I want this new game



ESPN is still writing those fine articles I see. Ten extra points to anyone that actually watches the Mckayla Maroney video.

Utah Gymnastics makes the morning news

This is why I like Ashley Wagner There isn’t a pretentious bone in her body. She is what she is.


48 Responses to “I want this new game”

  1. sanitynmotion Says:

    So basically, put a pink leo on it and call it Nastia during 2012 Olympic trials.

  2. gymnerd Says:

    Ten points for me…I watched the video and found it hilarious. Of course, it’s late at night and I’m laughing at anything. Who put in the captions, McKayla or ESPN-W? Funny if it was her…cruel if it was ESPN.

    • G Says:

      That video is old (she posted it to her new account so it seemed new but it was originally from back in the Fall/Summer). And it was her who put the captions in. She said she’d make a new video soon, I’m guessing she’ll address her alleged illness in that one.

  3. Exgymgurl Says:

    http://www.japantrendshop.com/daisharin-tetsubokun-horizontal-bar-gymnast-game-p-2530.html now i really want this game too

  4. Guest Says:

    Interesting poll from Derek Hough’s fan site:
    Shawn is still considered their favourite Derek’s partner even though Derek won five times and they didn’t get the trophy in their season.

    Also the top 3 dances voted are all of Shawn and Derek (while two of them are Emmy-winning choreography)

    I just wonder would they make comparison to Shawn and Derek’s performance week by week. (Actually the most wanted result is going home early)



  5. H Says:

    What do think about emily schild?

    • gymbot Says:

      Any American gymnast these days has the dreaded word: potential. However, she didn’t really look very competitive in the 2013 season, but that was two years ago. Do you know anything about her or her program?

    • H Says:

      No, I don’t know. I just recently watched some videos of her 2013 season.
      I don’t even know what injury she had that kept her out from competing last year. Either way, she has potential:-) And I am curious to see where she is at right now.

  6. ilanchik20 Says:

    How is Morgan Hurd throwing triples into thd put? This is developmental camp. She is not even on a junior team!

    Yurchenko triple👊 #yurchenko

    A post shared by morgan hurd (@morgihurd) on

    • katecoursey Says:

      Compare this to her 2014 nationals vault (a low FTY) and her block has improved tremendously (even though she’s not even close to landing this thing).

  7. Exgymgurl Says:

    I think they have them work the triple into the pit to prepare for landing a DTY with great height and form. training a tty has improvedsimones amanar tremendously

  8. Cupquaked Says:

    Jesolo team selection:
    Seniors: Baumann, Biles, Desch, Douglas, Key, Nichols, Raisman, Ross, Schild, Skaggs. Juniors: Flatley, Foberg, Hernandez, Nguyen, Smith, Trautman.

    No Skinner.

  9. ilanchik20 Says:

    Anyone watch SEC’s?

    I just come home from the meet. This is what I learned:

    1) I can’t believe Bama won. I sat next to a bunch of Bama fans. Ugh. Over scored. Clark got a 9.90 on a bar dismount where she put her hands on the may.

    2) Florida basically gave this meet away. Rhonda looked so mad after their beam rotation– 2 falls and Kytra put her hands on the beam. Rhonda better hope Key doesn’t go pro. She needs someone who can stay on the damn beam.

    3) LSU should get it together. Auburn was awesome.

    4) Sloan saved Florida. With her consistency and may 2016 graduation, she should come back to elite lol.

    Okay, rant is over.

    P.S I’m so excited to see Aly’s floor! Otherwise, blah.

    • Exgymgurl Says:

      so lucky you got to watch live tv coverage was crap…..

      that said, LSU was nitpicked aka not FL/ Bama overscored on bars,

      Erin macadeg is so inconsistent on beam. I know shes a frosh and a marta reject but she needs to get her head in the game. a 9.7 and her crap 9.725 killed them on beam. had macadeg gotten a 9.8 plus, had her or gnat done that, no one would care that bama got gifts on bars. i get that both of them are capablel of 9.95 but j dont care. give the spot to lomincia hall who can be counted on for a 9.80-9.85. either score would have won secs for them.

      kj kindler knows whoever wins beam wins super 6. thats why brenna dowell doesnt do beam and you never see this poop show for oklahomas beam.

      bama is the king of doing “enough” to win and peaking at the right time, and not showing or competing full difficulty until post season. this is the start of their post season. good to know duckworth hasnt changed pattersons style.

  10. Exgymgurl Says:

    blah on jesolo. no skinner. no kocian or hundley and two new seniors. notice fish hanos absence is not comment worthy. maybe skinner is done and off to utah…..well. whatever. i have a dream and this is not it. Cordelia price got all up on gymnastike on twitter because gymnastike said they have tv rights to jesolo exclusively and cordelia basically said dont lie, jesolo is being live streamed free by the italian federation. gotta love her. she called gymastike deceptive. this is my favorite thing about jesolo so far

    • Mimi Says:

      I knew someone was missing but couldn’t put my finger on it. Duh, Skinner! Wonder why she was left off the team. Crap scam or injuries? Or bad camp?

      Nia and Ashton are injured yes? And I’m assuming the eternally injured Madison Kocian is injured again. I wrote off Rachel Gowey last year and presume she’ll be off to college soon with Peyton Ernst, but is she still around in elite?

      • gymbot Says:

        Gowey is still coming back from her ankle injury, but she was fit enough to be named to the national team not so long ago. I think she could stick around and challenge for a spot on a worlds team, beam is the weakest apparatus for the US and she does nicely there – better than Baumann in my opinion.

  11. Exgymgurl Says:

    rumor has it skinner and kocian are both injured

    • gymmom2 Says:

      Then again – how many could you really send? I am thinking this is a Marta – see who rises to the occasion move. Pit them all against each other like a mini selection camp and see where the chips fall. I am guessing Bailey won’t have the upgrades to get close to Simone, but it will be interesting to see how she handles her first loss – unless I am completely mistaken – which does happen.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Super Simone is never losing. She can bobble and take big steps and leaps back and they just don
        t deduct.

  12. Exgymgurl Says:

    so two senior teams of five and one junior team of five. Only non age eligible for Rio is victoria ngyuen. it will be interesting to see senior a squad and senior b squad

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      When does this meet take place ?

      • gymbot Says:

        This weekend, Saturday is the TF/AA Final and quals to EF on Sunday. Earlier in the week, the other invited teams (Japan, Canada and Australia) will compete for a spot in the TF. Italy is also competing a number of teams.

  13. G Says:

    I watched DWTS with my best friend yesterday and found out that she thinks Nastia was a “beautiful gymnast”. I don’t know how to deal with this lol

    • Guest Says:

      Just give her some photos of other gymnast who are exactly more beautiful.

    • gymtruthteller Says:

      First breath. It’s okay some people are stupid (sorry friend) they don’t know any better. You just need to inform them that flowing arms is not artistic and then show them her bad form. Explain that having lines because you are skinny as **** is not good form and explain again that every time your legs seperate that is a deduction and when you miss handstands, ANOTHER deduction (explain by getting a pencil to visualize what an actual handstand and show the said “friend ( you really need new friends:) how Nastia is bent over and no where near the handstand.

      I don’t know what to say about this. I feel like you should explain and educate all alleged friends on the evil of all things Nastia before they come to conclusions on their own especially stupid friends. 🙂 (ducking)

      • G Says:

        Good adviceI tried to explain best i could but I got a little heated so I’ll have to try again next time she’s in town. She did accept that Nastia is not a nice girl though, so I guess that’s a good first step. Unfortunately, we’ve been best friends for 10 years so I’m stuck with her 😉

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        As long as she knows Nastia is a bitch:0) It used to kill me when people would insist she was a beautiful gymnast. How can they not see the truth? Oh that’s right because Tim and Elfi are the educators of gym fans. How could I forget.

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        I encourage someone with tech skills to make a YouTube video displaying this. And then end it with that time she mounted the beam (an easy a$$ mount) and came fully over it and touched her feet on the floor. One of my favorite Nastia moments, ever. The best one remains face plant at Olympic Trials though.

      • G Says:

        A YouTube video would be great. And yes, ending with that lovely mount!

  14. H Says:

    Any thoughts why Alexis Vasquez is not named for Jesolo?

  15. gymbot Says:

    Douglas/USAG posted her FX

    • sanitynmotion Says:

      I’m trying not to be biased. I actually really like the music (I’m a fan of violin w/techno, what can I say) and it’s LOADS better over that mess of the one she had in 2012…

      Her ending was the same pose as the beginning to the 2012 routine though – which was odd.

      I like it. I do. Now let’s see it with tumbling and don’t fall out of that double straight-legged turn.

      • gymbot Says:

        So Violin with techno/Lindsey Stirling is the new norm for gymnastics music these days. Baile Key, Jessica Lopez and Louise Vanhille (France) all had the same music last season – which I believe this music for Douglas is also Halo music/Lindsey Stirling. Also Ferrari used parts of this music in London. I wonder if all of these gymnasts are playing Halo or if Lindsey Stirling made a bunch of cuts of her music and sent them to floor choreographers.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        When I first heard part of the song I liked it. After listening to the whole thing I hate it especially the fog horns at the beginning. Notice she couldn’t do a dance through without being out of breath. How will she deal with tumbling added?

      • sanitynmotion Says:

        Ah, I knew it was familiar. I like Sterling.

      • gymbot Says:

        At GTT – this was one month ago, when she “was sick” and did not do her tapes at the Ranch. Perhaps she is more conditioned for competition now.

      • mim Says:

        Yeah I thought the beginning was Vanessa Ferarri’s FX music from London!

      • Cupquaked Says:

        As a violinist myself I LOVE any fx music with strings in it so even though I’m not the biggest Gabby fan, I do like the music and the choreo is soooo much more than her 2012 floor 😖😖😖 (Am I the only one who just really hated that routine??). I heard a song by Megan Trainor on Spotify the other day from her new album, “No Good For You” I think and I can definitely see a gymnast using the bass line as floor music. It’s really catchy.

      • gymtruthteller Says:

        Gabby’s new floor is much better than her old one but when the bar is that low anything is better:) I don’t mind violin music in general.

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