that whole contract thing. If Chow thought he could trust Gabrielle to pay her bills they would have worked around it. For some reason he didn’t want to deal with her.
        Got an e-mail from someone that said Gabrielle’s mom was bragging about all these upgrades she has planned for the future to anyone who would listen.

      • TrishaG Says:

        I agree, it was a stupid reason to leave and it seems like they should have been able to work it out. Especially once USAG said you can’t do that. But I think GD’s mom made the decision to leave and GD listened to her mom. Probably, the issue for GD’s mom was that she could see Chow was serious about getting paid this time and she wouldn’t be able to do her usual shenanigans. She wanted to go somewhere new where she could avoid paying in full again. And since the contract issue was there, it made for a convenient reason to leave.

    • Gymnast41 Says:

      Couldn’t agree more. What I wanted was Aly in 2nd without an amanar or the punch front to show that she’s the ish without upgrades. Instead USAG wanted publicity and unexpectedly made GD 2nd and “the one to give simone a run for her money”! Good work USAG! Realistically at P&G’s I want a perfect Aly in 2nd or 3rd, a spectacular Maggie to fight for it too, and GD falling on her face with her “upgrades”. But we all know we don’t get what we want :-). The overbearing arrogance is obviously what’s making GD a more consistent gymnast no doubt. Which sucks because if I see her on the podium for AA again you guys will be at my funeral due to a heart attack. Also, I’m all for Kyla at the point being the “6th spot” (which I’m baffled she’s even considered for the “6th spot”). She’s gonna keep those upgrades for P&Gs, I just have a feeling. She knows she can’t afford to not prove herself, and so is Aly. Everyone is fighting to the finish, except simone and GD, but simone is actually worthy of her scores that aren’t gifts. I’d say Simone, Aly, Bailie, and Maggie are MY locks for the worlds team. Simone, Aly, Bailie, Maggie, and GD are USAG’s locks. What I want is Simone, Aly, Maggie, Bailie, Kyla, and Skinner (ugh, I know her gymnastics is awful to look at but she could bring in a vault medal and she’s growing on me). Non traveling alt Kocian, and GD gets nothing.

    • hobarttdavid Says:

      NBCSports headline: Simone Biles routs Gabby Douglas…

      They got it right.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        So it went Biles, GD, Nichols, Key, Raisman…that’s likely the World team with the sixth person being either Kyla or Skinner. I’m thinking the sixth would need to be a bar/beamer – which is good for Kyla – but I feel like other girls out there could be going for that spot too.

        Yikes, Kyla might be starting to realize she’s going to be outpaced (duh) if she doesn’t do something fast. I think Marta likes her dependability but she needs to be dependable WITH the upgrades.

        Do you guys think Marta will try and screw Nichols? She doesn’t come off as a “favorite” to me – more like Memmel, like Marta really couldn’t get away with placing her lower than third. To me it’s weird GD beat out Nichols and Key unless Nichols and Key had much lower difficulty…but Nichols had an amanar.

  39. Tortuga Says:

    Did anyone else notice Skinner already ditched her 007 music? I couldn’t tell if it was the same routine with new music or a completely different routine. She only used the 007 routine 1 year. I know it was not working for her but that’s crazy. She seemed to be making improvements then just got even worse than before this year. Except bars, I will give her that. She definitely pulled it together at the end.

    • TrishaG Says:

      Yeah, I noticed that, although I actually thought the 007 music was an improvement and was a better routine for her than what she had in 2013. I guess the new music is a traditional Scottish song, with added beats obviously. I like it (but I’m a sucker for Celtic music, lol), but she’s gunning for crowd support at Worlds, which is smart. I’m pretty sure it’s a new routine, though I think it has some similar choreo to last year’s. She met with Dominic Zito to choreograph a new routine when she had to stay home from Jesolo for her injury.

  40. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Saw this quote on Tumbler from Penny. It’s pretty clear he wants GD back. How exactly does this benefit Simone? To her, it doesn’t matter. Genius, really.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Think about it for a second. Does Penny want Simone to win and go to College or does he want Gabrielle to win and be able to promote the shit out of his crappy tour of cartwheels. Same with Kyla.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Oh I def agreed. He needs someone new case Nastia can only so much promtong. But why can’t he pick another current pro athlete? Aly is a far better choice!

        Now that I think about it, I guess most of the current gymnasts are not pro unlike what happened in 2011.

        I wonder if this will hold Maggie or Kyla back. I remember that Penny wasn’t thrilled that Kyla wouldn’t go pro. I can’t imagine him tolerating more than one athlete on a team that’s not pro, and there is already Simone (although I guess in 2008, you had Sloan and Sam but I guess that was a bigger team lol).

      • JK Says:

        Maybe Simone should go pro then? I think she could be way more marketable than Gabby. Not only is she a way better gymnast than Gabby, she also has a great personality and has good interviewing skills. But if she wants to go to college and receive a good education, I’d support that too.

        Aly’s speaking/interviewing skills have improved over the years. I agree with Ilanchik, I think she could do a good job promoting USAG – especially over Gabby, who seems to be capable of only talking about herself.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Simone is completely more marketable than GD. But right now, GD is the reigning AA Olympic champion, and that doesn’t hold as much as two back-to-back Worlds…sadly. Maybe even three, because I can totally see Simone winning this year (Worlds) and then next year the focus still be on how Gabby is “closing the gap” between her and Simone. It’s like what happened to Jordyn four years ago…without the shafty beam connections. Simone’s coach isn’t as stupid as John but I have to wonder what she’s thinking with the presents Gabby’s been receiving as of late.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Aimee has to be smarter than whats his name. The difference here is when Simone stays healthy ( knock on wood) it doesn’t matter what Gabby does she can’t touch Simone internationally. It’s just not possible.

        Lets discuss who is better
        Vault- DUH
        Floor- SUPER DUH
        Bars- Gabby has a higher start value but Simone is super clean and consistent.

        Jordyn’s beam connections everyone knew about but her coach. Simone has no weakness.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Excuse my French, but given what we all know, how the HELL was GD even close to Biles in the Classic event? Simone had no mistakes, right? I haven’t watched her routines yet since I save the best for last.

        Vault – GD can’t even do the amanar (yet) – that was an automatic point deduction (relative to Biles) and I can’t believe GD’s form was even close.
        Bars – I say they’re even right now. GD doesn’t have the dynamic/power she used to have (it appeared that way at least) and it looked like her form was a bit off (GD).
        Floor – again, how did GD even come close here, in D or E scores.
        Beam – a freakin joke that GD came close here with her off connections…

        So the “gap” was bridged, but it all seemed to be via inflated judging. Can I ask did the judges score Simone just “fairly” or did she receive inflated scores? I have this feeling Gabby got super duper gifts and Simone just got what she deserved.

        I really do hope the international judges do their jobs.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Amy knows what’s up. Someone heard her have a long convo with Marta after the meet so maybe that’s what it was about lol

        GD is not catching Simone. Even with all the gifts she received, she was still 1.8 away or something like that. Even with an Amanar, it won’t happen. I mean what would she need to upgrade to gap that? Plus it’s not like Simone won’t upgrade before Rio lol

        But it def is crazy. Judges generally like Simone internationally so I have hopes for appropriate scoring.

  41. TrishaG Says:

    Boston just withdrew its bid for 2024. The USOC needs to find another city to support in its place and put together the bid by September to have a chance at 2024.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Don’t believe that for a 2nd. Boston was not playing the games the IOC wanted which means bribing them for bid under any circusmstances and they both agreed is code for we aren’t playing your games

      • TrishaG Says:

        Huh? I just meant that the USOC now has no city to submit as a candidate and needs to find one to create a bid and submit it by the deadline. There’s a 0% chance if no bid is submitted, no idea what US chances are otherwise, tbh.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        If you are referring to me (sorry I can’t see who replies to who in this part of the blog) I just meant Boston and the USOC alleging they both decided to end this bid is BS. Boston basically told them we are not paying any money and the USOC was like see ya. They are trying to save face.

      • TrishaG Says:

        Lol, gotcha.

  42. ColoradoLanie Says:

    I’ve been a lonnng time reader of this blog, but this is the 1st time I’ve ever posted! Long time gymnastics fan too, since early 90’s…d and here is my take on comebacks – Marta totally encourages girls that she knows she will never take (Shawn, Chellsie, etc) to be in the mix just to push the ones she is planning on taking. As soon as I heard that Shawn was training with GD, I knew Shawn wouldn’t be chosen to go to the next Olympics, but that she was just being used as a tool to push GD in the gym each day. Same thing happened with Dominque Moceanu before ’96 when Bela started coaching Kim again. He knew Kim would never make it, but he acted like she would so that he could use her to push Dominique. Maybe the same thing is happening with inconsistent GD, bring her back to put some pressure on the girls in the mix and then phase her out before just like all of the others.

  43. gymtruthteller Says:

    IG is trolling here again. I don’t see any so called Gabby hate and no one doubted her we think she is over scored.

    • gymnerd Says:

      I saw that and thought of you. If brazil girl (?) hates it so much here, why does she keep reading here?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        wordpress lets me know what links people click on to find my blog. I forgot IG existed but they seem to love to troll here and I notice it every once in awhile. It’s kind of funny to me that every big group on the internet seems to have one member part of it that secretly hates the people in said group. I used to have an IG person who would send me transcripts of Kitty, Nastiafan etccccc’s secret chats about me. She/He must have grown up and moved on I haven’t gotten one of those e-mails in

      • gymnerd Says:

        Hey, no such thing as bad publicity, right?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        This blog doesn’t need publicity. I don’t approve many new people;)

      • gymnerd Says:

        Good. Keep the riff-raff out. >:D

        I remember the first time I stumbled upon this blog and realized “we” didn’t like Gabby OR Nastia. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. ❤

  44. Diana (@dianajc99) Says:

    Skinner Being mocked by another country’s newspaper.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Skinner’s form is truly awful (bent at hips, knees, and waist) and I can’t get around it. I don’t care if she throws those tricks, they should be deducted for faulty execution. She even loses her balance turning around in a corner for goodness’ sakes. All her leaps look like they don’t make 180. How is she even a contender? I don’t get it.

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