Gymnasts I liked: Oana Ban

and just because…………:)

And Sarah would love this yes I still think about Sarah and where she is and which member of GGMB she really was:)


6 Responses to “Gymnasts I liked: Oana Ban”

  1. Lithi Says:

    Odd. I’ve been thinking about her, too. If she’s really a she. Whatever her true identity is is a mystery to me. I’m pretty sure I found her on YouTube commenting on fight compilation videos under Sarah Paxton but that was a while ago.

  2. gymbot Says:

    I hope your friend comes back.

    Oana Ban was quite the explosive gymnast. The full on beam was really unexpected and exceptional. It’s hard for me to tell in the old code, was she doing top of line difficulty on floor and beam?

    • Melanie Says:

      Pretty much. She definitely went above and beyond in the difficulty department. I also loved her explosiveness – reminds me of Laschenova.

  3. sanitynmotion Says:

    Oana Ban demonstrates power can really be mixed with some grace. Although with the new code I doubt she could have fairly landed a lot of her tumbling passes on floor (came up short on a couple).

    I feel like there was a comment deleted about Sarah! Or no? The first comment above is confusing unless it relates to the third video, which I didn’t watch.

    I actually miss the day when the Romanians were crazy competitive. Now they just depend on Isbaza and Ponor making comebacks…sigh.

  4. gymbot Says:

    I know Jesolo is old news, but gymcastic linked to a google drive with videos of the US girls. If you haven’t been able to watch, you can see them there.

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