The Future of Lexie Priessman

This was uploaded a few weeks ago but doesn’t mention when it was filmed but it sounds like the girl has a great head on her shoulders and can see the writing on the wall.

It’s a huge shame she spent her entire career injured.

I do find it very ironic that she left MLT after always being injured only to injure herself again with a brand new coach.

For those not interested in listening to the interview she says something about shoulder surgery, missing competing and wanting to continue Elite (hoping to make the Pan Am, world team) but basically if it’s meant to be it will be. If it isn’t I’ll go to College and compete there.


13 Responses to “The Future of Lexie Priessman”

  1. JAS4 Says:

    At least she seems realistic about her expectations. Kind of like Ebee she new the Olympics would be a long shot with the current depth in the US right now and decided to move on to college before she ended up to injured to compete there. It would be great if Lexie can make a successful elite comeback but if not I hope she does well in college (and I hope she stays healthier in college than she has in elite!)

  2. Brittany Says:

    I have a soft spot for CGA girls because I basically live in Cincinnati. I hope Lexie can continue elite successfully, but if not, I support her decision. So sad when Gaskins left!

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Gaskins left too? Did I know that? Where is she?

      • JAS4 Says:

        I just looked on USAG’s website and it said she is at Intensity Gymnastics in Florida.

      • Brittany Says:

        Yeah she left awhile ago now. Probably around 5 months; right after Lexie left.

      • Brittany Says:

        I think it centered around the fact that she moved to Cincinnati with her mom to go to CGA, and her dad and family stayed in Florida, so when she committed to Florida, they just decided to move back.

  3. exgymgurl Says:

    Does MLT have anyone in Elite right now besides Amelia? Amelia wasn’t even at the last camp and didn’t go to Jesolo. I wonder if she is just done and off to UF

  4. mim Says:

    Bless her, she sounds really sensible and realistic about what’s ahead, and she does it with a smile. Even though I was a bit meh on her the year she won the junior nationals/when she transitioned into senior, it is a shame her senior career didn’t pan out how she had hoped. Amelia too. Hope they both smash it in college and have a ball doing it. Lexie’s looked like a college gymnast for so damn long (age wise not gym wise) it will be great to finally see her there haha.

    • G Says:

      I met Lexie last year and she was so friendly and down to earth. I’ve been rooting for her comeback but I’m glade to hear that she’s being realistic. If elite doesn’t work out for her I think she’ll be really happy with college.

  5. sanitynmotion Says:

    I liked her. She actually would have filled that vault/floor void pretty well that we were discussing previously regarding the Rio team. I hope she can at least compete at Trials healthy but seems like she might not have enough time to make it back 100%.

  6. Millymomof4 Says:

    She was ‘injured’ last year at Classics because she had a nagging ankle problem which had been ignored for years. All she did was land a back layout on beam. After her foot injury, she began retraining bars pretty heavily because her ankle was healing. It was apparent she needed to take care of her shoulder or she would never be able to compete in college. She made the wise choice to finally take care of that problem- something her prior coaching staff had ignored and encouraged her to work through.

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