World Challenge Cup

Shang Chunsong
Let it be known this is about the 4th year in a row this child has looked exactly the same.


Full Results Day 1

1. Deng Yalan 6.0 8.975 14.975 14.962
6.2 8.750 14.950
2. Rebeca Andrade 5.8 9.275 15.075 14.700
5.2 9.125 14.325
3. Franchesca Santi 5.8 8.925 14.725 14.162
4.8 8.800 13.600
4. Letícia da Costa 5.8 9.000 0.1 14.700 14.150
4.6 9.000 13.600
5. Ayelen Tarabini 4.9 8.975 13.875 13.962
5.0 9.050 14.050
6. Ahtziri Sandoval 5.5 8.625 14.125 13.950
5.3 8.475 13.775
7. Ana Lago 5.0 9.025 14.025 13.862
4.8 8.900 13.700
8. Hiu Ying Angel Wong 5.2 8.675 13.875 13.662
5.0 8.550 0.1 13.450

Uneven Bars
1. Shang Chunsong 6.7 8.325 15.025
2. Sophie Scheder 6.4 8.475 14.875
3. Elisabeth Seitz 6.4 8.300 14.700
4. Elsa García 6.0 8.525 14.525
5. Chen Siyi 6.1 8.100 14.200
6. Ahtziri Sandoval 5.9 7.775 13.675
7. Rebeca Andrade 5.9 7.400 13.300
8. Flavia Saraiva 5.3 7.225 12.525

Full Results Day 2

Balance Beam
1. Shang Chunsong 6.7 8.700 15.400
2. Flavia Saraiva 6.5 8.600 15.100
3. Sophie Scheder 5.5 8.500 14.000
4. Chen Siyi 5.9 7.825 13.725
5. Ayelen Tarabini 5.6 6.975 12.575
6. Hiu Ying Angel Wong 4.6 7.300 11.900
7. Ana Lago 5.8 5.650 11.450
8. Paloma Guerrero 5.2 5.650 10.850

1. Flavia Saraiva 5.7 8.225 0.3 13.625
2. Elisabeth Seitz 5.3 8.100 13.400
3. Leah Griesser 5.2 8.125 13.325
4. Valērija Grišāne 5.1 7.975 13.075
5. Chen Siyi 5.4 7.650 13.050
6. Ailen Valente 5.0 7.900 12.900
7. Ayelen Tarabini 5.4 7.325 12.725
8. Lorrane Oliveira 5.7 7.000 0.3 12.400


83 Responses to “World Challenge Cup”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:

    flavia won floor and looked pretty good

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I have no link for beam and floor results I don;t think

      • gymbot Says:

        Full twist and TCG have some coverage of finals, some links to routines. Ciciginastica, bmbul, and Marcos Aurelio channels on youtube have more routines.

  2. gymbot Says:

    Chen Siyi and Tan Jiaxin have not changed much either. Perhaps they will grow when they retire

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    She looks so unhealthy, I hate to say it…I know she is from a poor family so just looks malnourished, but I can’t help but think if she had more meat on her bones she’d be able to pull of those landings better.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Yeah but Im no doctor or nutritionist but shes been on the national team for a few years where she has access to food, medical team, etc… She looks even skinnier this year than last year. The only o nes who look their age is Yao and Huang.

  4. G Says:

    From Nia Dennis ask account the camp standings were:
    Juniors-Laurie, Jordan, Ragan
    Seniors-Simone, Aly, Kyla

    • Tortuga Says:

      Yay Kyla! Maybe those upgrades are coming in? Bailey is not even top 3? I know I don’t have all the details of course, this is why camp would make great reality tv programming lol. That would never happen lol.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Not sure third is yay for Kyla. Being beaten by Aly is an issue.wonder what 4th on was and who did AA

      • Tortuga Says:

        I remember hearing Kyla was knocked kinda low in camp standings not long ago when the juniors moved up and what not so top three is still in the right direction. And being beat by Aly is concerning but I don’t know what difficulty Aly has right now.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      and the olympic team is simone aly kyla bailie key and laurie/ skinner the only question that remains is who will be the sabrina vega of 2015 worlds.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        and who gets banished to pan am games never to be seen again

      • Tortuga Says:

        I’m hoping Norah becomes stronger on the other events and somehow out weighs Skinner. We can’t have two girls with iffy form on the Olympic team and I’d rather see Aly in that spot. Heck Skinner makes Aly look like a ballerina IMO.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Not sure Laurie has much value on this team. She needs major upgrades for 2016 to make this team and I am sure she will have them. No need for her vault. She will be needed for bars on your team and floor. Oh who the hell knows at this point. Lol

      • Case Says:

        You forgot Gabby. I mean, she totally said she was going to Rio so it must be so.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        LOL If she gets there based on what we have seen so far that will be a gift.

      • gymbot Says:

        I think Baumann could be this year’s Sabrina Vega. She is pretty good in the all around and could contribute to the team on beam – but she’s not quite the specialist on beam to actually make a 5 person team.

        In regards to the 5th spot, a strong vaulter (Skinner, Maroney) has a greater chance to make the team over a bars specialist. That said, I think a number of gymnasts could work very hard on both bars and beam to fill spot (assuming Ross and/or Key goes with a DTY) – Gowey and even Dowell could surprise with strong bar routine and Amanar.

    • gymbot Says:

      When it’s a working camp, do they only compete half routines to determine the ranking?

      • H Says:

        N.Dennis said on her ask me …account that they did full routines (at least that was how I understood it)

      • gymbot Says:

        Thanks H for getting back to me. I wish USAG would offer more information on what is happening at camp, although it is also fun to speculate.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I was gonna repeat GTT’s concern over Kyla not beating Aly. If you think about it, Aly should only “have” Kyla on floor and maybe beam. Kyla’s beam could kill Aly’s if she added more difficulty.

      I predict Skinner will be this Quad’s Vega and maybe Gabby will be this Quad’s Shawn. But even so, Shawn was just exiled, not for not showing up/having the routines but because she didn’t make the Marta’s favorites list. Marta wanted to do whatever she could to keep a potential door open for Liukin.

      I see the vacant spot on this Quad’s team in vault (which is kind of odd) and maybe beam. I don’t know if Marta will take a perfectly executed DTY over a sloppy amanar. If she does, then who the heck knows what can happen.

      Is Maroney out for sure? I see a potential fit for her here…I remember her beam at Trials night 2 outscored Jordyn’s and it was a good routine.

      • Tortuga Says:

        Since Maroney isn’t at camp yet I’m guessing she won’t be back this year unless she plans to compete without going to camp. I’m guessing if she makes it back it won’t be till next season. I’m interested to see how that goes.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        vault with my team: simone, skinner, key or raisman bars: simone kyla key beam simone ross raisman (key) floor skinner biles raisman i guess laurie is out unless she is beating kyla / bailie on beam / bars or skinner on floor and vault. that team actually has more medal potential than london vt skinner / biles beam biles (raisman / ross) bars ross key biles floor skinner biles or raisman. we have three potential qualifiers for EF on ever aparatus but vault

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        And usually the US qualifies one to vault (at the Olympics…)

        I just can’t see Skinner on an Olympic team. Her form is atrocious. Do the judges not deduct for that crap? I mean, seriously.

        I think at this point my team is Biles, Raisman, Ross, Key, and the mysterious fifth. Usually that person is either a major specialist (like Maroney 2012) or another solid AA’er that Marta might not use at all for team finals.

        I see why that mysterious fifth could potentially be Skinner given the need for another vault/floor person but I just don’t see it with her. How is Laurie’s vault? Damnit, ASac or Maroney at their peaks would have been perfect for this slot. Even if Jordyn had made a comeback and kept with it, she’d be good here.

  5. Exgymgurl Says:

    if kyla fell on an upgrade and Aly did what she did at jesolo or had an amanar plus jesolo then there is your answer. marta wants Aly for Rio. marta wants to motivate Kyla to upgrade and be considtent. This ranking does that if Kyla wants to be an AA gymnast for Rio.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      I am fine with that. Kyla needs motivation to upgrade not that Baile Key shouldn’t be enough motivation alone.

  6. ilanchik20 Says:

    I need Norah for that fifth spot. I can’t imagine Chow not at the Olympics. Ugh–Norah get it together. I bet Norah has the Olympic level upgrades but Chow is saving them for next year.

    Ah, Asac come out of retirement. Pretty plz.

    I def see Simone/Aly/Key on the team. The other two are iffy for me. I doubt Gabby will be there. Marta cares about her image–there is no way she is taking Skinner to the Olympics–won’t happen.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I can see Norah taking Kyla’s spot, at best – she’s a great beamer from what I remember. She’s probably decent at bars too. I forgot her bars (I’m bad I know).

      US is pretty set for beam with what we have: Biles, Raisman, and Key/Ross… Will Norah score that much higher with her beam, assuming she makes no mistakes? I don’t know. The judges never seem to do their jobs.

      Kyla has proven consistency, among other things, so Norah really needs to prove that to get on this team. I also feel like Marta wants a true AA’er – Norah needs to have a perfect DTY and a decent floor.

      I don’t see Ashton being used as a specialist for bars because she’s not good enough – her bars aren’t going to blow away the Russians or the Chinese. She’d be lucky to medal.

      The vacancy is in vault and floor. I can see Marta taking another major vault specialist – say if Maroney comes back. She’s proven in the past that she likes to bring vault specialists to the Olympics. The only other type of specialist she’s willing to consider is Nastia, and thank gawd that beyotch is busy looking dumb on DWTS.

      • ilanchik20 Says:

        Yeah I totally see what you are saying. Unless Kyla upgrades, Aly will continue to beat her, especially with the upgrades I’m sure she’ll have next year. And Marta loves Aly.

        I think Norah has a 6.7 D on beam. She should score high if judges do their job but we all know how that works. Her bars are fairly good. She completed a DTY in Jesolo so hopefully there are some floor upgrades coming. Reagan has a great floor so who knows.

        I love Ashton’s bars but you are prob right. She’d prob make finals which would satisfy Marta. I doubt Marta wants to show up at Olympics without at least a few top 8 bar workers. Ashton might not win but she is the best U.S got right now. Well and Madison but we all know Madison will get hurt 10 more times before Olympics.

        Nia maybe? She has a good vault/floor. She just needs to hit. Ugh.

        Thanks god our hole isn’t in bars/beam or id be afraid Nastia would attempt another comeback lol

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I think best guess is 4 AA gymnasts and a specialist. The fifth probably for bars but Ashton is going to need a super routine not a run of the mill middle 6 routine that can and will be beaten by the 2 Chinese and Russians.

        I can see Mckayla getting a triple TTY and surpassing any bars specialist because she is also a threat win vault gold and if she hits like kill everyone else with her near perfect form.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        ashton was not at camp. ( recovering surgery but I think shes done)simone won flr vt bb, amanars were aly skinner nichols. and simone. norah isnt even close to kyla on bars or vault. marta skipped asac with the second highest beam score for maroney who was kind of an aa gymnast. marta Im sure wants four amanars for rio, so if you dont have one youd better be beating kyla ross. classics and pg chamos will be interesting as well as who gets banished to toronto DRAMA? Kinda but I think barring death or dismemberment marta has already picked her team. I think she will get judges to rank kyla and aly because of their hard work and consistency over other who arent. I think gabby will be banished to pan ams and spin it taht shes just not there yet because aly has been coming back longer, and that marta needed a leader. Im already gagging

      • gymbot Says:

        Pan Ams is July 12-15th and the Classic is the 25th – so the Pan Am Games squad doesn’t necessarily have to be Marta’s B Squad.

      • Gymbee Says:

        Nastia could always come out of retirement in february 2016, like she did for London. Haha. By her own words, she wouldn’t even need to put together full routines until about july 2016.

      • gymtruthteller Says:


      • ilanchik20 Says:

        Don’t even say it out loud or it could happen. She might be in better shape this time around because of DWTS so if she thinks there is even a remote chance, she might do it.

        She would have made it to London if she had startex her training earlier and had the fitness to get through just one routine (as opposed to Asac or Sloan who weren’t going to make it no matter how long they trained prior). Let’s not give her any other ideas.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Sloan would have been the alternate if she had hit bars and not gotten hurt. Marta took Anna Li by default. That of course is an opinion not a fact but Bridget proved before that she could hit when it mattered at worlds the year before. She never hit a single routine in practice at worlds and was about to be replaced by the biggest joke of all time but when Zmeskal’s pet got hurt Bridget was named to team and hit when the competition started.

      • ilanchik20 Says:

        Yeah prob. I always forget about Anna Li as she shouldn’t have been anywhere near that team either lol

        I wanted Sloan and Asac on that team although I knew that was wishful thinking, haha.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        I don’t want to be wasted going to pn ams unless im bailie key and marta wants me to have more intl experience. bailie, peyton, baumann, desch kocian, gabby, Nichols,dennis six of those people at panams. hundley and hano aren’t even good enough

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Hano needs to go to College already.

      • exgymgurl Says:

        oh and kocian didn’t even make any ef at worlds last year. kylas qual score with no in bar work was better.How is kocian even remotely valuable?

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Kocian and Baumann both messed up

      • gymbot Says:

        Kocian messed up a stoop and lost a ton on extra swings and form. In the TF, she performed an easier version of her routine but topped Kyla Ross’ score on bars.

        I don’t remember Baumann not hitting, but the judging beam during quals was pretty harsh. Only Biles got full credit for her routine. Ross, Kocian and Baumann all had lower scores than they were given in Italy and at home.

    • G Says:

      I want Norah too and I also have a soft spot for Gowey though that’s quite a long shot lol

      • ilanchik20 Says:

        I’m rooting for Norah. I need her and Chow there. Plz no Laurie. I really can’t get behind her ugly floor, among other things.

        Sadly I don’t see Rachel there. Well be lucky if she shows up to Nationals and survives it. We all know she’ll get hurt 5 more times before Olympics. Sigh.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Other things?

  7. ilanchik20 Says:

    I guess the other one I’m thinking of is Regan Smith for beam/floor and vault for qualifications.

    Or maybe Ashton as bars specialist. Hmm.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      regan smith will maybe be around for 2020 but she hasnt come fast enough shes nit able to beat bailie key

      • Aerial Says:

        Isn’t Ragan Smith four years old??

        Can’t wait for more elaboration on camp results and standings. Go Aly. Was never a big fan until the Olympics, and now she has my full respect. I do hope Maroney comes back. Her first comeback for 2011 was nothing but wondrous. These two, though styles and build very different, are born gymnasts. To get back into shape and difficulty, and continue to win, is almost unheard of these days. Def no hope for Maroney this season based on her Twitter. I hope she wants to make a serious run for it next year.

        Reality is even a “C” team could likely win Worlds. USA is so deep.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I agree I don’t see Gabby on the Olympic team.

        And I also think Marta will take a vault specialist over an UB specialist. Nobody in the US can beat the Russians/Chinese – only then would she bother with that.

        It kills me though that Skinner might get on that team due to her vault. I mean, I just can’t stand her gymnastics (I have no problem with her as a person)…

      • exgymgurl Says:

        Skinner has almost a lock for worlds this year. Nothing marta likes better than than a three way fight for floor final. aly takes some pressure off kyla and simone in tf. that’s a good thing. Kyla wont have to do vt or floor in tf but is great in an emergency. Simone may be able to skip beam and aly will def skip bars in tf. This takes so much pressure off bailie key and whomever else marta puts on the team. Four solid AA gymnasts. marta will not forgive gabby for falling in EF at the Olympics and being the only AA champion without an EF medal. Gabby looked horrible on bars and beam. The only reason gabby came through for the team was because Aly willed her to stop acting like an inconsistent kid.

        The A team for Rio is Aly Kyla Bailie Simone Skinner
        The B team for Rio is Nichols, Smith Hernandez, Flatley, Desch
        The C team for Rio is Douglas, Baumann, Ernst, Gowey
        The D team is Hundley, Hano, Jazzy, Kocian, Scharpf
        The E team is like 20 plus on the depth chart. Please just go to college.

        Not sure how locklear or maroney would fit in but would most likely knock out one of the AA gymnasts

        Watch USAgymnastics freak out that I found their depth chart and reported it here….

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Found or made

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        i forgot polina shes on the e team and just announced shes committed to michigan…poor michigan

  8. JAS4 Says:

    I wonder if they will decide the team at trials again or if Marta will make them fight it out at camp. I could also see her naming a team and alternates at trials but then making them fight it out for who will actually be on the team and who will be the alternates.

    • ilanchik20 Says:

      Aren’t the trials super close to Olympics again? That’s the only reason she named the team after trials in 2012. I’m guessing she’ll do that again.

      She needs to stop all the crazy camps right before Olympics–it’s basically what caused all those injuries in 2008 and Jordyn’s injury in 2012, which ultimately cost her the AA. Sigh.

      P.S. I was never a huge Maroney fan case I wanted Asac on the team so bad (she would have gotten that vault gold too) but if the choice is between Skinner and Mac-Mac plz come back. Plz no Skinner at another World’s or worse, at Olympics. If Skinner ends up with an Olympics vault medal and not Asac, I’ll scream (no joke!!)

  9. ilanchik20 Says:

    At least Aly is working on that toe point. Haha.

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      Well she needs to work on that!

      As for ASac, I wanted her on that London team too. I hate to admit. But she adds character. Maroney didn’t pull off what ASac would have done easily.

      • ilanchik20 Says:

        The way they scored vault at Olympics, Maroney only barely out scored the other two.

        ASac would hAve been just as good and she would have (finally) gotten that vault gold medal. I’m still bitter about that lol. Plus maybe we would have had a Sacramone vault. Sigh.

        Plus I would have much rather seen Asac doing beam than Gabby. But like Marta never really forgot Assc beam fall, Marta won’t forget Gabby’s meltdown in event finals.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        I agree she never forgot or forgave Alicia for the beam and floor fall in team finals but I don’t think the Gabby fall on beam she even remembers.
        Gabby hit in the team finals even though all those bobbles clearly weren’t deducted that is all Marta really cares about.

        Marta doesn’t care about Worlds like people think she does. They say well she added Alicia to the world team but IMO she was waiting for Alicia to mess up so she would have a reason to leave her at home. Imagine if Alicia won a few medals at that last worlds. She couldn’t leave her at home without making people mad. Same with Chellsie. She made sure Chellsie couldn’t show her up again like she did in 2008. Not that Chellsie did herself any favors by not going to the Pan Ams.

  10. H Says:

    Listen to this Dr. Larry Nassar interview.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Can you tell is what he said because I cannot listen to the lady that does the interviews. Her fake voice and over praising of whomever she interviews is just too much.

  11. ilanchik20 Says:

    Well I listened to most of it. It was kind of all over. The beginning of the interview was interesting. He talked a bunch about Marta and that she changed a bunch through out the years. He also talked at length that it’s usually Marta who has to tell some coaches to cut down on training to avoid injuries (not the other way around). He also talked a bunch about 2000 Olympics and how awful that was and it taught them that they need to take care of their athletes mentally. He talked that athletes were so afraid to mention any possibility of injuries which is what caused all the injuries. He also talked about some athlete who wrote a letter to usa gymnastics (he wouldn’t name a gymnast) who wanted to change coaches a year before 2000 Olympics. She supposedly said Larry told her she can’t change coaches and go train with Bela because he’ll abuse her. I guess eventually Bela believed that Larry didn’t say that. Im pretty sure he’s referring to Vanessa Atler. Right?

    He also talked that they do whatever they can to avoid replacing anyone on the Olympics team because if they replace an athlete, that athlete is completely erased from the record books and they have to return everything Olympics related. He basically said, “I’m so proud we haven’t had to do that’ since then. Apparently Kelly tried to fight that during 2000’s olympics because of what happend to Morgan but they wouldn’t budge. Aparently that’s why they kept Asac on the 2011. Unlike Olympics, at World’s, it’s up to Marta so she did that to spite Olympics commitee.

    They talked a bunch about ACL injuries and blah, that was boring. But he also said Shawn didn’t tore her acl–she only tore her miniscus.

    Oh and he wants to bring back compulsories. He thinks that will decrease injuries because it”ll bring back the basics, instead of only working on the hard stuff :). And supposedly ballet can prevent injuries too, haha. He used Podkapayeva here as an example –power and beauty and compulsories. And Boginskaya too.

    Ok, that’s prob it lol

    • H Says:

      Thanks for giving a recap, my english … enough said:-)

      • H Says:

        Regarding ballet can prevent injuries .. I guess his point (?) was that ballet training raises your body awareness, understanding as well give you some useful basic skills etc and thereby can help gymnasts to develop/use better/proper technik.

      • ilanchik20 Says:

        Yeah I should have been more specific. He said something about ballet and hips–strengthens hips/legs so I guess makes leg injuries less common.

      • aerial Says:

        It was definitely Atler. I remember discussing it somewhere – maybe here – but now I can’t remember the details and am curious again. Nowhere near old age but feeling like it, lol!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Thanks I think we talked about this interview before. This can’t be new. Gymnasts were afraid to mention injuries because they wanted them to sign something that would mean all injuries must be reported and that was against the laws of doctors.

      • ilanchik20 Says:

        It’s not new. I think this was from 2013.

        He said it’s a HIPAA violation for him to report any injuries to Marta unless they sign the paper that lets him do that. Not sure if that’s still true but it would make sense.

        I still laugh that he said that Marta is not the one pushing the athletes through injuries–coaches are. He said that the only time they try to push through injuries is when they are already at the international competition. He used 2008 as an example here.

      • H Says:

        I didnt know, it probably was then just re-posted now.

  12. Lithi Says:

    Tabitha Yim is the new Arizona women’s head coach.

    An excerpt from Shannon Miller’s new book, her thoughts when she was on the podium after winning beam gold in Atlanta. It’s very Shannon.

    • G Says:

      I just rea Shannon’s book and enjoyed it a lot. The beginning was a little slow but it picked up. Her descriptions of Steve were great

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Any juicy gossip?

      • G Says:

        Not really, I was hoping for a little more. She talks about mainly being friends with Dawes and Phelps (who was in her wedding) out of the Mag 7. A think she may have threw a little shade at DoMo. She wrote that she never forgot getting second to Dawes in every event at the ’94 Nationals but had to look up the results for ’95 because she forgot about Moceanu beating her lol, must not have felt that significant. Oh and she said she wasn’t disappointed after getting silver in 92 and became friends with Gutsu.

        She wrote about being really sick during the 93 Worlds EF, having a broken wrist during the 96 games. About Amanda being sweet and a great leader and Amy being really shy. Shannon said she was worried about Kerri on the podium and told Moceanu to help her off.

        She wrote a lot about what a great team she, Steve and Peggy made and how she was really sad when Peggy left before her 2000 comeback.

        If I think of more ill post it!

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Shannon has no clue how much resentment Dawes has against her. It’s kind of hilarious how clueless she can be.

  13. H Says:

    It has been so interesting reading all your comments about what the final line up can/will be at worlds and OG:-)

    (…while postponing writing on my master) I calculated the d-score from Jesolo. (I think it is correct?).
    I have the complete list for each event if anyone would be interested, but here is the overall d-score except for Skaggs, Desch, Schild,
    and Baumann. Anyone knows what their d-score were?

    And what do you think of the present d-score? How much do they have to improve to get an AA spot, or to get a spot as specialist?
    Of course combined with expected e-score consistency bla di bla:-)

    D-score: 22.6

    D-score: 23.3

    D-score: 22.7

    D-score: 23.4

    D score:21.7

    D score: 25.5

    D score: 24.1

    D score: 18.4 + d-score bars (5.6?) = 24

    D score: 23.6

    D score: 23.2

    D score: 22.4 (note: d-score floor 4.7)

  14. gymbot Says:

    Funny H, I am also procrastinating on work for school. Good luck writing your thesis!

    I think Baumann had close 23.6. She is basically at 5.8 on all of her events, but beam could go higher. She got 6.2 for beam at Jesolo, but I don’t think she got all of her connections.

    As you pointed out, Ross’s floor would have been 5.6 if she didn’t fall on the double arabian and lose the switch ring and the leap requirement. A score of 14 on floor (instead of 11ish) would have earned her 59.25. Albeit, judging at Jesolo is very lenient.

    Since Ross was netting just under 60 with 23.7 in 2013 and Raisman needed mid 24 to be at that mark, the amount of difficulty to join Simone in the final depends on the approach to gymnastics. In London, the girls attempted D score totals over 25, so it will probably increase for everyone.

    • H Says:

      Thanks and ditto:-)
      Do you recall what d-score Ally had in London? And do you see her fighting for the second AA spot, or do think that idea belong in fantasy land?

      I am wondering if someone like Nichols, Deanne Soza, Jazmyn Foberg or even an “unknown” gymnast suddenly will raise to the occasion in the coming months like Gabby kind of did. What do you think?

      I am looking forward to see the progress Mustafina have done, and if they are able to build a competitive d-score when it comes to top 3 in Rio.
      Simone is of course so far a head. But that is a lot of pressure to handle. It seems that to be chased is much more difficult to handle mentally than to be the one chasing, if you understand what I mean. I think we will see an exciting AA final.

      Hopefully they can all stay clear from injuries …

      • gymbot Says:

        She was aiming for mid 25 at the Olympics, but I don’t think she got full credit for her beam. Similarly, this year at Jesolo I think she was aiming for mid 24 but didn’t full credit for her beam. Not sure, I’m basing this off of camp videos because the Jesolo videos have all disappeared.

      • G Says:

        I think Soza is too young for Rio?

      • ilanchik20 Says:

        Soza is too young. She turns senior in 2017. I think Marta is grooming her to be the next Post Plympics coming of Simone (from what I heard).

      • H Says:

        Ok, didn’t know. Thanks.

  15. ilanchik20 Says:

    If anyone follows NCAA’s, Florida’s new head coach Jenny Ester Rowland.

    So sad she is leaving Auburn. She is been awesome here. Sigh.

  16. ilanchik20 Says:

    And this is Shawn today. Hmmm.

    • Cupquaked Says:

      Honestly, she doesn’t look too bad. Of course she is wearing a loose fitting top so who can really tell. She’s also just so short that any amount of extra weight seems like a ton, when in reality it’s probably not. I think she looks healthy here and that’s all that really matters.

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