Flip this, I mean full out movie

When was Ariana Berlin “Olympic level” and why does this look like a shitty episode of Degrassi JR High? Oh because it has mostly Canadian actors.

Sorry nice that they show good gymnastics but the acting is so over the top it makes it look like Stick It should have won an Oscar.

Extra points to the person who can tell me who the UCLA gymnast is supposed to be that “didn’t cause her accident” or is that creative licensing known as Bad straight to DVD movies?

I didn’t spot any known gymnasts even though I know some of them are extra’s in the movie. Did you? (Unless you count Victoria Moors who I think did the gymnastics for the actress playing Ariana)


22 Responses to “Flip this, I mean full out movie”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    I watched it yesterday and I am pretty sure I saw Peszek giving her a high five or something

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I remember ASac (or maybe Sam?) blogging about this…or they were referred in this in someone else’s blog…yeah that one scene had them both (you see ASac’s back and Sam gives the high five).

  2. JAS4 Says:

    I just watched it again Peszek has on a light purple looking coat right around 14seconds

    • Short1 Says:

      Yep. Sam is in the purple, Jordyn is in the white jacket (to Sam’s left) and Alicia is on the right in the orange jacket. There’s one other video on the same YouTube channel that better shows the scene they were in.

  3. Lithi Says:

    I was at IG’s FB page and they had a short vid for their HOF induction ceremony. Am I the only one who wanted to vomit after seeing that? Settle down, Mr. and Mrs. Comaneci.


    I absolutely love how Bart inducted himself before everyone else, all who actually deserved it. Maybe I should start up a gymnastics magazine, have a HOF and induct myself even though I can’t do a proper cartwheel.

    • Lithi Says:

      The post is dated April 29th, a little ways down the page. Forgot to include that.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The gymnastics HOF is a joke. There should be criteria. You should have to have a HOF career not just be bit parts of a team competition to make it.

      Moceanu is no HOF gymnast. She has like 3 medals at a worlds/Olympics and 2 are team.

      To me HOF means AA wins at meets that matter not just being part of a team that won gold.

  4. Exgymgurl Says:

    the woman who plays ms val is just so wrong

  5. Mimi Says:

    Speaking of Victoria Moors, it’s a shame Kylie Jenner is her style icon. What rock have I been living under as 90s Russian lady of the night makeup became trendy? Harsh but seriously.. I can’t fathom wearing that much makeup during the day and I’m a decade older than them.

  6. ilanchik20 Says:

    I’m a little confused by this whole gymnast “I didn’t cause your incident” scene. In real life Ariana had to quit gymnastics because her and her mom were in a major (almost died) kind of car accident when she was 15. It wasn’t a gymnastics related injury. Isn’t the movie based on her true life? Confusing. I guess I’ll have to watch it.

    However crappy this might be, I’m kind of excited to see Asac on screen. I wonder why they didn’t get Mckayla since she is actually interested in acting lol

    Anyone know when it’ll be showing? Lol

  7. ilanchik20 Says:

    Mr. And Mrs. Vise.

    Looks like both Nina Kim and Carly were in the bridal party. I wonder how Nastia feels about that lol


    • G Says:

      Pretty dresses! Hollie made a lovely bride. And yeah, wonder how Nastia feels about her BFF being included and not her.

      • Exgymgurl Says:

        im sure nastia was too busy and too importsnt to be in the wedding

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Hollie and Nastia were not really friends. I don’t think they are enemies but they were never buddy buddy. Different generation. Hollie and Carly have always been friends.

  8. ilanchik20 Says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Vise.


    Looks like both Nina Kim and Carly were in the bridal. The dresses are actually kind of pretty. I wonder how NastiA feels about being excluded lol

  9. Exgymgurl Says:


  10. Guest Says:

    Heard that Shawn’s BF Andrew East got signed by Kansas City Chiefs. Would be another NFL couple after ASac?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      The Chiefs are not a real NFL team so no, they don’t count:)

    • ilanchik20 Says:

      Well she is not a second gymnast/football player couple. I’d say the second one is Kayla Williams and whatever the name of her fiancée (he plays for Seahawks). They got engaged on her senior night at Bama in April.

      But I guess as far as Chiefs are concerned then yes. Too bad I moved away from Kansas last year lol

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