So who has the Gold? (Jeselo)

Gymnastike has training videos but only if you have the moola to waste.

Jeselo live video


Figure Skating Worlds schedule

Here’s the schedule of events in Shanghai (all times Eastern):

Tuesday: Short dance (9:30 p.m.)
Wednesday: Pairs short program (6:15 a.m.)
Wednesday: Women’s short program (10:30 p.m.)
Thursday: Pairs free skate (7 a.m.)
Thursday: Free dance (10:30 p.m.)
Friday: Men’s short program (4:30 a.m.)
Friday: Women’s free skate (10:30 p.m.)
Saturday: Men’s free skate (5:45 a.m.)


38 Responses to “So who has the Gold? (Jeselo)”

  1. Svetlana Says:

    Lauren who does the gymternet site is tweeting some stuff from the Gymnastike videos. I thought she hated them for stealing her articles?

    Aly and Gabby have DTY’s.

    Kyla ( new UB- toe on + toe full + Maloney + pak + van Leeuwen , Toe half + jaeger,, double front dismount!!)

    Gabby only doing partial bars ( inbar full + huge piked Tkatchev + pak )

    Gabby beam ( BB- punch pike, bhs loso, standing full!, switch ring, punch front, switch+switch half, front aerial + sissone + split, timer dsmt)

    Aly beam (.punch front + sissone, full L turn + full turn, double tuck. Looks really steady! Could work on some form but mostly good.
    punch front pike to wolf jump, bhs layout + split jump, tour jete half, side aerial, switch + switch half + back pike…)

    Desch (UB- stalder half + Jaeger, Downie, Ricna to pak, Chow half, stalder full, full-in. )

    What everyone wants to see Aly on bars ( – Maloney + Tkatchev, hop blind + Jaeger, stalder, bail + toe full, Ray, toe half + double front.)

    • gymbot Says:

      Thank you Svetlana. Is Desch’s routine a carbon copy of Bailie Key’s routine? Her routine seems like the same parts Bailie showed at camp.

      Based on the above, Ross upgraded bars by one tenth (6.0). I like her new routine construction because it seems like she only has to the glide kip at the beginning and one after the van leeuwen. It’s smart because she sort of stopped hitting her handstands.

      Desch and Douglas are competing 6.3 sets, Raisman has a 5.8 set.

      On beam, Aly has 6.4 and Douglas has 6.3 (assuming she has a D dismount at the end of her timer).

      I know Difficulty isn’t the most interesting thing to read on these blogs, but perhaps it puts their work into perspective. Going back a month to everyone’s sorting at camp – it seems like everyone is about on equal terms on difficulty so it will come down to who hits.

      • H Says:

        Difficulty is very interesting:-)
        Thanks a lot, and keep going:-)

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Yes, the D score is pretty much the only thing that’s not biased in a way (meaning guaranteed points if they hit everything) so I think difficulty is very interesting.

    • H Says:

      Thanks, and what twitter address has Lauren?

    • H Says:

      Yoda? I am probably lost in translation, unless you were thinking of: Yoda is a character from the Star Wars franchise, performed by Frank Oz. A popular misconception is that Yoda is a Muppet, based on the involvement of Oz …”
      I am not even going to mention the definition of Yoda in The Online Slang dictionary 😉

  2. gymbot Says:

    The Italian Federation YouTube Channel will broadcast the event and then a million people will make cuts of individual routines – not the best quality, but there will be plenty to find later.

  3. nero Says:

    OMG Kyla’s new choreography looks amazing. Excited to see the whole thing. Aly’s floor looks great too!

    I’m really really excited for Maggie Nichols would love to have her surprise everyone and make the Olympic team.

    And I really want Bailie to do well. I hate how she’s become the gymternet’s punching bag these past few months. Her bars and beam sound great

  4. Gymstar114 Says:

    This is what I saw from the vids

    Bailie: I thought she had the best floor choreo. Maybe it’s just me but I felt like it was unique, maybe not entertaining, but quite unique. Bars looked good for her, steady, I like her form much better now. Didn’t see a vault or beam from her but I’m looking forward to it. From what I saw in the videos her biggest competitor will be kyla not simone. She has the potential to give kyla a run for her money, but she has to be consistent and strong.

    Kyla: I was very impressed. Love the upgrades on bars, FINALLY. And she looks great on floor. She had very clean landings, and I love the choreo. She looked very strong on everything I saw from her even on vault. I’m very excited to see how well she’ll do this weekend.

    Aly: Clearly she’s ahead of the game compared to Gabby skill-wise but good Lord I did not miss the form. Her bars was typical Aly, nothing special, but she could get through it. I thought she was very solid on beam. She actually impressed me a bit, but gah, I’m a technique person, and her leaps still bother me, but it’s whatever, I was impressed by her. One thing that she should work on is controlling her landings on floor because she was so close to just about jumping off the podium.

    Gabby: I know I’m a minority here, but I was all for Gabby in 2012. However, not too impressed with the training videos. Her vault was eh, the form wasn’t nearly as good as 2012. Beam was solid, but she needs more connections in order to make it a lil more interesting. Her floor routine is loads better than 2012’s techno pop (whatever that was) choreo, but I’m still bothered by the choreo for some reason. She also needs to control her landings…She screwed up bars halfway so I can’t really say anything about her full routine. She needs a new dismount..just saying. Either way, the girl could upgrade to keep things going positive for her

    Maggie nichols: Only saw beam from her but I’d say she improved and impressed me. Her layout step-out series was very nice. She has potential, but I’m worried she’ll be overshadowed by Bailie as the top 3 seniors, which is unfortunate. But she’s a fighter, and I like it.

    The Juniors: Man the talent is amazing coming up, and they all look great.

    Simone: Well, she’s Simone. She looks great as usual.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It’s still early for Gabrielle. She was very messy in every video I saw but we will see how she competes.

  5. sainabou nyang Says:

    Sigh… Aly still has the bent legs on her bhs.
    Her leaps are still questionable.

    The only thing I care about concerning this meet are the scoring. Especially for those in the hunt for Rio. Beam is looking better for team USA. That was my concern last year that we might have a weakness there.

  6. sanitynmotion Says:

    Um, yeah. Still hate Aly’s form.

    • Brittany Says:

      Aly’s DTY was pretty messy (form-wise) from the angle I saw it in videos. I like her floor music (more classical), but the poor girl just has no rythym lol. I think music more like Simone’s would suit her the best. She’s still one of my favorites though, so don’t take that the wrong way. Beam was good.
      I thought Desch looked pretty good. I really like the girls new music this year; especially jazzy fobergs.

      • JK Says:

        Do you know if Aly still does that weird, awkward low beam move, where she randomly drops down, touches the beam & then gets back up again? I’m hoping she took that out & does something else. I always disliked that part of her beam routine.

  7. baileyac Says:

    Does anyone on here have gymnastike gold? Is it worth the twenty dollars for one month?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      Don’t have it. Probably not worth it from what I hear.

    • Ilanchik20 Says:

      I have Gold. It was definitely nice to see all the routines myself rather than just a bunch of gif’s that are flowing around on Tumbler. I also liked being able to see routines from other countries–especially Canada.

      Btw I’m in love with Aly’s Patterson. It makes her beam d score super high.

    • H Says:

      I gave it a shot this month – but I would not do it again. If you can follow the livestream and then be a bit patient- I am sure people will upload all the routines to youtube right after the meet.

    • sainabou nyang Says:

      Gymnastike is showing a free episode of BTR. They do a feature on a gymnast or gymnasts and if there is BTR series of that gymnast they will have one of the episides.

      They showed ep. 2 with Bailey Key and Macy.

  8. JK Says:

    Hi GTT, I’m having trouble commenting here because yesterday I wrote something regarding Aly’s new beam routine & it said “your comment is awaiting moderation,” & when I checked back again today, my comment was deleted. It’s my first time commenting on your site, so is there something I have to do beforehand in order to comment here?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      . First time people need to be approved in order to post. You are approved now and should be able to post but just so you know I don’t usually approve new people because there are too many trolls that come here to start trouble and then brag about being trolls so in order to keep the peace I keep this place pretty private.

      AND I do have a life so sometimes it takes awhile for me to get to the new comments when I do allow new people so be patient. I eventually get around to approving new people.

      Oh and if you ad a link it has to be approved. That is wordpress not me.

    • Brittany Says:

      Yea, Aly still does the same low beam requirement thingy, lol. She has the same mount and dismount as well.

      • JK Says:

        That’s disappointing to hear, Brittany. I know there’s not much Aly can change about her gymnastics (flexibility, musicality, rhythm, pointed toes, straight legs), but I was hoping she could have at least changed that one part of her beam routine. But it impressive that she can still be able to do her Patterson dismount. It seems that she’s taking her comeback more seriously when compared to Gabby – or, as one of the posters here called her “Gaggy.” LOL

  9. Aerial Says:

    Can’t even click on Gabbys videos to see for myself how she looks. Can’t stand her. Would love if someone dared to ask if she’s paid her bills @ her former gyms yet.

    Aly’s personality has grown on me and I like her take on everything from training to joy for the sport. She was never a favourite of mine as a gymnast, but had won me over by the time London was over. I was happy for her and disappointed for her. I’d be happy to see her do well, while at the same time don’t care for her gymnastics as much as others… how weird is that.

    World’s selection is gonna be brutes magoots.

    I also follow the Gymternet blog and was shocked to see her kissing ass with Gymnastike. To benefit herself and share coverage? Time to unfollow?

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      It took everything I had to watch her interview after the team competition at Jesolo but its a good thing I did or I never would have seen Gabrielle throw shade at Aly like she did. Aly seemed taken aback for a second but was re-tweeting Gabrielle’s mother after the meet so I don’t think she cares either way.

      Remember the big deal the media made about Aly taking Jordyn’s AA spot in 2012 (even though it was really Gabrielle’s since Aly finished first)
      Gabrielle seems to have it in her head that losing to Aly would be beneath her.

      Why hasn’t an adult told Gabrielle that the way she behaves isn’t respectful? If I had acted that way at any age my sister/brother or Mother would have told me to cut it out. Gabrielle is an adult now and takes all the blame when she acts stupid but someone should have been telling her to grow up years ago.

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