Damn Liberal jerks of Massachusetts

How the hell is it that we are third in Nastia Liukin fans ? I swear to whomever the hell it is in charge of this Universe, I do not search for Nastia articles even so I can write blogs to make fun of her. IT ISN’T ME. It must be Aly 🙂

Minnesota loves her the best followed by PA, MA (Stupid state) Illinois and Texas.

Now this is supposed to be analyzing google data so it could be people that hate said gymnasts like for instance the most people that like Gabby are from Iowa. I find that hard to believe.

Massachusetts has second most gym fans of any state. That explains why we sell out meets even if USAG has forgotten about us in favor of stupid Connecticut.

There are more at the above link. I also think these results are BS in general. If this is a recent search then it has to do with DWTS and don’t get me started on the maps being pink.


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  1. exgymgurl Says:

    It has more to do with her BF, he is from MA, he was a Hockey Player for BC or something and Im sure all of his friends, employees and colleagues have searched her, so its probably all of her BF friends that are searching and not that many people. Minnesota is probably Maggie Nichols people searching over and over and Pennsylvania is probably some Parkettes people wondering why she got decent scores. People in Minnesota like everyone. They are completely liberal. Question…. Why isn’t Texas loving on nastia? I mean shes from here and all….. yeah you see my point. And as for Iowa loving Gabby… there aren’t that many people in Iowa. Id like to think that’s Norah and Shawn going, I can’t believe Gabby made an Olympic team let alone won AA. It would make more sense if Virginia or states with high Urban Areas searched her and could actually relate to her. Like Illinois, or California, but no. No one really likes her. Its probably collection agents from Iowa searching her to figure out how to go after her mom that stood them up for $$

    Now Ive explained it all

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Thanks Clarissa 😉

    • Gymbee Says:

      Hahaha brilliant. Dude you need to come with me to work. I work in TV and we do these ratings meetings where people are completely dumb-founded as to why certain groups are searching for this or that. Your explanations are perfectly logical and entertaining lol.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    Exgymgirl explains it all for those who don’t know what it means was a TV show in the 90’s with Melissa Joan Hart before she was annoying.

  3. Guest Says:

    The map color stands for distribution of searching but not representing the absolute volume.

    It is easy to explain that if someone is popular in a particular state, then the distribution map is more extreme.

    • Guest Says:

      For example, if someone has absolute volume (10, 8, 11, 9, 10), its distribution would be more average that it results in more deep area in map. On the opposite, if someone has absolute volume (20, 75, 65, 40, 30), then its distribution color will concentrate and deeper in particular area.

  4. tulip Says:

    I can’t help but notice that Gabby’s states include neither Virginia, where she and her family grew up, and California where they currently are. I still want to know how much of Gabby’s money Natalie has used for her deadbeat self and family. I remember reading something about each family member having their own house in LA or Malibu or something. The son going to an expensive college- maybe Pepperdine. Can’t really recall- just read it and it stuck with me.

    Will Gabby write a second book when the inevitable happens? Do you think Oprah will step in and save her? (sarcasm)

    • gymnerd Says:

      Maybe she’ll write a sequel with Dominique Moceanu.

    • exgymgurl Says:

      Maybe her brother will write a book, since hes going to Rio for USAT track and field

    • exgymgurl Says:

      I think she already has two books. I think she barely cleared the same amount Jordyn did after the Olympics, because most of Jordyns compensation was locked in prior.

      I think that they are living off people doing stuff for them and others paying for it more than they are actually getting paychecks, like cruises etc. The son is not going to pepperdine, hes going to a community college in los angeles which is super cheap,they probably have residency by now which makes it super cheap. Academically he must not have passed the NCAA clearinghouse for athletic scholarship yet.

      • Cupquaked Says:

        Pepperdine is in the Church of Christ college system along with Freed-Hardeman, Lipscomb, Harding, and Abilene Christian. Though of the five I think it’s the least conservative (being in Malibu and all). Each of these universities is medium sized and they are forced to stay that way by the CoC governing system for the universities. Because of its location it is the most selective of the group (Harding is the least–also probably due to its location in Podunksville, AR), so it is possible that he has the academic and athletic ability but due to the forced selective-ness was denied admission. I attend one of these universities and I have dozens of friends who were denied at Pepperdine but admitted at one of the others. He’s probably doing a cheap community college to get good grades to be a transfer, since transfers are more likely to be admitted than first time freshman.

  5. Case Says:

    No surprise that Michigan loves Jordyn.

  6. Exgymgurl Says:

    i heard someone at japanese nationals not kohei a girl has a torn achilles

  7. Ilanchik20 Says:

    I don’t like posting Gymnastike links but here is more from Aly on 2020 changes:


  8. Exgymgurl Says:

    http://time.com/3890019/aly-raisman-why-gymnastics-needs-more-team-recognition/ time magazine article she wrote- almost sounds like luann peszek gave her the talking points. I hadnt thought about it but back to back team gold. Thats her, kyla and gabbys goal. Thats incredible. Never been done. Can you honestly see marta taking all of them with bailie and Simone? I cant, I only see two of them on that team, but thats me. I think one will be told this year and injure out like shawn did.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It’s kind d of hard to have “been done before” when it was only done once before your team Aly. I really dislike the attitude of I want to beat the gymnasts before me. It’s what turned me totally off Nastia then Gabby and Aly might be next. Accomplish your own goals.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Aly needs a goal. From what I can tell, she thrives when she had a goal (sort of like Shannon Miller did) so I’m okay with her talking like this. She is actually working damn hard for it (unlike Nastia).

  9. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Change of topic–too much 2020 drama.

    So I’ve been procrastinating today. I rewatched 2000 team finals and the last clip was the 2010 bronze ceremony. In it, Steve Penny leans over to give a kiss on a cheek to Tasha Shkiwert as he gives her the medal, and she literally turns away as he does it. Anyone know what’s that about?

  10. Lithi Says:

    I’m failing to understand how being a liberal is conjunctive with being a Nastia fan.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I was making fun of the state I have lived in almost every day of my life. If you know anything about good old Massachusetts you know it’s all about the bleeding hearts. They think no one is ever to blame for their own problems just like Nastia. That is why it didn’t shock me to see her name had been searched the most here. You should also be smart enough to know by now I amm mostly being sarcastic in every thing I say you should also know that I am an independent and not a conservative so don’t the offense to what you read here. I believe in personal responsibility for your own actions. Something the food old liberals do not. I will never apologize for what I write on this blog I am being honest and that is just the way it is. If people take offense that is there issue not mine. The truth is I dislike liberals and their ridiculous idea that we should the care of the world because we allegedly have more when that same set of rich people they are getting tax break after tax break for their riches and making the middle class pay for their bleeding hearts. I resent that as a member of the working poor that has over a third of my tax money taken away to support the lifers on welfare why I have to work 2 jobs just to make ends meet and have a little money in my pocket to go to a few Red Sox games a year and maybe travel to a gym meet once in a while. While t he Kennedys of the world are paying themselves 10’s of thousands of dollars a year to run a no profit that gets oil from a dictator to give to the so called needy with 500 dollars purses and EBT cards. Any other questions ?

      • Lithi Says:

        Unfortunately, since the terms “liberal” and “conservative are now taken as heinous insults give or take I was a bit nonplussed. And yes, my sarcasm meter on the internet is wonky. Also, in spite of Iowa going blue on the ’08 and ’12 elections it can be pretty conservative and Nastia’s rather popular here, too.

        It’s your right to be unapologetic about your posts, but I am also unapologetic in my comments, It was a simple observation and I did not expect you to fly off the handle like that.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That wasn’t me flying off the handle. That was me explaining the situation.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        That wasn’t me flying off the handle. That was me explaining the situation. I get questioned I gave an answer back. If you feel attacked I apologize but being you have been here a while you should know how things go around here. I don’t hold grudges against the people who post here because the disagree with me and never have. Don’t take my responses so personally.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        You and me are on the same page when it comes to bleeding hearts and personal responsibility.

        I only “see” about 50% of my pay check, maybe 60% (I contribute to my own 401K) at the end of the day and if it weren’t for my husband’s income I’d be living in a sh*t shack and barely making ends meet. Yet my title is Vice President at my job and I work damn hard, and I was lucky to get in to a good school were I paid for it (nope, no freebies here since I’m white and from a middle-income family). So go figure.

        I live in California, which explains most of this, and I’d change it if it weren’t for the fact my entire family and life are here.

  11. Uglyfatkid Says:

    My Dear GTT –

    I hope you don’t mind, but I want to make you (and the readers of the blog) aware of a program that is near and dear to my heart. It’s called The Shine Tour…and it’s wonderful! I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty and signed you up for a stop in your neck of the woods. Here is a link for more details… http://theshinetour.org

    I think you are going to have a fantastic time eating Subway sandwiches as you listen to her touching stories of hardship and struggle. I’m tearing up just thinking about how special this is going to be for you. You are going to come back a changed woman, and it’s all thanks to her…and the Subway Corporation.

    No need to thank me for signing you up. All I ask is that you pay it forward and send another worthy soul to the program. Think of all the children…those sweet precious children who DESPERATELY need this GTT. Without it, where else will they learn the valuable lessons of life? Where else can they talk about the things they are facing or the problems they are having? Parents perhaps? Mentors/Teachers? Certified Therapists? Friends? Church or community leaders? Nope…only Nastia and Subway can save our children now. So I beg you…for the future of all the children in the world…please pay it forward.

    Thank you for letting me share this wonderful program with you. May God and the Subway Corporation shine down upon you, this blog, and its readers.

    Satirically Yours,
    The Uglyfatkid (UFK)

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      god one of those gyms is like five miles from my house. I should register my kid for that. shes 12 yo level one…… she didnt start gym until this year and shes already 5’6″…. LOL……. the gym shes going to isnt even advertising it … my kid just takes it afterschool as exercise.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I read what you wrote 10 times before I clicked on the link and realized you were joking.lol I thought you were being genuine. Damn I really need to work on my sarcasm reading skills. This type of shit is all good it means Nastia’s 15 minutes of fame has finally reached the end. I missed the part where it says how much it cost and when I get home I think I may make this a blog of its own.lol

      • Uglyfatkid Says:

        Ha ha ha. I was just going to post the link and make fun of her, but I decided to go with the more artistic approach. I thought, how would a die hard Nastia fan see this? So I wrote it from that perspective. I only threw up 3 times while writing it…which is pretty good for a Nastia post. She induces my gag reflex faster than ipecac syrup.

        And for the record. I DO NOT ENDORSE HER OR THIS SHINE TOUR CRAP! If you want your child to have good self esteem, be an active, supportive, and involved parent. You don’t need some has-been who has no real life experience (outside of gymnastics) helping or talking to your child.

        If you are going just because your kid likes Nastia and wants to get a picture taken with her…I can at least understand that (even though I think she’s the devil). But any sane adult who is buying this “let’s talk about our feelings” crap is delusional. Your kid will get more help talking to their morning pop-tart then they will from her. The pop-tart will probably be more entertaining too.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        wait. it costs$$? the gym near me isnt even advertising it

  12. Guest Says:

    Just read this article. Nastia seems to set up her own agency and she complained none of her agents brings her good enough. (Maybe Sheryl Shade will be fired soon) I think she really has to realize and review it is the problem by HERSELF, not other people.


    • Exgymgurl Says:

      wait shes opening an agency? Shade global gets her dwts, and thats not good enough? What a BRAT!!!!!

      • Guest Says:

        Because she had a bad package in DWTS rehearsal and it is nowhere helpful to make her more likeable in public eye. (Hey it is your own problem don’t blame the agent)

        I just wonder why Shade stopped the agency relationship of both Shawn and Gabby who are obviously more well-known and marketable.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Pretty sure all 3 felt she should have gotten more for them just like Nastia. Gabby blew it with the race comments.white America is sick of being called racists when we aren’t and Shawn got as much as she could have out of her 15 mjnutes. She needs to go to school and get an education .

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Gabby dropped Shade, for CAA out of LA I think. This was after Shade quite literally landed Gabby every great thing that she ever got including the Nike, lifetime TV movie deal etc. Natalie signed the deal on Gabbys behalf when Gabby was underage. I think that was more some Hollywood type wanting a piece of that train… and Shawn dropped her as well, and went for ” less” representation when she slowed down. I think she wasn’t interested in doing everything Sheryl put in front of her. For a while shawn repped herself.
        Nastia has been now repped by someone out of Dallas her parents selected ( initially he said all over media that shawn would never make $$ that it would all go to nastia because she was Americas sweetheart) , Alys agent out of NY ( these people have done great things for both Aly and Apollo Anton Ono. They got her the subway deal and the deal with NBC. And now shade who got her DWTS. Maybe if she didn’t jump ship every five minutes shed have better deals in the works.

      • Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:

        Shawn’s now being repped by Octagon Entertainment (sort of same as Aly’s, but Aly’s is specifically repped by Octagon Olympics and Action Sports).

      • gymnerd Says:

        Wow…what a bitch.

        Is this:

        “Liukin’s partnership with Hough was one of the highlights for her, despite what it may have looked like on TV. She worries that she came off as “a brat” and “unlikable” during the segment that aired May 4, which she describes as five minutes at the end of a grueling but good week. “It seemed like I was lashing out at Derek,” she tells Us, but really she was just “lashing out at the situation.””

        …on YouTube somewhere?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        It’s like this her 15 minutes of fame is up. In one year she will be 8 years removed from her only asset that gold medal and Simone is already about to pass her in medal count on her way to passing what everyone only Cares about and that is 1st place record count not 2nd. Nastia’s best days are ahead of her and she knows it. Shannon at least created a business and has a family and will be fine without the label of gold medalist but Nastia has nothing else. DWTS is where Olympians go to die and Shawn was at least personable where as Nastia is the opposite.

      • Guest Says:

        Every contestants in rehearsal also faced bad moments and those were taped. Some handled it well with class and then they can won audience heart. But if you comes across to be rude and acts like a brat, please blame yourself rather than blame producer who edited this.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I didn’t rhink she looked as bad as she could have and I am very critical of baby Nastia so I was surprised when she pouted she wasn’t really like that. Hello Nastia that is exactly what you are like. She was probably stressed from pretending to be human for all those months
        It must be tough not to be able to be yourself.lol that was one of the 2 videos I actually saw.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I hear on these shows if you are not nice to the producers and don’t work with them they will give you a lousy edit. The Bachelor contestants always complain about that. Same with this year’s Survivor – that Dan guy – he claims to have gotten a lousy edit but the best was when Jeff outed him and showed raw footage that basically screamed “no dude, you just like to write women off as ‘whores’ and try and get away with it by claiming you were joking.”

        Sorry, just ranted off. But hopefully my point is understood. Basically, I’m sure Nastia pissed someone off and they made sure she would pay for it.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      most agencies have really great attorneys. Liz ballard this partner of hers and new bff is a PR person for NBC olympics.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Nastia keeps people close to her she knows she can manipulate to benefit her. She has actually been friends with NBC Liz for a few years. Why people do not see through Nastia I will never understand. Nastia reminds me of those Russian children adopted by US couples that come to the US and turn out to be crazy cuz they never had any love as a child. Pretty sure Hayden Panitierre played one on SVU lol

  13. Lyra Gill (@lygill) Says:


    • gymnerd Says:

      I’m pretty sure this Evan fellow made some rather cruel remarks about Shawn, or perhaps Jordyn Wieber, after they “failed” to win gold. I can’t stand Nastia…but not too sorry for this guy either.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        This guy is un professional to say the lwast. All he did on twitter was swear but he is defending himself against basically a liar. Nastia got more than she deserved after 2008 and is lucky she got that much
        Nastia always comes across bitter and rude and this is just another example.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I am pretty sure I blogged about his comments too in the Dawes video where she keeps talking about herself and he says Jordyn didn’t really have the it factor if she had won which is exactly kind of true. Shawn was closest to MLR but to be real here MLR only has her dame because she won in LA

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        he was interviewed and said it killed jordyns marketability. he also said after 2008 thta nastia would be americas sweetheart not shawn. except coke, mcdonalds, nike all disagreed. meanwhile nastia has vanilla star jeans ans supergirl by nastia at JCp. She isnt even a supergirl athlete anymore. myawn

      • Case Says:

        People can say what they want about Jordyn but she actually did really, really well financially. Her reps did a great job capitalizing on her World Championship and getting her deals leading up to London. Her family kept their hands out of her piggy bank (here’s looking at you, Natalie) so Jo has ca$h. No, she didn’t win the gold AA but trust me, she’s set up pretty well regardless.

    • Guest Says:

      I just wonder how Sheryl Shade’s reaction will be when she read the comments about the agents in this article.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I liked how one of the commentators said she was “over-valuing her shelf life.” That’s it to a tee.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Who said that?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        One of the comments below that article…pretty funny actually. Most of them were super negative on Ms. Nastia.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Gotta love how even the bitchy people do not realize how much they are disliked. Thanks

      • Kyz Says:

        I think this was my fav comment:
        OK, she better chill talking trash in Hollywierd because she isn’t star quality. She looks more like a Russian herion addict skin pooper.
        Lose the black eye liner!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I can’t get the comments to load on my computer but these sound awesome. I wonder if she read the comments.

      • Kyz Says:

        Definitely worth a squiz if you get a chance. I was laughing too loud at work.

  14. Exgymgurl Says:

    because super girl by nastia at jc penny, vanilla star jeans and a wheaties box were so much better than nike, DWTS at the height of your fame, mcdonalds and coke. Also you spent half your time trying to tell everyone how nastia was americas sweetheart and shawn sucked. great approach

  15. Diana (@dianajc99) Says:

    Natsia will be at the INDY 500. YYYYYYY

  16. Diana (@dianajc99) Says:

    Nastia was called olympic figure skating champion live one abc before the race

    • gymnerd Says:

      LMAO! Did she respond?

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      Well, Im sure after being thrown under the bus Sheryl Shade didnt send a prep pack, even though Im pretty sure she got Nastia that gig, like she did Shawn and Gabby. I want to go t this shine event record Nastia on my phone and make a youtube vidoe of it… for craptacular posterity. That is if i cared that she wasnt already making a complete ass and showing her true colors in front of everyone

  17. Ilanchik20 Says:

    I know this is a photo shoot and all but this is Aly.

    I also her and Simone are the only two not being considered for Pan Ams. They must be locks for the World’s team then.

    • G Says:

      She looks great! Where have people been getting the info on the Pan Am team? How many girls go and who is confirmed?

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Simone said on her ask.fm thatcher and Aly weren’t going. I think Aky said she is not going to Pan Ams in some interview too

        I think it’s 6 girls with one alternate. From what I heard they are suppose to announce a training squad for Pan Ams after next week’s team(this will be 8 girls) and then from that they’ll announce a team in early July. Some of this is on Tumbler lol

        Pan Ams and Classics are back to back this year so I’m guessing B team and borderline A/B people go to Pan Ams lol

      • G Says:

        Thanks! Which girls do you see going? Skinner, Nichols, Dennis, Bauman, Desch, Kocian?

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Isn’t Kocian still injured? Lol

        I bet Marta will sent McKenna Kelley as a gift to Mary Lou lol

      • exgymgurl Says:

        I think Key, Dennis, Nichols, Gowey, Desch, Schild, Skaggs probably not Key though. Shes too good. These are younger girls that need experience as Simone put it, except Nichols.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Maggie is not scored well internationally. Even though she has improved a little each year she has Competed her scores are always very low. The same thing happens to Amelia even tho she is no worse on form deductions than every one else on bars her scores are always lower in these meets she attends in the Marta safe zone like Jeselo where IMO they over score the favored Americans to keep them coming Ameila and Maggie never get the benefit Kyla gets with all her leg separations even if her handstands are near perfect 99 percent of the time. (Kyla not Maggie) the judging that goes on at these meets are always pro Marta faves. This meet is just useless anyway.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        In 2012 Marta sent people to this meet that she didn’t want on the world team or the Olympic team. Interesting to see if she follows the same path. I think Meals and Hano and Desch and Dennis are pretty much done. Send some young ones to get experience and see where they fall,

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Ameila was hurt and had surgery on a chronic ankle issue she was ignoring for years according to a post on this blog not that long ago. She is back
        in the gym training. Not sure what she is training for.

  18. Exgymgurl Says:

    wow, maybe marta wants kyla to compete upgrades?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I think we know those are not happening lol I have about given up on ever seeing Kyla upgrades. I think she should just add one big skill on bars a release move for shock value and then a new beam dismount with a high start value.

  19. Guest Says:

    I just found this hilarious clip. 😀

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      This is why she’s the real America’s Sweetheart. She comes off as genuine and likeable and shall I say “normal.” Whereas Nastia comes off as cold, stony, and just plain uncomfortable. Nastia is also harsher looking whereas Shawn is warm. I guess that’s the best way I can analyze the whole Nastia vs. Shawn thing.

      Nastia might have that gold medal, but that’s not what wins you the big bucks or the notoriety. The media/general public go for a warm personality over a cold egotistical type.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        While I like Shawn and think she comes across as a nice kid I don’t really get the vibe of America’s sweetheart. Maybe she was closer to that at
        her age of the Olympics but now she just seems normal. I could see Simone taking over the America’s sweetheart from MLR if she wins big next
        year at the Olympics. She’s got a great sense of humor and there isn’t an arrogant bone in her body like others.

        Nastia never had a shot at being America’s sweetheart, Like EVER she has always had the bitch face and it has never gone away.

        Now I have seen Nastia at meets since 2003 (they had a classics here in Massachusetts back in the day and Nastia competed) and she even had that bitchy
        look back in 2003 though at least back then she smiled once in awhile without a camera around.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I meant America’s Sweetheart at the time she was competing (kind of responding to someone else saying that a rep was trying to insinuate it was Nastia, not Shawn, who was America’s Sweetheart).

        Truth be told, the money train has left both of those gals at the station, long ago.

        They tried to make Gabby the next America’s Sweetheart but that didn’t work once the racial accusations came out and everyone saw her for who she was and what she and her family represent.

        I agree, Simone has huge potential. She’s literally Gabby on steroids in terms of AS potential and has the total package: likeability factor, perfect smile (move over Mary Lou), and will honestly be America’s most decorated female gymnast if she can do it at the Olympics (so she’s street cred – like you can’t argue she’s not the best female gymnast in the World right now).

        I have no doubt she can do it (get gold) as long as she doesn’t get injured. That’s my biggest fear actually because it seems like things are going “too well” for her. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marta is internally trying to break Simone just for funsies, even though it will be Simone that will end up making Marta looking food for winning Rio.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Marta will do anything to get rid of Shannon Miller’s title of most decorated gymnast of all time so I don’t see her breaking Simone for fun.lol

        Sorry I can’t see who the comments are directed towards when I comment.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Yeah I agree, I think Marta is doing whatever she can to keep Simone healthy–that’s why she pulled her out of the competition last year (can’t remember which one it was but the one in Canada).

        I think Jordyn had a potential to be shad Shawn was, if she has better Olympics. Jordyn still did amazingly in terms of making, given that she didn’t get any individual medals at Olympics. Aly sort of took the spot (and I think has done comparably well to Gabby) which I’m all happy for. I’ll always root for someone as hardworking as Aly (despite her o on bars.

        I’m betting that it’s either Simone who will take that spot or maybe Bailey or Reagan (if she makes the team). I think Marta really likes Reagan so that might get nite resting. Norah is pretty good but I don’t think she had the same Shawn factor (I’ve seen way too many bitchy face pics of Norah already lol)

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I don’t think Jordyn had the potential to be Shawn at all. Not to be mean but Shawn is very pretty and has a great smile. Jordyn is just your average looking person and those types of athletes don’t really own the advertising world.

        Norah reminds me of Carly in the attitude department. A little sassy but not Nastia bitchy.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yep, looks are everything to the advertisers, especially for women. Shawn was the perfect combo of pretty and cute – cute as a kid, pretty as she was growing up.

        Honestly Nastia might be pretty but she has a really high forehead and on the competition floor she looked like a complete grouch. Not really something an advertiser looks for in a promotional athlete.

        Simone has the right amount of pretty/cute too – and she’s got a wonderful personality. I can see her going far.

        I agree on Jordyn. She’s kind of like Memmel – too plain Jane to be that marketable.

        ASac had the sassiness factor and the looks, but didn’t win enough individually to be “that” marketable. She had a great comeback story but Marta pretty much squashed it.

        Kyla has the looks but not the personality. She’s not outgoing enough. Kind of like Shannon Miller (personality-wise) but Kyla is better looking than Shannon was (and Shannon must have thought so too given the surgeries she undertook to change her looks).

        I probably sound super catty here.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        LOL Not catty just realistic. The every 4 year fans love the cute and pretty ones.

        Nastia is not pretty at all. She is well put together though the bleached hair is starting to look ridiculous and the extensions
        are just fake looking.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Yeah Norah def reminds of me of Carly. I re-watched 2003 team world’s not too long ago and Carly’s comment to Evgeni still makes my day…”oh too bad” And Yevgeni goes, “they are two more people to go, you never know…” And she goes…”I know.” I can imagine Norah saying all those things given the looks she was giving everyone in Jesolo lol

        ASac was prob most marketable–the looks, the personality. I still don’t understand sometimes how Aly got an amanar (and ASac never competed one) and Aly turned out a better AA’er (at least by medals). I think ASac had better form/lines. Mihai should have gotten ASac a bar coach and kept her in AA. It prob would have prevented a bunch of her leg injuries too. If ASac had Aly’s Olympics success (and she prob could have in 2012), ASac would be unstoppable marketability wise lol ugh stupid Marta.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Alicia definitely could have competed in the AA in 08 with a decent bar routine and she could have given the top 2 a fight for the money. Marta made Alicia stop competing bars. Alicia was capable of a 15.7 on vault a 15.9 on beam and with a hit floor she would have had a 15.900 in team finals. It would have been tough with the joke floor scores Nastia got on floor but

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Damn Marta. I thought it was Alicia’s decision. She wasn’t worse an AA than Aly. I just never understood that. And Nasta’s floor scores-how the hell did she score on floor comparable to Alicia and Shawn there. Stupid judges.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Way too many mistakes on my earlier post (stupid phone) but hopefully everyone gets the jist of it.

      • Gymbee Says:

        I feel like every chance Nastia gets she has to explain her bitch face “athletes don’t show emotion when competing”. I always thought, say that to McKayla, Aly, Jordyn, Simone, ASac, Shawn. They all had a smile, a hug for a competitor and an encouraging word for their team mates. Nastia was just off in her own little world giving people the stink eye.

      • TrishaG Says:

        Alicia was very scared on UB. It’s probably a big part of why she wasn’t too good. She had decent basics, but low difficulty, and was probably too scared to try harder skills. Her D score was about 2 points lower than Nastia’s, and that’s a big deficit to make up. That’s why she wasn’t a strong AAer internationally. She looked better on bars than Aly, but UB actually was more of a liability for Alicia. In 2007, she went pro so she didn’t need to train UB for collegiate gymnastics anymore and Marta basically told her she’d never be used for UB. I think Mihai has said also that he thought it would be less stressful for Alicia’s training if she dropped UB. She was really terrified on bars and it was very taxing on her mentally to train them. I’ve also heard that Alicia asked to stop training bars, so it sounds like Mihai was on board, they discussed with Marta, and she supported it.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        It’s good to hear that dropping bars was Alicia’s decision. I just always thought she had potential. I was always scared of bars when I was a gymnast so I can symphasize lol

        She did become a great 3 event person and certain has paved the way for other event specialists in the U.S so that’s great. It’s crazy to think that she has more world medals (well officially) than Nastia even though Nastia did AA haha All the more for Asac.

        But I think Aly might catch up to Nastia in Olympic medal count, if she makes the second Olympics so that is going to make my dad/month/year haha

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Alicia may have been scared of bars but Marta is the one that told her to stop training the evnt. Alicia did not quit on her own. She was told to quit.

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        I don’t mind if Alicia quit bars case she was allowed to do so. I just wondered if Marta had a ulterior reason to tell her she can stop bars lol (I.e makes the top two AA spots easier to distinguish it guaranteeing one to Nastia, that is until Chellsie showed up with amazing AA routines at trials).

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      Haha and this why Shawn has more of a personality lol

      When was this? She looks awful here.

  20. Ilanchik20 Says:

    So who is looking forward to watching all the Kim Z fluff pieces next year. I wonder how many times they’ll replay her 1992 world’s floor routine lol

    I think Bailey is pretty boring. Blah.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      As a Zmeskal disliker I am not looking forward to it.lol but I bet we see her fall off beam 100 times

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Please none of that rock around the clock floor music…

      • Ilanchik20 Says:

        Right, Kim’s floor routine. I’d rather them show that lol.

        Honestly, I didn’t like Shannon or Kim but I guess if I had to pick, you know what I mean lol

        So what do you guys think about Reagan? What are her chances for Rio? Marta been inviting her to cams since Reagan been level 10 and she basically told her to switch gyms (I think prior to TD, she trained at Capital Gymnastics, which is the same gym as Ashley Priess, which we know Marta never liked lol). I find all of that kind of interesting.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Bailey is Kim Zmeskal.

  21. Ilanchik20 Says:

    Oh isn’t Reagan using Kim’s old music this year? Lol

    “Bailey Is Kim””–prob why I don’t like Baikey lol

    And Norah has Shawn’s old music. They all need to stop recycling music.

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